Total Football Explained

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
  • Total Football explained.
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    It’s probably fair to say that no style of football has had as much influence on the modern game as Total Football. From Jack Reynolds and Rinus Michels, to Pep Guardiola and Marcelo Bielsa, we take a look at the history and evolution of one of football's most famous philosophies.
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Comments • 341

  • anees ahmed
    anees ahmed Month ago

    Please discuss mourinhos tactics for Porto inter and real madrid for the champions league.

  • Lobsang Namgyal
    Lobsang Namgyal Month ago

    Messi’s 2011 to 2012 season please or tiki taka

  • kittyand fox
    kittyand fox Month ago

    been a while since Bielsa was mentioned....

  • Shamanth G
    Shamanth G Month ago

    I want more content on Johan cruijff please

  • Aabir Basu
    Aabir Basu Month ago +4

    one football: aight here's a sponsorship
    tifo: "fairly comprehensive"

  • Fraser Gibson
    Fraser Gibson 2 months ago

    The very first of total football began in Scotland

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah 2 months ago

    But Netherlands didn't win the worldcup .xD

  • Pelerincha
    Pelerincha 2 months ago

    TOTAL FOOTBALL, was a made up term created by journalists. Michels began to built Ajax in the mid 60's. He never stated that the process would end up in playing Total Soccer. If you read autobiographies of the Dutch goalie of '74 Jongbloed, van Hanegem and Johnnie Rep, they wll tell you that the team following certain Ajax concepts finally fell into place during the WC'74. The dutch team played poor soccer and barely made qualifiers on disputed off side call agains Belgium. No one talked about the great dutch team before the WC'74 during the qualifiers for they stunk...The team just happened to begin to jell after their first world cup game against Bulgaria....It was after that game things began to fit together.....

  • Pelerincha
    Pelerincha 2 months ago

    Referring to the spine , Neeskens was right half not center half which was Haan. The reason the Dutch lost to the Germans was that did not play total soccer with pressure. As van Hanegem stated the team had split in their thinking into two halves of which one halve wanted to go forward and the other wanted to move backwards.

  • Jos. C
    Jos. C 4 months ago

    Barca will always remember you Cruyff..

  • Uno
    Uno 4 months ago

    Great as always but Guardiola, Cruyff and Bielsa have stated that positions have to be kept, the evolution since Michels is precisely that players do not change positions.
    Nice work though

    • Pelerincha
      Pelerincha 2 months ago

      the positions don't change and always must be's the players that can change positions..

  • Bekkar Mehdi
    Bekkar Mehdi 5 months ago

    Could you prepare a video about the goalkeepers new roles nowadays .

    • Tifo Football
      Tifo Football  5 months ago

      Search our channel for videos on Ederson and Ter Stegen

  • Huy Quang
    Huy Quang 5 months ago +4

    Netherlands - Total Football
    Italy - Catenaccio
    Spain - Tiki Taka

    • fauxpiano V2
      fauxpiano V2 24 days ago

      Tiki taka was highly inspired by Total Football

    • Haider Thahim
      Haider Thahim 3 months ago +1

      Tika taka is made by Johan Cryuff.

    • paul lawson
      paul lawson 4 months ago

      Huy Quang route one

    • Huy Quang
      Huy Quang 4 months ago

      @Christian Roundbut it doesn't has a name

    • Christian Round
      Christian Round 5 months ago

      England- Long ball to the big man up top.

  • Shaka's Missing Beard
    Shaka's Missing Beard 5 months ago

    Will total football work for a mid table club? Will it work for a team fighting relegation?

    • Billy McFaul
      Billy McFaul 5 months ago

      Monarchy 07 well it’s yes and no, football is never really straightforward. You could try and implement it and see success with it but sadly the opposition can play better tactics sometimes. As well as that, you need very intelligent and class players to perform this tactic week in week out that not all clubs have. Think about it imagine Glenn Murray for Brighton moved onto the wing to keep the shape in a total football tactic. It wouldn’t work, he can only really play striker so that style wouldn’t work him but other styles and instructions would to result in him scoring.

  • Sergio Gómez
    Sergio Gómez 5 months ago

    subtitulos en español por favor

  • Byron Anthony Perez Torres

    Do a video about Atalanta and what’s the table with squares all over the pitch for?

  • Lobsang Namgyal
    Lobsang Namgyal 7 months ago

    Please do a analyses video on Messi, xavi and Iniesta trio. Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Ian Greenhalgh
    Ian Greenhalgh 7 months ago

    The real origins of 'Total Football' go all the way back to the Queen's Park side of the late 19th century, they had a group of players that were comparatively small and lacking in physical presence so they adopted a possession based passing game that was completely different to the highly physical game played in Scotland and England at the time.

  • LikenvrB4
    LikenvrB4 8 months ago

    do a video on arsenal unbeaten season

  • mirk
    mirk 8 months ago

    For me, total football is the best way of playing this game

  • Chimfwembe Mutale
    Chimfwembe Mutale 8 months ago

    Renus Mitchels is the founder of total football not Cruyff

  • Lakhan Murmu
    Lakhan Murmu 8 months ago

    How west German defeat Netherlands in this technique

    • chanda kumari
      chanda kumari 6 months ago

      West Germany owe that win to their extraordinary defense with sepp maier in goal and Vogts and Brietner as full backs with the great beckenbauer as the sweeper. Up front they had the deadly gerd muller as well as jupp hecynkes. It was a golden generation of german football. Not only they win the world cup but Bayern munich also won the european cup three times in a row in 74,75,76.

