Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whittaker (full fight replay) | UFC 243

  • Published on Oct 6, 2019
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Comments • 1 081

  • Neil Grant
    Neil Grant Day ago

    Izzy moves like Anderson Silva on grade A Colombian

  • Barnstormer
    Barnstormer 3 days ago

    israel ain't gonna last long he took loads of punches really the reason he is so big at the mo is because of who hes beaten. And he is entertaining. I can't really see anthing unique about this guy. sorry but it's true

  • Justin P
    Justin P 3 days ago

    Adesanya got lucky

  • Zac Connolly
    Zac Connolly 4 days ago

    Jon Jones murders this guy

  • If you laugh you sub!

    o losses? lol I've seen him knocked out

  • Watch With Me
    Watch With Me 5 days ago

    Whitetaker would have won the fight if he didn't go ko . He won first round and second tbh

  • S man
    S man 5 days ago

    Would love to see Israel vs MVP!

  • doey 100
    doey 100 5 days ago +1

    7:00 that counter headkick actually landed. Jheez

  • Asfaw Mirkena
    Asfaw Mirkena 5 days ago

    congra my man

  • Paul Barret
    Paul Barret 5 days ago

    Such unskilled garbage. Rookie level head movement, no bob and weave, no ducking under shots blocking or parrying and countering . . . in a stand up fight. Totally vindicates my decision to give up my MMA fan card. Just rubbish.

  • Theo Bhebe
    Theo Bhebe 6 days ago +1

    Why does izzy remind me of beerus from dbs 😂 never shows his true power

  • Tony Bramhall
    Tony Bramhall 7 days ago

    Adesanya is a freak of nature! Awesome! Thx BT

  • Ernest Cruz
    Ernest Cruz 7 days ago

    Congratulations to the Nigerian born guy Israel adesanya👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ridwan Opeolu
    Ridwan Opeolu 8 days ago +6

    The black guy is just dogding everything
    The white guy is just throwing all his energy

    • Alloy 55
      Alloy 55 Day ago

      M8 at least learn their names

    • Football Chat
      Football Chat 6 days ago +3

      there is no white guy here, one is back and the other is a very light brown.

  • Nick H
    Nick H 8 days ago

    Bruce Buffer is a Plank..

  • Chisom Bobo
    Chisom Bobo 8 days ago +1

    Nigerian smasher!!! Lots of love, brother.

  • Michael Dokosimi
    Michael Dokosimi 8 days ago

    israel took 2 maori shot that coundnt bring him down in return he deliver 2 stylebender shot that sleeps robert like a baby thanks guys.

  • Gman YNWA
    Gman YNWA 8 days ago

    Good fight sad celebration considering.

  • Tee Withey
    Tee Withey 8 days ago

    1:14 bruh, he stoned as a muhfcka

  • J S
    J S 9 days ago

    Adesanya has a huge weakness defending combos. His answer to that is a steel jaw.

  • J L
    J L 9 days ago

    Israel is great, but Costa will be a different prospect.

  • Ay Sal
    Ay Sal 9 days ago

    Adesanya took too long to win... he got hit so many times... Adesanya looked weak in there... I hope he gives himself a good look in the mirror and figures out what his problem is because t sure wasn't Whittaker.

  • Mr Outis
    Mr Outis 9 days ago

    And Ariel hawani said Israel is like Connor clearly if this was connor it’ll be over a million views up

    • ktagoe
      ktagoe 5 days ago

      @Mr Outis I live Bones also but he hasn't sold around 57k capacity stadium. Izzy joined the UFC in Jan 2018 give him sometime to achieve the Connor level of fame. Also his his walkout has 2million views already so he definitely doing something right to promote himself

    • Mr Outis
      Mr Outis 7 days ago

      Ismail Mustafa Jon Jones made a lot of news did a lot as well

    • Ismail Mustafa
      Ismail Mustafa 8 days ago

      He is black thats why

    • tmoney
      tmoney 8 days ago

      He will be a bigger star than Conor, give him time he's only been in the UFC for a year lol

    • Mr Outis
      Mr Outis 9 days ago

      Callum Hudson-Odoi he doesn’t have hype like Connor nor ever will tbh I dnt even Like Connor tbh But he was a whole different level

  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage 9 days ago

    nobody is going to talk about the fans, cheering the white guy, booing the black guy. Drunk Australian fans are the worst.

  • Monkey Tennis
    Monkey Tennis 9 days ago


  • One Step
    One Step 10 days ago

    Adesanya is already getting too big for his boots. The higher the fly bigger the fall . Let’s see some respect please

    • ktagoe
      ktagoe 5 days ago

      @One Step he has only mentioned Bones because he was asked a question at the press conference. Plus Jones is the one who has been speak during fight week

    • One Step
      One Step 8 days ago

      Ismail Mustafa look at his press conference after this fight. Already big headed . Attacking the man jon jones the bones. Jones will make african noodles from him .

    • Ismail Mustafa
      Ismail Mustafa 8 days ago

      @One Step how did he not show respect 🤔

    • One Step
      One Step 9 days ago

      Callum Hudson-Odoi why oh please of course respect life is based on respect

  • X 95
    X 95 10 days ago

    Subbed for this upload!

