Joe Rogan Experience #1313 - Duncan Trussell

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.

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  • Trenton Senft
    Trenton Senft Day ago

    Joe said he wore his white nasa suit on Podcast #666 but he is totally mistaken 😗

  • Robert Jacobson
    Robert Jacobson Day ago

    They do see with their eyes comon now👀🤣

  • Drippy Splashn
    Drippy Splashn Day ago


  • Kenjiro Rivas
    Kenjiro Rivas 2 days ago

    These guys have to be so high on Shrooms or Acid rn

  • Gian L
    Gian L 4 days ago

    Joe "Why cant I fuck my sister" Rogan

  • CizreK
    CizreK 4 days ago +4

    You don't have to worry about meteors hitting us Joe because Neil will just interrupt them.

  • Jeff Yoo
    Jeff Yoo 4 days ago

    Joe "why can't I fuck my sister" Rogan

  • One Thirsty Boi
    One Thirsty Boi 5 days ago +1

    Johnny Sins interviews giant weed bud

  • mntofdk66
    mntofdk66 5 days ago

    Why is Steve O. dressed as Rob Zombie?

  • plixplop
    plixplop 8 days ago +1

    30 seconds in, I'm already cracking up...

  • Ominous Anomaly
    Ominous Anomaly 8 days ago

    2:03:00 this isn’t a ghost story I’m not going to die 🤣🤣

  • Norberts Sidorovs
    Norberts Sidorovs 8 days ago

    me : (high)
    me:: gives like

  • Jordan West
    Jordan West 9 days ago +1

    Fly me over from UK to blow bubbles

  • Loren Garms
    Loren Garms 9 days ago

    Jesus is a lich

  • Paul McKinney
    Paul McKinney 10 days ago

    I love the outfits just seems like a good day at work.

  • T Delduca
    T Delduca 10 days ago

    Joe "ideas are the eggs of objects" Rogan

  • ded shi
    ded shi 11 days ago +2

    "... You're gonna be half a person..."

    Like an npc?

  • cjdelbondio
    cjdelbondio 11 days ago

    Did Jamie have a costume on too?

  • Zach T
    Zach T 11 days ago

    Definitely on acid haha hell yeah

  • Jon Gussner
    Jon Gussner 12 days ago

    In as much as you have done unto the least of these you have done into me.

  • Robson Stroud
    Robson Stroud 12 days ago

    Duncan sounds just like ‘Pull That Shit Up Jamie’

  • Chris Morrison
    Chris Morrison 12 days ago +1

    From the Thumbnail shot, I though this was the Rob Zombie podcast.

  • Cosm!c Christian
    Cosm!c Christian 12 days ago


  • Flip More
    Flip More 13 days ago +1

    14:25 underrated comeback
    Joe: is there any zombie movies when they're smart?
    Duncan: that's just every movie

  • Amber Wood
    Amber Wood 14 days ago

    Duncan I cannot hear yourself over your suit.

  • Leo Alexander
    Leo Alexander 15 days ago

    48:20 It is fascinating, but also simple. A single copy of your DNA stretched out end-to-end would be two metres long--in each cell. _A lot_ of opportunities for mistakes in the copying process during reproduction, but this is mitigated against because chances are the partner's DNA doesn't have the exact same genetic mistakes and one of you will have the working allele. If that partner is your sister or parent, however, the greater the chance you both have the defective gene. The more generations this occurs the more this problem is compounded, and eventually you end up with King Tut.

  • Clinton 1978
    Clinton 1978 16 days ago +1

    I'm a Christian who enjoys the podcast. I enjoy sincere dialogue and I'm not afraid of or offended by questioning my beliefs. That said, I'd vote for any candidate who was an honest person of principles- regardless of their faith or lack thereof. I'm also an ordained minister who supports legalizing cannabis, but I believe the bible. Guess I'm a paradox. Lol

  • Brandy Ma La joya
    Brandy Ma La joya 16 days ago

    Joe R., I love the the two together. You talk all the stuff any mind can hunger for, just about, with the perfect bubbles. LUV

  • Mitch Cannavo
    Mitch Cannavo 16 days ago

    Definitely one of the best ever. Will rewatch this too many times to want to count

  • banana rama
    banana rama 17 days ago

    why the gloves?

  • Tyson Konken
    Tyson Konken 18 days ago

    Its a space orange with glaucoma interviewing a hipster in a guilli suit.

  • David Segal
    David Segal 18 days ago

    4 and 14 are bad numbers in Chinese culture. It sounds like death in Chinese.

  • Countdown toRevolution

    Holy crap, Joe.
    Will you PLEASE stop interrupting Duncan just as he's about to get to his most interesting point???!!!!

  • mike smith
    mike smith 18 days ago

    .....but who ate the first tomato?

  • Remorseless One
    Remorseless One 19 days ago

    Trussell looks like Slob Zombie.

  • White Lightning
    White Lightning 19 days ago

    They’re not making sense

  • Josh Werbenjagermanjenson

    Are they wearing sunglasses cause theyre frying balls?

