MANCHESTER UNITED VS LIVERPOOL! Liverpool to smash Man Utd and get Solskjaer the sack!?

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Manchester United vs Liverpool is a Premier League highlight this weekend. Man United vs Liverpool could see Liverpool smash Man Utd at Old Trafford and get Solskjaer sacked from Manchester United. Can Klopp’s Liverpool win at Old Trafford and beat Man United away? Will Salah and Mane continue to score goals and keep Liverpool’s winning run in the Premier League going? Can Man Utd and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer manage without De Gea and Pogba? Can Martial make an impact for Manchester United vs Liverpool after coming back from Injury. Crystal Palace vs Man City is another Premier League highlight. Can Crystal Palace get a result vs Manchester City? Man City 2-3 Crystal Palace was a Premier League highlight last year, can Roy Hodgson’s Palace repeat that again Man City this weekend in the Premier League? Can Pep Guardiola get Manchester City back on form, after losing to Wolves and Norwich. Will Sterling and Bernardo Silva start for Man City and start scoring goals again in the Premier League vs Crystal Palace? Sheffield United vs Arsenal is another Premier League highlight. Can Aubameyang score for Arsenal vs Sheffield and remain in the top 4 of the premier league 2019/20 season? Is Unai Emery’s job as Arsenal manager still at risk? If Sheffield United beat Arsenal will Emery be sacked by Arsenal? Tottenham vs Watford is another Premier League highlight. Can Pochettino’s Spurs beat Watford and get some form back in the Premier League 2019/20 season? Can Tottenham push into the top 4 soon with a win over Watford? Is Pochettino still looking at the Real Madrid and Man United manager jobs? Can Harry Kane start to score for Tottenham in the Premier League. Chelsea vs Newcastle is another Premier League highlight. Chelsea should beat Newcastle at Stamford Bridge, but will Frank Lampard’s Chelsea slip? Can Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount continue to score for Chelsea in the Premier League 2019/20 season. Will Abraham win the Premier League golden boot?
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  • Gair Mcculloch
    Gair Mcculloch Month ago +1

    Would love to know when Bouvey became a city fan

  • Dr Avalanche
    Dr Avalanche Month ago

    Klopp out! Can't even beat Man utd: Absolute disgrace of a manager and a useless team.

  • Jay L1471
    Jay L1471 Month ago

    Scousers rule, still unbeaten Haha were just too good for anyone. The title will be ours this season. Easy

  • Tony Brammer
    Tony Brammer Month ago

    Wheels falling off Klopps bandwagon?
    Rode their luck in a few games lately.
    Oh how I’d love to see them f@@k it up again 🤞🏼

    WINTERS-_-WRATH Month ago

    As a fan of none of tham i hope Liverpool piss all over man u today i hope man u get smashed fuck ole the baby face assassin ya right more like the baby face who shit him self before every game. ole just a little puppet of Woodward and the man u board fuck man u

  • phil driver
    phil driver Month ago

    man u 3.1 klopp gets the sack lol

  • Kuzeh
    Kuzeh Month ago +1

    watching this after tottenham drew with watford

    BOBA FETT Month ago

    I want to watch this channel more but that City prick just ruins everything! Soooo full of him self and just talks down to everybody else... What a clown!!

  • prav singh
    prav singh Month ago

    Gas aside Buvey is the GOAT in my humble opinion

  • Forky-Reviews
    Forky-Reviews Month ago

    Won`t surprise me if Man Utd play out of there skins and win like 4-2 or 4-1 to keep Solkjaer in his job for an extra 4 months or so

  • Bif Stiff
    Bif Stiff Month ago

    the match that will decide Solskjaer future

  • lunga lunga
    lunga lunga Month ago

    Arguero has no knock pep is just using Alex ferguson tactics to pull out players from international duty

  • Darren Armstrong
    Darren Armstrong Month ago

    Arsenal have so many goals in their team that so far this season they’ve scored the same amount of goals as Aston Villa....

