• Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • If only the industry had a storied history of strong, female protagoni--
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  • mherzog21
    mherzog21 6 months ago

    I loved this game

  • Michael Buehler
    Michael Buehler 8 months ago

    Played the 2nd game but never played the first.

  • The Eyes of Satan
    The Eyes of Satan 8 months ago

    I loved this game. The voice taunts in multiplayer were the best

  • Lord Apache
    Lord Apache 9 months ago

    lolwat? PS4 is absolutely superior to the Xbone. Multiplatform games run better on the PS4, and the PS4 has way better exclusives, with most of the "exclusives" on Xbone being on PC as well. If you have a decent gaming PC, there's literally no reason to own an Xbone.

  • joseph race
    joseph race 9 months ago

    I think 80s fashion is the worst next to the 70s. 60s was pretty bad though. 90s fashion was just bland.

  • LupusAries
    LupusAries 10 months ago

    First shoot through walls? Project I.G.I. afaik
    As for Ironsights, well the original OPF had it, and then Delta Force Blackhawk down and it's descendants like Joint Ops.

  • Kevin Pogue
    Kevin Pogue 10 months ago

    I just got these games and just started playing the first one. I didn't get to play them when they came out, but catching up now! Thanks for this stream posting!

    • Cleo Cuntra
      Cleo Cuntra 6 months ago

      A number of us still play! Every Saturday, 3:30 PM EST time. You should join! Let me know if you need help installing the game and map packs!

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra 10 months ago

    Did I dream this or did fiber evidence a few years back also get debunked as a total load of horseshit and it was just casually forgotten about?

  • cherminatorDR
    cherminatorDR 10 months ago

    SmerSH is an actual thing, by the way. It's an abbreviation of Smert' Shpionam, meaning "Death to Spies" in Russian. It was a WW2-era counter-espionage unit. Cheesy as fuck.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 10 months ago +1

    2:09:40 DNA

  • noless
    noless 10 months ago

    This is a great game. One of my favorites.

  • enCODed3
    enCODed3 10 months ago +1

    Ms. Archer... OH SHIT! Is this Archers mom?

  • J Stenberg
    J Stenberg 10 months ago

    Awesome Game. Had so much class. Top 10 favorite of all time.

  • Bunnies Kitties
    Bunnies Kitties 10 months ago

    Anyone who wants to get away from the death penalty should be personally providing for the costs of feeding and care taking for these murderers.

    I know there is a margin of error. I know it sucks. But you know what sucks more? Having all those problems AND spending tens of millions per person to keep them alive for life.

  • keller blair
    keller blair 10 months ago


  • jamesp81
    jamesp81 10 months ago

    I really enjoyed this game back in the day. Interesting sound track, good action, and fighting commies.

  • upintheairstudio
    upintheairstudio 10 months ago

    Razorfist Cinema: JAMES BOND MONTH.

  • upintheairstudio
    upintheairstudio 10 months ago

    SMERSH: Soviet intelligence agency that hunted down enemy spies during World War Two.

  • Mastermind41
    Mastermind41 10 months ago +1

    Random statement, but I recently saw a few videos of debates you (Razorfist) did with people. I just wanted to commend you on the massive balls it takes to put yourself and your views out there like that. Especially when it's posted to a hostile channel with a bunch of derpy progressive NPCs.

  • Constantin
    Constantin 10 months ago

    55:16 Man, you articulated my exact feelings about that overrated piece of trash game. Fucking hated that game with a passion. Worst game I've ever purchased on a console. Convenient, given that it's exclusive to the worst console you can purchase.

  • Constantin
    Constantin 10 months ago +5

    Playing old games like this makes you weep at the state of modern Gaming.

  • NoHurtFeline
    NoHurtFeline 10 months ago

    Razor, what are your opinions on the rotoscope style platformer sci-fi games "Out of this World/Another World" and "Flashback"?

