The Try Guys Try CrossFit

  • Will Keith make it through his first CrossFit workout?
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Comments • 80

  • Dragon Lady #2
    Dragon Lady #2 8 hours ago +1

    I do CrossFit in my middle school. It's a lot of fun but challenging as well.

  • Liza Chen
    Liza Chen 11 hours ago +1

    Keith, I was a professional Coach for years and seeing you do SO well and take this so seriously was awesome...(the Tai-Chi were great)!!! Ps. Keep it up! You will feel so much better abt your self when you are stronger and in shape annnnnd your wife can't keep her hands off your muscles !!! Stay healthy & fit guys!!!!

  • Valentina Maio
    Valentina Maio 17 hours ago

    This was such an inspiring video

  • Megan Newell
    Megan Newell Day ago

    I’m 12 years old and our school has a new gym teacher this year that makes us do fitness days probably every other week. I think once we did over 200 air squats and everyone I mean EVERYONE was sore for 3 days
    Note: we were used to doing games in gym class that don’t require any physical activity

  • Bethany Cooke
    Bethany Cooke Day ago

    This trainer is hot.

  • Bougie Al
    Bougie Al Day ago

    “ I burn a calorie “ had me dying!!! 😂

  • Somila Mfene
    Somila Mfene Day ago

    I just love Zach.

  • Saeyoung Choi
    Saeyoung Choi 3 days ago

    10:27 Zach looks like a cute Chicken Little. Like that face can still be cute even if he squirmed like a baby.

  • I just needed An account name

    I have this 14 yo friend I play volleyball with and she is SO sweet but she is RIPPED, like ACTUALLY ripped and she LOVES cross fit😂

  • George Olumcev
    George Olumcev 5 days ago +1

    Sorry its great that your trying to get in to shape but to be honest crosfit sucks

  • Divyashree Venkatachalm

    I kinda feel sorry for Zach

  • j. fh
    j. fh 7 days ago

    omg eugene huggin keith moment at the end

  • Color Less
    Color Less 8 days ago

    I wanna do crossfit I wanna do crossfit I wanna do crossfit BUT I'M A HERMIT I DONT EVEN KNOW ANY GYM NEAR OUR HOUSE

  • Grady Gugin
    Grady Gugin 9 days ago

    This is actually the worst

  • ———Lucky Chan———

    A man with a crippling disease vs a man *almost* as good as a man with a crippling disease

  • Julia L
    Julia L 9 days ago

    LMAO very proudly says : "i brought my other weak buddy :)"

  • Dougy Dozier
    Dougy Dozier 10 days ago

    Eugene is wearing the hood to establish dominance

  • Chris M
    Chris M 10 days ago

    "Eventually your body doesn't work for you, it works against you, and you have to take care of it." So true. I felt that internal change somewhere right around the age of 25.

  • Liliana Grillo
    Liliana Grillo 10 days ago

    I swear all CrossFit trainers are like this they are all so nice and encouraging and like I am thirteen and able to do it because of the scaling.

  • E K
    E K 11 days ago

    I honestly feel like Keith constantly operates at like, 30% of what he's actually capable of. I think this every time I see him in a video, there is so much more he could be I feel, he just needs to get himself there....

  • Random Royston123
    Random Royston123 11 days ago

    Everyone else's weight: 45-65
    Eugene's weight: 95

  • BestFriendPlayz
    BestFriendPlayz 12 days ago +1

    Next video: Keith’s 400 Chicken nugget challenge

  • Nymphaea Lily
    Nymphaea Lily 13 days ago

    Took me a while but I finally realized what Keith’s shirt was.

  • Elias Håkansson
    Elias Håkansson 13 days ago


  • 7
    7 14 days ago

    Just into the video, gotta say- Awesome trainer!!!

  • Cecília Furtado
    Cecília Furtado 14 days ago +1

    everytime I pass by a crossfit gym it sounds like 30 people being tortured at the same time

  • TakeMy BrokenSoul
    TakeMy BrokenSoul 14 days ago

    I was eating ice cream while watching this

  • winnywolfe
    winnywolfe 14 days ago

    maybe Keith shouldn't be such a massive pussy...

  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller 15 days ago +1

    I love Keith, but his elbows in this video are really bothering me.

