The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2020

  • Published on Jul 22, 2020
  • The GMTK Game Jam for 2020 was our biggest one yet. In this video, Mark runs down his 20 favourite games.

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    1 - Restless Wing Syndrome

    2 - Laserwave

    3 - A Key(s) Path

    4 - Puffballs

    5 - Hellfiler

    6 - Genre Hopper

    7 - Laser Guy (Harold)

    8 - You are now Possessed

    9 - Edna - Out of sight, out of control

    10 - Losing CTRL

    11 - Emergency Protocol

    12 - Time Lock

    13 - Crystal Ball Chaos

    14 - Two-Timin' Towers

    15 - Midnight Monorail

    16 - Make The Way

    17 - Dumber Dwarves

    18 - Shooty Ballz

    19 - Between a Clock and a Hard Place

    20 - Cleaning the System

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Comments • 1 622

  • Sam Hogan
    Sam Hogan Year ago +6861

    So many amazing games this year, HUGE congrats to the winners!!! (and great theme btw)

  • Blackthornprod
    Blackthornprod Year ago +1737

    Such inspiring creations! Thanks for hosting this cool event Mark and will be back next year for sure :)

  • Zachary Richman
    Zachary Richman Year ago +3429

    THANK YOU to everyone who played and rated Two-Timin' Towers! We're honoured to be in the top 20 with so many other great games

    • The Wind
      The Wind 3 months ago

      literally one of the best concepts i've seen. i could see myself playing for hours on end. easily my favorite from the top 20.

    • Misaomi Saratobi
      Misaomi Saratobi 6 months ago

      Dayum I love it First time that I've seen tower game where you actually interact with it waaaah

    • Zote the Mighty
      Zote the Mighty 8 months ago

      It’s in cool math games now :)

    • 2CPhoenix
      2CPhoenix 9 months ago

      It’s a seriously impressive game, and such a brilliant concept that I’m surprised I’d never seen before

    • Togglebott
      Togglebott 9 months ago

      This NEEDS to be expanded into a full game, it’s so brilliant

  • mossbag
    mossbag Year ago +5723

    Had a lot of fun participating this year! Now to mentally prepare for GMTK Game Jam 2021.

    • Seán Keogh
      Seán Keogh 4 months ago


    • Zote The Mighty Bread
      Zote The Mighty Bread 6 months ago

      Mossbag?!?! Why are you here?!???!?

    • Argus
      Argus 7 months ago

      How’s it go?

    • JThburvs
      JThburvs 7 months ago


    • Dryyghast
      Dryyghast 7 months ago

      Well this is the person I least expected to see in a GMTK comment section, let alone actively participate in their game jam

  • Carter Herrigstad
    Carter Herrigstad Year ago +2760

    Oh wow, more than half of these you showed I could easily imagine being full fledged games with a bit more pollish. Fantastic year! Thanks for bringing the community together and making this possible!

    • Simon Buck - Among us!!! )and also forite🥶🥶)
    • magnusm4
      magnusm4 Year ago +2

      Or early 2000 Newgrounds and Miniclip games.
      Back when the pros and insanely dedicated teens and nerds really put their all out for nothing just for the joy of it.
      Didn't get paid, there wasn't even advertisement for them back then yet we got so much and even some franchises not to mention the animations.

    • alPacKa-Z
      alPacKa-Z Year ago +19

      @AD The Millenium Kid The jump doesn't have a timer though, you have full control over when you jump.
      But it is a cute platformer, one of the best I've played on mobile.

    • El Andru
      El Andru Year ago +35

      Even then, with a few more levels, for 1 or 2 bucks this is an easy purchase for me

  • Haru
    Haru Year ago +2191

    It's an absolute honor te be among the 20 winners! After Losing CTRL I didn't have much faith that our game would be mentioned, and it popping up right in the next spot was stunning to say the least. Thank you so much to everyone who played and enjoyed our game, Emergency Protocol, and a big thank you to Mark for hosting this amazing Jam!

