NARSTIE vs MO - Cuss Battle Round 1! | The Big Narstie Show

  • Published on May 3, 2019
  • We've had our fair share of roasts and cusses on the Big Narstie Show. But none come bigger than the rivalry between our hosts Big Narstie and Mo Gilligan. We're rolling it back all the way to the first season! Who wins Round 1? Have your say in the comments!
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Comments • 329

    BIGGZ SHAN 3 days ago

    Lol I'm taller & and bigger then both of them & I'm flat. My...

  • Lerub Skars
    Lerub Skars 3 days ago

    Notice girl jeans never wanna joke on the guests! I don't like him because he DL

  • Lerub Skars
    Lerub Skars 3 days ago

    Men are happy to have to tuck their nuts to squat in jeans? Do women know tight jeans are bad hygiene for men ESPECIALLY in hot weather? We have stuff that hang duh! Meanwhile you wondering why you pussy stink and he ain't even cum in you😂😂😂

    SKG NATION 5 days ago

    Big Narstie is a national treasure 💚

  • MindlessSelfGuitar
    MindlessSelfGuitar 5 days ago +4

    "I'm naturally gifted bruv"
    If only your metabolism could say that

  • Wideband Atlanta
    Wideband Atlanta 6 days ago

    11:57 Narstie got him forever right here, the comeback was futile compared to what Narstie said.

  • x
    x 11 days ago

    Barstow, Please find your off button and press it. Thank you.

    YOUTUBER DUBLE G 11 days ago

    Ad love to come on this show big narstie and mo greifing each other is home tome haha pure class both of ya

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous 19 days ago +1

    Haha the jeans bit tor to nastie

  • Tek Time
    Tek Time 23 days ago

    I’m a fan of Mo but he deffo paganed man for his own show. Badmind

  • Ayu Dayani
    Ayu Dayani 24 days ago


  • Postghost
    Postghost 27 days ago +2

    I love when Narstie laughs so hard he basically just tenses up and starts fizzling.

  • Ed Karikari
    Ed Karikari 27 days ago

    Little child's legs mo n the other dude

  • I Am Groot
    I Am Groot 27 days ago

    Love this show

  • alasdair hando
    alasdair hando Month ago

    11:59 Little Dee is in the audience

  • Curren & Bianchi
    Curren & Bianchi Month ago +1

    That went from Peppa Pig to Clitoris real quick 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain Month ago

    Man said he looks like a clitoris fuckreeee 😂😂😂

    MAD MOE Month ago +4

    Man like little Dee in the audience when Jonathan Ross was on

  • Mungav Gawain
    Mungav Gawain Month ago

    these guys are incredibly funny😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ashwath Nair
    Ashwath Nair Month ago

    "You look like a Black Peppa Pig bruv!" - Mo
    FACK! DED!

  • shh0355
    shh0355 Month ago

    I can't get enough of this 🤣🤣🤣

  • DGDGaming
    DGDGaming Month ago +2

    5:45 ay your a muffin bruv you’re not even a biscuit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Waqar Baig
    Waqar Baig 2 months ago +1

    That apron became a bib 8:00 😅

  • Calebmufcthompson
    Calebmufcthompson 2 months ago +2

    “You look like a black Peppa Pig” I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrew Hernandez
    Andrew Hernandez 2 months ago

    Black peppa big 💀💀💀

  • Bashir Kashmiri
    Bashir Kashmiri 2 months ago

    Propa Joke ting, innit blud? You manna pagan wot dont get this ting, ya ear me?