  • Arun Khanna
    Arun Khanna Month ago

    You lot a bunch of mugs. I enjoy the banter, but the way you brush off Arsenal is a joke. The only team's fan that's allowed to say anything to us right now is Liverpool fans. The rest of you are shit mate, we have a better team then the rest bar City but have the potential to finish 2nd based on the performances thus far from the top 6 (bar Liverpool). You lot are secretly threatened by us hence why you have to brush us aside. Anyway enjoy the banter but when football gets serious, you lot know nothing lads. Anyway keep up the comedy show 🤜

  • Global Health
    Global Health Month ago

    Thank you 90min for removing that bum.

  • Dick Martino
    Dick Martino Month ago

    Sound is too low

  • Majd J
    Majd J Month ago

    When’s someone gonna tell Buvey he’s not funny? They be talking an interesting convo and he’ll jump in with a cringe retarded comment that’s not funny to get attention.

  • Sarah Ali
    Sarah Ali Month ago +1

    A Liverpool fan here & a big fan of Gibbons but he is not engaging in any "non Liverpool" conversation .. I say make Lizzie Doyle 90 min's Liverpool representative.

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony Month ago +2

    John makes that 2seater look comfortable come on u redmen ynwa

      BOBA FETT Month ago

      😂😂😂 thats a man right there! Surrounded by boys!!!

  • Daniaal Hussain
    Daniaal Hussain Month ago

    That guy is huge compared to Hainsey!

  • Ebrahim Moosa
    Ebrahim Moosa Month ago

    Wtf happened to fanvoice? Used to really enjoy watching those.

  • amj amj
    amj amj Month ago

    Why you want solskjaer the sack when He's doing great job lol

  • Lfc legend FC
    Lfc legend FC Month ago

    Man utd 0-4 liverpool hope palace will beat city

  • Thomas Yates
    Thomas Yates Month ago

    The prick in the grey hoodie is absolutely praying for the manc rats to win you stupid fucking bum . Remember your words bitch

  • Liam Tube
    Liam Tube Month ago +1

    Lads, you talk-over each other quite a lot. It's hard to hear what's being said and gets quite annoying.

  • Lee Robinson
    Lee Robinson Month ago


  • Luchoo Beats
    Luchoo Beats Month ago

    Liverpool have had the experience of failing to win the title more than once last season,2015-16,2008-09 so the argument for experience doesnt count.Liverpool are natural bottlers

  • Owen Reilly
    Owen Reilly Month ago

    My wife asked me what I'm watching because she thinks hainsey sounds like Graham Norton

    • Ben Haines
      Ben Haines Month ago +1

      It is essentially a similar format only Monday Night/Thursday night with 90min Gas and much better guests ;)

  • Yemmelaga
    Yemmelaga Month ago

    Ole not that good a player? 4 goals after the 80th minute against forrest and one of the highest goals pr minute ratios in the prem era begs to differ.... His career however was limited by knee injuries that plagued the latter half of his career. He was fantastic both as a striker and a right winger after Beckham went to real madrid. According to SAF himself he was probably the most natural finisher he had ever coached.

  • P R
    P R Month ago +4

    "Stones is a premier league wining centre back" yeah lad so is Phil Jones and Smalling

  • Ashraf Chawila
    Ashraf Chawila Month ago


  • Peter Helmore
    Peter Helmore Month ago

    where is rants he is a critical FAN . .>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Month ago +2

    Looks like the Opening scene from the Hobbit ffs.

  • Kyle Titterton
    Kyle Titterton Month ago +15

    "There's no such thing as a good point now."
    "That's such a good point."

  • Neil Patel
    Neil Patel Month ago

    You can actively see Flaunders blood pressure increasing as the plaudits went in for Chelsea... That's exactly what United are not achieving with their "legeeeend" manager and "youth"...How he wishes United were Chelsea right now....dream on fella. Dream on. 🤔

  • Anirudh Takkar
    Anirudh Takkar Month ago

    Scott my man, if City are 11 points behind Liverpool this weekend, that by default means you'll be 18 points behind.