    • Haru
      Haru 11 months ago +1

      @Noah Kupinsky Thank you so much, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it ^^

    • Noah Kupinsky
      Noah Kupinsky 11 months ago +4

      I know this is super late but I just wanted to say I've tried out most of the 20 games and yours is by far my favorite - I had so much fun figuring out how to get the secret on illuminati! If you turned this into a fully fledged game I'd buy it.

    • zombieheadoink
      zombieheadoink Year ago +3

      Your game was perfect I played and voted for you

    • muzammil syed
      muzammil syed Year ago +2

      congrants bro
      right before your game it was ours
      lost signal :P
      didnt really feature but feels great

    • Fizz Please
      Fizz Please Year ago +3

      Oh my god the little smile the robot has when he makes it across is so cute

  • Carl Eric Doromal
    Carl Eric Doromal Year ago +1744

    "The Robot You Control is a Tsundere"

    Of course someone would make that

    • Stupidity Incarnate
      Stupidity Incarnate 6 months ago

      Because why the fuck wouldn't they?

    • Csaba Molnár
      Csaba Molnár Year ago +1

      @Owet haha ok

    • Owet
      Owet Year ago +2

      @Csaba Molnár I actually downloaded it btw and it was hard but also a good game

    • Csaba Molnár
      Csaba Molnár Year ago +2

      @Owet lool

    • Owet
      Owet Year ago +5

      @Csaba Molnár yes

  • Cronus
    Cronus Year ago +509

    00:49 Hey that's our game! My name is "Crowno" not "Rowno" though! haha
    But seriously it was great to finally be able to submit a game to this jam and this theme was very fun to work with. It's incredible to see how many cool ideas people managed to come up with the same theme. Congrats everyone, and thanks Mark for hosting another successful jam!

    • BAT CAT
      BAT CAT Year ago


    • Oscar
      Oscar Year ago +5

      Game Maker's Toolkit it’s ok, you were Out Of Control xd

    • ThePC007
      ThePC007 Year ago +11

      This game has superb pixel art and the idea of looking at a retro console while playing it is also really amazing. Congrats. :)

    • Game Maker's Toolkit
      Game Maker's Toolkit  Year ago +156

      Oops, sorry for the tag mess up!

    • TheGamingComputerBomb
      TheGamingComputerBomb Year ago +17

      Great job

  • Leko
    Leko Year ago +909

    It's honestly a dream come true to be part of the top 20 this year, being surrounded by so many innovative and creative ideas. Thank you so much to everyone who played and rated Restless Wing Syndrome, and to Mark for hosting this awesome event. Already looking forward to next year!

      KUNAIUCHICHA Year ago

      Why you made the bird eat bread? Do you know that bread causes birds to get sick? I understand it's a common practice to feed them bread but in media we should not promote. Pls change it to seeds, thanks

    • BAT CAT
      BAT CAT Year ago


    • Leko
      Leko Year ago +1

      @maistro gaming I use Game Maker Studio, and have been using it since around early 2017. In terms of pixel art, it's hard to date it but I'd say at least since 2014. I was in middle school and was just making bad art for my dumb little scratch games. I never really tried to improve at it or anything but eventually I just kinda got better (even though I'm still not great). Just keep putting time into it, and you'll see results :)

    • maistro gaming
      maistro gaming Year ago

      @Leko may I ask u what engine do you use and for how long u draw with pixel art coz am just starting it

    • Im Taze
      Im Taze Year ago

      @Leko okay thanks, btw good luck in brackeys jam if you participate there

  • Nestor Custodio
    Nestor Custodio Year ago +828

    CONGRATS to all the submitters for completing a game and getting your ideas out there!

    And, just as importantly, CONGRATS to everyone who gave it a shot but *didn't* submit anything! You have gained more experience than any amount of "if only I could" can ever provide.

    • Roopam Jha
      Roopam Jha Year ago


    • Felix
      Felix Year ago

      I think a few of the participants worked as teams, but I’m not sure.

