Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • The legendary anime returns to Netflix!
    Join the adventures of young warriors called "Knights", sworn protectors of the reincarnated Greek goddess Athena, as they fight powerful Olympian gods bent on destroying humankind. The battle begins summer 2019!
    Watch Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac on Netflix:
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    Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 5 747

  • profrbravo
    profrbravo 32 minutes ago

    I'm in shock. Saint Seiya got the Star Trek: Discovery treatment. How could they mess it up so hard? And that music? They took one of the most beautiful soundtracks ever composed for anime and changed it for a bland, generic, Hollywood garbage, superheromovie-esque, shit ensemble. Feels like I'm watching another crappy Marvel movie. When will you be done with destroying all shows from the past, Netflix?

  • Ellis Smith
    Ellis Smith 5 hours ago

    I hate this but love the manga and remake so I will watch it but I hate it

    MOJUTMNT 11 hours ago

    Knights of the Zodiac, Saint Seiya follows the old historic ways of knights and olden time warriors. In the series the women hid their faces due to the fact that they were women and it was looked down upon by the sanctuary to have such beauty on the battlefield or something along those lines it's been years. Basically yes there was misogyny especially back in the years to which they're taking their teachings from. The Sanctuary sticks to the old ways. That's why Athena was so great. Athena is basically bringing forth a new era. The Sanctuary isn't and never will be progressive.
    Main argument
    You don't just change a character's sex, ethnicity, and or cultural background to better suit your opinion. Shun's humanity and kindness is something to be respected. He shows men that you don't have to be some boasting testosterone filled dude to be a man. Also being one of the strongest of the Saints of Athena, but won't use destructive force until truly proven necessary. Honestly that's how I live my life, I'll fight for others when necessary as I have as a child. People mistake me for being gay because I'm so compassionate and peaceful. Which this character shows. Then you basically show us that his characteristics are perfect for him to be a girl, cause you want to give of this PC attitude. Why not just work on the all female Saint Seiya series instead of ruining what is written in stone?

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach 11 hours ago

    Imao shon shin long Haaaa
    Dragon ball Dragon Fist Rip off bc
    Goku say DRAGoN Fost Haaaa

    MOJUTMNT 11 hours ago

    Shun's a girl now... Pass

    NYTOC 16 hours ago

    Welcome to the island of Sodor... wait no wrong show, this isn't Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.. its' Saint.. Seiya and friends????

  • Revenge
    Revenge 20 hours ago


  • SkiRush7
    SkiRush7 Day ago

    What happened to Pegasus Meteor Punch 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Joe Eightys
    Joe Eightys Day ago

    Not sure on the animation here. Prefer the old one

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique Day ago


  • Arcai958
    Arcai958 Day ago

    C'est quoi cette merde ?? C'est serieux Netflix ? Vous allez massacrer ce manga légendaire sans honte ? J'me désabonne de votre plateforme de merde tout de suite, je paye pas pour qu'on massacre mon enfance. 🖕🏻

  • Calvin Liang
    Calvin Liang Day ago


  • Arios RiotStarseed

    Sudennly a guy has the tremendous idea of making Shun the andromeda a preety girl.... just because... never asked the fans what they thougth about it... just because... mmm.... to be honest the andromeda girl looks like an amazing character since the hair, face features, cross colour and voice as well as bravery and height is perfect but... but ... there is an andromeda lovely boy who was never homosexual and had the finnest feelings and peaceful attitude as well as mature and comprehensive way of thinking... stronger than most of this anime characters and the only one who yielded a marvelous well balanced weapon from among the 5 bronce sainto main asskicking fellows!!!! Then why the freak would that guionist dumbo do such a thing switching andromeda's genders instead of adding some "special forces, steel kinght women" with the hability to raise their cosmo to a silver or even golden knight and help athena being powerfull protagonists in a couple of key episodes TO EMPOWER WOMEN and also to stimulate and spice this remake; Just like S.s. saintia sho or did???? WHy... wHYyyyyyy????? Damn it... yes I like the andromeda girl but... it's NOT FAIR...NOR cool for NOBODY NETFLIX BOYS AND GIRLS!!!!🙁🙁🙁😒🤐😔💁🙈🙉🙊

