3 Jokes That Make People Instantly Like You

  • Published on Sep 19, 2016
  • Ellen Degeneres' Tips To Making People Instantly Like You
    Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression:
    We all want people to like us. And Ellen Degeneres seems to have that down to a science.
    Ellen Degeneres is one of the most likable hosts on TV. And it’s largely due to the types of jokes that she makes. Almost all hosts are funny, but Ellen’s style of comedy has a way of instantly endearing her guests to her.
    Today we are going to talk about the most common types of jokes that Ellen makes, how you can use them to get people to immediately like you, and some habits that you can work on to just generally be funnier throughout your day.
    1:10 - The kind of jokes that make people sad, ones that Ellen rarely makes
    2:08 - Self-deprecating jokes make people feel comfortable around Ellen
    3:10 - Poking fun at subjects that people are not insecure about allows Ellen to crack jokes without upsetting people
    5:20 - Making ego boosting jokes that make other people feel good, makes Ellen someone that people want to spend more time with
    5:59 - Ellen can also joke around and just simply be silly
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  • gumay Cabute
    gumay Cabute 6 hours ago

    Go to the Philippines, everyone is a jk 😂

  • Sim in the sky
    Sim in the sky 4 days ago

    Ellen never jokes..she asks very confronting things or gives remarkes...mostly about satanic rituals...and that lie za min ella is a tranny..she exposes the heshe

  • Clinton Rumpf
    Clinton Rumpf 5 days ago

    Oh no, somebody makes an offensive joke, OH THE HUMANITY!

  • Star Belly
    Star Belly 6 days ago

    I hate self deprecating humor.....It bums me out...just comes across as sad & insecure

  • Erin Roberts
    Erin Roberts 13 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who hates Ellen

  • I'm John Laurens
    I'm John Laurens 13 days ago +1

    was ready to apply this to my life but just remembered i was going to a funeral tomorrow..

  • AllThingsFunny XE
    AllThingsFunny XE 15 days ago +1

    Hello, I am a definitely human person who is looking for tips on interactions, as I find earth intriguing and must blend as a human, not that I need to, as I am very, very human. Charismatic elements are a human trait yes no? I, an authentic homo-sapien is in need of advice from my human comrades on this human-human platform.
    Unit X23dd2
    (My mission- I mean human- name is XDD, as humans do not have numeral figures or fidgets in the label their incubators select for them.)

  • Jarren The Funny Dude
    Jarren The Funny Dude 15 days ago +1

    Her jokes don’t cost money it’s naturally like bunny farting but not that point

  • Chai
    Chai 18 days ago +2

    Instructions not clear, got my head stuck in a sinkhole.

  • Lessons In Life
    Lessons In Life 20 days ago

    I love her so much 😘😘

    NOREO NOREO 21 day ago

    Yes, I want the Video, thank's!

  • Joe's Caribbean Van
    Joe's Caribbean Van 25 days ago +1

    Ellen is the blandest crap ever!
    i know thats what it takes for people to like you.
    id rather pass

  • Lily Popz
    Lily Popz 29 days ago

    I never noticed that in the one in the crowd who wants to make people laugh and like fun at myself

  • Dawa Ghalley
    Dawa Ghalley 29 days ago

    I entertain my mom, aunt, and uncle when they were waiting for their bus to pick them for job, it was late so I entertain them, by rapping fast, sounding ridiculous.

  • I Hear Everything
    I Hear Everything Month ago

    Just eat some iron

  • I am Chappy
    I am Chappy Month ago

    If you learn to repeat a joke so people will like you, are they liking you for the joke, or are they liking you for you

  • dorraine420
    dorraine420 Month ago

    wish you had pt the 4 in order

  • Germano Mosconi
    Germano Mosconi Month ago +2

    I sometimes wonder if people i want to impress watch these videos to

  • Randy Kowal
    Randy Kowal Month ago

    Being a white billionaire lesbian helps

  • Lisa McAndrews
    Lisa McAndrews Month ago

    She is not funny she sexually abuses the Men on her show I stopped watching her years ago all her sexual comments about men were disgusting. If she was a men Host she would’ve been kicked off years ago

  • nick emerson
    nick emerson Month ago +4

    She is likable. But she also dresses like peewee hernan

  • hellatze
    hellatze Month ago

    The face of lie

  • Sport Sport
    Sport Sport Month ago

    Ellen is natural she is the queen she just listen people with intention to listen not to respond and she continue conversation with jokes

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton Month ago

    I’m completely lost how you think Ellen is charming.
    She’s a blood sucking energy vampire.
    Dude seriously come on.

