Sonic Redesign Tier List

  • Published on May 10, 2019
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    Initial vid comp from Animation Rewind;
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  • Montre Landry
    Montre Landry 4 hours ago +1

    7:43 be in the Movie plz!!!!!

  • Blue bunny 2005
    Blue bunny 2005 Day ago

    9;27 hell naw not to E, make it to F!

  • Nathanael Fuchs
    Nathanael Fuchs 2 days ago

    The meme sonic is the best to SMG4

  • Andy Payne
    Andy Payne 2 days ago


  • Luke Molloy
    Luke Molloy 4 days ago

    S A N I C

  • Ultra-Papa Smurf
    Ultra-Papa Smurf 5 days ago

    I give this *7.3 chillie dogs out of 9*

  • kaison da boss
    kaison da boss 6 days ago

    9:54 me waking up on fridays 3:48 me waking up on mondays

  • Billy Johansen
    Billy Johansen 6 days ago

    Whoever made the edit/ redesign at 5:24, they came from an alternate universe and gave us their movie sonic, I mean HONESTLY!! This is absolutely PERFECT! It's what we should have gotten!

  • Daniel Leon
    Daniel Leon 7 days ago

    Omg put nickolas cage on god

  • stovebot 42
    stovebot 42 7 days ago

    Nicolas cage =s

  • Oscar Corcoran
    Oscar Corcoran 8 days ago

    Little known fact, Sonic does have sharp teeth.

    PS. Sonic is not sold (anymore) as edgy, he is by design, ment to be cool, which is why Mario sells better, since what is cool, always changes.

  • Lena Alfattoh
    Lena Alfattoh 12 days ago

    I where is sonic when I was a kid because after that my mom gave me the sonic outfit

  • Jigme Thinley
    Jigme Thinley 13 days ago +1


  • Antonio Moncada
    Antonio Moncada 14 days ago

    The best tier ever

  • I’m Batman
    I’m Batman 15 days ago

    I just realised the black and white one was like the babadook

  • Flowey Games666
    Flowey Games666 15 days ago

    everything should be S as S stands for sonic movie trailer redesigns

  • Flowey Games666
    Flowey Games666 15 days ago

    who would win in dislikes?
    TheXvid rewind 2018 or Sonic movie trailer

  • Rolando Barraza
    Rolando Barraza 16 days ago

    I love the Sonic one

  • Temaru Phan
    Temaru Phan 16 days ago +1

    Sonic really doesn't have to be edgy to look good in the movie

  • TERRY Midoriya
    TERRY Midoriya 17 days ago

    God(sonic outfit): no matter how fast i run i can't run from the pain.
    Me: Wow that reminds me of homework.

  • Mr. Jawbone
    Mr. Jawbone 18 days ago


  • Diamond Star Fan YouTuber!

    I disagree. The third one in A should be god

  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 19 days ago +1

    Name : sonic
    Father : the
    Grandfather : hedgehog

  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 19 days ago +1

    This meme is dead

  • Nathan Allard
    Nathan Allard 20 days ago +1

    The A deserves a god Same for the Second b and the Second s

  • Karadek
    Karadek 20 days ago

    tier list on most meme-ish smash characters from smash ultimate

  • King K rool
    King K rool 21 day ago


  • Mike Wazoski
    Mike Wazoski 22 days ago

    I like how Gangster's Paradise in 8-bit is playing

  • Pepe
    Pepe 24 days ago


  • Spicy Boi
    Spicy Boi 25 days ago

    What about female shadbase sonic?

  • Noor Aziah
    Noor Aziah 27 days ago

    sanic sux derp and meme

  • Top Hat Silver
    Top Hat Silver 27 days ago

    I was starting to lose hope by the end, but then Luke came in for me.

  • Choco 91 / Mlle Ravenswood

    See sans and Papyrus in the background.

    What !? I WANT THIS UWU

  • -Gαιαxıα-
    -Gαιαxıα- Month ago

    The playlist made for the "god" is here Click here to watch smg4 memes #smg4playlistxd

  • LilGabbo
    LilGabbo Month ago +1

    Sonic Movie: “$200,000,000”
    Paramount: “sorry, lots of it was going on a sonic outfit

  • vinicius lira
    vinicius lira Month ago

    tbh the original sonic is the best sonic because without "it" existing we never would have had other redesigns memes

  • ToadtheGreat1
    ToadtheGreat1 Month ago


  • Robert Archibald
    Robert Archibald Month ago

    The last update made our night

  • Robert Archibald
    Robert Archibald Month ago

    A hedgehog

  • Greenyoda 776
    Greenyoda 776 Month ago

    At the end I laughed till I cried

  • Nugget
    Nugget Month ago

    Oh my fucking god this made me laugh so hard

  • TerrificMarioBros
    TerrificMarioBros Month ago

    Hobo Bros This is so funny!

  • Халил Аптула

    Thank you,thus made my day now I feel less suicidal

  • Kennedy Lee XP
    Kennedy Lee XP Month ago

    running at the speed of light leaves you in the darkness

  • Dartanimations
    Dartanimations Month ago +1

    4:05 Tt could be a good crossover between the Looney Tunes and Sonic in Space Jam 2 (with Lebron James)

  • Julian Velazquez
    Julian Velazquez Month ago

    Hobo Bros quetion this what new fats sonic anime


    E is for echidna

  • Yvonne Cauley
    Yvonne Cauley Month ago

    Gotta Go Fast!!!!!...Gotta Go Fast

  • Mario Vaudry
    Mario Vaudry Month ago

    i hate you guy... why?... BECAUSE YOU PUT A KID IN A SONIC COSTUME ON GOD LEVEL!!!! THE KID IS A F-!!!!you now what? bye... now it just meta runner im ganna watch

  • Mario Vaudry
    Mario Vaudry Month ago

    THE SANIC IS A F-!!!!

  • Jigme Thinley
    Jigme Thinley Month ago



    i hate sonic redesign videos how about that

  • Elite dragon 786
    Elite dragon 786 Month ago

    Are u dump, sonic is a hedgehog

  • Brentus 668
    Brentus 668 Month ago

    Hotdiggidydemon would do 2D

  • Corb quaza
    Corb quaza Month ago

    That wasn't Hotduggidydemon, his is more cartoony not like that

  • Carter Hughes
    Carter Hughes Month ago

    8:47 *Nicolas Cage Sonic*
    Luke and Kevin: AH!
    Me: *Dying if laughter*

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s

    No matter how fast I run...
    I cannot run away from the pain...

  • GMG5
    GMG5 Month ago


  • GMG5
    GMG5 Month ago

    *opens video*
    Im now blessed