Watermelon Survives 45m Drop Test!! | How Ridiculous

  • Published on Aug 26, 2016
  • We couldn't believe the surprise ending!
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    A big thank you to the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us come to film at the leaning tower!! You guys are awesome.
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Comments • 3 523

  • Damian Planescrosser
    Damian Planescrosser 5 hours ago

    How bout line-x watermelon vs. bulletproof glass?

  • Maico Toledo
    Maico Toledo 2 days ago

    Why not use line x on glass and drop bowling down from 45?

  • Stephen Shannon
    Stephen Shannon 6 days ago

    Spray water balloons!

  • Stephen Shannon
    Stephen Shannon 6 days ago

    Spray eggs!

  • Anany dwivedi
    Anany dwivedi 11 days ago +1

    Drop clyton on Line x watermelon

  • Andrew Rogerson
    Andrew Rogerson 17 days ago

    a bath-tub

  • Greidy1
    Greidy1 20 days ago

    Should have dropped the anvil on it before you cut it

  • Emily Goltz
    Emily Goltz 22 days ago

    You should drop a water balloon covered in it

  • Stoney Carton
    Stoney Carton 25 days ago

    Giant dart vs. Line-x anything.

  • Ate May
    Ate May 28 days ago


  • Chieu Quan Bach
    Chieu Quan Bach Month ago


  • Chieu Quan Bach
    Chieu Quan Bach Month ago

    you. Noi. J

  • Raydog 97
    Raydog 97 Month ago +2

    Bring back Line X

  • Decha Queen
    Decha Queen Month ago +1


  • Decha Queen
    Decha Queen Month ago +1


  • jhonjay daquigan
    jhonjay daquigan Month ago

    but its goood lab you

  • jhonjay daquigan
    jhonjay daquigan Month ago


  • jhonjay daquigan
    jhonjay daquigan Month ago

    Puta ayusin nyo nga ung discription mga gago

  • Oskar Andre Ordemann Olsen

    You have to do latex watermelon vs Thor hammer😉

  • Charles Schutrick
    Charles Schutrick Month ago

    Thors hammer vs rubbermelon

  • Jose Robles
    Jose Robles Month ago

    Where can I get a can of this spray?

  • Akaash Banerjee
    Akaash Banerjee Month ago

    So, no hate

    But we're just gonna ignore the fact that they clickbaited us?

  • Herco Minnaar
    Herco Minnaar Month ago

    Do more video's like this

  • Violine Mengo Mengo


    SHOURYA SINGH 2 months ago

    Why am i watching this ?

  • Mason Castagno
    Mason Castagno 2 months ago

    You should spray a exercise ball or our the two halves together and spray the crack to make a line x ball

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 2 months ago

    Atlas stone vs linex watermelon and linex eggs!!

  • Tiago Cardoso
    Tiago Cardoso 2 months ago

    Line-x a watermelon and drop an atlas stone on it. Or the dart. The giant one

  • The Polite Guy And The Polite Cat

    1950: we Will have flying cars in 2016

    2016: watermelon survives drop from 45m

  • Ethan Farrow
    Ethan Farrow 2 months ago

    X the bowling ball

  • Brenton Chauncy
    Brenton Chauncy 2 months ago

    Giant dart V's linex watermelon

  • Nave Yllek
    Nave Yllek 2 months ago

    Can you rip open the protective spray.

  • Brad AmeerBeg
    Brad AmeerBeg 2 months ago

    Is it 20mm thick?

  • Erik Hawkins
    Erik Hawkins 2 months ago

    drop a line x watermelon off of the dam

  • Addison Chan
    Addison Chan 2 months ago

    Spray the top/bottom two thirds if the melon and toss until it lands on the sprayed part. You can salvage the melon and see how much it breaks inside.

  • photolabguy
    photolabguy 2 months ago

    Look how pristine the sand is below the tower. Now it's all trashed.

  • Demi Ward
    Demi Ward 2 months ago +2

    you should cover the bulletproof glass with this then drop things on it?? new video idea maybe, idk??