  • Bess Wiemerslage
    Bess Wiemerslage 16 days ago

    I remember watching this when it first was uploaded and being inspired so I started working out more and now watching it again I know exactly what he’s feeling. Like watching his legs quiver a little bit on his last squats, I can remember that feeling

  • Might be AT
    Might be AT 17 days ago

    There is no one on that video that has a fit body

  • Neal
    Neal 18 days ago

    I wanna see the try guys gave a trainer and nutritionist work with them forb8 weeks and see their results

  • thrxd eye
    thrxd eye 18 days ago

    Don't stress yourself to much Keith, you'll do great over time.

  • faicotone
    faicotone 21 day ago

    I wish they would take into account health problems. All those bar lifting can't be good for Zach's spine.

  • Zozo Ladybug16
    Zozo Ladybug16 24 days ago

    I'm out of breath just watching this

  • will meyers
    will meyers 24 days ago

    He means dysfunctional fitness the proper way to do an improper pull up - Dom

  • Ian Bourne
    Ian Bourne 24 days ago

    Thank you Keith, this video inspired me to try cross fit for the first time.

  • Guarlaon
    Guarlaon 24 days ago

    I never went to a gym or crossfit... I really want to be less skinny and more healthy... But I really don't fit in this scenario and really need to find a safe place to start slowly and confiant. Any suggestion about what i can do?

  • Jimmy Shover
    Jimmy Shover 25 days ago

    are any of you sexy try guys gay? asking for a friend....wink

  • The Occasional Snickerdoodle

    Ariel's sister needs to teach Keith how to properly erg

  • Patrick Baitman
    Patrick Baitman 27 days ago

    The Try "Guys".

  • Rebeca Puebla
    Rebeca Puebla 27 days ago

    Watching this after my first ever cross fit workout 🏋️‍♀️ definitely made my day. Typing is hard right now though 😅

  • Franktherank 369
    Franktherank 369 28 days ago

    3:49 nutt

  • Antonio R
    Antonio R 28 days ago

    The try guys lose muscles

  • Calum Hughes
    Calum Hughes 28 days ago

    I know Keith is a long lad but surely the guys can find some coin in the budget for a shirt that fits...

  • szekowski
    szekowski 28 days ago

    This was supposed to be from a book and now Its for a view

  • 13teddies13
    13teddies13 28 days ago

    I love the trainer- so focused on encouraging them and helping grow their confidence. That’s so important- helping people believe in themselves to grow, rather than shaming or pressuring them. Understanding how hard it can be for people to start and keep going, and helping them grow in confidence. Why I love my gym instructed to, she’s so great at encouraging and pumping us up, while still allowing us our capacity

  • Téo Wermeille
    Téo Wermeille 29 days ago

    Love seeing all these idiots not knowing crossfit and saying whatever kinda shit that s pretty funny

    • evan
      evan 17 days ago

      oh youre just looking at the mirror

  • Téo Wermeille
    Téo Wermeille 29 days ago

    Legit the best sport out there 6 months and y all become beasts

  • you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shi

    They should try calisthenics next

  • Reading Swimmer
    Reading Swimmer Month ago +1

    Honestly me working out
    I BURNED A CALORIE!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳

  • The Moody Red
    The Moody Red Month ago

    this kinda inspire me a lil bit i been doing no-equipment tabata workout at home cuz I couldn't afford membership at the gym like I used to. what i learned from the gym, I took it home.

  • Amy estrada-tello
    Amy estrada-tello Month ago

    Overweight 26 year old here. I really would love a hourglass figure. Two issues: food and depression

    • Maob08
      Maob08 29 days ago

      Have you tried yoga? 10 minutes every day at home. Do you yoga 30 day challenge. You can do it at your own pace without anyone watching (and screw up all the time without anyone judging) and exercise releases endorphins that make you feel better. Maybe it helps you with everything.

  • p0lyf0nisk
    p0lyf0nisk Month ago +1

    "I should change my lifesyle so I don't have that situation" *Goes on an eating-spree across the country*

    • Roex PMagtajas
      Roex PMagtajas 28 days ago

      Yes, his eating the menu series is one of the reason why he wants to be fit and healthy 🤗

  • Brandon Bisel
    Brandon Bisel Month ago

    Jesus Christ, I have more testosterone in my left testicle than all these “guys” combined 😂.

    • evan
      evan 17 days ago

      but you have a micropenis

    DANA LEPRE Month ago

    Great vid!

  • valsi
    valsi Month ago

    Watching the technique on the rower makes me cry

  • James Dawson
    James Dawson Month ago

    0:00 literally me in the gym

  • UnderGreenThunder
    UnderGreenThunder Month ago +1

    Maybe stop eating everything from every fast food restaurant if you don’t want to have a heart attack...