  • Anirudh Takkar
    Anirudh Takkar Month ago

    Liverpool to score in the first 5 minutes, retireve the ball, get the game restarted quickly and score again. 2-0. Game over. Good night.

  • Sleeping Warrior
    Sleeping Warrior Month ago

    Jenson didn't win 2 championships...

  • Fitzroy George
    Fitzroy George Month ago +1

    One game at a time and Liverpool will win the league.

  • Prachet Agarwal
    Prachet Agarwal Month ago

    Aubameyang didn't even get nutmegged. The ball went beside him!

  • Andrew DeLong
    Andrew DeLong Month ago

    Gibbo is apparently 6' 8"

  • ezi gunner
    ezi gunner Month ago +17

    Who is this dude on white that never makes any sense

  • Adrian Bourke
    Adrian Bourke Month ago

    Hainsey looks tiny sitting beside Gibbo. Really Small!!

  • Tipple Day
    Tipple Day Month ago

    put your microphone on the table! yours voices are muffled

  • Adam Fowler
    Adam Fowler Month ago +5

    Finally a decent liverpool fan

  • Hagonm
    Hagonm Month ago +7

    I like this show, a lot less pretentious than Football Daily, getting a bit of James and Flav vibes. Take my subscription bois

    • Ben Haines
      Ben Haines Month ago +1

      Welcome to the squad mate, hope you enjoy it! x

  • Vishanth Fastino
    Vishanth Fastino Month ago

    Kane will not move, Tottenham works for him.

  • Peter Klein
    Peter Klein Month ago

    Haha - this was actually a very fun watch!

    ELMASRY HORAS Month ago +4

    Ofcourse there is agenda against ARSENAL ..
    I still feeling angry off this board because they refused Emirate offer to buy the club and let those MANCITY FC a$$holes believe they are big team !!

  • herrdoktorprofessor
    herrdoktorprofessor Month ago +5

    Gibbo is too good for this lot.


    How many times has guardiola won the champions league

  • Craig Fisher
    Craig Fisher Month ago

    are the sofas from help the aged?

    • Ben Haines
      Ben Haines Month ago

      Honestly I’m really fond of these sofas 😂😂😂

  • Carefree_Craig CFC
    Carefree_Craig CFC Month ago +1

    Brilliant vid guys, keep up the good work 👍🏻💙

  • Buvey
    Buvey Month ago +4

    Ayew to bang City ngl

  • Adarsh
    Adarsh Month ago +2

    Liverpool 16-Man utd 0

  • Shamreaz Ahmed
    Shamreaz Ahmed Month ago +1

    I'm sure button only won the championship once and it was with Braun.

  • connor webster
    connor webster Month ago +36

    Buvey: Norwich are awful
    Loses to Norwich
    Buvey:adama traore isn’t even championship level
    Adama traore scores 2 to beat city 2-0
    Buvey: Ayew is leauge 1 level

  • Team Breezy
    Team Breezy Month ago +2

    Weekend predictions
    Everton 2:2 West ham.
    Aston villa 3:2 Brighton
    Chelsea 2:1 Newcastle
    Wolves 1:0 Southampton
    Bournemouth 2:1 Norwich
    Leicester 2:1 Burnley
    Tottenham 1:1 Watford
    Palace 2:2 Man City
    Man Utd 0:4 Liverpool
    Sheffield 1:2 Arsenal

    • Maanka Love
      Maanka Love Month ago

      I also see Man city drawing or losing again against Crystal Palace but other people are backing Man city.

  • lfc95
    lfc95 Month ago +2

    Why does Hiansey look miniature. Is the Liverpool guy just massive?

  • tyoxon1
    tyoxon1 Month ago

    That Liverpool geezer looks like a giant sat next to the host and the other guys! #elf