The Biggest Fraud Ever In Shark Tank History

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • This is the biggest fraud ever in Shark Tank History!
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  • Kindness is so Gangster
    Kindness is so Gangster 16 days ago +2

    Why are you narrating, why let the vid play thru ... no sub

  • Ghost 610
    Ghost 610 19 days ago

    The Hiding of the LIKE/DISLIKE ratio tells you all you need to know about this video

    RYJAWA 24 days ago

    Just play the clips.. stop talking. So annoying

  • Prairie Bilton
    Prairie Bilton 29 days ago

    Mark Cuban is actually the biggest fraud on shark tank. People may not realize it but Mark Cuban scammed his friends out of their company's to become rich. He isnt a real business man but actually a con artist himself..... I wonder why he calls out so many (scam artist)???

  • Master Bater
    Master Bater Month ago

    Bro you might as well just take this video down

  • Shubham Naithani
    Shubham Naithani Month ago

    I'm a fan of shark tank but I'm not a fan of you speaking for shut up!!!!

  • Justin DeMatteo
    Justin DeMatteo Month ago

    How about just play the fucking videos and not talk over them with your monotone robot fucking voice?

  • Talha K
    Talha K Month ago

    This video is a damn fraud. Eff you dude. EFF YOU.

  • Kevin Mckenzie
    Kevin Mckenzie 2 months ago +2

    His voice didn't really bother me.....🤷‍♂️

  • JokerX126
    JokerX126 2 months ago +1

    The video is boring. Never let the clip play and your just droning on and on.

  • jesse y
    jesse y 2 months ago +1

    Meh, you talk way too much, let the show run for more than 3 seconds before you start chiming in.

  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken 2 months ago

    Why do you need to fucking talk all the time. Just shut up.

  • TheFluffyUnis !
    TheFluffyUnis ! 2 months ago

    Guys! Stop hating on this video! It’s actually entertaining

  • Roll Mosses
    Roll Mosses 2 months ago +1

    Why does Mark Cuban look like Jacob Clifford ?

  • Hayfire2 Joe
    Hayfire2 Joe 2 months ago

    Wanker - SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Mitch Lerman
    Mitch Lerman 3 months ago

    narrator can't even speak

  • SeaTrapping
    SeaTrapping 3 months ago

    Revolights wasnt a full fraud

  • Matt King
    Matt King 3 months ago

    In my opinion the “sharks” are just as bad as the scammers. These people aren’t your friends. They will milk your product for all it is worth and then leave you holding the bag when everything fails.

  • Mortgage Financing
    Mortgage Financing 3 months ago

    The biggest scam is the show itself

  • nahpoli
    nahpoli 3 months ago

    X-LIST......U SUCK!

  • Kayleen Amos
    Kayleen Amos 3 months ago

    This video is so terrible. These aren’t even scams or fraud just bad ideas. Click bait at its finest

  • sh m
    sh m 3 months ago


  • beAftab
    beAftab 3 months ago +4

    If there was less talking/narration.... It would be highly appreciated

  • Misha Peaches
    Misha Peaches 3 months ago

    how was all of them a scam? ur video is a scam

  • B B
    B B 3 months ago

    Exactly. Learn from these comments. Talk less.

  • Danfga2
    Danfga2 3 months ago +3


  • melissa brooks
    melissa brooks 3 months ago

    Yea a couple shady deals but to call PEOPLE a fucking scam artist? Wtf. I hate people.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 3 months ago

    blocking this channel so I don't have to hear your dumb voice again.

  • Matthew McMillian
    Matthew McMillian 3 months ago

    damn you cant enjoy the video for your yack yack yack from the start...ditch the intro or ditch youtube and do something else because people wanting to watch shark tank videos dont want to waste 20 min listening to your mouth and waiting to see the clips of the show...your voice just sounds like a bot calling telemarketer robot which I seriously wonder if that is what you are

  • Kyle Weir
    Kyle Weir 3 months ago

    The biggest fraud was the positive ion or whatever guy

  • Steini Pétur
    Steini Pétur 3 months ago

    Swing and a miss, you are not Mojo.. I did not want to listen to you talk for 5 minutes and still pictures zooming in, I wanted to see the actual Biggest fraud ever..

