Fascinating Vintage 20 Cassette Carousel from 1972 : Panasonic RS-296US

  • Retro-Tech: According to the adverts - the Panasonic RS-296US could play 2.5 days of music non-stop...that's roughly the same play time to the '1000 songs in your pocket' that the first 5GB Apple iPod boasted in 2001.

    2.5 days of play time equates to 60 hours which would require 20x 180-min cassettes. Whilst these tapes did exist at one point, 180-minute lengths were also very fragile and best avoided.
    A more realistic play time is to load this machine up with 20x 90-minute cassettes which gives you 30 hours, and that's why I refer to the 'day and a half' of continuous music at the end of video.
    The Antikythera Mechanism I mention at the beginning* is a 2000 year old computer that has been in a number of documentaries - someone has uploaded a BBC video about it here: [Since Deleted]
    You may have spotted two special cassettes in the video - a Back to the Future Replica "Edward Van Halen" tape and a Guardians of the Galaxy "Awesome Mix Tape Vol. 1" - both were provided by my good friend Hugo from Walkman Archive - you can find more info on his tapes here:
    BTTF: goo.gl/k86dod
    GOTG: goo.gl/HMd5GT
    My Akai "Auto-reverse the hard way" video can be found here: thexvid.com/video/2CE_zmpHcWQ/video.html
    My website is here: goo.gl/m0i0jg
    TheXvid Audio Library music can be found here: thexvid.com/user/audiolibrarymusic
    This channel can be supported through Patreon www.patreon.com/techmoan
    Patron Supporters usually get to see videos early.
    * when I mention that the RS296US's place in history is similar to the Antikythera device - this is a patently ludicrously overblown statement merely said for comic effect.

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  • André Luiz Bósio
    André Luiz Bósio 55 minutes ago +1

    Analog at its finest.

  • Igor Maks
    Igor Maks 2 hours ago

    Впервые такой аппарат вижу

    ORCA MS15LF Day ago

    I wonder how many people will listen to music non-stop for about 24 hours.

  • Vincent Aurelius

    That montage reminded me of the scene from "One hour photo" showing close up the workings of the photo processing machine.

  • DJ.cristi snt cel mai tare la video clip


  • ScopedPixels
    ScopedPixels 2 days ago

    Mechanical engineering at its finest! Truly a work of art. Thanks!

  • Luis Salazar
    Luis Salazar 2 days ago

    I think i'm in love💘😍

  • Robson Soave
    Robson Soave 2 days ago


  • Arcy Voz Cavalier
    Arcy Voz Cavalier 2 days ago +1


  • Davíð Rúrik Martinsson

    Great find! Thanks for the video. This is an amazing machine!

  • Neal Wright
    Neal Wright 3 days ago

    It is interesting that Cassette tapes never really caught on in the US until the 80s

  • collegesuccess
    collegesuccess 4 days ago

    @Techmoan, Thank you for the enjoyable journey back in time with this video. (Cheap Thrills Dept. FYI: You might be interested in noting the manual for the above-noted machine is at ebay, as of 3/27/2020! ) Cheers! :)

  • Dixon Negron
    Dixon Negron 4 days ago

    Never saw this one!!! Amazing.

  • Christian O. Holz
    Christian O. Holz 6 days ago

    The 70s sure loved putting wood grain on everything

  • Bill Haley Rock
    Bill Haley Rock 6 days ago

    Fantastisches gerät,wird heute sehr gesucht und ist auch nicht Billig zu haben.

  • Henrik Borg
    Henrik Borg 6 days ago

    Lovely peace of machine :) Thank uou for the vide :)

  • william palenik jr
    william palenik jr 6 days ago

    A neat cool cassette player never saw or heard or remember it for sale

  • Михаил Логачев

    Ужас! Если зажуёт кассету! А головку почистить, вообще не реально....

  • Leo from Freo
    Leo from Freo 8 days ago

    I always appreciate the puppets. 🤗 I’d love one of these machines.

  • Temp 777
    Temp 777 8 days ago

    Knowledge lost! It would take a millions of £ in today's world to create a machine like this one from scratch! There may be a handful competent engineers world-wide to get on such fictional project :(

  • Uwe Schmidt
    Uwe Schmidt 8 days ago

    Geiles Teil

  • Jonathan Watanabe
    Jonathan Watanabe 9 days ago


  • Jason Finn
    Jason Finn 9 days ago

    A jukebox for cassettes

  • Tricky nick
    Tricky nick 11 days ago

    Sure looks fun to work on

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams 11 days ago

    Pioneer had a changer in the 90's that you might be interested in thexvid.com/video/nposdwBFosU/video.html

  • Beachcheeka
    Beachcheeka 12 days ago

    Thats awesome!! Never heard nor saw such a thing....want it!!

  • Kenneth W Jordan
    Kenneth W Jordan 12 days ago

    Enjoyed your video of the Panasonic RS-296US Cassette Changer, albeit 3 years later, lol!
    BTW, I own a Sony 100 disc CD changer w/remote and it is awesome... Thanks again!

  • B Is For Budget
    B Is For Budget 14 days ago

    I just had a quick flashback from the poster in the background. Those robots, (Fembots?) from the Bionic Woman and 6 Million Dollar man gave me nightmares as a kid!

  • mrdookiepotpie
    mrdookiepotpie 15 days ago


  • Triplex5014
    Triplex5014 15 days ago

    This is just amazing, I've never knew something like this existed and I just love it. Mechanical with simple electronics and it works like a swiss clock.
    Made in Japan, now that's quality.

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 17 days ago

    I like the sound of the carousel spinning around.............

