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Take On Me in 20 Styles ft. Seth Everman


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  • SethEverman
    SethEverman 4 months ago +42068

    damn that piano dude sucks

    • athoe aeon
      athoe aeon Day ago

      omgosh plies marry me xd

    • Cristian Schneider Van Dyck
      Cristian Schneider Van Dyck 3 days ago

      Where you on Full Metal Jacket?

    • Conway79
      Conway79 6 days ago

      41747 likes. This has to be the most liked comment I've ever seen on youtube.

    • SlavenHarkin
      SlavenHarkin 8 days ago

      Be nice to Professor Xavier! He doesn't have time to practice. He's running a school for mutants!

    • The Worst class
      The Worst class 15 days ago

      SethEverman damn i see you everywhere. Fokin creep

  • V Angelo
    V Angelo 4 hours ago


  • Mateus Gomes
    Mateus Gomes 4 hours ago

    OMG VITAS!!! 😱😱

  • ScribbleTheFox
    ScribbleTheFox 13 hours ago +1

    *In the style of Voltair!*

  • AwAzZI
    AwAzZI 15 hours ago


  • Mr. Translator
    Mr. Translator Day ago

    I died at 1:18

  • Ksnisbad
    Ksnisbad Day ago


  • balrog games
    balrog games 2 days ago

    Du hast in 20 styles. please!

  • Oney Buttwillies
    Oney Buttwillies 2 days ago

    2:52 damn i need to know about that synthesizer. I could use some of my own 80s sax.

  • Lucartin
    Lucartin 2 days ago

    1:40 nice shoes

  • Abedin Subashi
    Abedin Subashi 2 days ago

    Can we have a full version of the vitas style

  • Squashman
    Squashman 2 days ago

    Run like hell in 20 different styles

  • Cthulhu Jankinx
    Cthulhu Jankinx 2 days ago

    I had a hard time reading the word yes

  • liam tobin
    liam tobin 3 days ago

    do ghost -pro memoria in 20 diff stlyes

  • Pasta Bowl
    Pasta Bowl 3 days ago

    I'm being haunted by this song ACK

  • TheGamer4482
    TheGamer4482 3 days ago

    Yes is what truly broke me.

  • Kaylee Edwards
    Kaylee Edwards 3 days ago

    So much talent

  • FairlyLocalDreamer
    FairlyLocalDreamer 3 days ago

    The VITAS one omg lmaooo I fricking died

  • Leogri Mlg
    Leogri Mlg 3 days ago

    Yes моё любимое это просто отсылка на Джо Джо

  • Leogri Mlg
    Leogri Mlg 3 days ago

    Is that a JOJO REFERENCE?

  • MrNexxxus
    MrNexxxus 3 days ago

    I think I can safely say that none of us were ready for Vitas.

  • Denny Devito
    Denny Devito 4 days ago

    Please donate some of that hair to seth

  • Mich 2018
    Mich 2018 4 days ago

    Hi, can u make in 20 styles a Rammstein song? plz? :D Mein hertz brennt ? maybe? XD >.< I know could be a bit hard since is not ur language but i would love to hear it :)

  • Ethan Byrne
    Ethan Byrne 4 days ago

    I would have loved to see a Devin Townsend versionnn

  • Fisher Sam Fisher
    Fisher Sam Fisher 4 days ago

    2:10 my side... OMFG

  • joel young
    joel young 5 days ago

    lol i read it as Dr. Snoop and Dre Dogg 1:23

  • lily hearn
    lily hearn 5 days ago

    i died at cher

  • misiek3881
    misiek3881 5 days ago

    PARASYCHE Great video

  • Eddy Tong
    Eddy Tong 5 days ago

    Витас зачет!)

  • Justin Gindhart
    Justin Gindhart 6 days ago

    Seriously no Reel Big Fish?!

  • Anthony Hadiwijono
    Anthony Hadiwijono 6 days ago

    No need vitas, the dog is enough

  • Mr. Candyworm
    Mr. Candyworm 6 days ago

    Now I want to walk strangly around with my friends

  • LuisAndré23 LuisAndré23

    Please, dragonforce - trought the fire and flames in 20 different styles

  • Cooper McCalister
    Cooper McCalister 7 days ago

    Do some prince

  • Miguel MP
    Miguel MP 7 days ago

    Comes as you are

  • JuaN F3r :D
    JuaN F3r :D 7 days ago

    1:40 WTF is doing Santa Claus there????

  • Father Deer
    Father Deer 7 days ago


  • Arsene Loopy
    Arsene Loopy 7 days ago

    That eye brow took it for me.

  • Metal Thunder
    Metal Thunder 7 days ago

    Do songs in the style of Dragonforce

  • Brian Brain
    Brian Brain 7 days ago

    Too much metall

  • Polite New Yorker
    Polite New Yorker 7 days ago

    I would listen to the whole thing in the style of Cher

  • phoenix8129
    phoenix8129 8 days ago

    Great Video! OMG so good 👍 Thank you.

  • Sasa Winchester
    Sasa Winchester 8 days ago

    Blind Guardian style was just glorious

  • Andre Carvalho
    Andre Carvalho 8 days ago


  • Loli Juice
    Loli Juice 8 days ago

    Dr. Snoop & Dre Dog

  • Alex Panait
    Alex Panait 8 days ago +1

    Perfect team

  • Blizz The Glaceon
    Blizz The Glaceon 8 days ago

    queen?;-; why not queen;-----;

  • Tomasz Wnuk
    Tomasz Wnuk 8 days ago

    Stop looking at me !!

