Arrogantly Priced 'Data Base' Infuriates Dragons | Dragons' Den

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Tam Thompson entered the Den for £250,000 investment in his company 'ID Scan'. In the first month of trading he had received sales of £10,000 and by month 4, they were on target for £80,000. Who will be up for the expensive ride?
    An international sensation, Dragon's Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
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  • itsGuy
    itsGuy 19 hours ago

    So this is what "Homelander" from The Boy's, does during the off season

  • Roy Edwards
    Roy Edwards 21 hour ago

    Interestingly enough, if you tried searching for his company, you'll probably find a dating site by the same name.

  • NigelDK
    NigelDK Day ago

    No deal. Bye bye. Saved you 12 minutes of watch time.

  • Crow Post
    Crow Post Day ago

    That cut at six minutes was awful and just makes you want to know what you missed

  • Seldomsleeper
    Seldomsleeper 2 days ago +4

    They say the product is arrogantly priced, and yet when the man asks for a CV, arrogance oozes from the 'dragons' piss takers

  • F ab
    F ab 2 days ago +1

    I can't believe this guy went in there and asks the panel for their resume lol....It didnt occur to him to do 10 minutes of research on the people he was trying to get an offer from?

  • No Creative Name
    No Creative Name 3 days ago

    He has nice lips

  • Sam Armstrong
    Sam Armstrong 4 days ago

    That guy's face is very punchable.

  • Jake Ryker
    Jake Ryker 4 days ago

    They sold for 50$ Million in 2016


  • LetsPlayFan81
    LetsPlayFan81 4 days ago +1

    Sure. I want some dodgy bar scan my ID or passport.

  • Kameari Kill Screen
    Kameari Kill Screen 6 days ago

    To save time I peed my pants before starting the video

  • king of the swing.
    king of the swing. 8 days ago

    Peter's EGO is bigger than his feet......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nabirun Muntakim Chowdhury

    Joke’s on the Dragons, the company sold in 2019 for $50 million. So a 10% stake would be worth $5 million. Kudos to Tam for not falling under pressure in the Den and believing in what his company could achieve.

  • Susu Sketches
    Susu Sketches 11 days ago

    someone spit on that poor dragons head

  • nathaniel bugg
    nathaniel bugg 13 days ago +1

    imagine pitching to a man, whose hair-style randomly changes throughout the video...

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner 14 days ago

    You know its an old episode when they have to walk up stairs

  • Michael Devaney
    Michael Devaney 14 days ago

    Seems a bit fucked tbh

  • Epoch plus5
    Epoch plus5 15 days ago +1

    Can I please get 250000 from you? OK? Great... Who are you again?

  • thatsjustfucked
    thatsjustfucked 16 days ago

    Theo the fetus

  • Gillian Newton
    Gillian Newton 16 days ago

    Richard vaguely reminds me of Orlando Bloom? Anyone?

  • Null
    Null 16 days ago +1

    richard is such a sexy babe

  • FreckledMilk
    FreckledMilk 17 days ago +9

    yo, where's this guy's lips? I wouldn't invest in someone looking like a seagull either u.u

  • Vijayalakshmi Ramkumar

    He was not here for money. It is clearly to PR.

  • Suzie From the block
    Suzie From the block 17 days ago

    Theo’s cash is hard earned people its his children inheritance like he says, he doesn’t want it squandered that’s his get out 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️

  • thavam base
    thavam base 18 days ago

    Lol can’t help but to feel sorry for this guy who felt Farleighs wrath which is odd because he is usually the nicest one

  • R O B B I E
    R O B B I E 18 days ago

    So its Ok when one of the Dragons wants to know more about you but not Ok when you ask one of them for more info on them?! - never the less, this guy comes across as an arrogant tosser .

  • Heather McDermid
    Heather McDermid 20 days ago +1

    If you’re going on DD, wouldn’t you learn about all the dragons???

