New Star Wars Trilogy Announced! | The Star Wars Show

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017
  • Lucasfilm has announced a brand new Star Wars trilogy is being created by Rian Johnson.
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  • TheCar454
    TheCar454 2 months ago +3

    are rian "ruin" johnson and disney not yet done murdering star wars?

  • Sam Staneke
    Sam Staneke 4 months ago +2

    Can Disney stop please

  • RootBear
    RootBear 6 months ago +3


  • Rolfathan
    Rolfathan 6 months ago +2

    I keep seeing people saying Old Republic and other prequel type stories. I want Rian to focus on new stuff. That's what he seems to do best. (Maybe the Game of Thrones team should do prequels?)

  • blableka
    blableka 8 months ago +1

    another SJW star wars trilogy by the SJW master himself

  • Revan
    Revan 8 months ago

    REVAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREW YOU JOHNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alayne O'Solochain
    Alayne O'Solochain 8 months ago

    Revan and Bastille is life. Old Republic Star Wars all the way!

  • Kaykj
    Kaykj 9 months ago

    ohh no

  • Isaac Clark
    Isaac Clark 9 months ago

    Wonder if its gonna be three movies of pure murder of the Star Wars franchise than just one.

  • Otex 11
    Otex 11 9 months ago


  • Edd Williams
    Edd Williams 9 months ago +3

    Rain "the destroyer of Star Wars" Johnson

  • Roland Hawlett
    Roland Hawlett 9 months ago +1


  • Marlo Hansen
    Marlo Hansen 9 months ago +1

    With any luck, they will replace RIan Johnson with another Director and give us some fan service!

  • Augusto Hofmann
    Augusto Hofmann 10 months ago +1

    Him!? We can expect a convoluted nonsense that, nonetheless, will make a fortune.

  • chungalex1
    chungalex1 10 months ago +1

    awesome disneys just gonna ruin more of star wars!!!

  • Jan Solo
    Jan Solo 10 months ago

    I hope it‘ll have a space chase even slower than in last Jedi and it goes all this three new movies and not just one!Everything the characters do, also must fail, so a mary sue, or Porg can save the day. Yeah Porg Main Character!
    Oh and I hope that there will just be no story like Episode 8. Just some weird plot parts!
    And last but not least, instead if competent strong womyn they should use mary sues and present that as strong female lead!
    The Force will be so strong with this new Triology!
    Can we have a Star Wars Story Film with Porgs about Porgs, I mean come on, PORGS!

  • WiserInTime
    WiserInTime 10 months ago +1

    Get rid of both Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson ASAP.

  • VmPDTV
    VmPDTV 10 months ago

    Do some Star Wars episode IX news

  • Evan
    Evan 10 months ago +2

    What we really need is the REAL thing that happens after the return of the jedi, not this starkiller base and resistance running from the first order nonsense. We need to see the new republic with a new jedi order and new jedi and new sith lords.

  • sfer1
    sfer1 10 months ago +1

    Kathleen Kennedy and Ruin Johnson need to go.

  • ShadowTheLight
    ShadowTheLight 10 months ago

    I feel like the trilogy of trilogys should have been the end of main star wars movies, but I guess Disney needs that Star Wars money

  • moop
    moop 10 months ago +4

    Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kenedy should be fired for butchering the Star Wars series

  • dungmaker
    dungmaker 11 months ago

    It's following the rise of the Jedi kid on the casino planet at the end of last Jedi its obvious

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez 11 months ago +5

    Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi was the most underwhelming Star Wars movie I've ever seen. Have someone else direct the new trilogy please. While I do agree that a new trilogy would benefit from a single, consistent director, Johnson had his chance and clearly underperformed. It's time to give another director a chance to show their creativity with Star Wars universe.

  • David Kang
    David Kang 11 months ago +1

    I lost hope about Star Wars series when I watched the Last Jedi movie... It was the worst star wars movie i've ever watched. even worse than the phantom menace ;(

  • Thomas
    Thomas 11 months ago +3

    so, the guy behind the worst movie in the lore is going to make the new ones... great...

  • MrBenjamino
    MrBenjamino 11 months ago

    I hope it’s about the kid from the final shot of the last Jedi, if not Disney has to realise that Star Wars has such a narrow path for expansion.

  • Exodus Prime
    Exodus Prime 11 months ago

    I really appreciate Ryan work, he did a great picture, but it was not a star wars picture.
    Please do not allow him to do the new trilogy, He has already do a lot of damage. Better give him a Marvel pucture he will do fine.

  • Player One
    Player One 11 months ago +3


  • Andrew Stenger
    Andrew Stenger 11 months ago +8

    If this trilogy is anything like TLJ, I don't want Rian creating it.

  • S.R.
    S.R. 11 months ago +2

    No spoilers... But TLJ is a Jar Jar away from being the worst Star Wars movie, and I am your biggest fan. Please don't let Rian kill it. Get someone else to helm the next trilogy please!!! ALL of my problems with TLJ are directly tied to his crappy story and poor direction of it; the effects and acting were great.

