Arrogantly Priced 'Data Base' Infuriates Dragons | Dragons' Den

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Tam Thompson entered the Den for £250,000 investment in his company 'ID Scan'. In the first month of trading he had received sales of £10,000 and by month 4, they were on target for £80,000. Who will be up for the expensive ride?
    An international sensation, Dragon's Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
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  • Annabelle Rankin
    Annabelle Rankin 6 hours ago

    Think this machine's functions may be somewhat contrary to GDPR laws....

  • Mata Man
    Mata Man Day ago

    Did he say his name was Tim Tam or was it Dumb Tim Tam. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sim Naibos
    Sim Naibos 3 days ago +3

    Jenny is so out, she didn't even show up

  • David White
    David White 3 days ago +2

    Another surveillance system out of Israel, eh? Quite the cottage industry these days..... A nice little backdoor built in for access by the Mossad, no doubt.

  • Nino
    Nino 3 days ago

    Richard Farley came across as a douche. I would say “Richard, with all of your experience thank you for confirming that I’m onto something by making your offer. Your offer is however extortionate, and I’d rather keep the profits to myself, cheers!”

  • valcarni1
    valcarni1 3 days ago +1

    I'd be able to develop better software myself. Wow it got acquired in 2016 for 37 million pounds.

  • Mikes Karaoke
    Mikes Karaoke 4 days ago

    Hello I'm Duncan my haggis won't fit through the ID flap so how can you tell how old my haggis is. Hello I'm Debra I am a old bag look at my wrinkles surely I can come in. Hello I'm Theo raptor a baywatch magnetic coast guard. Is it I show ID to Pamela Anderson and she open door If I'm lucky is it. Hello I'm lanky I own the biggest shoes and a BT Phone. Surely I can just get over the fence if I need a shandy Bass. Hi I'm Richard Good Morning ya kangaroo. If I was going in I would go outback and go though ya bush.

  • skeevy nicks
    skeevy nicks 4 days ago

    richard was so bitchy

  • IamJacksColon4
    IamJacksColon4 4 days ago

    This guy sold his company for 50million dollars.

  • IamJacksColon4
    IamJacksColon4 4 days ago

    this company even exist today?

  • David Connelly
    David Connelly 4 days ago

    The phrase 'arrogantly priced database' is not fair. Say what you want about that guy but he went on and sold the company for 38 million. He must've been doing something right. Source:

  • Zenn Labs
    Zenn Labs 4 days ago

    Holy shite

  • MyMIXmedia
    MyMIXmedia 5 days ago +1

    Looks like he has a beak than a mouth. He has no top lip.

  • Molly Moonshine
    Molly Moonshine 7 days ago

    Where are his lips? He literally doesn’t have any.
    And why all the lip smacking?

  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage 7 days ago

    If data protection hasn't killed this services, GDPR would have by now.

  • David Williams
    David Williams 8 days ago +1

    THIN LIPS ...each one has THIN LIPS!!!!!!

  • David Williams
    David Williams 8 days ago +1

    Farley invented the RUSK.

  • Jamie Watt
    Jamie Watt 8 days ago

    I looked ID Scan up, it seems to have sold in 2016 for 60M USD

  • Tomaz Apat
    Tomaz Apat 8 days ago +1

    Your hairstyle is from 80's so your technology can't be up to date and that's why I'm out 🤣

    APRICEPRODUCTION 8 days ago +1

    So you scan a person's ID Driving license etc... kept in a database where it's on a network open to potential hackers... that could use that image data for fraud and ID theft. No thanks I'm Out!

  • Hi
    Hi 8 days ago

    Wow, this guy did well for himself-the company carried on until 2016 doing very well & at that point he sold it to GBG for around 40 million quid.

      APRICEPRODUCTION 8 days ago

      Really I'm surprised??? I guess he got out before the data protection act came in, today this would get thrown out... to much potential risk from hackers stealing information in the database for ID fraud and theft.

  • Mr.EDM
    Mr.EDM 9 days ago

    Why didn't the bank give it to him? Now I need to know.

  • fuzzy5987
    fuzzy5987 9 days ago +5

    That dudes lips... They're like 'I'm out' 👄🤣🤣

  • newmie01
    newmie01 9 days ago

    Wow, super scary bit of kit in this day and age

  • magnus mowat
    magnus mowat 10 days ago +2

    Deborah looks like a teacher out of Harry Potter..

  • For The Love Of The Truth

    the minute he mentioned Israel I would have said I'm out

    • Lee Macpherson
      Lee Macpherson 8 days ago +1

      Israeli ID cloning device, I'm out.

    • elle Jay
      elle Jay 10 days ago +1

      For The Love Of The Truth same

  • For The Love Of The Truth

    when Debbie was David

  • Badman Steve
    Badman Steve 10 days ago

    You know it’s old when there’s now lift

  • iRoam
    iRoam 10 days ago

    Most punchable face to ever enter the Den! 👊👊👊

  • Owen Dawes
    Owen Dawes 10 days ago

    Where are this man's lips

  • Maurice Graham
    Maurice Graham 11 days ago

    He sold his company for $50 million plus $10.7 million if EBITDA goal is achieved.

