• Published on May 31, 2018

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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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  • Alex
    Alex 9 months ago +1543

    This was an absolute BLAST !
    PS : If you still consider cooking, may I suggest hammering a Schnitzel ?

    • Alexander French
      Alexander French 2 months ago

      Now I feel oddly obligated to subscribe to Alex French Guy Cooking. Lol 😎

    • I am ONE of MANY
      I am ONE of MANY 3 months ago

      Awesomeness. Now that's how you cook some cow lol

    • Lodogg 3323
      Lodogg 3323 4 months ago

      I started this journey watching Alex French Guy Cooking... he goes to New York and we see the Pizza Cutter. Then Jimmy collaborates with Alec and makes a Hammer... now it’s all come full circle and Alec and Alex make something together. This is AMAZING!

    • M.ZHEIN.F.S
      M.ZHEIN.F.S 5 months ago


    • VLNDP2-PANDA Lord
      VLNDP2-PANDA Lord 5 months ago

      How much is worth a katana would you please make me one and sell it to me

  • Herzog
    Herzog 6 hours ago

    Perfect description of both skills:
    Alec: How hot do we need it?
    Alex: 400 degrees!
    Alec: I call that a Light blue temper!

  • I Collect Hobbies
    I Collect Hobbies 3 days ago

    This was awesome! A kitchen hammer fit for the gods!

  • Jeff Levitt
    Jeff Levitt 3 days ago +1

    I’m not French but I speak French

    But then again I’m Canadian

  • Eric Kozokas
    Eric Kozokas 4 days ago

    Thanks for this video. I think this might be my favorite video ever from you.

  • Atomic Monkey Action Squad

    Ok, now I'm hungry.

  • Davidjasso07
    Davidjasso07 13 days ago

    Lol love how yall made the ending into food porn jajaja

  • feelthepayne88
    feelthepayne88 13 days ago

    I'm suddenly very hungry and amped up.

  • Dragonight King
    Dragonight King 15 days ago +1

    Damn i did not think u would know french Realy je ne savais pas que j'étais. Étonné par ce que je maintenant ant de vous rencontrer et de parler français avec vous juste un peu

  • Nathan edwards
    Nathan edwards 15 days ago

    Alex your fantastic as always, great video, watch you for a long time. I am a wood worker who is now looking to get a forge and blacksmith training thanks to your vids. As some work dude👍🏻

  • Dunsmore192SB
    Dunsmore192SB 16 days ago

    Alec British Guy Forging

  • g chesters
    g chesters 17 days ago

    Lol francophone I've been called a lot of things by my friends like rose beef but I think that francophone is a good title (ps I'm bilingual that's why rose beef is a name it means roast beef coz I'm British)

  • Julien Marcat
    Julien Marcat 21 day ago

    Moi aussi je fais parti des 2% je ne savais pas que tu parlais français cela fait 2 ans que je te suit excellent travail vidéo magnifique dommage que je ne suis pas autant à l’aise que toi en anglais

  • Floris Fiedeldij Dop
    Floris Fiedeldij Dop 25 days ago

    This guys handshake makes me feel like a baby

  • Alexander N
    Alexander N 27 days ago

    Shouldnt it be from stainless steel for food purposes?

  • Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith Month ago

    I tenderized my meat while watching this video

  • Eric Humann
    Eric Humann Month ago +1

    I didn't know you were fluent in french.

  • Petrino
    Petrino Month ago

    should i learn french? or is it unnecessary since im already married?

  • Firefly Fireworks
    Firefly Fireworks Month ago

    Next time Damascus meet maybe \/

  • ThomasDuke
    ThomasDuke Month ago

    You speak so well in french, you don't have any accent at all! ;)

  • Emmanuel Leblond
    Emmanuel Leblond Month ago

    les francophones!! allez les gars! que notre presence se fasse sentir.

  • Chaos Rein
    Chaos Rein Month ago

    Anybody else see their muscles jiggle when they first bumped in slo-mo?

  • Jack Goodall
    Jack Goodall Month ago

    Bonjour je speak le baguette

  • Matsoula
    Matsoula Month ago

    2 of the best creators on youtube together I love watching you guys and this is the best collab I could have imagined thank you and have a good day!