  • FarnsworthIII
    FarnsworthIII 11 months ago +4

    Keep Rian Johnson away from black characters. He has no clue how to write for them.

  • badazrod
    badazrod 11 months ago +1

    This is great news! :)

  • Tim Hintermayer
    Tim Hintermayer 11 months ago

    Where do i get one of these hats?

  • Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano 11 months ago

    Yuuhzan vohng 🙏🙏🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Señor Kaktusz
    Señor Kaktusz 11 months ago +2

    I hope it will be an Old Republic trilogy. Who else want a Darth Nihilus film?

  • MetallSwede
    MetallSwede 11 months ago +1

    Isn't anybody else worried about the fact that this poses a serious risk of watering it down? A whole new trilogy? About what? Its just Disney trying to milk as much money they can from the cash cow that is the Star Wars brand.

  • Trenbolone il guerriero
    Trenbolone il guerriero 11 months ago

    the old Republic please!!!

  • Max Hamilton
    Max Hamilton 11 months ago

    Well, here's hoping Johnson is good because if he's not, we'll have to sit through a new trilogy with a bad director.

  • Sara Welch
    Sara Welch 11 months ago

    No surprise that this came out right before the second of the sequel trigoly is released.
    Disney promised there would be a new Star Wars every year.
    Can't wait till they release news of the three movies That will follow the sequel in the episodic saga.
    Long live Star Wars!

  • R D Wynn
    R D Wynn 11 months ago +1

    I'm not sure it's wise to put all their eggs in one basket.

  • Groovemaster _46
    Groovemaster _46 Year ago +1

    New trilogy separated from Skywalker timeline... GOOD no more original trilogies thanks! Don't mess up it anymore.

  • Noah Raikes
    Noah Raikes Year ago

    The noniligy continues!!!

  • Aaron Hinton
    Aaron Hinton Year ago +1

    Fire this Andi Gutierrez person! She's so annoying!

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    Why is Ryan making a new trilogy? Because the last jedi will be the best star wars movie, why? Because he is playing like a kid with the characters, like he is playing with legos. So that’s why he is making a new triology

    • TheUmbrellaCorpX7
      TheUmbrellaCorpX7 11 months ago

      so do you consider TLJ to be the best Star Wars movie ever?

  • nisi bonum
    nisi bonum Year ago

    KOtor movie?

  • Exar Sunrider
    Exar Sunrider Year ago

    Anyone else want it to be a Ghost Crew trilogy?

  • brianhkdk
    brianhkdk Year ago

    The story of The Jedi exile Meetra Surik would be interesting... Her personality is close to Rey`s, her skills extraordinary AND she was disconnected from the force!! Easily 3 movies there :-)

    HULL GRAFFITI Year ago +2

    I want Jar jar's puberty years spread over 3 films....

  • Amanda Chidiac
    Amanda Chidiac Year ago

    If it's not based around The Skywalker Family.... Then I'm not going to bother with it.

  • Maxum
    Maxum Year ago

    old republic pls

  • dustinwashere
    dustinwashere Year ago +4

    The best part is Rian Johnson blocked me on Twitter for saying an evil BB-8 is lazy. I appreciate he read my tweet and took the time to block me.

  • Redpoppy
    Redpoppy Year ago

    I have my preordered tickets all ready to go for The Last Jedi and just hopes that my work OK's the time off.

  • Marc-Olivier Lesage

    I think it’s the final trilogy?

  • Olohuonetuotanto
    Olohuonetuotanto Year ago


  • kpapa91
    kpapa91 Year ago +2

    Whiny fans now: Disney is ruining Star Wars! They're rehashing the originals to milk out money!
    Whiny fans now: Disney is ruining star wars! They're making a new original trilogy to milk out money!

  • Spectral
    Spectral Year ago

    I guess it won't matter what kind of triligy it is the SW fanbase will still hate it just for it being from disney, and it "looking too much like the originals."
    (I'm stoked for it though.)

  • wwefreak no.1 wwefreakno.1

    They show release the original ones like the old endings

  • Ya'BoiPaulyH
    Ya'BoiPaulyH Year ago

    Hoping it's a trilogy on the old republic, like the rise of darth bane, darth nihilus and his mystic sith powers, of darth malgus and his invasion of the Jedi temple hell throw in revan. I'd even like it if they used the storyline for the yuuzhan vong who were immune to force powers. As long as they don't make a movie called star wars, the new knights where a person who works on a farm finds out they are a Jedi and must blow up a star station and fight an evil organization with a group of friends even though one tragically dies to save an important person. They killed the plot to a new hope by bringing it back for force awakens and it seems the same for the new movie. Hoping they find some creativity.

  • pleopolis
    pleopolis Year ago

    Don't fall asleep.

  • Roman Correa
    Roman Correa Year ago

    We are all thinking on The Old Republic era, right?

  • Kaiser Hossain
    Kaiser Hossain Year ago

    I subscribed

  • Dadge42
    Dadge42 Year ago

    Boycott $tar Wars and Di$ney.

