How to make an Anvil from old Railroad Track

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • Anvil made from old railroad track.
    On the top I welded piece of hardened truck leaf spring.
    It weighs 8.5kg/18lb.
    My Instagram Account: huzjakknives

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  • EDWR FLE, Chef
    EDWR FLE, Chef 2 hours ago

    That was great

  • Artemis Jones
    Artemis Jones 3 days ago

    I'd tap that...
    ... With a hammer

  • noIdontwanna changemynamehodor

    You have all that shop equipment but not a cutting torch? You could have saved yourself so much time and been at much less risk if you'd used a torch. Yes, it would mess up the temper, but that's an easy fix.
    Neat idea tho.

  • ColdTangents
    ColdTangents 6 days ago


  • Raktar
    Raktar 8 days ago

    Nice work.

  • tom smith
    tom smith 10 days ago

    Nice work bro 👍

  • Mawik Latoja
    Mawik Latoja 11 days ago

    good job big brother pure steel from the rail i like this anvil for my diy.this video is very informative coz i subvrives this watching from makati philippine at my work sunday while breaktime mabuhay ph

  • GOMES Silva
    GOMES Silva 12 days ago

    Parabéns pra você nota mil seu trabalho

  • phil swift
    phil swift 14 days ago

    Where do i find railroad tracks?

  • Aaron
    Aaron 16 days ago +1

    So have thousands of dollars in equipment to make something on a budget because you can’t afford the equipment in the first place. 👍

  • Mark Mclaud
    Mark Mclaud 19 days ago

    Very nice and great rebound....Good job!

    RICOCHET AZ 21 day ago

    What about the pritchel hole, the Hardie hole? Still not to bad of a job for an apenise ; >{ )~

    RICOCHET AZ 21 day ago

    JESUS CHRIST don't any of you young punks know how to use an oxy/acet torch? Sure would go a long way in preventing future physical health problems (lung issues, hearing loss radial release surgeries for worn-out arms and wrists) not to mention empty wallets from buying cut off wheels grinding discs, flap discs, and grinders. That liquid wrench (cutting torch) can save you a lot of pain and teach you a lot more about irons and steels than one hell of a lot of grinding. Butt, apprentices will be apprentices.
    HEY, YOU APPRENTICE, grab that welding lead and crimp it as hard and tight as you can. My damn welding machine amperage is set to high I need you to crimp that lead as hard as you can to knock that amperage down!
    Git up on it!

  • pecoswild
    pecoswild 23 days ago +1

    It’s not track it’s rail. The rail is a component of the track. Track is two rails held by ties secured with ballast.

  • Анатолий Гусаин


  • Oscar kings
    Oscar kings 25 days ago

    Pésimo... Y muy largo

  • L G R
    L G R 28 days ago

    Why buy something, when you can make it! Make the tools to make what you want to make! Makes sense to me!!! Heck yes, great video!! How much do you want for one?

  • Christian Wood
    Christian Wood Month ago


  • Nakad
    Nakad Month ago

    Great job... But I was wondering how much it weighs

  • Anatolij Lee
    Anatolij Lee Month ago

    Yes, an elegant anvil happened.
    I know this hard work myself
    My practice already has two copies; soon there will be 3

  • Juan Jose Cabra Avila

    Muy muy bonito

  • Mark L. Torrey
    Mark L. Torrey Month ago

    I have some railroad steel, I’ve saved for making a field drag... but your video has renewed my thoughts of making an anvil, or two for myself and a few friends. Thanks

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb Month ago

    Why was the project delayed for a year?

    • Huzjak Knives
      Huzjak Knives  Month ago

      Lack of time, I study in different city so I'm not very often home in my workshop.

  • Robert Golden
    Robert Golden Month ago

    Very nice work.

  • ابن العراق

    اخطر شيء في الفديو الكوسرة او القاطعة بدون درع اذا تكسرت اثناء القطع تكون كارثة

  • NOFX0890
    NOFX0890 Month ago

    Tidy little anvil. Awesome....

  • Brzi Gonzales
    Brzi Gonzales Month ago

    ti ako nisi iz Vojvodine, ja sečem glavu !

  • James Hanoomansing
    James Hanoomansing Month ago

    superb work

  • The Shade Tree Fix-it Man

    Nicely done!

  • 爸 爸
    爸 爸 2 months ago

    Edible oil ?

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 2 months ago

    I guess that I am the only one who does not find this video to be the best of the best in anvil making.
    My question would be; Why cut away good metal and thereby, turn a 60# section of steel railing into a 20# anvil when in order to make the rail into a much better anvil with 55# more of steel to work on, all that was needed to be done, was to trim one top end into a forming horn (as was done) and leave the rest of the rail the way it originally was. (i.e.) you end up with a heftier and longer steel anvil top to hammer on and a longer and more stable base for mounting to a stand, table or whatever you choose.