  • merge m8
    merge m8 11 days ago +3

    Richard Farley though👌🏼 sit on my face daddy 🤤😛😩🔥❤️💸

  • 0riginal
    0riginal 11 days ago +26

    If you look up his company online, he's doing well for himself at around £50 million

    • Erol O
      Erol O Day ago +1

      Dollars not pounds... but still not bad at all.

  • Intz51
    Intz51 12 days ago

    i don't get all these jokes about Jenny, did she do or say something. aaaaaaand for that reason, i must say I'm out

  • Jared Robbins
    Jared Robbins 12 days ago

    How do you go in not knowing who the folks are?

    • Hi
      Hi 8 days ago

      I am thinking he might have been a new replacement.

  • André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

    He lost me at Israeli company, they can't be trusted.

    • elle Jay
      elle Jay 10 days ago

      André Deketele was thinking the same thing.

  • Al Kaput
    Al Kaput 12 days ago +1

    I'm Jenny. I'm not in the den so I'm out.

  • Robin Thompson
    Robin Thompson 12 days ago

    That man has no lips.

  • Amber Ashley
    Amber Ashley 12 days ago +1

    Richard is kinda cute

  • Fern Coleman
    Fern Coleman 13 days ago +1

    Haha I died when Tam said to Duncan “And a health club isn’t an ideal candidate for it” having absolutely no idea he owns casinos and licensed bars 🔥. Little Tam didn’t do his homework on Mr Bannatyne 😂

  • ohiunku
    ohiunku 13 days ago

    They missed the boat on this one. He’s done extremely well.

  • Zom Boss
    Zom Boss 13 days ago

    Even Evan have this guy roasting 😂

  • crapitoutjim
    crapitoutjim 14 days ago

    I'm still not sure who is the tallest - Peter Jones or his ego? Anyone else have an idea? If so please let me know.

    My guess is it's his over-bloated ego.

  • Patrick Buckley
    Patrick Buckley 14 days ago

    Is Jenny still out?..her dinners getting cold!.

  • Danny Bould
    Danny Bould 14 days ago

    Anyone know why the bank didn’t give it to him🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  • Ismail Haque
    Ismail Haque 14 days ago +3

    Good to see Theo The Fetus on this DD Episode.

  • A J Lomas
    A J Lomas 15 days ago

    This segment should be included in the "Before They Were Famous" series.... Hugh Bonneville on DD before hitting the big time as Robert Crawley on Downton...he's had the last laugh 😂😂

  • nathan greer
    nathan greer 15 days ago

    The usa has had this bullshit since 1991

  • Tyronne THOMAS
    Tyronne THOMAS 15 days ago +2

    Richard Farley looks like George mcfly 😂😂

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 16 days ago +2

    Can you add originals broadcast dates to these. The tech is so dated!

  • Keval Thakerar
    Keval Thakerar 16 days ago +5

    And then it sells for $60.7 million in 2016

  • Markus Bates
    Markus Bates 16 days ago

    Cheeky Bastard, scanning people's ID, intensely personal details.

  • REALisation
    REALisation 17 days ago +5

    REALisation: peter doesn't seem likeable at the start. I think he's trying to be the simon cowell to get notoriety in the earlier days...

    • Crow 123
      Crow 123 10 days ago

      Yeah he does seem pretty moody and grumpy in these old eps

  • J.P. Larson
    J.P. Larson 17 days ago

    LOL the dragon that almost invested is quite the sensitive bitch. his insecurities are almost palpable when he has to explain what hes good for. and then he got rejected lmao this was a funny episode

  • JesusCommando
    JesusCommando 17 days ago

    I can't decide if this version of Deborah Meaden looks more like Rick Wakeman or David Spade?

  • The Silent Hero
    The Silent Hero 17 days ago +7

    Surprised nobody asked about the liability issues with having a 3rd party scan your freaking drivers license and distribute it online. Maybe it was different in the early 2000s or whenever this was filmed

    • Lee Baxter
      Lee Baxter 12 days ago

      Isn't hindsight wonderful!

  • Turnitaround
    Turnitaround 18 days ago

    Deborah looks fit these days compared to these old clips

  • Name Notimportant
    Name Notimportant 18 days ago +1

    Israeli firm and data protection

  • George Jarrold
    George Jarrold 19 days ago +3

    Wasting Jones' time? He's there isn't he? That's what he is there for,to listen to and view people's ideas.

    • smudger671
      smudger671 13 days ago

      And getting paid handsomely for it.

  • JSavic
    JSavic 20 days ago

    It was a fast turnaround for FinovateEurope 2016 Best of Show winner IDScan Biometrics, a document authentication and facial recognition company. The London-based company today (June 29, 2016) announced it is being acquired by identity intelligence company GB Group.
    The companies anticipate the deal will close for $50 million (£37 million), with another $10.7 million (£8 million) contingent on reaching revenue and EBITDA targets 18 months after close. The deal is expected to add to GBG Group’s earnings per share in the first 12 months after the acquisition.
    IDScan brings more than 1,000 global clients to the table, including American Express, Barclays, and Gatwick Airport. GBG CEO Richard Law said, “GBG has followed IDscan Biometrics over the years and we have seen this business grow strongly, winning significant enterprise customers.”

    • S D
      S D 18 days ago

      So he made it