  • utubere tube
    utubere tube 10 days ago

    They should light a fire for him to dance around

  • Denzel121
    Denzel121 10 days ago

    Adesanya vs Jon Jones 👀👀👀👀

  • Santino Rocco
    Santino Rocco 10 days ago

    Whittaker should of taken him down played right into his hands in a kickboxing fight

  • Sean Voncken
    Sean Voncken 10 days ago

    The scary part is the improvement from Adesanya over the bouts

  • Anti PC
    Anti PC 10 days ago

    Despite the result thats the best Whittaker ive seen for a long time, I just wish he would go back down to 170 he was a scary dude. Props to adesanya he fought perfectly. Amazing display of patience which was Whittakers downfall, called the counter from the beginning though i bet he's very disappointed right now

    • tmoney
      tmoney 8 days ago

      Why would he kill his body to make 170 again just because he lost?

  • LewiH
    LewiH 10 days ago

    No replay of the actual KO? 🤷‍♂️

  • Sean Karleone
    Sean Karleone 11 days ago


  • Josh Armitage
    Josh Armitage 11 days ago

    I love this guy

  • Douchebags Refuted
    Douchebags Refuted 11 days ago

    Still nothing impressive about Adesanya. If he gets champ, it won't stick for long.

    • Douchebags Refuted
      Douchebags Refuted 7 days ago

      @tmoney still nothing impressive about him.

    • Ismail Mustafa
      Ismail Mustafa 8 days ago +1

      Always going to be haters

    • tmoney
      tmoney 8 days ago +1

      Lol hater, he is already the champ. And still undefeated 😉

  • Peej
    Peej 11 days ago

    Would love to see Israel throw some elbows in there, they were there all night long

  • Slack
    Slack 11 days ago +1

    wanted Whittaker to KO Adesanya and humble him, but it seems his cockiness was justified, fully on board the hype train now.

  • Quincy M-e
    Quincy M-e 11 days ago +5

    He hit his chest more at the start than he did izy

  • TheGeovanibetin
    TheGeovanibetin 11 days ago

    Whitaker did not choose the best strategy. He could use more grappling and his jj against a mainly striker opponent.

  • Dan Fenech
    Dan Fenech 11 days ago +1

    Thought this fight was close stylebender was levels above here never in any trouble at all

  • Liverpool Scouser
    Liverpool Scouser 11 days ago

    BT uploading better content then ufc

  • 456nelyboy
    456nelyboy 11 days ago

    Excellent commentary by DC he got it spot on shame he wasn't in Whittaker corner no idea what his team advice was but man he fell in to Adesanyas hands

  • rory macpherson
    rory macpherson 12 days ago

    Izzy just noted down the Boos. Lol. Classic.

  • Anti Hate
    Anti Hate 12 days ago +1

    I am really curious if there has been a time throughout history where the level of skill in hand to hand combat has been so advanced? I wonder what the skill level of Roman gladiators was for example? I actually think this may be the most advanced and evolved martial arts has ever been. Thoughts anyone.

    • superAweber
      superAweber 5 days ago

      @Anti Hate I studied traditional karate. These guys make what I learned seem a sort of harmless dance. There's no doubt that the UFC has advanced martial arts to the highest point in history. It's the battle testing of techniques to publicly prove what the most effective are.

    • Anti Hate
      Anti Hate 11 days ago

      Ray of Lyte I’m talking about martial combat without weapons. Like the systems that have been in place throughout history. It is clear that MMA has become the most effective , arts like boxing, Muh Thai are also very evolved and effective. I am curious as to weather ancient fighting systems were as effective and evolved, I am not including weapons as we know swordsman were highly trained and that the art was well established across various civilisations. So take a top gladiator vs a top MMA fighter no weapons... who would win?

    • Ray of Lyte
      Ray of Lyte 11 days ago

      The gladiators would have filled all these ufc chumps with holes.

  • Timothy Ruffle
    Timothy Ruffle 12 days ago +1

    Joke is , sanya underperformed to me

  • Joseph Wilson
    Joseph Wilson 12 days ago

    I think Whittaker had a great fight tbf but it's so astonishing to see Israel so composed in there

  • Alchemistic Academician

    How does Izzy's fight only get 700k views when it's out here for free?? People don't give the smart ones their dues, only the loudmouths 😕

    • Ray of Lyte
      Ray of Lyte 11 days ago +1

      It would be overt a million views if whittaker won.

  • Kezzaa00
    Kezzaa00 12 days ago

    first few punches from Robbert could of been amazing if he didnt hit so low!

  • Bun Dat
    Bun Dat 12 days ago

    I was starting to dislike Israel ardesanya I thought he was getting cocky but it turns out he knew something we didn’t .. fair play he is the man and I hope he takes it to the next level up

  • David Sclater
    David Sclater 12 days ago

    Free Palestine.

  • David Sclater
    David Sclater 12 days ago

    The only time your hear somebody make reference to a protein snack in that tone of voice

  • Michal Fornalczyk
    Michal Fornalczyk 12 days ago

    Kelvin G is da man!

  • rashiid187
    rashiid187 12 days ago

    Good clean fight

  • Dale Blake
    Dale Blake 12 days ago

    Whittaker has never looked so bad the ring rust was real.

    • tmoney
      tmoney 8 days ago

      Nope Israel just made it look easy...Rob fought the exact sam way he always has

  • CuTeHaTr3D
    CuTeHaTr3D 12 days ago

    Adesanya reminds me of a prime Anderson Silva

  • Ralph Gasgonia
    Ralph Gasgonia 12 days ago

    It look like whittaker hurt his right foot

  • Ashkindness1
    Ashkindness1 12 days ago +3

    “It’s that the end of the round “ very lucky ..🤔

  • shaka
    shaka 13 days ago

    Don't fight Jones yet please!Jones will injure Israel as he is a different animal and level!

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