  • idiosinkrasi
    idiosinkrasi Year ago

    omg im crying

  • Luis Santa Cruz
    Luis Santa Cruz Year ago

    Maybe it'll be a Thrawn trilogy? I mean "a corner of a galaxy that hasn't been touched before" kinda brings the Unknown Regions into mind...

  • Jack Parsons
    Jack Parsons Year ago

    God dam that could potentially be amazing!! We want an old republic movie!

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Year ago


    JOHN ROBERT Year ago

    Can we finish current projects and makes sure they're the best they can be before we start to plan other ones? Then again Disney needs $.

  • ִKarpal5047
    ִKarpal5047 Year ago

    0:29 what s that.

  • The Purple Meanie

    But I just want a Boba Fett movie. Oh well, as long as this supposed new trilogy takes the franchise into new places I'm down for it. But weren't they gonna take a break after this trilogy is over?

  • TheDeepPix3l
    TheDeepPix3l Year ago


  • Solid Sorensen
    Solid Sorensen Year ago

    Can I NOT find it straight from the horse's mouth. Screw your deceptively named channel!

  • Raptor 501st
    Raptor 501st Year ago

    If it's not about Revan and Malak and the old republic i suggest you not start a trilogy because i'm pretty sure this is the best timeline suited for one.
    In other words...GIVE ME KOTOR MOVIE

  • Matt H
    Matt H Year ago

    Theres no such think as a blank canvas anymore in star wars. With that said......WHAT ERA WILL THIS TAKE PLACE IN?

  • Kerath
    Kerath Year ago +1

    The Old Republic seems like a logical choice. Thousands upon thousands of Jedi and Sith in all out Galactic War. Powerful Ancient Lords of the Dark Side and mysteries of the Force. Please be the Old Republic!

  • SmallTank
    SmallTank Year ago

    Oh my God I hope it's more emotional than the first trilogy and the second! The third one has emotion for sure but I hope it's deep as fudge!

  • Jason Isaacs
    Jason Isaacs Year ago

    Here it comes I love it..... Star Wars A Porgs Journey!


    Please let the new trilogy be with Darth Revan

  • Marc P Coderre
    Marc P Coderre Year ago

    I still would have liked to see something set in the old republic era.

  • COA Creators
    COA Creators Year ago

    I can die happy.

  • Wilford Warfstach

    If there are this many Star Wars movies coming out, then why not have a movie about the Hundred Year Darkness or the creation of the Sith? Pllleeeaaasssseee?

    БΞΛТ ТłMΞ Year ago

    Star Wars should never end.
    They could make soooo many movies: Before Episode I after Episode VIII, between all the other Episodes, The old republic, The rule of two etc.

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker Year ago

    Give us the old republic trilogy
    or something there are a lot of jedi and siths

  • eerypoet4 arc5555

    Palpatine trilogy anyone?

  • David Norman
    David Norman Year ago

    prequel to the sequels?

  • Ethernen
    Ethernen Year ago

    Doggo fans will understand:


  • SparkDestroyer #01
    SparkDestroyer #01 Year ago +1

    Rey is the new generation of Jedi Luke is the last Jedi obviously snoke says it himself "if they get the map they will find Luke Skywalker the last Jedi"

  • July Marten
    July Marten Year ago

    Anyone know they're taking editions for casting

  • RexLex
    RexLex Year ago

    Ah it's Better Be the old republic

  • gg gg
    gg gg Year ago

    I think itll be set after the originals and set in our times.

  • OldSkool Gamer
    OldSkool Gamer Year ago

    Rian please do the old republic

  • Pumpweightsmakemoney Getfunny

    Bet George is regretting selling starwars now

  • Spawnpeeking Jäger

    I really hope that they explore an interesting and unique character though, and someone memorable, the kind of guy that we would have pretended to be when we were little kids running around the neighborhood with our toy blasters!

  • vegeta 3312
    vegeta 3312 Year ago

    The old republic plaese :v

  • Blake M Hall
    Blake M Hall Year ago

    We need a series with darth revan and the old republic era

  • Ximonic
    Ximonic Year ago

    Maybe a trilogy of Boba Fett in the belly of Sarlacc would do.

  • ChrisPC11
    ChrisPC11 Year ago

    Best news of the week by FAR!!!!!
    My dream of a Revan movie may very well happen now!!!!!

  • Heavy Vacation
    Heavy Vacation Year ago

    Will it be a "Monsanto" plastic prequel?

  • Heavy Vacation
    Heavy Vacation Year ago

    Is this no longer an inspired story from a great mind but an out-of-control money-making-product? NO, it IS in the control of shareholders. Whew... close call!

  • Heavy Vacation
    Heavy Vacation Year ago

    This is not good news. I just keep thinking of the motivation behind all the great books and movies throughout history that were ENDED because they had a good ending. Then, as I'm thinking of this new motivation of Studio money, the story of Star Wars and its art begins fading out. "MOVIE PRODUCT" = "THIS IS NOT GOING TO GO THE WAY YOU THINK." It will go out with a whimper instead of a roar. Was Sir Alec Guinness right?