  • Taciane Fonseca
    Taciane Fonseca 8 days ago

    best part of the dog ahaha Amazing!!!

  • Noah Knauss
    Noah Knauss 8 days ago

    Honestly a straight up cover would sound so good... as in a full version of the aha style. It would be truly lovely :)

  • Conway79
    Conway79 8 days ago

    2:10 - Who let them out?

    SFRUMS 8 days ago

    any song in style of m. shadows(avenged sevenfold)

  • Rebecca Dsouza
    Rebecca Dsouza 8 days ago

    omg amazing loved this one of ma fav songs

  • DeadlyDuck Face
    DeadlyDuck Face 8 days ago

    Im shook im am the biggest Dropkick fan ever dead ass

  • David TM
    David TM 8 days ago

    Győzike pls

  • sp jn
    sp jn 8 days ago

    Jesus sure can sing

  • 崴Francisco
    崴Francisco 9 days ago

    toto-africa please

  • XMAN
    XMAN 9 days ago


  • Harley Nowland
    Harley Nowland 9 days ago

    Sorry to say this and singing guy I give you an A for effort, but the pianist was the best thing about this.

  • Comrade OwO
    Comrade OwO 9 days ago

    Jesus and Agent 47 make a song together.

  • Christian Massey
    Christian Massey 9 days ago

    Africa by Toto

  • patpod 07
    patpod 07 10 days ago

    Do rammstein

  • Justin Holinski
    Justin Holinski 10 days ago

    Please do one of these:
    Dimmu Borgir
    Iced Earth

  • Billy McKee
    Billy McKee 10 days ago

    could you do something KISS related like 10 songs in the style of kiss or detroit rock city in 20 styles please

  • Justin Holinski
    Justin Holinski 10 days ago


  • TotalMayhem
    TotalMayhem 10 days ago

    good video

    your teeth are gross tho

  • dave s.
    dave s. 10 days ago

    "The bleeding" ffdp

  • SGT ZIPPY 94
    SGT ZIPPY 94 10 days ago

    Maybe try Celldweller for a style?

  • glaucia lino
    glaucia lino 10 days ago

    Jaja the egg head

  • katie kelly
    katie kelly 10 days ago

    please do americas got talent

  • Blue _Doublekill
    Blue _Doublekill 11 days ago

    Love lies pleasseee

  • Normal Guy
    Normal Guy 11 days ago

    Highly Suspect

  • Zachary Garcia
    Zachary Garcia 11 days ago

    Think you can do panic at the disco say amen ( Saturday night) ????

  • Márcio Barros
    Márcio Barros 11 days ago

    ENYA!!! hhahahahahahahaah Love this!!!

  • Marsas Corner
    Marsas Corner 11 days ago

    Dang you nailed it

  • Omar Rocillo
    Omar Rocillo 11 days ago

    dr dre and snoop is the best

  • tonepoet
    tonepoet 11 days ago

    I'd love to hear you work on the Muse sound, or Foxy Shazam!! Do it, man!

  • Cory Sterritt
    Cory Sterritt 11 days ago

    Lil pump eketskk

  • choco flavored cookies 56

    wait a sec is seth and the russian pop singer the same guy ?????

  • Tim Schulz
    Tim Schulz 11 days ago +2

    Kraftwerk The Model in 10 styles please

  • Hayden Nicholson
    Hayden Nicholson 12 days ago

    Please look up mining away Minecraft song on youtube

  • Kirigiri L912
    Kirigiri L912 12 days ago


  • Michael Skeeton
    Michael Skeeton 12 days ago

    Michael Bolton and Kenny G for the win

  • AkaKs
    AkaKs 12 days ago

    modern talking please?

  • Mauricio Toledo Cuellar

    your voice is amazing. I love your videos.

  • Courtney Ellison
    Courtney Ellison 12 days ago

    Yo agent 47 stole the hell outta your video

    DJ RAPPA 12 days ago

    SkidRow was the best one

  • KurikPA
    KurikPA 12 days ago

    Song: imagine dragons - beliver
    Style: flipp dinero - i do

  • Goose
    Goose 12 days ago

    Dr Snoop and Dre Dogg, my fav artists.

  • Johan Cordeiro
    Johan Cordeiro 12 days ago

    dogs kkkkkkkk

  • Unclaimed Username
    Unclaimed Username 13 days ago


  • Cristobal Cortes
    Cristobal Cortes 13 days ago

    love all your vids, please make rammstain style xd

  • Rayres
    Rayres 13 days ago

    Dare you to play anything like old school Converge. Or King Crimson. Jesus, I really dare you.

  • Mateusz Fiendish
    Mateusz Fiendish 13 days ago

    porcupine tree

  • BenjiZero Devos
    BenjiZero Devos 14 days ago

    The Blind Guardian part sounded awesome! :D

  • HairBoy
    HairBoy 14 days ago

    Love the Vitas voice

  • Cox Spartan :v
    Cox Spartan :v 14 days ago

    What about luis miguel style?

  • Martin laporte
    Martin laporte 14 days ago

    is the SCATMAN style ok?

  • Theodore
    Theodore 14 days ago

    Oh our Lord Jesus and Voldemort

  • HazMatt
    HazMatt 14 days ago

    different music in the style of sea shanties.