  • Josh Werbenjagermanjenson

    I fucking love you duncan trussel

  • lil omision
    lil omision 20 days ago

    One time I saw something in the sky it did look like a white tic tac lol best way to describe it. But it was a sunny day and a plane flew by it and like 3 seconds later it disappeared

  • Stephen Poe
    Stephen Poe 20 days ago

    I'd gladly come in and blow u and every guest u have bubbles! I'd blow anyone bubbles for good money! I'd just never do anything sexual for money. As long as it's not sexual, idc if it's weird..

  • Kyle Moreno
    Kyle Moreno 20 days ago +1

    Joe- “did you we have a grizzly on the california state flag?”
    Duncan” no i didnt”
    Idk why but tht shit cracked me up

  • Amber O'leary
    Amber O'leary 20 days ago

    20 million people in Los Angeles? I'm so surprised that Joe thought it's anywhere near that.

  • Kyle Moreno
    Kyle Moreno 20 days ago

    Dude duncan trussell is always a fun ass guest never dissapoints

  • Sara Grace
    Sara Grace 20 days ago

    Mongolian throat singing in the beginning

  • Jordan I-colts
    Jordan I-colts 21 day ago

    Epic... Duncan tressel as Rob zombie LMFAO! Love it! Wasn't expect a Halloween episode lol.

    • Jordan I-colts
      Jordan I-colts 20 days ago

      Shit my bad... That's a guilly suit lmao! He looks so much like Rob zombie!

  • Learned Hand
    Learned Hand 21 day ago +1

    Alex jones taught me how to sleep with goblins on the DMT.

  • Mike Affaneh
    Mike Affaneh 21 day ago

    Wtf are they wearing??

  • shivanshu dagur
    shivanshu dagur 21 day ago

    Lower house of parliament (Lok sabha) in India does not have seat number 420 b/c in Indian constitution section 420 deals whith fraud, cheating and also 'charso bees'(420) is a phrase in hindi for fraudster. Instead of seat number 420 we have 419A & 419B.
    Though we have been celebrating 420 from centuries 😜☮🕊

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 22 days ago

    53:57 Philip-Pine eagle 🤣

  • That's My Sasha Productions

    In the first 30 seconds of this video, I've had subpar Tuvan throatsinging, a nauseating intro logo, a refugee from N.A.S.A. prison, and a Swamp Thing cosplay by a wannabe Rob Zombie. All at once, I am beyond puzzled and too bored to even carry on past this point just to see what the hell it's all about, especially since they don't list the topics discussed in the FRIGGING DESCRIPTION. #EPICFAIL

  • _eashy
    _eashy 23 days ago +1

    Why are they explaining my life through the whole video lol

  • Max Magician
    Max Magician 24 days ago +1

    Joe's headphones allow for the expansion of his head while tripping on DMT

  • penny miller
    penny miller 24 days ago +8

    duncan is one of the smartest people who have a soul that ive ever heard speak,lol
    watchin all shows, hilarious,enlightening,confirming my research on the human condition as love;)-~

    • equanimous agni
      equanimous agni 6 days ago

      penny miller he has his own podcast you should check it out. Duncan trussel family hour

  • Alejandro Gonzo
    Alejandro Gonzo 24 days ago

    So good to see Rob Zombie back on the show!!

  • penny miller
    penny miller 24 days ago +1

    rupert must be driven crazy from the people who Dont really listen/read his work...then others repeat that persons opinion:(
    rupert took the persons car,and time,and other triggers into account when doing the dog knows its owner coming home test!for exzample, having them take a taxi home,or leaving work at an un set
    upon time by a random phone call telling them to leave and go home.shame people repeat poor opinions from idiots who dont actually know wat theyre talking about."well i heard.."being the only criteria.society is Not your friend and communities can be swayed into believing heresay without ever picking up,or listening to ruperts talks.i am adjacent to an alien nation:/

  • Suzanne Bodette
    Suzanne Bodette 25 days ago

    Love your jumpsuit, Joe.

  • StoneyBologny
    StoneyBologny 25 days ago +1

    A lot of your grown foods come from central USA. Kansas, Nerbraska and Iowa are the leaders in Corn, Wheat and milo so even if California ran out we would have three times as much if our foods aren't already in your Grocery store which it probably is. P.S I spelt Nebraska only for people too comment that I spelt it wrong. Have a great fuckin day

  • William Hamilton
    William Hamilton 25 days ago +1

    Duncan with the Grizzly Man/Verner Hertzog reference “destroy this tape”. High level “Ive literally watched anything on television” pothead nugget right there!!!

  • Gaby Ponte
    Gaby Ponte 25 days ago

    I first was disappointed it wasn't Paul stamets. Then could not wait to see the comments about stoned Nasa Joe being attacked by undulating bubbles... Then life made by the interview that epitomized what I love and hate about Rogan.. Oh yes

    • Gaby Ponte
      Gaby Ponte 21 day ago +1

      @weston it was awesome😁

    • weston
      weston 24 days ago +2

      Paul just posted on Instagram that he did an episode with joe today so it should be out soon!

  • Work List
    Work List 25 days ago

    Hey Joe, would be interesting if you invited this guy to your show one time to discuss the evidence for the resurrection. Gary Habermas