  • Colt Proyect
    Colt Proyect Day ago

    A real slap in the face this is!! Horrible, absurd, totally unnecessary and made just to piss the fans off! Shun was, is and will always be my favorite knight, and turning him into a female feels DISGUSTING. We can clearly see that this joke of a write, Eugene Son, got not a single idea of how to adapt a treasured manga and anime into modern times without throwing in another female character in the team to attract viewers, insulting!
    Now instead of a dude trying to cope with the fact that he doesn't like to hurt others and only fights when he has to protect his loved ones, we are gonna have another female that ticks all the boxes when it comes to females in these stories... such an empowering change!! OMG, amazing writing, BRAVO!!
    For shit like this, man, better go adapt Candy Candy or Heidi, or any kind of anime u feel goes better with your taste, and leave alone something sacred for all of those who grew up watching and reading the story of this beloved characters!!
    When I heard about a remake, I was expecting something more like Sailor Moon Crystal, taking some liberties here and there ONLY, not going into such a bullshit like this one... Now I dread the idea of it even existing out there for people that maybe come into contact with Saint Seiya for the first time, this is not the way people should experience the amazing story Kurumada created!!
    I won't be spending a single minute of my time watching this garbage, Shun is SHUN, not SHAUN, u can shove your dear gender bent up yours NETFLIX, hope the series fails, in fairness, and that most of the comments goes about this horrible gender swap that doesn't even wear a mask!!! (Sho is a different entity, so I'm not gonna go about those characters, this is the classic story!! Read the damned manga at least to get ur facts right!!!)

  • Ragde Salas
    Ragde Salas Day ago

    Seriously Netflix if you are not gonna include the original soundtrack don't even bother to stream it, the soundtrack of this anime was so important as the orchestra for star wars.
    I can speak for 🇲🇽 and my generation, and your are gonna pissed off the whole entire country. No jocking, Just like Alexander the Great grew up reading the Odyssey, we grew up watching Caballeros del Zodiaco.

  • Karen Melendez
    Karen Melendez Day ago

    why did you have to ruin it? especially for our Latin folks 🤦🏻‍♀️.

  • muhammad yanuar adinugroho

    The worst thing is they made Shun a girl

  • pluvacci
    pluvacci 2 days ago

    Came here to dislike. kbai

  • Roberto Rojas
    Roberto Rojas 2 days ago

    Cuando empiezan

  • Luciano Fidalgo
    Luciano Fidalgo 2 days ago

    Shun is man

  • Miguel García
    Miguel García 2 days ago

    Why Netflix... Why?

  • estoesimportante nash
    estoesimportante nash 2 days ago +1

    Netflix doesnt care about our opinión. This remake is just for the new generations. The younger ones havent watched Saint Seiya so changes dont matter. I understand your point. But there is a problema, Netflix, you really think this new show will survive without us??? Saint Seiya is great thanks us, fans from a lot of countries. Despise us is a bad move.
    U have seen our reactions, dislikes and anger and u dont change anything?
    mmm all right but dont count on us. If u dont correct the mistakes, if Shun is still a woman i Will cancell my supcription. Its a promise.
    Good luck with the audiences.

  • xHad3z
    xHad3z 2 days ago

    This is a slap in the Face to Masami Kurumadas work looks trash and it hasn't even come out yet, thank you next netflix.

  • Liwei Chen
    Liwei Chen 2 days ago

    what the hack is this...ruin my childhood totally. bad move netflix ;(

  • Bianca Rossotti
    Bianca Rossotti 2 days ago


  • Nate Johnson
    Nate Johnson 2 days ago

    Are you gonna put the original anime on Netflix

  • xpeterson
    xpeterson 3 days ago +1

    To be fair, when I was a kid and first saw the anime, I thought Shun was a girl for a while...

  • 10 100
    10 100 3 days ago

    Vai toma no cuuuuu netflix

  • Tray Fitzpatrick
    Tray Fitzpatrick 3 days ago


  • Claudio
    Claudio 3 days ago

    i don't comment very often, just to express some serious sentences: this is absolutely shit

  • Rambling Hyena
    Rambling Hyena 3 days ago

    Wait... Is Shun a girl? Oh god.

