Magic for Humans: Season 2 | Announcement [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • Holiday wish granted! Magic for Humans Season 2 is coming to Netflix in 2019.
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    Magic for Humans: Season 2 | Announcement [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 72

  • Ross Evers
    Ross Evers 12 days ago +2

    Thought this was brilliant happy an second season is coming out.

  • MonstrousGaming
    MonstrousGaming 24 days ago +1

    For all the haters who think its fake, ITS A SHOW AND ITS CALLED *MAGIC*

  • Coder gaming
    Coder gaming 24 days ago +2

    I dont even care that this show is fake it's funny as hell

  • n3wt n3wet
    n3wt n3wet Month ago

    Everyone in the comment section like “the magic is fake! The magic is fake!” Yea no shit the magic is fake.

  • KingZ
    KingZ Month ago

    Yes, it is scripted. Yes, they are mostly actors if not all.

    SNOOPALOOP Month ago

    WTF happened to Netflix!

  • jordie enmanuel cruz cabrera

    Amazing!!! Great show

  • MoStcraLP
    MoStcraLP Month ago

    love it 👌

  • Marlon du plooy
    Marlon du plooy Month ago

    Hope they got better actors this time around

  • Herbert N
    Herbert N Month ago

    Robert Mueller is going to make tRUMP disappear 😎

  • Peter Parkour
    Peter Parkour Month ago

    This got a season 2? Crap! Crap! Mega Crap!

  • Dawson Hobbs
    Dawson Hobbs Month ago +3

    Idc if it’s fake I found it entertaining and I’m still gonna watch it

  • Trazerade
    Trazerade Month ago

    The guy is an actor, not a magician.

  • Nacoles
    Nacoles Month ago

    Trash show

  • David Sue
    David Sue Month ago

    Terrible show

  • Elina Gonzalez
    Elina Gonzalez Month ago

    Yesssss more magic

  • Raajur
    Raajur Month ago +2

    This should have many more dislikes. What a bad show - dumb tricks utilizing actors and camera cuts. Give us a magic show with real people and real reactions.

  • Katmiko Young
    Katmiko Young Month ago +14

    Even if the magic is fake I still found this show very entertaining and funny, I will definitely watch the next season :)

  • Pretty Odd
    Pretty Odd Month ago +3

    So you keep this but cancel your 4th most popular show?

  • Chuito 2018
    Chuito 2018 Month ago


  • Hailey Ross
    Hailey Ross Month ago

    Put on arrow legends of tomorrow and agents of shield

  • AnyFunG
    AnyFunG Month ago +13

    HOW HE GOT A SEASON 2 ?!!?!?!?!??! I don't even understand anymore.

    • XzealX
      XzealX 27 days ago

      Yet dare devil canceled 💔

  • MelodyVII
    MelodyVII Month ago

    oooo nice !

  • Legion
    Legion Month ago

    The dragon Prince reles date

  • Daniele Freitas
    Daniele Freitas Month ago


  • Moku No Kami
    Moku No Kami Month ago

    fuck off with this bullshit. no one's watching this staged piece of shit.

  • Lzr9 Games
    Lzr9 Games Month ago

    Warning Crazy funny meme can you keep it together 😂

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville Month ago +2

    This is interesting, is it worth watching? 😄😁

    • Colleen Glanville
      Colleen Glanville Month ago +1

      Sharp Design Nothing wrong with Magic! 😄😁👍

    • Sharp Design
      Sharp Design Month ago +1

      +Colleen Glanville kids here love magic...awk-ward.

    • Colleen Glanville
      Colleen Glanville Month ago +1

      Sharp Design Lol, that must have been a bit uncomfortable to watch with your parents! 😂😄😁👍

    • Sharp Design
      Sharp Design Month ago

      I wanted to watch with family but just know last episode of first season talks about sex a lot.

    • Colleen Glanville
      Colleen Glanville Month ago

      CoOlKyUbI96 That's so true! 😄😁👍

  • Kerem Adıgüzel
    Kerem Adıgüzel Month ago

    SHARE The Protector

  • Bobby
    Bobby Month ago


  • Zion Garza
    Zion Garza Month ago +5

    Honestly I support

  • KK's TV
    KK's TV Month ago

    I know this is irrelevant, but PLEASE PUT RIVERDALE SEASON 3 ON NETFLIX! I have been searching for season 3 on different apps but there not free so Pleeeeaase do it! ❤ if you agree

    • Viola Vadász
      Viola Vadász Month ago

      In the USA, Riverdale is coming to Netlfix after the whole season came out

    • Cora Holohan
      Cora Holohan Month ago +1

      @KK's TV Riverdale season 3 is on Netflix but it is weekly episodes every Thursday.