    • Drada
      Drada Month ago

      * cricket noises *

  • pink_gooseberry
    pink_gooseberry Month ago +2

    that's not self-deprecating -_- more like taking their spotlight away from them
    Ellen is obnoxious and my least favourite host -_-
    when you have to explain someone else's joke -_-

  • Nick Angelo
    Nick Angelo Month ago

    I hate Ellen with a passion. The only person I hate more is Oprah

  • Aaryam Dev
    Aaryam Dev Month ago +3

    I didn't crack a joke. But, I cracked a joker. He made fun of me saying I couldn't crack a joke, so I cracked his face. Well, he's in the hospital. I had to pay the bill. 😢

  • Jr Beans
    Jr Beans Month ago

    I am trapped inside my own mind. That's why I never make silly . jokes. I'm always thinking about something else other than what's actually happening.

  • Kim ROSE
    Kim ROSE Month ago

    I say just be yourself laugh at yourself and joke about yourself and than when you joke about others they know you are human too and not any different.

  • Caractacus
    Caractacus Month ago

    Endearing jokes are not good jokes.

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres Month ago

    most unlikeable presentation of ideas to make you more likeable

  • uk7769
    uk7769 Month ago

    Ellen is not funny.

  • Anna Mai Hoa
    Anna Mai Hoa Month ago

    This video is so good and informative, I've never seen anything as good as this one

  • EmLobu Gaming
    EmLobu Gaming Month ago

    When I bring a gun to school everyone likes me

  • Moonlit Imagination
    Moonlit Imagination Month ago +4

    For some reason, I just never found her funny.. >.>

  • I F
    I F Month ago

    Just found your videos. I love them. Thanks.

  • She REALLY?!
    She REALLY?! Month ago

    update: people still hate me

  • Lameka Harris
    Lameka Harris Month ago

    I cared u spared ....what happened

    • Lameka Harris
      Lameka Harris Month ago

      The loft the bar job and the Wi-Fi job..
      Why do you put me out dummy...

  • WAKE UP!
    WAKE UP! 2 months ago

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I give up!

  • benprebble500
    benprebble500 2 months ago

    We are researching for a public speaking engagement and you want money!?!?!? you sicken me

  • Smoking Hot
    Smoking Hot 2 months ago

    I have to try some of those. I'm convinced.

  • Johan Bjørkelid
    Johan Bjørkelid 2 months ago

    Self-depricating, poking fun, egobooster, loser.

  • fallenSlave
    fallenSlave 2 months ago

    Interesring... I don't like her.

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  • misty
    misty 2 months ago

    I don't like her for what she did to the lady in her audience when she took some xtra "FREE"stuff maid her stand in th coner like a fuckn child,i no where i would of told her to go 😲😲😲😲😲

  • Armands Brants
    Armands Brants 2 months ago

    I really didn't know she were comedian. Really. I have watched like 5 minutes of her totally and haven't laughed once. Not to my taste probably.

  • Bryce Ellis
    Bryce Ellis 2 months ago

    the Memphis State 8? If this one is too small I’d love to see Vanessa Van Edwards

  • Nancy Alexander-Carreira

    I love her

  • TheBeybladeSport
    TheBeybladeSport 2 months ago

    Thanks. Jesus bless :)

  • Jheyanneify
    Jheyanneify 2 months ago

    I like your speech

  • WooferJr
    WooferJr 2 months ago +1

    Toilet humor basically helps.

  • Goky Nod
    Goky Nod 2 months ago

    Humor is genetic and its not something you learn it’s something you are born with

  • polaxe77
    polaxe77 2 months ago

    About as funny as an Aids sufferer who's just been told their cancer has spread to their brain!

  • Andra Parasdyah
    Andra Parasdyah 2 months ago

    Ellen is too hard to be copied

  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 2 months ago

    What makes a joke funny is quick wit, Ellen is a master at that.

  • Benjamin Ersek
    Benjamin Ersek 2 months ago

    pls fix your audio levels

  • Daniel Coraccio
    Daniel Coraccio 2 months ago

    If you don't have her level or a similar level of confidence, then self depricating jokes can be really uncomfortable, unless you really work to bring them to a dark satirical place

  • S Parxz
    S Parxz 2 months ago +1

    Ellen 'Degnerate'

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 2 months ago +2

    Next time choose me as an example of how not be interested in people...

  • nukeurhouse12
    nukeurhouse12 2 months ago

    Note... This only works when your bank account is $100 million plus...

  • Lawrence Redfilm
    Lawrence Redfilm 2 months ago +3

    J-Lo is the Butt of it??? really??