  • Aqûb Qiloç-Bikişînin

    line-x an exercise ball full of water. Drop an atlas stone onto the watermelon covered in line-x

  • Charles Cain
    Charles Cain 2 months ago

    Scott wasn’t paying attention. This is what I’m saying....you’re getting crazier and foolish. It’s getting too nerve wracking watching you.

  • Unfound Warrior
    Unfound Warrior 3 months ago

    I would say do like you did with the bowling balls and the ax, and drop the line x watermelon onto the ax blade. It that doesn't work.... Pull out the ole trusty Dart! lol or anvil, dealers choice.

  • Wade Hawley
    Wade Hawley 3 months ago

    Drop things on other things covered with Linex , like the dart 🎯

  • Nate Stobbe
    Nate Stobbe 3 months ago +1

    Line-x watermelon off Swiss dam

  • Zhemchuzhnikovite
    Zhemchuzhnikovite 3 months ago

    Linux code a go pro, bowling ball, computer, xbox, ps4, glass ball size of bowling ball,......

  • Aaron Landers
    Aaron Landers 3 months ago

    Do this but from the 165 meter damm

    • Aaron Landers
      Aaron Landers 3 months ago

      @SomeDawidGuy how is it impossible?? Spray a water melon with that black stuff, then drop it off of the damm. Doesn't matter if you drop it or chuck it, it won't get the magnus effect and I doubt that it'll stay in one piece 😊👍👍

    • SomeDawidGuy
      SomeDawidGuy 3 months ago +1

      That's almost impossible considering the magnus effect

  • Ross Leppert
    Ross Leppert 3 months ago

    Line x glass vs bowling ball

  • Gavin Graack
    Gavin Graack 3 months ago

    Linexed fridge vs giant dart

  • S. Ram.
    S. Ram. 3 months ago

    Thumbs up if you want to see this done from the top of the 165 meter dam!

  • GianFranco Pierino
    GianFranco Pierino 3 months ago

    the laughing guys have thumb down...

  • nigelunknown
    nigelunknown 3 months ago +1

    The real question here is, does a bowling ball bounce when covered in linex?

  • Taylor Swan
    Taylor Swan 3 months ago

    Smart phone vs lynex

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill 3 months ago

    spray a shitter and drop it

  • Zummy 442
    Zummy 442 3 months ago

    Love to see these various objects meet there demise from towering heights!!!keep it up guys!! How about woman’s stockings filled with mayonnaise, Ive seen it done before its messy and crazy in slow mo!!

  • Kyle Peterson
    Kyle Peterson 3 months ago

    Anvil vs Line-X watermelon!!!!

  • akataj
    akataj 3 months ago

    "At How Ridiculous we are passionate about seeing children released FROM 45 METRES in Jesus' name."

  • Flying V
    Flying V 4 months ago

    Cover Heron in line x and drop him from the tower

  • Dean Hall
    Dean Hall 4 months ago

    You should line-x wine glasses and drop them off the old 45

  • webber014
    webber014 4 months ago

    I bet the guy on the left can mess up a corn on the cob. 🌽

  • Matteo De Koning
    Matteo De Koning 4 months ago

    Your car

  • Benjamin Sanson
    Benjamin Sanson 4 months ago

    drop an anvil on a linex covered melon

  • Denise Venteicher
    Denise Venteicher 4 months ago

    Cover something in Linux and drop the giant dart on it!!

  • Byron Garza
    Byron Garza 4 months ago

    The Dart might have met it's Match?

  • bailey willingham
    bailey willingham 4 months ago

    You guys should cover styrofoam or something soft or an assortment of soft things with line-x and drop the giant dart on it! I wonder which would win?

  • Nick Varrell
    Nick Varrell 5 months ago

    Line-x an exercise ball full of water

  • Jaldinger007
    Jaldinger007 5 months ago

    Fill exercise ball with water then spray with lineX then drop it off the tower!