    • stayphrosty
      stayphrosty Year ago +1


    • Ze'Daddy
      Ze'Daddy Year ago +4

      Valve during their wilderness period ^^^

    • Ever StanDinG
      Ever StanDinG Year ago +19

      This is the best comment

  • Melodica Dude
    Melodica Dude Year ago +414

    cleaning the system put a huge smile on my face from just how silly but great the idea is. major "Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy" vibes, but with a unique spin.

    • Revi M Fadli
      Revi M Fadli Year ago +2

      @Wires Dawson it all makes sense now

    • Kambo0
      Kambo0 Year ago +1

      I thought it was very similar to Ribbit by Nitrome. Really hit me in a spot I thought I'd forgotten and brought a smile to my face

    • Jani Kärkkäinen
      Jani Kärkkäinen Year ago +2

      Cleaning the system felt a like cross between Getting Over It and Kuru Kuru Kururin. Man I miss Kuru Kuru Kururin, I probably should play that game again.

    • Graphomite
      Graphomite Year ago +2

      My thoughts exactly. I could see Cleaning the System being a hilarious game for LPers or streamers to record.

    • Wires Dawson
      Wires Dawson Year ago +7

      @ZeikJT fun fact for anyone unaware: Q.W.O.P. was also by Bennett Foddy :)

  • Tom Cheshire
    Tom Cheshire Year ago +226

    Still can't quite believe I made it into the top 20 with Genre Hopper! I'm beyond thrilled! I love Restless Wing Syndrome and Laser Guy - honestly all of these games are brilliant! Thank you so much to Mark and everyone who played, rated or took part this year.

    • john es
      john es Year ago

      What where the prizes?

    • Itzcoatl
      Itzcoatl Year ago +2

      yo i love you're game i even downloaded it lol it's fun to relax and play sometimes keep up the good work

    • h
      h Year ago


  • Coding in Flow
    Coding in Flow 7 months ago +7

    3:26 this looks so cool

  • Ole Kaarvaag
    Ole Kaarvaag Year ago +74

    "This just needs some polish and further development and it'll be a seriously good and fun game that I and many others will want to play!" I swear I thought that like 21 times while watching this video. There are so many genuinely incredible ideas here that are just begging to be made. That last one in particular looked like a game that could be a speedrunners dream to master as well as have the mass appeal of a simple but addictive mobile game. I look forward to seeing some of these get explored in more depth.

    • King Minish
      King Minish 7 months ago

      @Jacob Wingers that's because you're a square, jimbo

    • Jacob Wingers
      Jacob Wingers Year ago +2

      I don’t think addictive is a compliment..

  • Grim Piñata
    Grim Piñata Year ago +185

    Anyone else laughing their ass off at the bouncy stick game at the end? Something about the concept and the way it moves is so... pathetic, yet extremely endearing. Poor stick.

    • Dustin
      Dustin Year ago

      Gameplay before graphics. Clean up the physics, make some more visually interesting levels and you’ve got a solid title

    • Dustin
      Dustin Year ago +18

      Gameplay before graphics. Clean up the physics, make some more visually interesting levels and you’ve got a solid title

  • Serponge Geometry Dash

    This was really fun to participate in, thanks Mark :)

    • Arnav PVPKumar
      Arnav PVPKumar Year ago

      Does anyone have a link to Serponge's game?

    • Tornado
      Tornado Year ago +12

      I shouldn’t be surprised at all to see you here given your altergame levels and mastergame, but for some reason I was surprised anyway.

  • FreshGirl 3000
    FreshGirl 3000 Year ago +63

    I found this video after stumbling upon Sam Hogan's channel and I gotta say: This is so amazing! Not only is this such an awesome, creativity-fueling challenge but the concepts people then came up with in such a short amount of time are actually incredible! Most of them even managed to add incredibly polished and unique game design and made their creations seemingly very fun to play. For someone with no game development or even coding experience this is really astounding to watch and I'm very excited for more of these challenges in the future!

    • ZeikJT
      ZeikJT Year ago +4

      There are a lot of game jams throughout the year if you're curious. Too many to count now ( but some of the bigger ones I know about are Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam, 7 Day First Person Shooter, and Train Jam (which didn't happen this year because of COVID-19).

