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Take On Me in 20 Styles ft. Seth Everman


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  • SethEverman
    SethEverman 6 months ago +49311

    damn that piano dude sucks

    • Diamond OFFICIAL
      Diamond OFFICIAL 7 hours ago

      Totally agreed

    • MQ
      MQ 20 hours ago

      that's a synth dude, get it right XD

    • ? ¿ c a m i l a ¿ ?
      ? ¿ c a m i l a ¿ ? 3 days ago

      Yeah and his weird eyebrows

    • RelicOneGaming
      RelicOneGaming 3 days ago

      Took a moment for me to realize he was jokingly insulting himself.

    • Max King
      Max King 5 days ago

      is that Saitama from one punch?? 🤔🤔

  • Jaxon Evans
    Jaxon Evans 3 hours ago

    I was just about to say he needs to do Vitas but he beat me to the punch

  • T Vela
    T Vela 4 hours ago


  • Dman64w
    Dman64w 7 hours ago

    1:42 watch the emotion change.

  • saoxa07
    saoxa07 7 hours ago

    I can't stop laughing at "Vitas" . Thanks a lot

  • A Fellow Commenter
    A Fellow Commenter 9 hours ago

    I didn’t know hitman can play the piano.

  • Pedro Miguel Esparza García

    Plastic Heart - Ciscandra Nostalghia in 20 styles. Or the Ciscandra Nostalghia style in other song.

  • Buns
    Buns 16 hours ago

    I heckin died at dogs

  • MQ
    MQ 20 hours ago

    so I watched this and the other crossover song you guys did, and I don't know whether to binge yours or his videos

  • Rex9460
    Rex9460 20 hours ago

    holy crap i did not expect blind guardian

  • Aaron_GKV
    Aaron_GKV Day ago

    whoooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! loved it!!!!!!!! The Vitas part broke me, wasn't expecting it...
    I'd love if you do any Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) song... Mr. Blue Sky, Ticket to the Moon... Xanadu... whatever, you will blown us apart!!

  • New Meta Knight
    New Meta Knight Day ago

    I only ever heard of Michael Bolton from Whose Line Is It Anyway because Ryan Styles keeps making fun of him.
    I liked it.

  • Sophie Rose
    Sophie Rose Day ago

    that was great!!!!!!

  • Igor Accioly
    Igor Accioly Day ago


  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon 2 days ago

    My choir teacher told me that if you want to make someone happy then instantly angry is that all you have to do is play Take On Me in the car.

  • red rooster
    red rooster 2 days ago

    Ахах, внезапный Витас

  • Nitro Shymside
    Nitro Shymside 2 days ago

    The weeknd please

  • Толян Нагибатор

    Витас????ВИТАС???????теперь я все видел

  • ZeroShot13
    ZeroShot13 2 days ago

    Blind Guardian! Hell yeah!

  • LaserPanda
    LaserPanda 2 days ago

    the classical piano is so good

  • John Browning
    John Browning 3 days ago

  • GandAlfons The Great

    The pink Crocs of doom.

  • Darkblast 2612
    Darkblast 2612 3 days ago

    I know it’s your thing but an actual cover of this with your crazy vocal range would be killer!

  • Yo Lost Child
    Yo Lost Child 3 days ago

    Me: *YES*

  • RelicOneGaming
    RelicOneGaming 3 days ago

    You forgot the du du du du du du at the intro...

  • Stephanie Butcher
    Stephanie Butcher 3 days ago

    OMG You did Bumac!!!

  • Xyedorphine
    Xyedorphine 3 days ago

    i would love for cher to do take on me

  • Bizzenn1976
    Bizzenn1976 3 days ago

    You are amazing brother!

  • Rodeth Icong
    Rodeth Icong 4 days ago

    3:16 the best one

  • Matchbox Cody
    Matchbox Cody 4 days ago

    Found Mac. Where’s the rest of the gang.

  • The Damn Beast
    The Damn Beast 4 days ago

    "Why include Vitas, he probably can't even do the-
    Carry on."

  • Andrey Paes
    Andrey Paes 5 days ago

    This was slightly entertaining. Bah, who am I kidding. This was AWESOME hahahah Seth Everblingbling is the man

  • Trueships xxx
    Trueships xxx 5 days ago

    Lovin this...

  • Sleepin Gamer
    Sleepin Gamer 5 days ago

    ur randy marsh impression is really good

  • Versaucey
    Versaucey 5 days ago +1

    3:31 yo are you okay?

  • San Rembak
    San Rembak 5 days ago

    Loooool vitas

  • Jacko Latkplak
    Jacko Latkplak 5 days ago

    Version vitas is very funny 😂

  • Vegeta
    Vegeta 5 days ago

    That was cool bro and seth is awesome you two make an awesome team brother !

  • taylorrpanda
    taylorrpanda 5 days ago

    Dude I'm sorry idk if you have a girlfriend or not and mean this with so much respect but you are fucking gorgeous I have such a thing for your hair its majestic

  • Nocturne
    Nocturne 5 days ago

    Ace of base was my favorite. So spot on lol

  • benji grange
    benji grange 6 days ago

    linkin park?

  • Douteigoroshi Tαμα

    Dem crocs tho

  • Izacus The Insane
    Izacus The Insane 6 days ago

    We Didn't Start the Fire please 💚

  • Ragna
    Ragna 7 days ago

    R.I.P throat

  • Blad
    Blad 7 days ago


  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 7 days ago

    Crimson Glory

  • Alexandre Cunha
    Alexandre Cunha 7 days ago

    I'd love a extended version of Vanessa Carlton's style

  • blahm75
    blahm75 8 days ago

    Mining Away I don't know what to mine ill mine this anyway

  • Rap Zalsos
    Rap Zalsos 8 days ago

    What's the song name of Cher's style. I know the melody but I forgot the lyrics and name.

