• Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is here! Let's start with a bang and open some packs.
    Thanks to Gamechangers for the early access!
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    TWOSYNC  24 days ago +38

    Nearly 6k likes and gaming trending ❤❤ thankyou! Watch more -

    • Crm_Atomic
      Crm_Atomic 22 days ago

      I packed ronaldo I have proof I got him in hybrid nations sbc (Web app)

    • DeelaMillard
      DeelaMillard 23 days ago

      They did 2 vids a day last year I’m sure why not this year 😭

    • ethan peirce
      ethan peirce 24 days ago

      Get moussa sissoka

    • Harry Bogue
      Harry Bogue 24 days ago

      My first free pack was bale this year absolutely gassed!!!!

    • Shaker Ronaldo
      Shaker Ronaldo 24 days ago

      TWOSYNC I got aubameyang in my 2k fifa points pack opening he cost about 300-400k iam buzzing with that

  • Charlie Winsor
    Charlie Winsor Day ago

    I packed neymar on the web app

  • Balthazar Werner
    Balthazar Werner 16 days ago +7

    I think everyone gets van dijk

  • Joseph Toby
    Joseph Toby 19 days ago

    Are you still double uploading or nah

  • Aaron Shaw
    Aaron Shaw 20 days ago +6

    Why did chris sell oblak. He will sky rocket in price

  • Conall Moffat
    Conall Moffat 20 days ago

    Chris get Ozil for CAM

  • Simon Løkeberg
    Simon Løkeberg 21 day ago

    Chris get zaha and Benjamin mendy

  • Paolo Romeo
    Paolo Romeo 21 day ago +4

    Do 433(3) and buy saint maximin with Vardy at st and magic at cdm 👍

    • C A
      C A 21 day ago

      @Ultra- Eaglee he's extinct

    • Simon Løkeberg
      Simon Løkeberg 21 day ago

      Who is magic?

    • Ultra- Eaglee
      Ultra- Eaglee 21 day ago

      Paolo Romeo saint maximin is like 10-15 k I think

  • Aalto Järvelä-Rooney


  • QuAnTuM xNIx
    QuAnTuM xNIx 22 days ago

    I packed son aswell as bale. To my suprise son sells for 310k and bale for 170k. So my best start ever

  • Ben sb
    Ben sb 23 days ago +3

    I packed Bale from a 25k pack and Bernardo from losing a draft final

  • Ben sb
    Ben sb 23 days ago +6

    Incase anyone doesn’t know how to tell if it’s a walkout...
    You see the lights at the top of the pack. After they stop flashing the one on the left flashes individually if it’s a walkout

    • Matt Chapman
      Matt Chapman 20 days ago

      When he got his walkout it flashed on the left

    • Matt Chapman
      Matt Chapman 20 days ago

      Yeah that’s how walkouts work

    • Lewiz hamiltonn
      Lewiz hamiltonn 22 days ago

      Ben sb when Chris got oblak it didn’t do that I don’t think

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill 23 days ago

    Liked and retweeted!

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young 23 days ago +9

    Matt cancel ur preorder on Microsoft website like so he can see

  • Kenneth Alvarado
    Kenneth Alvarado 23 days ago


  • deano 1
    deano 1 23 days ago

    I got icon on my starter sbc 7500 pack 😂 never packed one before. Was screaming house down 😂😂😂 86 over mars. Not the best. But nearly 300k without a penny on the game. But he’s in my starter team until I like points on Thursday !!!

  • Sam
    Sam 23 days ago


  • Lewis Hudson
    Lewis Hudson 23 days ago

    Just use his console matt

  • D ović
    D ović 23 days ago

    9:49 that is so annoying when he chooses the first player

  • Aran Bal
    Aran Bal 23 days ago +3

    Hopefully Chris and Matt have better videos for Fifa 20

  • Dexter Woolley
    Dexter Woolley 23 days ago +3

    So jokes 😂😂😂

  • Griffer Csgo
    Griffer Csgo 23 days ago

    Keep Keita

  • coco gaming
    coco gaming 23 days ago

    Pele buy now price 7million

  • Fin Dodds
    Fin Dodds 23 days ago +3

    Get kepa

    • SD5104
      SD5104 23 days ago

      Envy Mist he good?

