Let's Talk About S E X | Jimmy Carr

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Jimmy discusses about the great taboo, the universal topic for comedy....intercourse.
    The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face - it's like the moon.)
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  • daryl H
    daryl H Month ago

    i'm a Member ... lol

  • Grunthos The Flatulent

    The g spot is a myth

  • jan rees
    jan rees Month ago

    He's not wrong about fucking in disabled bathrooms.
    And if you're sure there isn't anyone who will need to use it and wait for you, then why not? (Besides the fact that it's illegal but so is fucking in your car unless it's in your own garage)

    • Lucas Gustin
      Lucas Gustin Month ago

      jan rees nope, they are toilets, not parking spots. They’re accessible to disabled, not reserved to.
      You can use them as long as you don’t make a disabled person wait.

  • Gemini M
    Gemini M Month ago

    The deaf joke had me crying... too far

  • C Fields
    C Fields Month ago

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't find Jimmy Carr funny.

  • ansh thukral
    ansh thukral Month ago +6

    13:37 "reading is to be encouraged in a girl her age" "just KIDding, she's scared of the dark". DUDE, YOU'RE A BLOODY LEGEND. THAT PART HAD ME DYING

    • ansh thukral
      ansh thukral Month ago

      @Farzan Lelinwalla hahahaha yessirrr good one😂

    • Farzan Lelinwalla
      Farzan Lelinwalla Month ago +2

      I made up another, maybe better, ending to that joke.
      "reading is to be encouraged in a girl her age" "just KIDding, "She can't read yet!"

  • Kara Laur
    Kara Laur Month ago

    Stole Patrice O'Neals joke

  • PenisMcWhirtar
    PenisMcWhirtar Month ago

    3:57 - notice how the middle aged (30+) audience explode with laughter at when he says, "Was it 3 fellers, was it?". Aren't parents and grandparents embarrassing...

  • cralix thegameking
    cralix thegameking Month ago

    You know you have been listening to Jimmy Carr for a long time when you hear it the way he ment you to the first time

  • James.S
    James.S Month ago

    bloke..i mean.

    • jon fromtheUK
      jon fromtheUK Month ago

      Hi, you can just edit your original comment rather than writing a new one yes? Just sayin'......(hint look for the three dots that appear far right.....) I have no idea why they are hidden and then only appear when you move your mouse close though!

  • James.S
    James.S Month ago +1

    The guy who said , " my daughter" and then jimmy mentioned the fact that atleast you can encourage your son , the block should have said , " it was with my son... "


    So did Amy steal the pirate joke from Patrice O'Neal or Jimmy Carr

  • Latheesh Narayan
    Latheesh Narayan Month ago +3

    I just can't get my head around the fact that people share these kinds of things when jimmy asks them...

  • Pero Peric
    Pero Peric Month ago


  • roger1965100
    roger1965100 Month ago +1

    After watching this video I summoned up the courage to ask my wife for a rusty trombone. That was over a week ago and I still have not heard from her. Thanks Jimmy - Thanks a bunch.

  • Ianthe22
    Ianthe22 Month ago

    Okay, the camera is ofc catching random bits, but if you get caught on camera licking your teeth smiling right after a child-abuse jokeXD.

  • Cherokee StormChaser
    Cherokee StormChaser Month ago +1

    A fluffy 😂🤣😂😂

  • shuggiehamster
    shuggiehamster Month ago

    perhaps Jimmy can talk about tax avoidance next ...

  • Dave Goldspink
    Dave Goldspink Month ago


  • walstib
    walstib Month ago +1

    he is way too smart way to briliiant, and thank you!

  • Cameron Bigley
    Cameron Bigley Month ago +2

    11:25 I love the absolute clarity of "gargle" in the audience.

  • HunGredy
    HunGredy Month ago

    10:32 and onwards - my god, staring into the camera like that, not breaking eye contact while talking about some nasty stuff, this man has some willpower I can't even imagine

  • Yute
    Yute Month ago

    3:43 wtf lmao gotta keep pausing it still laughing at the last joke missing the next one.

  • Jim James
    Jim James Month ago +158

    My crippled girlfriend broke up with me so I stole her wheelchair... Guess who came crawling back?

