LIVE! Netball World Cup | England vs New Zealand

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
    Live coverage of England against New Zealand in the 2019 Netball World Cup.
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Comments • 25

  • Chris garlick
    Chris garlick Month ago

    It's sad when a homophobe's team wins. :(

  • Mackem Scouse
    Mackem Scouse Month ago +2

    If anyone says "England made us proud " I will............

  • Tony Maxwell Hatt
    Tony Maxwell Hatt Month ago +2

    Well done New Zealand, great result.

  • jos lippy
    jos lippy Month ago +4

    Thank God at least the rules of Netball has not been tampered with or as yet, Well done New Zealand love from Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Buffalo 66
    Buffalo 66 Month ago

    I told you they wont win the cup but England was so close to beating New Zealand. Well done to New Zealand reaching a 6th netball world cup final. Retarded British fans and the media were saying the world cup is coming home. Absolute imbeciles.

  • Ruth Sarpong
    Ruth Sarpong Month ago


  • Chloe XoX
    Chloe XoX Month ago +4

    Thought england had a good chance of winning

  • graham Pull
    graham Pull Month ago +2

    Read the score and weep

  • Ian Trotman
    Ian Trotman Month ago +2

    Another sport thrown in the gutter by Neville tribe...

  • Blackjack650 jones
    Blackjack650 jones Month ago

    Awful passing from the start

  • graham Pull
    graham Pull Month ago

    Second prize sorry English cricket rules the world

  • Yasmine Bailey
    Yasmine Bailey Month ago +2

    Wats the score plz

  • Suaird
    Suaird Month ago +3

    Nice to see New Zealand get some luck after being robbed in the Cricket.

    • Mackem Scouse
      Mackem Scouse Month ago

      @graham Pull .Have you seen the womens cricket Ashes score? I am English but we are crap.

    • jos lippy
      jos lippy Month ago +2

      @Sean Lewis Bullshit, the ICC (formally known as the MCC) are notoriously know for changing and tweaking the rules of international cricket, to give England an advantage, cheating all the way to the world cup.

    • jos lippy
      jos lippy Month ago +2

      @MrOasis316 they were blatantly robbed.

    • graham Pull
      graham Pull Month ago

      Go and tell your daddy someone is being mean to you stop sniveling