  • Dasharuyi Gaming
    Dasharuyi Gaming 17 days ago

    Where do you get these cassette carousels i need one for my own wall of tapes

  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts 19 days ago

    How about this? www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Panasonic-RS-296-AUTO-REVERSE-20-CASSETTE-CHANGER-With12-Months-Guarantee/254533074566?hash=item3b435a7e86:g:ylwAAOSwFChdjj~E

  • milton1969able
    milton1969able 23 days ago

    Shout out to the Young MC cassette. Also its all very well having a nice collection of tapes but where are your home made tapes ? Edit: ahh just seen the Eddie Van Halen ;)

  • Ricardo Sales
    Ricardo Sales 25 days ago

    Que maravilha! quero perguntar onde posso comprar um desse, eu gostei muito

  • Dave Faddel
    Dave Faddel 27 days ago

    Magic, someone had to design that piece of machinery .. mind blowing

  • Intl_Roe
    Intl_Roe 28 days ago

    some good old school Hip Hop you have on cassette

  • Mill Mill
    Mill Mill 29 days ago

    I could watch that mechanism all day long. Nice piece of kit!

  • Pahanoy
    Pahanoy 29 days ago

    Спасибо тебе мил человек... вот это аппарат!

  • hxtr
    hxtr 29 days ago

    2:21 guess what happened when I had the bright idea of plugging a USA made TV into a German electrical socket using only an adapter not a transformer. I can't remember what scared me the most, the boom or the thought that I was in huge trouble.

  • Raymond's Backing Tracks Go!

    Sadly, you cant pull the jammed reel.

  • Stephan Richard Heiser


  • T Nam
    T Nam Month ago

    Nice tape collection 👍🏽

  • チーズハンバーグ


  • Christo Clark
    Christo Clark Month ago

    Went to eBay just now and I found one that is selling for $700.00 www.ebay.com/c/20014217279 Ends in 5h 26m

  • Roger That
    Roger That Month ago

    That's awesome. Just googled the price, damn!

  • Raheim Diggler
    Raheim Diggler Month ago

    I'm blown away. This machine is art.

  • Amplify
    Amplify Month ago

    it sounds good!

  • Graham Franklin
    Graham Franklin Month ago

    Superb. Brilliant

  • Fred Graspol
    Fred Graspol Month ago

    Geweldig echt

  • hey its westy
    hey its westy Month ago

    your tape collection is on point

  • Daninater
    Daninater Month ago

    I would so hook this up to a low power AM or FM transmitter and make a radio station if I had this.

    • S W
      S W Month ago

      Your listeners would tune out pretty quick. "And now we have 10 songs from LRB followed by 10 songs from Elton John followed by 12 songs from the Rolling Stones ... "

  • Elvis Mark
    Elvis Mark Month ago

    organ music really Blues were better man

  • King Ashok
    King Ashok Month ago

    Made in Japan last forever and ever....

  • Chelo My
    Chelo My Month ago

    Infelizmente nunca llegó a sudamerica.

  • Domownori
    Domownori Month ago

    No random order?

  • 44 Hawk
    44 Hawk Month ago

    I'd love to have one of those, cassette tapes reproduce music, as good as anything there is. That would be a cool device to have.

  • Сергей К
    Сергей К Month ago

    Golden age of engineers.

  • - Alex.Garrysman
    - Alex.Garrysman Month ago

    10:21 (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

  • amacon
    amacon Month ago

    awesome party machine...endless power ballads and love songs...

  • Shashikanth Bhadri
    Shashikanth Bhadri Month ago

    Awesome 👍 gadget. Thanks for sharing at this platform

  • Salvatore Costa
    Salvatore Costa Month ago

    The deck is ok. Cassettes are just AWESOME!

  • PaganWizard
    PaganWizard Month ago

    WWWOOOOOWWW I just found one of these on eBay for $700 USD. I don't think I need it that badly.

  • RandomTech
    RandomTech Month ago

    wish my dad had this instead of making me flip the tape all the time smh

  • mustangfuego
    mustangfuego Month ago

    Ugh! This would have saved me so much time switching tapes back in the 80's, Why did i never hear about this until now??? Oh well that has come and gone, hahaha

  • sirius4k
    sirius4k Month ago

    omg! What a machine.

  • Harruar
    Harruar Month ago

    I would have loved one of these in the 80's. 72!!! I was born in 74 and I was using Vinyl and 8 tracks at age 3-4. Still needed my moms help to get the right track on the LP's without scratching the records.

  • RetroGaming
    RetroGaming Month ago +1

    Ахренеть !!!

    TATOSHIK Month ago

    how much is ?

  • Gavichap
    Gavichap Month ago


  • Jim B
    Jim B Month ago

    You were a wigger in your younger days.

  • DJ InYourFace
    DJ InYourFace Month ago


  • Matthew McRee
    Matthew McRee Month ago

    I love these overengineered mechanical solutions to "problems" that are solved with computerized technology today. It's sort of a shame they don't make these kind of devices anymore. I understand why they don't, but there's something just satisfying about switches and motors doing the work that you just don't get with computerized modern tech. Cool find Techmoan!

  • crusty21
    crusty21 Month ago

    I think they used to have these in supermarkets playing all that wonderful Herb Alpert music.

  • Cléo Lopes
    Cléo Lopes Month ago

    Maravilhoso Sensacional

  • ramin rnn
    ramin rnn Month ago


  • Team KRAX
    Team KRAX Month ago

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  • ironroad
    ironroad Month ago

    He had the Beat Street Sound Track, Master Ace and the Juice Crew, a Wrecks n Effects tape, good lord!
    Looks like something made in the 1980s, not the 70s. Awesome piece of kit for the era it was created.

  • Liam Christie
    Liam Christie Month ago

    what a lovely peice of teck

  • Jonathan Hiatt
    Jonathan Hiatt Month ago

    That thing must have been so expensive.