  • Jubair Ahmed
    Jubair Ahmed 2 months ago +4

    Mans moving like horrid Henry “ na na nana” aaa shit mad memories 😂

  • Asmaah Haqq
    Asmaah Haqq 2 months ago +1

    mans at 4:25 looks like a modern day Freddie Mercury

  • Ricky Singh
    Ricky Singh 2 months ago

    Fatty 😂

  • Shadooow 23
    Shadooow 23 2 months ago +1

    the white guy sits like he has just been abused lol

  • Tapor E
    Tapor E 2 months ago


  • Oliver Frost
    Oliver Frost 2 months ago

    "You look like a clitorous" is the funniest shit I've ever heard 😂😂😭

  • Modad V.S
    Modad V.S 2 months ago +5

    8:37 JESUS!! I fell so quick. Rah.

  • Jo Nyu
    Jo Nyu 3 months ago

    Men getting ovations for doing a single squat. Yeap sounds like 2019.

  • Jubair Ahmed
    Jubair Ahmed 3 months ago +3

    Third time watching and I ain’t even bored

  • Mase 08
    Mase 08 3 months ago +3

    You're a rivita 🤣😂

  • Gary Brennan
    Gary Brennan 3 months ago

    Love this show but wtf is rylan doin on it

  • hawi hawi
    hawi hawi 3 months ago

    U look like clitoris 😂😂😂

  • JustAGuyfromLDN
    JustAGuyfromLDN 3 months ago +1

    12:33 guy on the right, MAD EYEBROWS

  • iseah baari
    iseah baari 3 months ago

    These two are not funny at alllll... Richard however is a comedy genius

  • Mr Wetcloth
    Mr Wetcloth 3 months ago

    What did riley mean by tucking down in his pants

  • Trapster
    Trapster 3 months ago

  • arabdudeproduction
    arabdudeproduction 3 months ago +2

    Balls space is important ngl 😂

  • hawi hawi
    hawi hawi 3 months ago

    Narstie always looks bloated

  • thefunkyclanger
    thefunkyclanger 3 months ago +35

    I'm not a big guy myself, but everyone I've ever met who happened to be plus-size have all turned out to be absolute legends, especially when they know how to laugh at themselves. I had an old friend at school like narstie and he was brilliant. one day we were chatting, I asked him "how tall are you dude?" he said "No idea mate. I only grow sideways". Genius!!!

  • S
    S 3 months ago +1

    Aww Mo keeps coming for his size publicly. I feel bad for Big nastier coz others probably think they can do the same. Maybe it’s just their bants? Idk

  • nitem pl
    nitem pl 3 months ago

    " I'm taller. Why are we even discussing this on the fucking show bruv " i lost it 🤣🤣

  • Mawhinney 2.1
    Mawhinney 2.1 4 months ago +33

    The guests always look so uncomfortable hahahaha

  • Smart Laziness
    Smart Laziness 4 months ago +1

    11:54 biig narstie look like both big smoke and CJ

  • The Black Quitter
    The Black Quitter 4 months ago

    Good shots is good shots cuz 😂👌

  • Sidrah Khan
    Sidrah Khan 4 months ago

    I want season 3

  • Robert Holdaway
    Robert Holdaway 4 months ago +7

    Big nasty is taller than mo when they're lying down

    • Robert Holdaway
      Robert Holdaway 4 months ago +2

      Big nasty built like big momma's long lost twin brother

  • james m
    james m 4 months ago +1

    This show kills me

  • Sharnie Green
    Sharnie Green 4 months ago +3

    You look like a clitarus 😂

  • RÆ G
    RÆ G 4 months ago

    Has this show been cancelled

  • S D2
    S D2 4 months ago

    I wonder who sleep with Narsties?😕

  • brexitmeans exit
    brexitmeans exit 4 months ago +2

    I've smiled so hard it hurt I'm now in ANE it was worthit

  • Scott Prince
    Scott Prince 4 months ago

    Im 45 and white and love rock music above all else but run dmc are a huge part of my life and musical past and these people on this show should be bowing down before dmc he and run are straight pioneers.all hail the masters RUN-DMC!!!!!!

  • Smokey Smokes
    Smokey Smokes 5 months ago

    Tight jeans r for faggots.

  • kiishi adewale
    kiishi adewale 5 months ago

    Is this show cancelled