  • sagar lama
    sagar lama 3 months ago +1

    What mic you use bro? Good sound quality

  • evilpressley
    evilpressley 3 months ago

    Look, just for your not knowing when to just stop talking. I'm out!

  • Shawn Molupe
    Shawn Molupe 3 months ago

    Would you please shut up 🤐

  • Luke Games and more
    Luke Games and more 3 months ago

    Hey just uploaded new video. Pls check it out. Luke’s games and more

  • JIB23
    JIB23 4 months ago

    Barbara is annoying and has no patience

  • Bullittful
    Bullittful 4 months ago

    Wow that boring voice could come in handy when I need to sleep.

  • TheThetechnician
    TheThetechnician 4 months ago

    Dont watch this

  • Hellwyck
    Hellwyck 4 months ago +1


  • Saurabh Mathur
    Saurabh Mathur 4 months ago

    Stfu dude. Let the clips play..

  • Leaetta Hyer
    Leaetta Hyer 4 months ago


  • ja wh
    ja wh 4 months ago

    There were 5 commercial breaks during this video (two of which had two commercials in them) plus one at the start. Seems like you're the real fraud here!

    • Kobies Boxing
      Kobies Boxing 4 months ago +1

      ja wh I hate when TheXvid shows about 3 commercials back to back, or a commercial that lasts about 10 minutes or more. It's like they're trying to bully you into getting a TheXvid subscription.

  • c00kee
    c00kee 4 months ago

    Glad I read the comments first. For that reason.... pass

  • CalebCrazyGuy 19
    CalebCrazyGuy 19 4 months ago +1

    My name is Barbra Corcrean and for that reason I’m out.

    Sorry about my spelling

  • craig clarke
    craig clarke 4 months ago

    Join in ty for. Your hard work

  • Neo
    Neo 4 months ago


  • Evan Presta
    Evan Presta 4 months ago

    Like I don’t wanna hear this dudes voice I wanna watch the show highlights

  • Loretta Johnson
    Loretta Johnson 4 months ago

    I have a question has anyone notice that said 1 guy came up with a diet pill call keto and sopposably 1st time all 4 them made rg a deal blah blah and celebrated after the show champagne and cake now they saying the same thing about 2 girls came up with beta Kato claiming the same as the guy from last year burn all fat no exercise sorry I'm probably not explaining it right it just makes me think shark are scammers themselves

  • souidhlks
    souidhlks 4 months ago

    Bro this video is a scam they aren’t even all proven to have committed fraud... you’re a hypocrite

  • Tastie Inc
    Tastie Inc 4 months ago

    This Video is a Fraud

  • OhCmon
    OhCmon 4 months ago

    Ugh. That's all.

  • Eatme Douche
    Eatme Douche 4 months ago +1

    Same dude from from filmsy channel - mistitled, click bait and a big waste of time.

  • Dranzer Jetli
    Dranzer Jetli 4 months ago

    Unsuccessful story doesn't equal scam or fraud misleading video

  • James Davies
    James Davies 4 months ago

    I subscribed

  • Mister Amesa
    Mister Amesa 4 months ago

    Hey fuck stick.... Jus let the fuckin clips play. Why the fuck do you talk over the whole fuckin thing? Shut the fuck up jackass....

  • Trantor The Troll
    Trantor The Troll 4 months ago +1


  • Carlos Quiroz
    Carlos Quiroz 4 months ago

    Just post clips and dont narrate

  • ggm 888
    ggm 888 4 months ago

    4:27 she is so sexy 😍... oh this is about frauds um SHAME ON THEM

  • TehTruePlayz
    TehTruePlayz 4 months ago

    nice video

    420th comment

  • Mats B
    Mats B 4 months ago

    This video is really shitty because I just wanted to watch the video