  • el bastardo
    el bastardo 10 months ago

    it wouldnt be the first time asylum would one up the movie they are ripping off. paranormal entity was way better than activity, and from what i remember didnt even have credits, saving it from one of the things that always takes away from the found footage genre.

  • Keli Beershit
    Keli Beershit 10 months ago

    Omg i forgot about this game!!!!!

  • GameWarrior2216
    GameWarrior2216 10 months ago

    Just curious as I don't have the game but do you have shadows on and/or ambient occlusion or its equivalent?

  • LetsPlayPC
    LetsPlayPC 10 months ago

    I wanted to like this game, but this was back in the day where FPSs frequently had forced stealth and NOLF was highly guilty of that. Those just ruined the game for me.

  • Shazbot81
    Shazbot81 10 months ago +1

    most famous for condemned? Only to normies maybe. Monolith will forever be in my heart for bringing me Shogo, NOLF 1&2, and FEAR.

  • The Back Up Man
    The Back Up Man 10 months ago


  • Edward Catiller
    Edward Catiller 10 months ago

    We need to have a talk about metal.

  • GM Head
    GM Head 10 months ago

    The revolver looks like a Smith & Wesson Model 37 Airweight, for the record.

  • Dean Medcalf
    Dean Medcalf 10 months ago +2

    PC version of condemned : criminal origins might be a good stream due to the pace of the game and investigation / body horror elements.

  • Max Korben
    Max Korben 10 months ago

    Man, if only we could get a Bond game like Nightfire again.

  • Random WhittyName
    Random WhittyName 10 months ago

    Keano Reaves didn't go to the range. That range is in his BACK YARD.
    Boss: Lights please!
    *Office stays the same but the movie plays anyways*
    This game needs to be redone with better graphics. I'd play the sh*t outta it.

  • phaeton01
    phaeton01 10 months ago

    "fridays nights a great night for football!"

  • phaeton01
    phaeton01 10 months ago

    hunter call of the wild? do it, i love that game
    animations are a bit gank but its far and away the best hunting sim there is

  • Cloud
    Cloud 10 months ago +1

    Please can we get Music Mythos - Alice Cooper

  • lowell houser
    lowell houser 10 months ago +6

    What engine?!?!?!?! It's LITHTECH. You know, SIN, SHOGO, F.E.A.R.....
    Edit: I forgot TRON2.

    • blackrave404
      blackrave404 10 months ago

      F.E.A.R. was made on the same engine as Shogo?
      Now that's something too hard to wrap one's head around.

  • Zach Atch
    Zach Atch 10 months ago

    My ass is prepared for your fire Mr. Space dad.

  • Zenhael Cero
    Zenhael Cero 10 months ago +1

    This game and its sequel were fairly well-received at the time. I don't know why the franchise was dropped after the second game. Would very much like to see a remake in a newer engine.

  • Tehemai L.
    Tehemai L. 10 months ago

    I like how you give Ben Shapiro endless shit over MJ but then give Crowder a pass for the mistake being understandable.

    • Tehemai L.
      Tehemai L. 10 months ago

      ​@The Rageaholic A rather irrelevant distinction given he's not taking the case to court. To expect a non practicing lawyer to have to do a deep dive vet every witness and piece of evidence before holding the same opinions as everyone else for every case is insane. Especially in cases you yourself admit people can easily be mislead on.
      You could easily convince Ben just as you could Crowder, you just have less inclination towards educating one of them.

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  10 months ago +1

      Crowder isn't a lawyer. Ben is. He should know basic facts like how witnesses are excluded from trial, and when.

  • Gerald Vance
    Gerald Vance 10 months ago +7

    Little trivia. Kate Archer is Mitzi Martin. The head alien from dude Where's my car. How is that for useless information?