  • Julien Mcnamara
    Julien Mcnamara Month ago

    I don’t understand how he can be so funny but have such a fucked up laugh

  • Hampus Kjellin
    Hampus Kjellin Month ago +1

    Really Love the amount of content your putting here for us that dont get to see you very often

  • 김세바스챤
    김세바스챤 Month ago

    i wonder why it is called aussie charm

  • High Voltage
    High Voltage Month ago

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  • lastcrazyhorn
    lastcrazyhorn Month ago +4

    It does sort of amuse me that you can tell exactly when the newer videos are based on the shade of his teeth.

  • chris nield
    chris nield Month ago

    How tf does this have ads wtf

  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird Month ago +2

    Jimmy makes me laugh like no one else

  • I like Lizards
    I like Lizards Month ago

    S E X

  • Razar Campbell
    Razar Campbell Month ago

    re 2:30 ish
    The view is the ONLY good thing about a 69. It's a complete waste of time otherwise. You're either enjoying what she's doing to you, or you're focusing on what you're doing to her. Either way, it's something that can only be enjoyed by juvenile twits who have never actually done it before! So once again, the ONLY good thing about it is the view!

  • neogalford
    neogalford Month ago

    Love Jimmy Carr, but Carrot Top did the ribbed condom joke in the 90’s.

  • Tio Clotildo
    Tio Clotildo Month ago +1

    he is basically erc cartman doing standup

  • Mistress of Big Balls * TAP ON MY PHOTO

    something boring, guy ;)

  • шах и мат, детка

    Хорошее видео, молодец!

  • Tala Habern
    Tala Habern Month ago +3

    I actually find sex segments with comedians to be the lower part of the stand up. It's typically too straight for me

  • FireIce Anims
    FireIce Anims Month ago

    I'm suprised this video is monotized

  • fishy nicky
    fishy nicky Month ago


  • dawsy20069
    dawsy20069 Month ago +1

    Aussie charm is 100% the easiest way to get things started!!!!

    • Tala Habern
      Tala Habern Month ago

      If you actually turn her on before, that's the easiest and best way

  • Paul In Kyushu
    Paul In Kyushu Month ago

    Puerile crap.

  • redbird saraceno
    redbird saraceno Month ago

    i love this dudes humor !

  • rankingtrevor
    rankingtrevor Month ago

    Cum in her eye and kick her in the shin. It's called the pirate 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Charlie Parker
    Charlie Parker Month ago

    The view from the 69 position is nothing short of glorious. Provided she shaves her ass as she should.

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston Month ago


  • Earth Has Curve
    Earth Has Curve Month ago

    1. Funny as fuck.
    2. Deaf girl. I died.
    3. Bill Burr, Louis CK, and you.

  • tapio järvinen
    tapio järvinen Month ago


  • Shashank Rao
    Shashank Rao Month ago

    Damn man this dude is fucking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell Month ago +1

    Every. Single. Joke. Hits. Absolute. Legend.

  • Jasper L. Ferini
    Jasper L. Ferini Month ago

    My group chat is now spammed with these jokes

  • Wanda Woman
    Wanda Woman Month ago +2

    The pirate joke at around 7 mins is a ripoff of the great Patrice O’Neill

  • Silent Human
    Silent Human Month ago +1

    Wonder what the dad thought about witnessing his daughter fucking some dude.

  • eQc
    eQc Month ago +4

    When he brought up Aussie charm I thought he was going to throw out some dumb stereotype but nah yea spot on

  • Damien Thorne
    Damien Thorne Month ago

    Simply brilliant as always

  • ExtremelyOCD
    ExtremelyOCD Month ago +3

    Seriously, not even 24 hrs and 4.1K likes. Says a lot! :)

  • kelvynification
    kelvynification Month ago


  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +178

    Sex is a great source of comedy, it's true. The only way I know to get the wife to laugh at all anymore is to ask for it.

    • liamo4
      liamo4 Month ago +1

      Priceless 😂

    • HiiighAsAKite
      HiiighAsAKite Month ago +1

      God, I hate your profile pic, lol

    • Skyprince27
      Skyprince27 Month ago

      Furthermore, from what I’m told by actual married lesbians, they don’t spend much time “asking” each other for sex.
      The impression I’m given is that it’s more or less “their thing”...
      I would give odds 100 to 1 New Message is a man..

    • Skyprince27
      Skyprince27 Month ago

      OR, she’s a lesbian with 4k subs and no videos...

  • Cesar Camarena
    Cesar Camarena Month ago

    Heres my like.

  • Stay-C
    Stay-C Month ago

    I won't spit on you when we are having sex tonight
    Good luck trying it without spit.