  • Chris Puente
    Chris Puente Month ago +1

    Cross fit is basically do as much as you can as fast as you can it's way more effective to go slow

  • Liv Marlin
    Liv Marlin Month ago +3


  • Daniel Tremble
    Daniel Tremble Month ago +2

    This is fucking depressing

  • audrey robin
    audrey robin Month ago +2

    He is such a great trainer! He really encourage Keith and Zach to try their hardest and putting them out of their comfort zone while still being able to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Congrats to Keith and Zach on their journey! It inspired to work out again because I relate so much to Keith. Putting myself out there and to try my best is so hard because I can't help to feel insecure and intimidated by my classmates or people around me

  • Spung
    Spung Month ago

    Bruh these guys are cheeks af i can fucking clean 375

    • monteWtf lul
      monteWtf lul Month ago

      375 would put you into the 1% nah fam u aint cleanin 375 most people who been lifting years can't even bench 375 even

  • Del Flack
    Del Flack Month ago

    I love how supportive Zach is in this video

  • Bad Puppy
    Bad Puppy Month ago

    And they say masculinity is dead. You go girl!

  • sean callahan
    sean callahan Month ago

    You lost all your man cards by the age of 10 didn't you? My God.

  • Megan Cinco
    Megan Cinco Month ago

    I'm 14 and I do this whilst carrying 35kg is that bad for my age?

    • evan
      evan 17 days ago

      its fine just do your best

  • itsRT
    itsRT Month ago

    Is that meant to be the after photo in the thumbnail?

  • Xavier Kidston
    Xavier Kidston Month ago

    It's really interesting seeing how similar lower testosterone male groups behave more feminine. All my homies go "bitch weight" at the end of my set and I strict OHP 155lbs 3x6. I do not envy it for the gym, but it'd be nice elsewhere.

    • Xavier Kidston
      Xavier Kidston 17 days ago

      @evan then that's in your perception and not my responsibility. As previously stated, FOH homie.

    • evan
      evan 17 days ago

      @Xavier Kidston it just happens

    • evan
      evan 17 days ago

      @Xavier Kidston who the fuck admits that they are trying to be cool

    • Xavier Kidston
      Xavier Kidston 17 days ago

      @evan You don't like the vernacular? Oh well. Learn to live with the way other people type and talk. And at no point did I say I was cool, I have information I deemed relevant to a singular statement and some people seem to be triggered by it.
      So I guess FOH homie

    • evan
      evan 17 days ago

      @Xavier Kidston youre like that weird kid that tries to be cool but fails miserablly

  • Meak The trooper
    Meak The trooper Month ago

    Nice job

  • Velmat
    Velmat Month ago

    The best motivation is hastened death

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury Month ago +40

    I generally don’t like CrossFit as a whole. That said this trainer is amazing, scaling to the individual, focus on the form, and building the clients confidence. This is some of the best work I’ve seen-from a trainer and I’m very happy for Keith starting down his fitness journey.

    • J. St
      J. St Month ago +1

      Yeah I guess that's what CrossFit once was supposed to be. I like to concept of crosstraing for ppl in the army or the police force. done right it can be beneficial for those individuals. but CrossFit turned in to that cult lead by badly educated trainers. having more trainers like this would be helpful to improve the quality. but well I don't think we will...

  • Lisa13245
    Lisa13245 Month ago

    "i burned a calorie"

  • Amber Clark
    Amber Clark Month ago

    Loved this episode. Gave me great insight of how males also can feel insecure and it's not just is females. I absolutely love Keith!

  • James Knorr
    James Knorr Month ago

    “I’m screaming just like I knew I would”

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams Month ago

    This is the physical equivalent of saying you never read or something... Just weird.

  • kshamwhizzle
    kshamwhizzle Month ago +16

    "I'm 31 and never had a fitness routine."
    that statement makes me really glad I've had various phases of being a gym rat/running addict through my 20s. having some form of base fitness level makes life a lot easier when you decide to want to get fit again.

  • Casie conley
    Casie conley Month ago

    Anyone else catch how UNCOMFORTABLE Eugine was during the group hug?!? 😂😂😂

  • Lena C
    Lena C Month ago

    I'm a fan of the environment crossfit gyms create but oh boy all this jerking and working with momentum gives you zero control over movement and this in combination with weights is so unhealthy for your joints