    • The Shadow
      The Shadow 2 months ago +1

      @Huzjak Knives
      I admittedly was too harsh in my comment, you actually did a good fabricating job on the shop anvil and I apologize for thinking in the normal way about a 60 - 100# anvil which are found in most shops.

    • Huzjak Knives
      Huzjak Knives  2 months ago

      You are right, if I was making anvil to be heavily used. I am not a blacksmith and only use anvil for some light work such as peening and some small forging experiments. For me this was just a fun project and I wanted to create entertaining contet for yt. Also I really wanted anvily shaped object in my workshop.

  • Chicago Bulls
    Chicago Bulls 2 months ago

    Can't find a piece of a rail road track, but tonight the train operation has been shutted down for maintenace in 3 days, so now ive made a plan, coz tonight i gonna steal a piece of rail track on the rail road, i gonna make that theres no people around specialy the authority and the cops then i'll cut the metal track with an acytelene torch then i gonna take it home and make that project too. Is my idea is perfect let me know if im right..

  • Chicago Bulls
    Chicago Bulls 2 months ago

    Can't find a piece of a rail road track, but tonight the train operation has been shutted down for maintenace in 3 days, so now ive made a coz tonight i gonna steal a track on the rail road, i gonna cut it with an acytelene torch then i gonna take it back home and make that project too.

  • Martin Grey
    Martin Grey 2 months ago


  • cholo
    cholo 2 months ago +1

    Terrific job!!! Regards from Down Under....

  • Идите Лесом
    Идите Лесом 2 months ago

    and paint

  • James Williams
    James Williams 2 months ago

    The end result looks pretty good but you could use some practice on your arc welding

  • Gun Soul Myanmar
    Gun Soul Myanmar 2 months ago

    6:51 micro wave is What Want ?

    • Gun Soul Myanmar
      Gun Soul Myanmar 2 months ago +1

      Thank You Very Much

    • Lucas M.
      Lucas M. 2 months ago

      Its not a microwave, its a toaster oven of some sort. It tempers the metal after the heat treat

  • Danny Spence
    Danny Spence 2 months ago

    Nice job brother

  • Kevin McCool
    Kevin McCool 2 months ago

    Beautiful job👍

  • Great_Alexander
    Great_Alexander 2 months ago +1

    the sound of the anvil is like a xylophone while he sound tested it.

  • Raging Agent
    Raging Agent 2 months ago

    How many cutting wheels died making this?

  • Greg Allen
    Greg Allen 2 months ago

    Can’t understand why idiots take safety guard off angle grinders!

  • Mark Sleeper
    Mark Sleeper 2 months ago

    nice job

  • gary2k1
    gary2k1 2 months ago

    Great idea thanks 👀

  • MrBugnutz
    MrBugnutz 2 months ago

    Nice! Great job! Now make 5 more and make a kick ass wind chime lol

  • Shayan Givehchian
    Shayan Givehchian 3 months ago

    4:50 that's a pretty cool shot

  • augusto
    augusto 3 months ago

    very good, please use the disk protection 0:12

  • Nusantara Heritage
    Nusantara Heritage 3 months ago

    Can last forever haaaaa....

  • Jordan Mullen-Hopkins
    Jordan Mullen-Hopkins 3 months ago

    How long did you temper and @ what heat?

  • Jordan Mullen-Hopkins
    Jordan Mullen-Hopkins 3 months ago +3

    Can you please use a gaurd on that thing. I know someone who legit cut off there finger. And thats a lucky injury. The arteries in your leg wont like that stuff.

  • AlanCheek
    AlanCheek 3 months ago +1

    REALLY nice! - but no squared hardy-hole?

  • AlanCheek
    AlanCheek 3 months ago

    Great job, but people PLEASE take it somewhere to be cut!!
    A shattered grinder wheel can SHRED your FACE!
    MIGHT not kill you but you'll WISH it did!!

    • Huzjak Knives
      Huzjak Knives  3 months ago +1

      You are right. I'm not cutting again without guard on grinder.

  • Fernando Nogueira
    Fernando Nogueira 3 months ago +1

    🎥 Nice job 🎬 ! _ Congratulations! 👍 🇧🇷

  • Walter Sabetta
    Walter Sabetta 3 months ago

    Ok, nice job, but how many disks did you use to do this?

    • Huzjak Knives
      Huzjak Knives  3 months ago

      Not many actually. One big disk, two small grinding disks and few scotch brite disks

  • Douglas Baker
    Douglas Baker 3 months ago

    nice job

  • Y Andre
    Y Andre 3 months ago

    Great video and awesome skills! That anvil sings like a bird!

  • Keerthi Perera
    Keerthi Perera 3 months ago +2

    Excellent work...... Congratulations !!!

  • Jan Kosina
    Jan Kosina 3 months ago

    nice work

  • Heath Walker
    Heath Walker 3 months ago

    Good stuff mate