  • SkaWolf360
    SkaWolf360 8 days ago

    I lost it at Vitas

  • Variedades Sobre Tudo

    Vitas 💜

  • flutter the wolf yay

    thunder or believer by imagine dragons plz?

  • Alex Moncada
    Alex Moncada 9 days ago

    Why is agent 47 playing the piano?

  • Scott Donofrio
    Scott Donofrio 9 days ago

    Se necesita la versión completa como por los Reyes Gitanos.

  • Ninja563
    Ninja563 9 days ago

    Style of Baby Metal

  • Zordon
    Zordon 9 days ago

    All Stars

  • Primrose Petals
    Primrose Petals 9 days ago


  • Eser Avcı
    Eser Avcı 10 days ago

    This is gold !

  • mahsa javadi
    mahsa javadi 10 days ago

    Blind guardian version was my favorite. (Because I'm a big fan and you cover them real good😍)
    Enigma was the funniest 😂👍 lol
    Vitas was amazing, lamb of god and classical piano was also good and interesting. I like to hear full version of all that i mentioned 😍

  • Domi Paravasilinus
    Domi Paravasilinus 10 days ago

    Vitas? Holy crap, I'd forgotten about that interesting individual for years now. Your musical breadth is broad. Or something.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 10 days ago


  • Sriwijaya Huang
    Sriwijaya Huang 10 days ago

    So funny, thanks for cover this song

  • Yudistira Yunus
    Yudistira Yunus 10 days ago

    LOL niceeee doo moree vitaas, hai from indonesiaa

  • The Fallen
    The Fallen 11 days ago

    anyone know what the dropkick murphys song the style was specifically refferencing?

  • The Commander
    The Commander 11 days ago

    Perfect relation ship doesn't exi-

  • The Commander
    The Commander 11 days ago

    You guys are weird

  • Gwyneth Cloa
    Gwyneth Cloa 11 days ago

    The father and the son, but where’s the holy spirit 🤔 🤔 🤔

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika 11 days ago

    Can we get a full Vitas version please ?

  • arturo mleziva
    arturo mleziva 12 days ago

    nunca me cansa
    siempre que lo veo me levanta el animo

  • Блог Пензюка

    ВИтас ))) ахаххахахах)

  • A Voice Crying Out
    A Voice Crying Out 12 days ago

    I want a full cover of Vitas.... like now..

  • Akid HTF
    Akid HTF 12 days ago

    Seth Everman? Wasn't that the same dude who made "when you play piano but you're a gangster"

  • Melanie B
    Melanie B 12 days ago

    amazing leggings!

  • hisham alhadithi
    hisham alhadithi 12 days ago

    I think you do Vitas better than the man himself , welldone .

  • Kuko Luk
    Kuko Luk 12 days ago

    Omg with Cher style ! Omg Awesome video ! :D

  • EthanBeats
    EthanBeats 12 days ago +1

    vitas just keeps on repeating in my head

  • Perro loko Reborn
    Perro loko Reborn 12 days ago +1

    wow bien chidita

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 12 days ago


  • That Coconut
    That Coconut 12 days ago

    Holy heck that VItas

  • DJordydj
    DJordydj 13 days ago

    Cher and Yes were superb ❤️

  • TheGoodDukk
    TheGoodDukk 13 days ago

    Foo fighters

  • TurahkFive
    TurahkFive 13 days ago

    Could you try to do Disturbed: Down with the Sickness in 20 different styles?

  • George Hagane
    George Hagane 13 days ago

    Yes, this is Yes. Oh Yes

  • There are four lights
    There are four lights 13 days ago

    Oh my god.

  • GooRockKrub Tv
    GooRockKrub Tv 13 days ago

    Black in black

  • Jared Telford
    Jared Telford 13 days ago

    Cher hair on point bro. XD

  • 417active
    417active 13 days ago


  • Andreia Polónia
    Andreia Polónia 14 days ago

    Do a bring me the horizon one! 😉😉

  • Kevin Mészáros
    Kevin Mészáros 14 days ago

    Which song of Michael Bolton you used as reference to sing his and kenny Gs part? I can see that from ever "style" you use you choose a famous song like you did with Vitas and the others then just turn it into the new lyric version. But that Michael Bolton part was awesome and I cannot find the original reference song :(

  • 1Lt Uncle Jack
    1Lt Uncle Jack 14 days ago

    If u ask me he really took the piss out of R Kelly's lyrics....o yeah I said it

  • Gottfried Gehberger
    Gottfried Gehberger 14 days ago

    my goodness that was awesome

  • Chase
    Chase 15 days ago

    Vitas style was the jammmmmm

  • AndreasSkate
    AndreasSkate 15 days ago

    fuck, this is good

  • Daniel Bathen
    Daniel Bathen 15 days ago

    Blind Guardian was majestic

  • kris germany
    kris germany 16 days ago

    Cher and Ace of Base versions were pure win, so glad i hit play on this video !

  • DylanTheSceneFreak
    DylanTheSceneFreak 16 days ago

    I love that you did Cher right after Elvis

  • Castiel1123
    Castiel1123 16 days ago

    Holy shit it's Johnny Depp and Seth MacFarlane. I never thought I would hear a song from these two fantastic actors. It sucks Seth has cancer, sending prayers your way!!!

  • Garbage on a Tuesday
    Garbage on a Tuesday 16 days ago

    I'd love an r Kelly cover of take on me.

  • Max Sims
    Max Sims 16 days ago

    1:19 where's the blunt bro?