  • SalandFindles
    SalandFindles Month ago

    Ew, bloody, uncooked, unsafe meat. 🤮

  • marky666thebeast
    marky666thebeast Month ago

    alec your mill is producing blue are getting it too hot

  • Gaming Grave Stone
    Gaming Grave Stone Month ago

    i tried to put on captions and try to understand the French but it didn't work that we'll

  • Ryan Schaller
    Ryan Schaller Month ago

    This is fake. A french and an English man working together?!?! Impossible

  • Ryan Schaller
    Ryan Schaller Month ago

    I was understanding the french ! I’m proud of myself

  • RKSNomad
    RKSNomad Month ago

    turn on subtitles when they speak french i pretty i laughed so hard i fainted.

  • Squanchy FapFap
    Squanchy FapFap Month ago

    I'Like how You Beat Alex's Meat!!

  • nit Inundate
    nit Inundate Month ago

    A wholesome collab

  • NothernLight0
    NothernLight0 Month ago

    I love alec steele french videos. Being french there is no way I go see Alex french guy cooking channel as he seasons the meat BEFORE cooking and also, who would ask a crappy tenderizing hammer when you can ask for a kick ass damascus steele knife ?

  • zazacitron
    zazacitron Month ago

    Wtf d'où tu sors ce français parfait... Still hiding some skills

  • Nick Sorensen Plays Games

    19 y/o - social skills, smiths, bilingual - wowee i feel like a failure lmfao

  • Winters
    Winters Month ago

    This episode got very salt bae at one point!

  • Insultez Moi
    Insultez Moi Month ago

    Putain je suis rare d'après vous?

  • Troy Vincent
    Troy Vincent Month ago

    Oui oui Monsieur

  • Regal Epidemic Beatz

    You should do this in dimascus it would look so cool

  • Nicholas Kelly
    Nicholas Kelly Month ago

    Am I the only one that got really hungry and craved a steak?

  • Jacob Hanson
    Jacob Hanson Month ago

    The editing to match the music is fantastic!

  • Clarke MacDonald
    Clarke MacDonald Month ago

    These are my two favorite people.

  • Ewan DAVID
    Ewan DAVID Month ago

    Ton français est incroyable tu n’as presque pas d’accent
    Franchement bravo

  • Dragos Daniel
    Dragos Daniel Month ago

    they be beating they meat togheter

  • Sinszyah
    Sinszyah Month ago

    Wow you speak french really good, no english accent at all

  • jerome courtemanche

    Tu na pas d'accent

  • jerome courtemanche

    Alec are you french

  • stijndbr
    stijndbr Month ago

    damn, you can talk french pretty good

  • Balikna
    Balikna Month ago

    you use that to beat your meat???

  • Matthew Coradeschi
    Matthew Coradeschi Month ago

    The welding shop I was in in highschool did a breakfast towards the end of the school year every year. My last year there the kid that was supposed to bring in hotplates forgot them(ikr😂) so we used a metal table ground down clean and an oxyacetylene torch to heat it up👌👌👌

  • DINO Échassier Cracheur

    wow your french is very good ... congratulation . a french viewer.

  • Palmy The palmtree
    Palmy The palmtree Month ago

    Can anyone translate that French for me? Stupid American here.

  • Karl Broch Jacobsen

    In 2019 your goma be in The USA

  • Jean-philippines dumas

    NO way jamais j'aurais pensé que tu parlais français et tu parles bien en plus ! Awsome ! Jp du quebec ici , j'adore tes videos , keep it up ur doing a great job mate ! 👍🏻

  • FlybyJunkie
    FlybyJunkie Month ago

    I'm waiting for the day you launch a part climb milling on that old Bridgeport 😉

  • Emanuel Mircovici
    Emanuel Mircovici Month ago

    T'es français ??

  • Dante Mungai
    Dante Mungai 2 months ago

    How about throwing them steaks in the forge - the old blacksmith style

  • Kathul Emerald
    Kathul Emerald 2 months ago

    If ya could make another one of them hammers for me for my kitchen/outside bbq, just say the word and name a price :)

  • Mplx
    Mplx 2 months ago

    Makes me cry at my pathetic hot pocket

  • Killian Glorian
    Killian Glorian 2 months ago

    Wtf je ne savais pas que tu parlais français 😂😂

  • drac Balo
    drac Balo 2 months ago

    Alec your french accent is amazing

  • null null
    null null 2 months ago

    3:56 I aspire to have a moment between me and another working on a project hand to hand like this.

