• Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • cinecom.info/Skillshare - Stop time and run as fast as Quicksilver from X-Men in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial. Learn how to float objects and move them by hand using simple video techniques.
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    Cinecom.net  Year ago +83

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    • SHINE Pictures
      SHINE Pictures 7 days ago

      Cinecom.net cool

    • Penguin Vloggz! Random Videos and more
      Penguin Vloggz! Random Videos and more 3 months ago

      @Inksploded Het is gespeld dat je niet je

    • Inksploded
      Inksploded 3 months ago

      your dutch?

    • Penguin Vloggz! Random Videos and more
      Penguin Vloggz! Random Videos and more 5 months ago

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    • Darwin 31
      Darwin 31 7 months ago

      Please translate in indonesian

  • Syed Sajjad Ahmad
    Syed Sajjad Ahmad 19 days ago

    You people are magicians i became addictive of your videos

    MNJACKSON33 20 days ago

    Guns are Toy! (but there are som rules) I live in Switzerland and I shoot since I'm 12 years old.

  • Life energy
    Life energy 26 days ago +1

    That's fine, but REMEMBER that 95% of accidents begin with words "Watch how I can"

  • Anh Tu
    Anh Tu 26 days ago

    6:27 how can I remove it?? Plsss

  • StimezMedia
    StimezMedia 26 days ago

    1:05 😂

  • washington jopir
    washington jopir 27 days ago

    Ok the bullet does not obey the law of physics...even if the bullet has been turned the force is still towards the same direction.

  • Techezo Gyan
    Techezo Gyan Month ago

    Oh simply good ...
    Love from India

  • Hot O Gaming
    Hot O Gaming Month ago

    whatttttt ??? is was a fake gun ??? no Way :-)

  • Koplak• Gaming
    Koplak• Gaming Month ago

    Nice brow

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    TROOLLS STUDIO Month ago

    Estamos enamorados de tus videos 🥰

  • Alvin Lipscomb
    Alvin Lipscomb Month ago +2

    Nice video one little problem, The bullet casing does not come out as a projectile. Only the bullet should have been used.
    The bullet and casing being blurry worked, when the casing was stopped and turned you could see the back (Primer cap and rim W/writing) and the casing so that ruined the effect.
    Still great tut. Keep up the good work.
    Am I the only one who noticed this?

  • Sadique Iqbal
    Sadique Iqbal Month ago

    you are best

  • Rohan Geet
    Rohan Geet Month ago

    I love your channel

  • B Size Indian
    B Size Indian Month ago

    Like always stay creative.

  • ATRY
    ATRY Month ago

    Wouldnt it be better to do this in After Effects?

  • Fumio Prasetya
    Fumio Prasetya Month ago

    Amazing !

    MD UMAR CREATOR Month ago

    Indian viewer like here

  • Daemonibus Inita
    Daemonibus Inita Month ago


  • datasJV
    datasJV Month ago

    ingin buat seperti ini, tapi apa daya spek pc saya tidak mumpuni 😂

  • Maxime M.Ste-Marie
    Maxime M.Ste-Marie Month ago

    '"do not never play with real guns". You aware that this means '"play with real guns', right ?

  • Aula Andika FA
    Aula Andika FA Month ago

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this tipa

  • Ilij Romanov
    Ilij Romanov Month ago

    Only one small mistake.bullet stoped moving second before he touched it

  • BiTaNo
    BiTaNo Month ago

    Thank for share

    MOVIES & SONGS Month ago


  • Cah Sayah Official
    Cah Sayah Official Month ago

    Ra donk aku, sampean ngomong opo

  • Cah Sayah Official
    Cah Sayah Official Month ago

    Bang adakah subtitle

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    Rom WP 2 months ago

    Hello guys.. Welcome to my channel romi wow 😂😂

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    rifki 2 months ago

    Subtitle indonesia plz 😁

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    Nightcore Version 2 months ago

    1:06 what the f**k jordy . Dont sweer

  • DZ Music. Ctz.
    DZ Music. Ctz. 2 months ago

    6:56 😁😁😁😁😁 great idea..

  • Jozeff K.
    Jozeff K. 2 months ago

    Can you teach us anything without a tripod?

  • Lamaster 651
    Lamaster 651 2 months ago


  • var4yn
    var4yn 2 months ago

    Почему на русском?

  • pixel art studio
    pixel art studio 2 months ago

    Subscribe now thexvid.com/video/g4YZA9qgQQc/video.html

  • Broken TV
    Broken TV 2 months ago

    incredible, you make me so happy

  • TPPG
    TPPG 2 months ago +2

    The momentum of the bullet would still be moving forward that’s why in X-men he just moved the bullets out of the way instead of turning it around

    Amazing tutorial though😄

  • احمد حسين
    احمد حسين 2 months ago

    This is Amazing

  • Mr Willsin
    Mr Willsin 2 months ago

    guns dont shoot the shell lol.......

  • The Bants
    The Bants 2 months ago

    Now to get ourselves a real gun lmao

  • Hossein_THC
    Hossein_THC 2 months ago +1

    I didn't undrestad anything.very very very bad😣😣

  • vpatel40
    vpatel40 3 months ago +1

    ya y’all can do all of that extra bullshi just to slow a video down. like i can use filmora and just slow down the video in like 2 seconds

    • Xinto
      Xinto 2 months ago

      Video will "lag"

  • Benjamin Kelley
    Benjamin Kelley 3 months ago

    So funny 😂

  • Alexon Zosa
    Alexon Zosa 3 months ago

    The flouting things a animation smear

  • Suat KARADAĞ
    Suat KARADAĞ 3 months ago

    Altyazıyı açtığımda şok oldum

  • GG entertainment
    GG entertainment 3 months ago

    turning the bullet would not change its velocity...

  • SomeRandomBoi YT
    SomeRandomBoi YT 3 months ago

    Why does Jordi look like BrandonBored

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    MLBB IDOL 3 months ago

    Subcribe my channel

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    BramBeer 3 months ago

    Are you dutch? I am

  • yamato chinatsu
    yamato chinatsu 3 months ago

    umm can you help me the part were the object slows down, i have some few question about that part

  • Siddharth Ray
    Siddharth Ray 3 months ago

    You didn't cock the gun

  • Kids club - Matthew
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  • Lc4 Odbo
    Lc4 Odbo 4 months ago +1

    I hope to add a translation of the Arabic I have benefited many of you thank you from the heart

  • Asdf fdsa
    Asdf fdsa 4 months ago

    Can a laptop with i5-8300h + gtx 1050 run adobe premier pro and after effects?

  • Stick noder
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  • Tavita Tata
    Tavita Tata 4 months ago

    In your effects video the items flying through he air are moving faster than the bullet.

  • Tag Nl
    Tag Nl 4 months ago

    Hahaa geweldig einde wel