  • Abbreviated Reviews
    Abbreviated Reviews Year ago +56

    Laserwave looks like a game I would love to get into, especially if they could get a whole bunch of good music involved.

  • Daniel Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira Year ago +25

    So proud of our game (Laser guy) being spotlighted

  • Dave Talks Video Games

    I love how much variety is here. Kudos to everyone who took part, either making or playing. That’s a staggering amount of games.

  • mt1lee
    mt1lee Year ago +2416

    So many silly games this year. Love this theme.

    • Steve Hinkle
      Steve Hinkle Year ago

      @Ron0Studios Especially Cell Machine. Once you hit Play, you can't drag the cells around until you hit Reset. Sounds boring, right? However, it's not entirely "out of control", in the sense that you can't do anything at all. Before you even hit the play button, you have to think ahead (or use the step button to test one step out at a time) while you try to move tiny blocks around in the build area. You want to blow up all the red enemy cells in order to win the level. However, a move cell might push a push cell to the wrong square, or you might forget that the direction of the slide block affects how it moves and you need to spin it around with a rotate cell, or a generator cell might generate a immobile cell that doesn't do anything when you don't want it to. It's full of excitement or fun.

    • Revi M Fadli
      Revi M Fadli Year ago +3

      They had to 'violate' the "games are made of interesting decisions" rule-of-thumb and somehow make it interesting, of course there are bound to be creative squeezes

    • Jacoby
      Jacoby Year ago

      Congrats man, you have more likes than there are comments on this video.

    • jmzlolo
      jmzlolo Year ago

      Proud to make this comment 1k

    • Raoul1808
      Raoul1808 Year ago +3

      This is why game jams are awesome. Even though you are restricted to a theme, you can make very cool games out of this limitation.

  • makra
    makra Year ago +19

    Participating in this jam was such a great experience, glad that my first game jam was the biggest online jam ever 😁

  • AtymTima Games
    AtymTima Games Year ago +15

    Regardless of who got to the top 100 list, I think the jam proves how creative and original we all can be, and what we can achieve with our imagination. The great video, jam, and community!

  • GryphShot
    GryphShot Year ago +7

    This was my first jam but wow was it fun! I'm proud to say I reached my goal of rating 100+ games. It was cool to talk with the different devs and see all the takes on the theme.

    Big thanks to everyone who played and/or commented on my team's game, Bloodlust

  • hruks
    hruks Year ago +7

    It was very fun being part of the jam! Thank you to everyone who played my game "Suspicious Sheep" and watched the DevLog! :)

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Year ago +108

    14:32 mind was kind of blown with that one, that guy should work on that a little bit and release it

    • stayphrosty
      stayphrosty Year ago +2


    • Grimmer
      Grimmer Year ago +20

      As a free 2 play on mobiles (I know, I know but hey, everyone needs money) it would be a hit.

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago +11

    21:03 happy to see that this game made it in the top 20

    edit: great background music choice btw^^

  • Camaika Amelung
    Camaika Amelung Year ago +5

    It is amazing to see, what cool ideas the fellow jammers had. Participating in the jam was a blast, thank you so much!

  • Catgirl Princess Félicie

    Deepnight is a game jam genius, been doing this for decades and he's still got it!

  • BadPiggy
    BadPiggy Year ago +14

    LoL. I was ranked at #190 overall. Missed the top 100 by 90 games. Oh well, not bad none the less. Congrats to the winners and the ones selected by Mark :)

  • Toby Clements
    Toby Clements Year ago +14

    I know this is really for game devs, but, as a lowly back-end engineer, i really enjoyed the whole thing. I don't want to sound naive but its a really nice online experience and those don't really exist anymore. Nice to see.

    • Punocchio
      Punocchio Year ago

      @Toby Clements Oh sure, I agree on that second part. :)

    • Toby Clements
      Toby Clements Year ago

      @Punocchio Sure, i mean (to my mind) if you can develop a game thats playable: you are a game developer. I meant its enjoyable to observe regardless of being able to contribute.

    • Punocchio
      Punocchio Year ago

      I don't really think this is for game devs only. Anyone who can make something playable can submit a piece of software.