  • Stoneryoda 937
    Stoneryoda 937 2 months ago

    Anyone know the name of the cooking song on this video , I want that in my forge

  • Tomkanplay 2
    Tomkanplay 2 2 months ago

    Next video: “why I’m becoming a chief instead of a blacksmith”

  • Thomas Presley
    Thomas Presley 2 months ago

    I thought blacksmith lunches involved sandwiches

  • TommyGaming 2314
    TommyGaming 2314 2 months ago

    Depuos quand tu parle francais toi.
    Ta un accent anglais mais grave

  • satanic noodles
    satanic noodles 2 months ago

    i didn’t know i needed alec speaking french in my life lol

  • Victor Schollaert
    Victor Schollaert 2 months ago

    Je suis français et c'est énorme de t'avoir entendu en français !!!!!

  • Backroad Riding
    Backroad Riding 2 months ago

    Should’ve tenderized it with the power hammer

  • Alexandre Verret
    Alexandre Verret 2 months ago

    Yay je fait parti du 3-4%, j'addore vos videos 😁😅

  • Harris Jorgensen
    Harris Jorgensen 2 months ago

    Je suis Canadian

  • Gabriel Marineau Plante

    3% francophone viewers 50% french comments :p

  • 4Team
    4Team 2 months ago

    Alecc be mad thicc tho. Like STUPID THICCC

  • 156990075 23688653
    156990075 23688653 2 months ago

    he is punching poor Baguette with it

  • 156990075 23688653
    156990075 23688653 2 months ago


  • pierre Colin
    pierre Colin 2 months ago

    damn Alec ! your fench accent is on point !

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  • chimera638
    chimera638 2 months ago

    I want one of those mallet!!!

    FH3CANADA 2 months ago

    Up next Damascus meat tenderizer

  • Anton Leino
    Anton Leino 2 months ago

    Am I only one who fraking loving Alec’s music choices in the videos?

  • Berth'
    Berth' 2 months ago

    Haaa ça fait drôle d'entendre du francais sur cette chaine !

  • Tim superboy
    Tim superboy 2 months ago

    how was there no beating your meat joke in this video? smh

  • TrexBionic Qc
    TrexBionic Qc 2 months ago

    Your so good in frensh

  • Shion Fraser
    Shion Fraser 2 months ago +1

    It's cool to see the difference between the delicate fingers of a chef and the fucking mammoth hands of a blacksmith

  • Chet Wysko
    Chet Wysko 2 months ago

    I cant like this enough haha. Love seeing other people in my generation smithing , machining and stuff such as myself. LOVE IT DUDE. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  • Ryan DaPleb
    Ryan DaPleb 2 months ago

    I don’t speak baguette plz translate for me

  • Eric Ardis
    Eric Ardis 2 months ago

    Your uh, your stakes lookin a little raw there

  • Aycube
    Aycube 2 months ago

    il parle bien francais

  • Raphael Gleye
    Raphael Gleye 2 months ago

    J'ai été choqué quand il a commencé a parler en francais avec presque aucun accent !

  • Hajo Wise
    Hajo Wise 2 months ago

    that made me hungry

  • Hugo Princet
    Hugo Princet 2 months ago

    Allez les frankofones

  • SugarHigh Gaming
    SugarHigh Gaming 2 months ago

    alright. i discovered your channel because of mike boyd. now i have discovered alex french guy cooking cause of your channel.

  • Wouter Grit
    Wouter Grit 2 months ago

    Totally prepared with your damascus chefs knife

  • Bradopotato 7
    Bradopotato 7 2 months ago +11

    It’s not a tenderizer, it’s a
    It’s a

    It’s a


  • Marc Lambert
    Marc Lambert 2 months ago

    génial que tu parles français!

  • milo Van Der Klij
    milo Van Der Klij 2 months ago

    Are you france alex

  • Hack Boss
    Hack Boss 2 months ago +1

    Qui est fr ??

  • simonas zalalis
    simonas zalalis 2 months ago


  • pangpond 71
    pangpond 71 2 months ago

    This is torturing for my stomach!

  • Nazdrvan
    Nazdrvan 2 months ago

    Alec, that hammer is awesome and I would absolutely love one like that made by you. Do you sell them?