  • 兜甲児
    兜甲児 3 days ago


  • 兜甲児
    兜甲児 3 days ago

    It is the question to Hollywood.
    Is the deth blow name changed from Nebula chain to 『Andromeda love me chain』?

  • 兜甲児
    兜甲児 3 days ago


  • Salwa rusla
    Salwa rusla 3 days ago

    come on netflix! even saint seiya legend of sanctuary still have good 3d than this

  • Alexis Sandoval
    Alexis Sandoval 3 days ago


  • FherKa19
    FherKa19 4 days ago

    Why do Ameicans gotta fuck up everything man....isn’t fucking up every country enough?? Like y’all had to go for our childhood favorite anime and turn it in complete trash. Seriously!!! When is it enough!!!

  • steven contreras
    steven contreras 4 days ago

    Wot? Shun is a woman....


  • Gian Gonza
    Gian Gonza 4 days ago +1

    Wtf Shun noooooo they made him into a girl nooooooo just no what's next a netflix original where Vegeta a girl cuz it ends in ta just no.

  • Clarence Ho
    Clarence Ho 5 days ago

    What is this shit? When you see tank and electric powered dark knights. You know they are making a PJmax version of Saint Seiya.

  • DarthAlphaTheGreat
    DarthAlphaTheGreat 5 days ago

    Is it ...original though? I remember watching something back in the 90s that is very similar in premise. Called Saint Seiya. It had three main arcs, and one filler arc.

    • DarthAlphaTheGreat
      DarthAlphaTheGreat 5 days ago

      Oh, one major difference-it is more heartfelt and emotional. The VO and animation were way over the top.

  • Diego Joma
    Diego Joma 5 days ago

    Shun isn't a woman ,dislike and if she is a woman, she need to wear a mask!

  • Darealpokgai .MacauGamer

    Knight? Armor? netflix doesnt even understand english isnt it

  • Sonda azul
    Sonda azul 5 days ago

    Es horrible

  • Fred Carneiro
    Fred Carneiro 5 days ago

    I can overlook the 3D use to remake the show but can’t get over Shun being a girl, nothing against girls, don’t get me wrong but the original series has a special place in my heart and if it’s all about being inclusive, there were already plenty of female warrior (Marin, Shaina,...) in the original series including the main goddess being Athena.
    This is baffling, just get the story right, Shun is actually a very important character to the series, especially during the Hades chapters

  • jrod0125
    jrod0125 5 days ago

    Oh God, what is this??? They're destroying one of my favorite childhood animes!!

  • Darealpokgai .MacauGamer

    shun is girl? or they just have female vo for him. is there a jp version

  • blue cube
    blue cube 5 days ago

    you ruin a good anime Shun isn't an her is a guy why this shitty trailer still here

  • Sugar Relax
    Sugar Relax 5 days ago +1

    *SHUN IS A MAN* #boicotnetflixsaintseiya

  • Ludo V
    Ludo V 6 days ago

    *waiting for the next netflix adaptation meme*

  • Canal do Otakinho
    Canal do Otakinho 6 days ago

    Staff does not need to scold Netflix and yes to Toei was she who produced the anime not to Netflix understand that mano to Netflix only shows the movies and series they do not have a studio recording and animation I hope they understand friends :D

  • Kevin
    Kevin 6 days ago

    This show should be thrown in the abyss.

  • beerpowered
    beerpowered 6 days ago +1

    Netflix want to alienate fans and get them to not watch your show? This is how you do it! If you were smart you would cancel this FLOP. 3D CGI Anime are trash, please demote whoever authorized it and fire the Producer and Director.

    ALEJANDRO ANGEL 6 days ago

    how many saint seiya are there wtf ,

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 6 days ago

    WTF is this? Andromeda a girl?

  • Rotten Lollipop
    Rotten Lollipop 6 days ago +2


  • Joel Flake
    Joel Flake 7 days ago

    Idk why everyone so mad...looks like this version is for kids

  • JamCal-X
    JamCal-X 7 days ago

    I just call this an elseworlds story. The biggest problem is that this will be most newer fans' first exposure to the franchise and only some of the first anime had a dub by ADVfilms. But, my first experience was the awful DIC dub in the early 00's, but the Concept grabbed me enough to look up the original versions and I have been a fan ever since. I have faith that the same will happen with many new first timers.