  • Neat Games
    Neat Games Year ago +5

    It was a great jam! These top 20 are so awesome! I need to study coding more XD Glad I tried something new, mixed with something I've done before. (only half stress haha) I got to play 215 games and 177 played my game. Thanks for all the awesome feedback! I made a devlog for my game :D

  • Hayden C.
    Hayden C. Year ago +17

    16:07 Make the Way is just like Lego Junkbot! It was an old flash game on the lego website where you had to build lego terrain around Junkbot, who was constantly moving, so he could reach the goal. Brings back memories

  • Jelle Vermandere
    Jelle Vermandere Year ago +2

    Congratulations to all the winners those were some real gems alright!

  • TimeToGrind
    TimeToGrind Year ago +2

    I want a lot of these to get worked on and fully launched as games. It would be so fun to review some of these quirky concepts.

  • Jimmy Keffer
    Jimmy Keffer Year ago +3

    I was there during your first run of cleaning the system! I’m SO glad to see you actually liked the games from the stream 😆

  • Grant Manor
    Grant Manor Year ago +4

    This was my first jam. I had a great time!

  • Nekros Arts
    Nekros Arts Year ago +1

    This theme gave broad opportunities for interpretations. I'd love to have this comming year as well!

  • El Andru
    El Andru Year ago +35

    I thought there were not that many good game designers in the world.

    Now I know they are just not recognized. These are genius!

    • stayphrosty
      stayphrosty Year ago


    • kasiapeia highlights
      kasiapeia highlights Year ago

      @El Andru Nah I'm not getting heated, don't worry. Just know that it's hard to know game design politics if you're not in game design 😊

    • El Andru
      El Andru Year ago +4

      @kasiapeia highlights Yeah, chill out, I never mentioned publishers but that is what I was referring to.

      I told you I'm on the side of the devs, its the people that hide creative potential who I'm disappointed in.

      I of course know about financially risky things, but I believe that good game design can stretch the core of a franchise and make the next iteration of it. I think getting too stale will eventually hurt the franchise so experimentation needs to keep happening in order for the franchise to keep itself alive and strong.

      I don't know if you are getting heated over this which it's not my intention, because we are basically agreeing on everything.

    • kasiapeia highlights
      kasiapeia highlights Year ago +1

      @El Andru You're putting that on developers and not publishers/publishing companies, though. AAA devs don't get that kind of input because we have to listen to what our bosses are saying we should do. The only exception are game directors who get to pitch the actual game ideas. Furthermore, most of the time, we're not really allowed to take too many risks because it's seen as financially risky / goes against previously established game design rules, like long grass is something you can always hide in, etc. The issue here isn't the devs :/ it's the fucking system. Trust me, we want to make AAA games that are more risky but it's borderline impossible to get the money. An AAA mobile game can cost about $1M to make with a full team of 20. Console games are closer to about 30-40M, and trust me, it fucking sucks to be told that your idea is good but that it's not something the studio is willing to risk the money on :(

    • El Andru
      El Andru Year ago +2

      @kasiapeia highlights Yes, thats what I'm saying, but I need to see devs like these create big budget titles since they have the design and principles down so good that experimentation often goes great.

      Most AAA titles are very uninspired in my opinion, its very rehashed and a chore to play.

      These devs show that great questions are still left behind and need exploration. That is what my comment was referring to, I hate that they have such a small light when they have the biggest creative power.

      Like the new Halo, "what if it was Halo 1... But with grappling hook?!?!". That is boring.

  • MondayHopscotch
    MondayHopscotch Year ago +2

    GMTK Jam has become my favorite jam to participate in. GGJ used to be king, but they make it very hard to participate remotely (granted... they don't want you to do it). Their themes used to be good, but the past 2 years have started feeling less and less interesting. Ludum Dare is the one I've done the most of, but their themes pretty much always disappoint XD. I look forward to the 2021 jam to continue the great experience the last 2 have been.

  • mbncd
    mbncd Year ago +1

    So many amazing games! I think the one that made me think the most was One Last Game. So simple yet so effective!