  • D.R Conly
    D.R Conly 20 days ago

    This tech has been around for at least 15 years in Australia and he wants to rent it for almost $50 Aussie dollars a week. OMG Well said Peter. Get him out. RIP OFF

  • Bradley Gamble
    Bradley Gamble 20 days ago

    this guy looks like Bill Engvall

  • Alex B
    Alex B 21 day ago

    Glad he turned it down tbh. Why not ask what the investor can bring to the business. And not budging at all on negotiation. Really.. Not worth the hassle

  • Ms Starlight
    Ms Starlight 22 days ago

    Yeah, no, I don't think that the dragons have to be that damn rude. Plus, why would anyone give up 50% of their business?! & damn! that Richard guy was a total arse, too. What is so wrong with asking for some background info on someone you're contemplating going into business with? What a total DICK!
    (Heh 😉😆)

  • Manny Sandhu
    Manny Sandhu 22 days ago +1

    Debra when I arrive at the club I need to provide ID..
    Debra you definitely don’t need ID love

  • jim morgan
    jim morgan 23 days ago

    One Dragon goes it's a sham and I'm disgusted with the pitch.. next dragon yeah I'll make you an offer

  • Red Nova
    Red Nova 26 days ago +1

    Has anyone considered that all these ID scans are owned by an Israeli database? We heard that this gentleman is doing quite well since this episode. But what about the privacy aspect, all the private information is available for certain specifics. mm, interesting

  • julie rogers
    julie rogers 26 days ago

    deborah by far the classiest best dragon..shes not a snob and is usually very positive and fair to all..

  • Anil 123
    Anil 123 28 days ago +3

    Jenny: I'm ou.....oh wait Jenny isn't in this video. Damn it!

  • Adam Van Lewen
    Adam Van Lewen 29 days ago

    Bird ass lookin’ mf.

  • Lee Lorenz
    Lee Lorenz Month ago +1

    ive never seen that in any club or bar. that guy is a bad negotiator. he could say 40% or 25%.

  • ToXXXicblurr
    ToXXXicblurr Month ago

    I like how he said he would share the information of ppl without their consent. Not to mention the company is owned by another country. Could literally see this being an easy way to make all sorts of fake documents

  • Gluemonkey
    Gluemonkey Month ago +1

    Whoa Deborah was a babe when she was younger

  • Anto RetroGamer
    Anto RetroGamer Month ago

    "Hi! I'm Jenny. This product threatens my true identity. I'm out."

  • zusiphe sikayi
    zusiphe sikayi Month ago

    so pubs are popular in the UK cause most businesses are innovating around them.

  • Treelinius Maximus
    Treelinius Maximus Month ago

    Jenny didnt bring her ID, and for that reason she didnt get in , she stayed out

  • Adeel M
    Adeel M Month ago +1

    Farley should've offered 40 percent to make the offer appetising

  • Kiwionwing morton
    Kiwionwing morton Month ago

    Very common in NYC
    Different systems though

  • Tom Colins
    Tom Colins Month ago

    Israeli design for an Orwellian NWO data collection ......nothing shifty about that.

  • Real Thailand
    Real Thailand Month ago +3

    How is it that Richard Farley, with so much money, decides that smearing a load of grease on his hair makes him look cool ??? Help me out someone ...

  • Davie Noodle
    Davie Noodle Month ago

    No doubt the Israelis are involved in this. Won't be needing I.D shortly anyway, they will be wanting us to stick chips in our necks & give us the pleasure of paying for it.

  • Alex Butters
    Alex Butters Month ago

    Young Debbie there looking more like a young Danny the man head

  • David James
    David James Month ago

    Deborah "How would this device look to me at the club, when I have to show my ID?" "It'd say go home Grandma"

  • alan pagan
    alan pagan Month ago

    This is obviously the Debra before the make up department improved beyond their wildest dreams.

  • Greg Fowler
    Greg Fowler Month ago

    The dragons themselves are entitled twats full of arrogance

  • David Mellish
    David Mellish Month ago +1

    He just looks so cocky and arrogant, I know he can't help that but he's got a face u just want to punch,I think it's his body language and the fact he didn't even know that Duncan owned bars and casino's

  • Jah Mac
    Jah Mac Month ago

    He definitely started off skimming cards and decided to go legit

  • Tanksniper
    Tanksniper Month ago

    lmao. he ended up selling the business for £37 million

  • Greatnews4me2
    Greatnews4me2 Month ago

    What an arrogant crowd 🤮

  • Craig Connell
    Craig Connell Month ago

    The geezer had no personality

  • 000FIRESTORM1989
    000FIRESTORM1989 Month ago

    This seems really dodgy, just were does all the personal information go and who has access to it??

  • TheSw1ft MoHawk
    TheSw1ft MoHawk Month ago

    Well idk if it's the same thing or not but the clubs I've been too have this thing... it's pretty good

  • Todd F
    Todd F Month ago +1

    9:19 Did this guy seriously just tell a venture capitalist who made an offer "Could you tell me who you are?"
    If I set a meeting, on tv or not, with five people who could help finance my dream I would show up knowing as much about them as was possible to gather from a couple hours on the internet at the very, very least. C'mon.