  • William Odonnell
    William Odonnell 5 months ago

    Linex vs giant dart

  • Ron Simpson
    Ron Simpson 5 months ago

    Drop it on the axe blade like you did the bowling ball. Also, drop a frozen watermelon on the road.

  • Nikitta Bacon
    Nikitta Bacon 5 months ago

    Linex is Australian flexseal?

  • Emma Atchley
    Emma Atchley 5 months ago

    the green one explode and the black didn't explode

  • Dakota Smith
    Dakota Smith 5 months ago

    giant dart vs that stuff sprayed on stumpy

  • Playing in the past YT
    Playing in the past YT 5 months ago

    WHY DOES THE TOWER LOOK LEANING???? (The Leaning tower of 45 meters) XD

  • Shaofu Chang
    Shaofu Chang 5 months ago

    seems like it would be a perfect object to build a fire around and be around [far away] to witness a massive steam explosion...

  • Stuart Smith
    Stuart Smith 5 months ago

    Giant Dart Vs. Linex Watermelon

  • Jeremy Ladue
    Jeremy Ladue 5 months ago

    Well, theyre bowls now, how about you rotate them on the ground and drop coins off the tower, see if any land in them

  • westridgepastor
    westridgepastor 5 months ago

    Drop line x watermelon onto axe head from top of tower!

  • Samuel Mitchell
    Samuel Mitchell 6 months ago

    Why don’t you try the spray against the giant dart???? #giantdartftw

  • Andrew Rogerson
    Andrew Rogerson 6 months ago +1


  • F Salomon
    F Salomon 6 months ago

    do a giant dart vs linex

  • Maeson Hughes
    Maeson Hughes 6 months ago

    Line-X a gym ball go to the swis dam and magnus with berries

  • Michael Carroll
    Michael Carroll 6 months ago

    Line X different things and drop them from the dam!!!!

  • Jeremy Bussert
    Jeremy Bussert 6 months ago

    a few mils thick my ass that was almost an inch thick lol

    PAC MAN 6 months ago


  • Mariah Lebouef
    Mariah Lebouef 6 months ago

    A egg

  • Javier toscano
    Javier toscano 6 months ago

    Try Lynix a BOWLING BALL....!!!

  • Sonicgott
    Sonicgott 6 months ago

    Line-X Table vs Bulletproof Glass Table - Anvil Drop

  • Jhunt Nfish
    Jhunt Nfish 6 months ago

    Crazy results.

  • Carlee Thomas
    Carlee Thomas 6 months ago

    you should do that watermelon with that stuff on it and drop it from really high on a ax

  • Justin Morash
    Justin Morash 6 months ago

    Cinder blocks

  • michael diaz
    michael diaz 6 months ago

    Linex exercise ball full of water

  • Eric Arbo.
    Eric Arbo. 6 months ago

    lineX watermelon from the Dam

  • Bradley Wisterman
    Bradley Wisterman 6 months ago

    Flex Seal the watermelon

  • anthony genois
    anthony genois 6 months ago

    What about line-x vs giant dart?

  • Jason Bedonie
    Jason Bedonie 6 months ago

    Frozen watermelon

  • iHennersXD
    iHennersXD 6 months ago

    Giant dart vs the black spray

  • Frisbee till sundown
    Frisbee till sundown 6 months ago

    Where it begun.

  • Mattia Solbiati
    Mattia Solbiati 6 months ago +17

    Watermelon with the spray vs bulletproof glass!!

  • Chris McDaniel
    Chris McDaniel 6 months ago

    Have you tried dropping an anvil on one of the Line-X coated watermelons? It could be a fun experiment.

  • Mqueen6
    Mqueen6 6 months ago

    *do not to

  • Mqueen6
    Mqueen6 6 months ago

    and spray Bullet prof glass and to anvil, bowling ball, dart and sprayed watermellon

  • Mqueen6
    Mqueen6 6 months ago

    do this watermellon vs stiro steve, glass and similar things(sorry for my bad English 😁)

  • carrotcarrotful
    carrotcarrotful 6 months ago

    spray a person with it and jump off the tower. Compare hospital bill costs to see if its really useful