doctor who... but it's out of context

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • basically doctor who, but it's completely out of context
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    show: Doctor Who
    inspired by allonsy.mp4 and spellbooked
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  • MCVisuals
    MCVisuals  Month ago +532

    Definitely one of my favourites to make, and really nice to see you’re liking it too!
    Since there’s so many of these moments throughout the show, I’d definitely consider making another part to this if you want it! :DDD

    • ISplody
      ISplody Month ago

      I’d very much like “Jackie Tyler being...Jackie Tyler”

    • VigiBoy
      VigiBoy Month ago +1

      Make more i love this

    • ZELLA
      ZELLA Month ago +2

      make another one!!! I laughed so hard at this

    • ooooneeee
      ooooneeee Month ago +3

      YASS PLS

    • Raptor Charly
      Raptor Charly Month ago +5

      Please do!

  • I M M I
    I M M I Hour ago

    auton mickey is a mood

  • EastEnders 4K
    EastEnders 4K 23 hours ago

    When things happen to Rose thats funny she doesn't even realise it

  • Leviathahn
    Leviathahn 3 days ago

    Ah yes, back when the show wasn't about sjws and feminazis

  • ct0760
    ct0760 3 days ago

    Saying "Emergency Peanut Butter Run" with a british accent like at 3:53 is so damn hilarious

  • Jasmine Pattwell
    Jasmine Pattwell 5 days ago

    0:52 which episode was that?

  • fixalot
    fixalot 5 days ago

    4:55 i just realised how ridiculous that would sound to someone who hasn't seen dw and i started cracking up omg-

  • Alita99
    Alita99 5 days ago

    Man: What do you think, doctor?
    Ten: *ArE yOu My MuMmY?*
    Man: If you could concentrate!
    So much funnier considering David forgot his line at that part 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anasonyc
    Anasonyc 5 days ago

    I was gonna complain about drop in writing quality throughout the seasons but then I saw the homicidal Christmas pine and changed me mind

  • Shakira's Hips Lied
    Shakira's Hips Lied 6 days ago

    Doctor who is its own context

  • Johnny Johnstar
    Johnny Johnstar 8 days ago

    what episode of dc legends of tomorrow is this?

  • Kektus
    Kektus 10 days ago

    It’s... the SLIKEEN

  • Samuel Washburn
    Samuel Washburn 11 days ago

    8:28 one of my favorite moments but what is the episode? I can’t find it

  • aliza
    aliza 11 days ago


  • Doc Robust
    Doc Robust 11 days ago

    Never lose your temper in the middle of a door sign

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 12 days ago

    It's cacti
    tHaTs rACisT!!

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 12 days ago

    Wilfred: its them aliens again!!

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 12 days ago

    The doctor secretly being a shopping adict

  • ember ashes
    ember ashes 12 days ago

    Never ever look at capaldis browser history
    Nothing but missy r34 XD

  • Gamer
    Gamer 13 days ago

    1:44 Slikeen
    I am dying xD

  • Thomas Fluskey
    Thomas Fluskey 14 days ago

    Browser History Alien Pawn

  • Talia Hetti
    Talia Hetti 14 days ago

    I just want a mate.
    Sksksksks well you're not mating with me sunshine •_•

  • Talia Hetti
    Talia Hetti 14 days ago

    God bless the cactuses!

  • Chronos
    Chronos 15 days ago

    How can atmos control the car it's an exhaust filter not an Artificial intelligence

  • Lee Cunningham
    Lee Cunningham 16 days ago +1

    What do you think doctor?
    ArE yOu mY mUmMy

  • GhostLink92
    GhostLink92 16 days ago

    Is it really out of context when you've seen most of these episodes multiple times?

  • Jay Leu
    Jay Leu 19 days ago

    I feel like it was a missed opportunity at the fez part, you could've followed that up with 13 getting her fez from the Kerblam man

  • emilia elysia
    emilia elysia 20 days ago


  • Gandalf Becan
    Gandalf Becan 21 day ago +1

    "I'm the Doctor! And I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!" *leaves through a revolving fireplace that somehow takes him to a future point in time*

  • Giannis Dravis
    Giannis Dravis 22 days ago

    If you think that knowing the context is gonna change much... wont. 😂

  • Miles Doran
    Miles Doran 22 days ago

    2:46 enjoy having two eyes while you can

  • _fluffboi _
    _fluffboi _ 24 days ago

    Jack.... what r u thinking

  • DownFall
    DownFall 25 days ago

    I know the context to all of these scenes, thus rendering this video useless to me... also making me realizing I’ve watched too much of this show.

  • YaeMz Lea
    YaeMz Lea 26 days ago

    The killer Christmas tree is always a great out of context moment

  • amara kampert
    amara kampert 28 days ago

    The are you my mummy bit is so good cause no one knows what yes on about

  • Elizabeth Wagner
    Elizabeth Wagner Month ago

    Rory: what color?...sorry there weren't any good questions left
    Me: oh Rory

  • Mariela Angelchova
    Mariela Angelchova Month ago


  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Month ago

    no one:
    the doctor: a schop, i like a nice little schop

  • truediva18
    truediva18 Month ago +1

    I want to know what is in his browser history.

  • Просто Канал

    "What you think, Doctor?"
    "ArE yOu My MoMmY?"

  • WildGinger
    WildGinger Month ago

    Jackie: It’s the thing Mickey, it’s the

    S L I K E E N

  • Valaquesse
    Valaquesse Month ago


  • Brian D Gifford
    Brian D Gifford Month ago

    🔰, 🕯️ 💂, detd sanctuary goodberry message.

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J Month ago

    The pizza scene was iconic

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J Month ago

    Oooh the cacti man is from horrible histories

  • blablahnothin 199
    blablahnothin 199 Month ago


  • Carmichael
    Carmichael Month ago

    It would be good if you took the new one out its just not good

  • Grace Stenson
    Grace Stenson Month ago

    “He gets hungry in his sleep?” “Sometimes.” SAME

  • Lord Zamasu Vegeta Black Fusion

    Dio: What do you want for dinner?
    Giorno: 7:02

  • Michael Edmunds
    Michael Edmunds Month ago

    I could go for some pizza....

  • Jack Hackney
    Jack Hackney Month ago +1

    4:14 XD

  • Cyberbrain
    Cyberbrain Month ago

    Are u my mommy

  • Carter Novak
    Carter Novak Month ago +3

    "are you my mummy"
    Just how he was fuckign done

  • Hamood Doy
    Hamood Doy Month ago

    Martha's reaction in 6:35 is a flippin mood

  • Hamood Doy
    Hamood Doy Month ago

    Wilfred is just amazing

  • Zach Weis
    Zach Weis Month ago

    2:27 I can't breathe help me 😂😂😂

  • Rampagingflames
    Rampagingflames Month ago +1

    The 10th doctor saying are you my mummy is still funny to this day

  • Eleanor Ordish
    Eleanor Ordish Month ago

    This is perfect for me as someone who has barely watched Dr Who. I’m seeing most of this out of context 😂

  • Fake Ginger
    Fake Ginger Month ago

    It's the Slikeen!

  • 1177
    1177 Month ago

    1:47 (just for me later)