  • Melissa VaL'eau
    Melissa VaL'eau 2 months ago

    I really like what I learn here thank you I actually never knew why people liked me and my humour as I'm playful but unconsciously was playfully always in every respectful uplifting way but then I love people and never judge I didn't know Ellen's humour until I saw her late stand up on Netflix... I really loved her and what she emanates... I hope I find my humour I left at the altar a few years back ;-)

  • Mark Mullins
    Mark Mullins 2 months ago

    Why does Ellen look like she's a guy?

  • Jim Rr
    Jim Rr 2 months ago

    America's favorite perverse celebrity.

  • gavin Reid
    gavin Reid 2 months ago

    The problem with silly is that it is usually considered immature.

  • Mikayla Fong
    Mikayla Fong 2 months ago

    Style of comedy ? SHE'S SARCASTIC

  • Guy Bacos
    Guy Bacos 2 months ago

    Don't tell that to Don Rickles.

  • Sara Lampret
    Sara Lampret 2 months ago

    I Love rude jokes and Black humour the most 😂😂 Someone needs to go to hell, too

  • Byllgrim
    Byllgrim 2 months ago

    "We make a new video every..." that's a relief. I would feel extra stupid about my poor skills if this was made by one genius.

  • Byllgrim
    Byllgrim 2 months ago

    These are actually helpful advice. I usually nod in politeness at most advice I get. Astonished.

  • rickimam
    rickimam 2 months ago

    I love Ellen's waggish sense of humour.

  • Dankmon
    Dankmon 2 months ago +24

    I thought I could attract metal by this video. Clickbaited.

  • teo long
    teo long 2 months ago +3

    man this dude is not only stating the obvious but makes you sleepy

  • Chidera Onuoha
    Chidera Onuoha 2 months ago

    Ellen IS wonderful, isn't she?

  • Christian Wehner
    Christian Wehner 2 months ago

    Ummm. Liza would never be upset if you call her a drag queen.

  • Evil Sp0rk
    Evil Sp0rk 2 months ago

    I agree... but if you're not a famous person... a ton of people are turned off by all of these. And also, today, a ton of people want to be offended and angry, so none of this helps. You just have to have a loud enough fan base to not hate you for humor.

  • Nass Khan
    Nass Khan 2 months ago

    I have never found Ellen funny. None of her traits I would copy.

  • Transcend Travel
    Transcend Travel 2 months ago

    fuck off grammerly !

  • Wolf NZ Outdoors
    Wolf NZ Outdoors 2 months ago

    The majority of my jokes fall into the "silly" category.

  • Pirate Eilish
    Pirate Eilish 3 months ago +1

    Social anxiety makes it hard as fuck for me. I’m constantly in fear of being judged and I hate it

  • Pirate Eilish
    Pirate Eilish 3 months ago +2

    U see, the problem is that I think my sense of humour is kinda like Ellen’s, but also I sometimes make jokes at someone else’s expense, BUT only because most of my friends do that and it seems like the only way to make them laugh?

  • Pirate Eilish
    Pirate Eilish 3 months ago +1

    I guess one of those jokes being myself won’t make ppl like me

  • JetBlaze 10
    JetBlaze 10 3 months ago

    3 jokes to avoid

  • Z V
    Z V 3 months ago +1


  • The Optimist
    The Optimist 3 months ago

    6,686,474th view!!!!!!

  • Shanks D. Badass
    Shanks D. Badass 3 months ago +1

    Imagine thinking Ellen is funny

  • moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo

    fk it

  • EinSofQuester
    EinSofQuester 3 months ago

    Ellen the Generous

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 3 months ago +1

    Naah, Not working for me.

  • Brian Bell
    Brian Bell 3 months ago +1

    Cover Ozzy Osbourne

  • oliver o sullivan
    oliver o sullivan 3 months ago

    These are awful hahahahah poking fun oh thanks I’m cured

  • Angry Clown
    Angry Clown 3 months ago

    Those Oscars in background look like gummy bears

  • Benito Stalini
    Benito Stalini 3 months ago

    The only loser in my jokes are Sal, tonight's biggest loser.

  • Jacob'OHiPandaBear Gotlieb

    Ellen gots issues too, she is not perfect.|| did not know it was all about ellen-

  • durcheinander
    durcheinander 3 months ago

    Lol seriously, the advice is to act like a professional comedian in your day-to-day life? I would fucking die if I had to be around someone like that at work, it would look completely artificial (and it would be, if they were only following your advice). Not to mention that I really, really don't find this brand of bright, light-hearted humor funny. At all.
    People are different, let them stay different. Why do we need to use silly tricks like this just to make others like us. It's building a persona that likely has nothing to do with the real you