  • Pixelgrapher
    Pixelgrapher Year ago +1

    I'm so impressed by all the clever ideas people had this year.

  • Matthew Telles
    Matthew Telles Year ago +2

    Your editing is so expressive that whenever I finish a new video I want to watch it again.

    Me: I wonder if ‘Bob’ made it into the vid-... never mind.

  • Depressed COBRA
    Depressed COBRA Year ago +5

    Mark: I can’t play every game I don’t have the time

    Also mark: I beat this game 4 times

  • Skeffles
    Skeffles Year ago +1

    This was my first game jam in a long time and I really enjoyed it.

  • Detectiv L
    Detectiv L Year ago +1

    That makes me want to engage in Game developing even more!

  • David Snyder
    David Snyder Year ago +1

    I'd love to see a retrospective of jam ideas that were eventually polished and released.

  • Nicolas Le Jeune
    Nicolas Le Jeune Year ago +1

    It was a great experience to participate in this jam! Now time to play this awesome games.

  • Tedi47
    Tedi47 Year ago

    these were wonderful!
    congrats to all the participants for making this happen, seeing all these games and ideas are a treat

  • F. Helgesen
    F. Helgesen Year ago +2

    Happy to see One Last Game in the top 100. I'm a sucker for effective narratives, and I didn't find any other game as gripping.

  • AtticusFinn
    AtticusFinn Year ago

    This was my first jam, I had a blast and it was so cool to see so many amazing games. Thanks for organizing it Mark!

  • Kech - agmaio
    Kech - agmaio 10 months ago

    This was soo inspiring, i loved all of the creative takes on the theme

  • Benjamin Scott
    Benjamin Scott Year ago

    Holy crap, I'm so impressed. This is one of the few times where lots and lots of creators can get together and do something amazing.

  • labdG
    labdG Year ago +1

    16:11 This reminds me of an old flash game called Lego Junkbot.
    The robot walked by itself (like the one seen at the time stamp) and the player moved around lego pieces to change the environment.
    It works very similarly to this game but it's way slower and perhaps more methodical, even though it's played in real time. All the lego bricks you can use in a level are there from the start. You just move them around. Sometimes they're an obstacle themselves since you can only move them, not delete them. Also, the game counts how many times the player move bricks in a level so there is reason to go back and redo a level if you think you can do it with less moves. It had a sequel called Junkbot Undercover. Both of them are classics of my childhood. :D

  • Porky Orcy
    Porky Orcy Year ago

    Honestly I feel like a good 5 of these can be spread into full, really great puzzle games

  • eskreskao
    eskreskao Year ago +8

    I'm shocked that out of the twenty highlighted games only one went the pun route of interpreting "control" as the ctrl key.

  • OffModelCartoon
    OffModelCartoon 11 months ago

    So many amazingly creative interpretations of the theme.

  • Hayden Lacroix
    Hayden Lacroix Year ago +1

    It's amazing what stylized games people can make in just 48 hours. I hope someday I can participate in a game jam.

  • Geegaz
    Geegaz Year ago +1

    Thank you a LOT for featuring my game in the results, it's been a great experience for me ^^

  • Camilo Díez
    Camilo Díez Year ago +1

    As someone who just started (trying) to learn programming, I am in awe that people made THESE in just 48 hours!! From design to code to playtesting, I can barely wrap my head around it! Many kudos to ALL participants, your creativity and thrive are truly an inspiration.

    I also want to emphazise this fact: There are now 5477 new pieces of interactive media that didn't exist last month. That is both a fascinating and heartbreaking prospect, since most of us will never get to play a fraction of these in our lifetime.

  • Weintraub Scotty
    Weintraub Scotty 10 months ago

    I always love this over and over again. I use this for writing stories in school. Amazing!

  • spoonsweet
    spoonsweet Year ago +786

    I missed the lore: Did he buy a new keyboard or not?

    • IgorTheLight
      IgorTheLight Year ago +2

      @spoonsweet There is no such thing as "too much clak-a-clak-a!"
      If you know what I mean ;-)

    • spoonsweet
      spoonsweet Year ago +1

      @Kali Takumi #2 (Laserwave) is correct.