  • MeRC - Marco Ambrosone

    Non ricordo nessun trailer che abbia 4 volte più dislike che like! ... Un disastro netflix

  • overjee
    overjee 7 days ago

    I've... Seen worse? I think my biggest question is if they actually made Shun a woman or not, I honestly cant tell. Then again, I couldn't tell in the orginal when I first saw him

  • T Bone
    T Bone 7 days ago

    Oh... my GOD, why does Netflix hate good Anime? First Deathnote and now this?

  • Indio
    Indio 7 days ago

    Netflix the anime destroyer

  • giornno valentine.
    giornno valentine. 7 days ago

    que asco wei.
    se cagaron mi infancia.

  • Margaux Phoenix
    Margaux Phoenix 7 days ago

    shun was my fave always... what did to him Netflix?

  • chagrin Le
    chagrin Le 7 days ago

    From Japan
    It is a nice thing for Japanese artworks to be known. But initially I did not even know what this was. Sorry I used trancelater

  • El Chero
    El Chero 7 days ago

    I just want say thank You for the Seven Deadly Sins but this is an insult to the original anime 😩

  • Silent Dawn
    Silent Dawn 7 days ago

    Why fans are pissed:
    Why change the sensitive Saint?

  • Atomictoaster
    Atomictoaster 7 days ago

    do we have confirmation that shun is woman in this one? the trailer didnt show him/her? being a girl, just the usual pretty face, as for the voice... i mean I've seen a guy with girly voice out there, soo.... is it confirm?

  • Cosmmo _
    Cosmmo _ 7 days ago

    Wtf happened to the lost canvas

  • Josh Sinclair
    Josh Sinclair 8 days ago

    "Saint Seiya" is never going to catch on in the States. We should have made peace with that during the "Knights of the Zodiac" dub.

  • potterman83
    potterman83 8 days ago

    I hate it, you suck netflix.... At least dont make Shun a girl

  • kaz ali
    kaz ali 8 days ago

    I hate the 3d animation. They ruined a classic anime

  • Saint Aqua
    Saint Aqua 8 days ago +1

    This not only looks bad, it looks terrible.
    Why change Shun to a woman? Look, Shun is a soft spoken, gentle guy and helps balance the team.
    While I can see why he'd be the obvious one for a gender swap (pink armor and all...) the gender swap is totally unnecessary here.
    All male teams are fine just as all female teams (Sailor Moon) are fine.
    Also, you took the gentle, caring character made them female and then turned that female into an arrogant character...most likely to avoid the girl being shown as the sensitive one...which kills this character's purpose.

  • 922apocalypse
    922apocalypse 8 days ago

    So Shun is now officially a girl?

  • elvasco
    elvasco 8 days ago +1

    Who cares if they made Shun into a girl. The animation and crappy American voice over are the issue. Saint Seiya was a great anime for its time, but time has not being kind to it. If you are trying for a reboot at least focus on the plot. Make it better than it was not shittier. Shiori Teshigori is the only one to understand this when she created SS The Lost Canvas.

  • Emerson Monteiro
    Emerson Monteiro 8 days ago +1

    A Ben 10 writer(Eugene) cannot be in charge of this. Saint Seiya deserves a decent reboot for this generation! The Classic was intense and we whatched and loved the series as kids.

  • terranova210486
    terranova210486 8 days ago

    This looks horrible.

  • ElmoTheGreat One
    ElmoTheGreat One 9 days ago +1

    Shit looks bogus why Shun why they do you like that Bruh 😦💀

    Your A Girl Shun 😖 wtf

  • The Random Guy and Co

    This is truly Awful!
    Why not just have the original series up for streaming...

  • Abu Ali
    Abu Ali 9 days ago

    New barbie dolls cartoon?

  • VBRacer
    VBRacer 9 days ago

    This is even worse than 2014 movie. And it was garbage.

  • Mario Pimienta
    Mario Pimienta 9 days ago

    lol, no.