  • Khalid Zayed
    Khalid Zayed 23 days ago +1

    Like stop to be fucked an start to do content

  • Solomon Platt
    Solomon Platt 23 days ago

    Do the teemu pukki sbc cracking plurrrrrr

  • marc palin
    marc palin 23 days ago +2


  • Regan T
    Regan T 23 days ago +2

    Matt please try Ashley Barnes he’s been incredible for me and idk y 😂😂

  • Ace Senseii
    Ace Senseii 23 days ago +3

    If you see the fireworks in the tunnel it's a walkout

    • Bohdan Corr
      Bohdan Corr 23 days ago

      What’s wrong with u
      Its only if the left light bulb on the fireworks blow its a walkout

  • Sam D
    Sam D 24 days ago +5

    The pack says Van dijk is in it

  • MincraftIsBetterThan Robox

    Did Matt and Chris game share Fifa?

  • xd_ahmed
    xd_ahmed 24 days ago +5

    what you doing mr web app

  • Tyler Lamb56
    Tyler Lamb56 24 days ago +3

    My dad has 54 k all ready!

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones 24 days ago +1

    i went with rush because i’m welsh

  • Alex 120106
    Alex 120106 24 days ago +1

    Everyone got same loans

  • tyler caulfield
    tyler caulfield 24 days ago

    I got untradeable if mertens from a 2 player pack

  • ethan peirce
    ethan peirce 24 days ago

    Get moussa sissoko

  • surinder singh
    surinder singh 24 days ago +2

    So happy you guys are back😊😊😊

  • Jake Wilders
    Jake Wilders 24 days ago +6

    The chances of getting Van Dijk in the pack is 100%😂🥺

  • Bevan Leeke
    Bevan Leeke 24 days ago

    Get the pukki sbc ! He’s an animal !

  • Alex Carr
    Alex Carr 24 days ago

    Allan Saint Maximin from Newcastle United is pretty good for a start of the game player, full of pace and if you put Haller from West Ham ST, it works very well. Keep up the good work!

  • Sam Sopowski
    Sam Sopowski 24 days ago

    Please see this and shout me out

  • Preda Black
    Preda Black 24 days ago +2

    matt you can play 10 hours on EA Acces

  • Liam Daviess
    Liam Daviess 24 days ago +1

    Do you guys like Liam Gallagher?

  • BobbyArsenal yt
    BobbyArsenal yt 24 days ago +3

    Loving new content

  • Umair Iqbal
    Umair Iqbal 24 days ago +1

    Made the likes to 6k feels good

    • Umair Iqbal
      Umair Iqbal 22 days ago

      TWOSYNC im too broke to get any,dont even hav ea access😓

    • Umair Iqbal
      Umair Iqbal 22 days ago

      TWOSYNC how do i get fifa points from u😂❤️

      TWOSYNC  24 days ago +1


  • Alfie Taylor
    Alfie Taylor 24 days ago

    Adrian in gk to link to both CB

  • GavinT
    GavinT 24 days ago +1

    Check out my latest TheXvid vids. I would highly appreciate the love!

  • yourboy alia
    yourboy alia 24 days ago +1

    did you say you were doing rtg

  • Harvey Locke Edmunds
    Harvey Locke Edmunds 24 days ago +1


  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 24 days ago +4

    When you realise everyone gets the same 3 loan players 🤦‍♂️

  • Live Games
    Live Games 24 days ago +2

    I hate psg and what ea giving me in all my packs 3 walkouts from psg :-(

  • Dennis H
    Dennis H 24 days ago +5

    Don’t sell players now prices will go up

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy 24 days ago +2

    How can you login into the web app without having logged into the main game yet?

  • cb11 1
    cb11 1 24 days ago +2

    Theyve gone a bit hard on murray's pace, 😭😂

    • VeinClan
      VeinClan 23 days ago

      Thank you for aknowladging that to

  • Zac Rineer
    Zac Rineer 24 days ago

    Pukki SBC

  • Freddo
    Freddo 24 days ago +1

    imagine the guys doing an rtg, would absolutely clown it

  • Lewis Carr
    Lewis Carr 24 days ago +3

    Matt says what are the chances of packing van dijk 100% ahah it’s a grantee mutck love tho ahah

  • Max Piattella
    Max Piattella 24 days ago +2

    Kinda retro twosync vibes from this vid, loving it

  • Curry Goodness
    Curry Goodness 24 days ago

    Send me fifa points ps4