    • spoonsweet
      spoonsweet Year ago +12

      @SIN NOMBRE Mr Brown himself. The chat was A N G E R Y because of "clak-a-clak-a"

      SIN NOMBRE Year ago +3


    • Kali Takumi
      Kali Takumi Year ago +30

      I still have no idea if this is a joke about the theme or everybody giving super chats so that Mark can buy a quieter keyboard

  • shinobody
    shinobody Year ago +3

    In case you want to see someone cover more of these, channel Randomize User has a series covering some of the top games from the jam.

  • Frame By Frame Studios
    Frame By Frame Studios 7 months ago

    I think the best part of these game jams are just playing hours of these amazing games on one webpage. Amazing!

  • Major Bruno
    Major Bruno Year ago

    This jam has been so much fun, and I've been so impressed by how friendly, hardworking, and creative the whole community has been. Congrats all, and can't wait for next year!

  • Daniel9129
    Daniel9129 Year ago +5

    number 20 is just like the game "Ribbit" from Nitrome and i loved that game
    so i will also try this other thing

  • Brenin Watson
    Brenin Watson Year ago +1

    So much creativity this year, I love it.

  • titz
    titz Year ago +1

    these are some really great ideas! my favorite was the game which is a bullet hell and a tower defense at the same time.

  • Milo Curran
    Milo Curran Year ago

    These games are genius. I'm so inspired, thank you !

  • Nick Baker
    Nick Baker Year ago

    These never fail to make me smile. Such wonderful creativity from everyone involved!

  • Remington Lewis
    Remington Lewis Year ago

    Thanks for making this happen, it's so inspiring

  • Joseph Chambers
    Joseph Chambers Year ago

    The level of games that come from these are always truly extraordinary!

  • icetube 3200
    icetube 3200 Year ago +2

    "Bonsai Fairy" reminds me a lot of "Bonsai Baber" for the Wii. Great game.

  • Shawn Heatherly
    Shawn Heatherly Year ago

    Hope to see some of these get expanded on, I love seeing game jam projects be retooled into full games.

  • AtlasAesthetics Trainer

    The overwhelming creativity of these games brings me so much joy.

  • 8enb
    8enb Year ago +1

    Awesome jam! Thanks for doing it! Can't believe I got top 100 overall and top 50 in fun on my 2nd game ever! (Crazy Colosseum)

  • The Appreciative Minimalist

    Wow some absolute gems in here, thank you so much for running the Jam, it got me back into Unity and making games - also my first game jam and have only good things to say about the itch io community...until next time.

  • Lewis does Stuff
    Lewis does Stuff Year ago +1

    Its amazing how skilled people are, i cant even make a block move forward.

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    These are very helpful, for me I’m planning on making an incredible game. I actually only started thinking of it today. and my dad is an engineer at LEGO and he loves coding and I’m an artist. like a year ago my dad bought me a book about coding and I really want to learn it. the game will include lots of turtles. because I love turtles it will probably also include JoJo references. because I’m a huge weeb (sorry for grammatical errors It’s not my first language)

  • Daniel Abeleira
    Daniel Abeleira Year ago +77

    I've already seen so many amazing games from this jam I can't imagine what will be in the top 20

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    Brian Furdon 8 months ago

    Please release full versions of these everyone! They all looked more fun than most 3D games

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    Okay, I would love to try Two-timing Towers.

    If there's one thing that Game Jams can do is that they can give a beloved genre an awesome new mechanic.

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    Wow! These games look amazing. The levels of polish are honestly unbelievable considering the time available. Can't wait to play some of 'em!

    8:43 is hilarious. "Mind my personal space!"

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    You've had my interest but now you have my attention

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    Gamer Man Year ago

    Amazing work vimlark for getting a spot there and to everyone else those games looked so cool

  • Lishtenbird
    Lishtenbird Year ago +1

    Mark: Here are 20 games with great new mechanics!
    My mind: OMG, a ROBOT TSUNDERE?!

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    casseith 11 months ago

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