  • Guillermo Morales
    Guillermo Morales 9 days ago

    The screenwriter (Eugene Son) of this series must be fired. It is a lack of respect to all the fans. Did you ever see Saint Seiya ?, I do not think so, or else you would not have done this barbarity. And do not come with the pretext that "Today women also save the world", we know that long ago and they have my highest respect, but if your argument to change the character is that, then you have no fucking idea about Saint Seiya!! Nice one Netflix and Thanks Eugene!!

  • Raximus3000
    Raximus3000 9 days ago

    So, the word "saint" is a trigger word now?

  • PowerSkiff12
    PowerSkiff12 9 days ago +2

    the video in the latin version has more dislikes. are you doing your part?

  • PowerSkiff12
    PowerSkiff12 9 days ago +1

    Look at how they massacared my boy!

  • Acustic Sunri
    Acustic Sunri 9 days ago

    I Wished the wore the original cloths

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez 9 days ago

    Shun was my favorite character and now he is a stupid tumboy girl? you fucked this up, how can you say that the essence of him has not changed, that's messed up, because you had in fact changed the whole essence of who he was on this new interpretation, this are the Zodiac Nights not fucking power rangers, we are okay with 5 guys with different personalities trying to defend Athena, Xena and Marin are strong female characters and that's all we need, F you Netflix I hope this project fails, and i feel sorry for all the money wasted on this production.

  • David Balderas
    David Balderas 9 days ago


  • kawaiipanda008 ll
    kawaiipanda008 ll 9 days ago


  • Cristian Acosta
    Cristian Acosta 9 days ago

    Shun mujer y la voz de seiya en español horrible.No destruyan la obra original

  • cruz 1722
    cruz 1722 10 days ago

    Now that shun is a girl how is the hades arc gonna go

  • Lucas Souza
    Lucas Souza 10 days ago

    Neflrce só Vas merda puta que pariu seu em teota

  • Daniele Filippini
    Daniele Filippini 10 days ago

    omg....this 3D is shit!! The Soul of Saint Seiya is the original anime's style and the story. Why? Why Netflix made this trash??! Saint Seiya it's a CULT! I will never see this obscenity...

  • Kai derauqsK
    Kai derauqsK 10 days ago

    Another one bite the dust... sad sad sad sad

  • David Estrella
    David Estrella 10 days ago

    u fucks really made shun a female. wow

  • Stick
    Stick 10 days ago

    When you pretend to try to be more progressive. But you end up just being more regressive.

    • Stick
      Stick 10 days ago

      Does that mean Yu Yu Hakusho and Kurama are in danger?

  • RocketJo86
    RocketJo86 10 days ago

    So, let's see.
    1. They made Shun a girl (for very sexsist reasons, come on. If you want to have a girl in the main cast, take Seiya or Hyoga. Or why not Shiryu? You could get a free leasbian ship with this). I want to say, that Shun was the manliest character in the whole cast, because of his softer sides. He's not so much of a crybaby or "girl" when the story goes on. And what will become of Hades, who choses the "most pacifist MAN on earth" as his host? But this one would be easy to fix. Give him a new voice actor and change the lines referring to him. He doesn't look so much like a girl at least. (I'm a girl, just to be mentioned). Or at least give her her mask, as a female saint she HAVE TO WEAR A DAMN MASK!
    2. What's this style? When I got word of an animated series I expected at least the style of that really crappy movie. But this looks like Wallace and Gromit ...
    3. There are some scenes I can't figure where they belong in the original story up to the point Ikki get's beaten. But they fit to parts a bit later on (I'm referring especially to Cassios here, but to the Saints swearing alligiance to Athena as well). Does this mean you want to rush Black Saints and the first part of Twelve Temple? PLEASE DON'T!
    4. I WILL watch the first episode, maybe even the first two. I want to now what I'm complaining over and I want to have one thing to make fun of (like the CGI-Film and the crappy German version of the Eris-Movie). And after that I will end my Netflix-Abo for good. Amazon at least let's the animation studios do their work and only puplishes it for a broader audience.

  • Zunaira Mahmood
    Zunaira Mahmood 10 days ago +1

    Messed it up leave the anime alone

  • Ludovic Sanchez
    Ludovic Sanchez 10 days ago

    Chun a female ?! Why ? Such a same ! Looks like a cartoon moreover. 👎👎👎