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker Month ago

    Magic for chumps*

  • Luna Xz
    Luna Xz Month ago +56

    I Got Bored Of The Show After I Found Out It Was Fake.

    • Superhero Video Games with cbake76
      Superhero Video Games with cbake76 5 days ago

      +Luna Xz See him live sometime. You might just change your mind! :-)

    • Luna Xz
      Luna Xz 5 days ago

      +Superhero Video Games with cbake76 The Show Is Good But It Seems Like Their Acting Since They Don't See The Cameras. Then There Are Some Of His Magic Tricks That Seems Very Impossible And I've Seen No One Done It.

    • Superhero Video Games with cbake76
      Superhero Video Games with cbake76 5 days ago

      +Luna Xz But what is your definition of "fake"? It's magic. Of course it's fake. (Sorry, I'm just seeing a lot of people say that, and I want to understand. I think the show is brilliant.)

    • Luna Xz
      Luna Xz 5 days ago

      +Superhero Video Games with cbake76 Not All Of It Is Fake, Half Of It.

    • Superhero Video Games with cbake76
      Superhero Video Games with cbake76 5 days ago

      What do you mean by "fake"? All magic shows are fake. I saw Justin perform in person, and he said as much -- but it sure all LOOKS real, which is the point of a magic show in the first place, whether it's Justin, David Copperfield, Cris Angel, whoever...

  • No No
    No No Month ago +6

    No thanks. I like magic, but I'm not wasting my time on another season of fake magic tricks. If I want fantasy I'll watch Lord of the Rings.

  • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

    hardly a magic show, just a bunch of unbelievably fake moments with paid actors, garbage magic

    • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble
      Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble Month ago

      +1LazyCrazyLuis1 i found out by watching the stupid show, the stunts were way to unbelievable to be considered real magic, easy to make yourself look like a skilled magician when you hire actors to react to you and can video edit anything you want to make it seem like a flawless magic trick

    • 1LazyCrazyLuis1
      1LazyCrazyLuis1 Month ago

      Where did everyone found out it was fake? I really thought it was real and still cause i dont know the source who expose the show.

    • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble
      Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble Month ago

      +CoOlKyUbI96 if they want to be considered real magicians then yeah i expect them to perform real, believable magic tricks

    • CoOlKyUbI96
      CoOlKyUbI96 Month ago

      lol do you really expect real magic tricks from magicians these days? It's all about the person's charisma, since magic is easy to fake. And this guy does well being charismatic by putting humor in the "tricks"

    • 715490 926
      715490 926 Month ago

      Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble can confirm. My cousin is in the first season. The episode with the train.

  • Christine Mercado
    Christine Mercado Month ago


  • ordinary subscriber

    Guess who's back? Back again

  • Nonyplayz 23
    Nonyplayz 23 Month ago


  • Mustafa sultane
    Mustafa sultane Month ago +1

    Omg😱😱 6 million subscribers I hope one day I gonna get 6 million but I never gonna get 🙁😔

    • 715490 926
      715490 926 Month ago +2

      Mustafa sultane if you’re never gonna get 6 million then why hope? You don’t even believe in yourself in the first place.

  • Nihal Haktan
    Nihal Haktan Month ago +1

    Fucking Netflix

  • David Adoung
    David Adoung Month ago +6

    Yo when is big Mouth season 3 coming out?

  • Tanbir Maxi
    Tanbir Maxi Month ago


  • TheNextGenKiller
    TheNextGenKiller Month ago +7

    *I doubt that anyone will actually take the time to read this.....but started TheXvid not long ago and my goal is to reach 6K before my Birthday , just liking this comment so more people can notice me would help...god bless🙏💙*

    • Nexus258
      Nexus258 Month ago +1

      I can't wait for you to kill yourself

    • Trazerade
      Trazerade Month ago +1

      What's the point in having such a trash channel with subscribers with 1 video lol

    • Goatznhz
      Goatznhz Month ago +1

      You comment this on every fucking video, KYS

    • Luna Xz
      Luna Xz Month ago +1

      I Hope God Dies. Oh Wait, HE IS DEAD AND SO IS YOUR CHANNEL!!!