  • KingFriday1989
    KingFriday1989 10 months ago

    HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!! This was my favorite game back in the day

  • Aleister Gein
    Aleister Gein 10 months ago

    I remember playing this game back in the day. For the most part, it's fun, but as you've observed Raz0r, the stealth leaves a great deal to be desired. I pretty much played the way that you did--putting in some effort to be sneaky before ultimately giving up and just running and gunning. Then came a tutorial stage that would not let me past until I successfully completed a new stealth mechanic. It never happened, and I ultimately put the game down and never picked it back up.

  • Dalle Smalhals
    Dalle Smalhals 10 months ago +2

    3:44:32: ..suddenly Cod ain't that bad? Tsk, tsk, You Younglings :-D
    OY!? No plane stage?!? FRAG OFF! ..number 11 dislike from here!

  • Stormscythe378
    Stormscythe378 10 months ago +1

    Dark rooms in older video games where you have to use your flash light, seem creepier than they are now.

  • Dalle Smalhals
    Dalle Smalhals 10 months ago

    2:04:31 NOOOOOOO... Anita would've liked that scene :-(

  • Hardcore Bunny
    Hardcore Bunny 10 months ago +1

    It is official that Razorfist is a Xbox man, fuck Sony!

    • Dalle Smalhals
      Dalle Smalhals 10 months ago

      AND: That he must've played NOLF(2000) with a controller :-D

  • Acehole Firearms
    Acehole Firearms 10 months ago +1

    Komrad Klean

  • YngwieVanHalen
    YngwieVanHalen 10 months ago



    Danger zone.

  • YngwieVanHalen
    YngwieVanHalen 10 months ago

    Get pills against my orders!

  • Detective Pika Bro
    Detective Pika Bro 10 months ago +1

    This games is so underrated.

  • Dalle Smalhals
    Dalle Smalhals 10 months ago

    And VIETCONG was before CoD - with the iron...

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy 10 months ago

    Hey razor I just watched the interview with bin, I left 2 comments now the video is gone .took a screen shot if my comment though lol.
    I find it weird it's gone right after I went back to edit some spelling mistakes.

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable 10 months ago +2

    Attack of the 90 pound wamin!

  • NativeNewMexican
    NativeNewMexican 10 months ago +14

    You didn't listen to the H.A.R.M. Agents' dialogue? The discussion about the monkey was amazing and you just shoot the guy? Hell, that's what I wanted to see.

  • blackbull77
    blackbull77 10 months ago

    1:58:06 Hard to believe Razor would have a sugar bowl haircut.

    • blackbull77
      blackbull77 10 months ago

      @The Rageaholic My brother and I would smack the hell out of each quoting stooges. It got so bad my mom had to stop us from watching it until we got older. Thank god both of us still had baby teeth at the time. LOL!

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  10 months ago

      I rocked it ALL throughout childhood. I was WAY into the Stooges.

  • Muck006
    Muck006 10 months ago +2

    2:25:30 Oh come on ... stop blaming "the iranian situation" on Jimmy Carter ... blame it on Eisenhower AND on Kermit Roosevelt jr. (grandson of Teddy, he was the CIA agent who did it) ... and the CIA with their Operation Ajax, who installed a military dictatorship in the country in 1953 ... which was the reason for the islamic revolution. Without that we would have had a pretty liberal democractic muslim state in that region instead of a nation of religious fundamentalists who fund terrorists.

    • Asher
      Asher 10 months ago

      You mean when we overthrew the communist sympathizer who’d have allied with the Soviet Union

  • Roosevelt
    Roosevelt 10 months ago

    I feel like you guys missed my superchat endorsing tucker over trump

  • Joss Ricketts
    Joss Ricketts 10 months ago +4

    One of my favourite games of all time. Definitely the best first person shooter. I'm glad someone else remembers it besides me

  • 0verkill161
    0verkill161 10 months ago +1

    I’m think TBoogie skipped my SuperChat. I demand satisfaction sir! He must be spanked by fat bearded circus chicks as punishment.