  • Nirvikalp Sharma
    Nirvikalp Sharma 10 months ago

    Indian football team
    There match against Thailand

  • Abraham
    Abraham 11 months ago

    Considering 433 played with attacking liberos, whos become the winger? Side forwards?

    AHMED RAJ Year ago

    Any other managers than pep playing with similar tactical approach?

  • Philip Awsome
    Philip Awsome Year ago

    I agree with most of the video allthough as a manager myself I must note that Pep Guardiola at Barcelona was absolutely fanatic about players keeping their position in attack. Total football can only work if everyone on the pitch is in top form, covering spaces and oportunity for the pressed players to pass. You say that Germany countered this by overloading the midfield with say 5 players in a 4-2-3-1. How could you counter that counter? Thanks.

  • wasi gupito budiarto

    Total football instructions in football manager :
    Defensive line high
    mentality fluid
    close down more
    play underlap
    work ball into box
    get stuck in
    roam to position
    passing normal tempo higher
    exploit the middle
    formation : 4-1-2-3 Dm wide or 3-4-3

  • Khaled Alsinafi
    Khaled Alsinafi Year ago

    Is there a better way of defending than pressing?

    • b0mbardini87
      b0mbardini87 8 months ago

      Depends. You don't wanna press high up the pitch when the opposition excels in counter attacking and has fast forwards while your defenders are slow. You'd be caught out quite easily.

  • Dolly Sharma
    Dolly Sharma Year ago

    Can you do a video on sunil chetri??

  • Chakka Boola
    Chakka Boola Year ago

    Total Football was a beautiful concept but it can't be really done permanently without total talents and total DOPING

  • Hadar Ridwanto
    Hadar Ridwanto Year ago

    Klopp gegenpressing adapted from total football

  • Skeekyy
    Skeekyy Year ago

    Parquet Courts, anyone?

  • Maximilian Nickert

    pls only van gaal in one vid

  • Jay Skilton
    Jay Skilton Year ago

    Subscribe to my channel people :]

  • Salim Huerta
    Salim Huerta Year ago

    These videos are awesome. The best thing a manager can do is recognize players’ true positions and natural tactical talents instead of forcing one style of play.

  • Gerard Lim
    Gerard Lim Year ago

    Do a video on Italian Defence!

  • sarad matthew tigga

    Cruyff had a different idea when it came to total football.

  • samya chakraborty

    more on sarri 's napoli

  • Lebal De Vam Pire

    Total football is the best game ever played. Unfortunately for the Netherlands, although they were the best team in all the three final world cups they played, they lost and it seems that they are jinxed. There is no team that can match Ajax of the 70s. Never was, never will. Do you know that Johann Cruijff had received death threats that prevented him from playing the 1978 world cup ! And, do you know that the referee of the 1978 world cup was on the side of Argentina? But who will know that today !!!! and who cares anyway. The Netherlands are a great team. They will bounce back. Their day will come, surely and I will start watching football again when that time comes.

  • Javier López Chango

    maybe yo can send me the theme of this video to my e mail because that is a very relaxing theme answer me

  • Slam Jamdersin
    Slam Jamdersin Year ago

    We are conductors of sound, heat and energy

  • 2jrencmorgrente z micul j uldurbure

    i thnc totul ftbul z lstng thu furst plaurz (6) n ordur uv hw much luv tha ned & hw much rspct tha sem t gt ucordng t thu prsn hoo px thu sturtng scwud

  • Shadow13
    Shadow13 Year ago

    Keep up the great work!!

  • omalone11
    omalone11 Year ago

    can you explain how Germany thwarted this tactic in the 1974 fina
    03:31 can you analyse that 1974 final as Brazil got controlled whereas Germany outbattled

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 Year ago

    Can you do a Johan cruyff style of play vid

  • Jonathan violante


    • Tifo Football
      Tifo Football  Year ago

      Here’s a vid on it:

  • Araf
    Araf Year ago

    Crappy non leauge football tactic is Total football.

  • Varun Nair
    Varun Nair Year ago

    Better than even tiki taka or full on pressing!

  • duhawma
    duhawma Year ago

    What about total soccer? 😝

  • Serbian football
    Serbian football Year ago

    Velibor Vasović played UCL Final with Partizan.

  • Vignesh kannan
    Vignesh kannan Year ago

    Excellent one ! can you do Rinus Michel's in a separate video ? Want to explore more about the FIFA COACH OF THE CENTURY !

  • Aaron A.
    Aaron A. Year ago +2

    Tifo Football is absolute genius!!! Can you please make a video on the Spanish National teams tactics from 2008 (Euro)-2010 World Cup thereto the 2012 Euro Cup (or whatever time frame you think best)?. I would really appreciate it. Thanks for all these magisterial uploads.

  • freendy sinaga
    freendy sinaga Year ago

    please do a video why pople think van gaal was a great manager, and how he fall from grace.
    like a combination of "a history of" and "tifo tactics" please.

  • Alex Ralli
    Alex Ralli Year ago

    do one on Liverpool 13/14 season

  • The Legendary Genius

    Your videos are good but very boring

  • Judin Kinds
    Judin Kinds Year ago

    fuck austria, hungary, switzerland. always claiming whatever tactics started from their countries

  • will27ns
    will27ns Year ago

    I met Neeskens when he played with the Cosmos. Wonderful gentleman.

  • William Djokro
    William Djokro Year ago

    How about Park Ji Sung role?

  • TheSaltMaker
    TheSaltMaker Year ago

    Best tactics of all time TOTAL FOOTBALL!

  • Frank Houttave
    Frank Houttave Year ago