Joe Rogan Experience #1313 - Duncan Trussell

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.

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  • kieran franey
    kieran franey 42 minutes ago

    Sitting there with your nasa suit on, you have told yourself it doesn't really matter but it does you traitor.

  • kieran franey
    kieran franey 45 minutes ago

    Oh look joe rogan the sell out traitor who has thrown his hand in with the globalist child molestors, shame on you joe rogan shame on you, when you look into other peoples faces everyday , especially Americans and think to yourself was it worth it, you fraud .

  • meisterjon
    meisterjon Hour ago

    joe rogan 2020

  • wantafanta01
    wantafanta01 2 hours ago

    joe "im wild" rogan

  • Sarah McNeely
    Sarah McNeely 4 hours ago

    Love the Wisconsin shout out man, we're an unspoken treasure hiding in the middle of the country. The driftless zone is GORGEOUS, rich soil, funky rock formations, lush forests, bombb. New Glarus is dope too.

  • FionnC
    FionnC 10 hours ago

    Why can't I see the numbers of thumbs down on comments. Only thumbs down this. Let's see what happens

  • Cain Cotterill
    Cain Cotterill 10 hours ago

    Funny how I checked out the hHarpy eagle vs Sloth, and it’s a top search.

  • teh rasmus
    teh rasmus 11 hours ago

    30:59 "what is that stu.. strange theory" xD

  • Miranda Randolph
    Miranda Randolph 11 hours ago

    Damn is this tree watching me through my window right now

  • Roackarul
    Roackarul 12 hours ago

    can someone do the JRE but with like images n shit??

  • Sbc68xx
    Sbc68xx 13 hours ago


  • Nate Adams no nm jjhb
    Nate Adams no nm jjhb 13 hours ago

    Duncan looks like Rob Zombie in this pic...
    I had to go back and read it a few times to remember it was him... lol

  • Admiral Benson
    Admiral Benson 14 hours ago

    1:03:42 There were liars before

  • Ev
    Ev 14 hours ago +2

    I like how they dress up in crazy costumes and then BARELY acknowledge it.

  • Cristopher Mora
    Cristopher Mora 15 hours ago

    Fuck, I thought that was Rob Zombie.

  • Bradley Boyd
    Bradley Boyd 18 hours ago

    Joe Rogan for president!!!!

  • James gamblin
    James gamblin 22 hours ago

    Bryan Callen must be the guy that paused the football game for his acting reel.. lmfao

  • Jef Baker
    Jef Baker Day ago

    The CIA -AI Program referred to as "Weeping Angels' is no doubt taken from the creatures in Doctor Who series:

  • dude b
    dude b Day ago +2

    I just realized that Joe rogan should have arnold schwarzenegger on

  • luke V
    luke V Day ago

    The guy is growing drugs in his hair. Smart

  • Margaret Belanger

    when life gets you down and youve got no one to hang with, just get baked and chill with joe and duncan

    • eXplosive truTh
      eXplosive truTh Day ago

      Margaret Belanger 3am here and that what im in...a joint and listening to this masterpiece .

  • Fallout Jesus
    Fallout Jesus Day ago

    These guys are awesome!~

  • weston
    weston Day ago

    1:16:40 “A little tea.... a little ketamine”

  • Ryan Merrill
    Ryan Merrill Day ago +3

    "Yeah but I like what it feels like when twinkies go into my face" LMAO!!

  • Jeff Cone
    Jeff Cone Day ago +1

    Jesus was healed of he's injuries if i remember correctly

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker Day ago

    Patrice O’Neal said before “I’m pretty sure joe rogan floats n shit” & I agree with him.

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker Day ago

    Is Duncan wearing a fake nose 👃

  • Tom Baker
    Tom Baker Day ago

    richard fenneman

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker Day ago

    Is Jaimie blowing bubbles. Wtf.

  • Shane Gaffey
    Shane Gaffey Day ago

    It has Spawned New Life...She Has Risen.
    Let it Be Written

  • Shane Gaffey
    Shane Gaffey Day ago

    I feel GODS pain. I am closing the Door.

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker Day ago

    How much LSD did it take to make this happen?

  • Natalie Yager
    Natalie Yager Day ago

    I feel like this will be one of those interviews that sounds like they are high as a kite and talking bullshit because this will never happen but in 3 years everyone will come back to this and be like OMG THEY PREDICTED 2022

  • Alyosha
    Alyosha Day ago

    You dont know logic you dipshit. Bring on David Bentley Hart or Jay Dyer!!!

  • RhondaLeeQ
    RhondaLeeQ Day ago

    One day my dream is to talk with both Joe and much to say! These guys are unbelievably brilliant and brave! Thank you! xo

  • Mike Pesses
    Mike Pesses Day ago

    Observatory was in sunspot, a few days later they blamed it on kiddie porn.... there’s a lot of mercury there

  • Steph Suarez
    Steph Suarez Day ago

    What a beautiful soul

  • BlockBoy
    BlockBoy 2 days ago

    I think the movie he is talking about at 54:59 is 'The Eagle Huntress'

  • Foolish
    Foolish 2 days ago +1

    Old Greg on the podcast

  • Cody Stearley
    Cody Stearley 2 days ago

    Thots are living beings unfortunately

  • Nutmeg Donkey
    Nutmeg Donkey 2 days ago

    Duncan and Joe are so woke you cant even say it's a great day around them....

  • papinbala
    papinbala 2 days ago


  • Nathan Farina
    Nathan Farina 2 days ago +1

    The didgeridoo acapella intro might be the best part, you hear that shit and you know the episode's gonna hit hard

    • smoke126857
      smoke126857 Day ago

      That was buddhist chanting, not didgeridoo music.

  • Brian Talbot
    Brian Talbot 2 days ago

    Worst voice ever

  • Brian Talbot
    Brian Talbot 2 days ago

    Rob zombie’s twin

  • danni pops
    danni pops 2 days ago

    Ill be your bubbleblower!!!

  • Josh Oravetz
    Josh Oravetz 2 days ago

    I'm 6foot 2 and 275 I will be ur bubble blower

  • Samuel Gonzalez
    Samuel Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I'm starting to think that Joe is in reality Morfeo, and that watching these two guys talking is how you really wake up from The Matrix

    Ps. You already know what's the red pill...

  • InflightMuzik
    InflightMuzik 2 days ago

    I love that Duncan is into Moogs

  • ohcrazydiamond
    ohcrazydiamond 3 days ago

    After this episode I would looooove to see a once a week midnight interview talking about some creepy esoteric shit. With low lights and dark atmosphere. Obviously all this with sun glasses on.

  • NelsonianB
    NelsonianB 3 days ago

    The types of retards id wanna be friends with

  • Scott Lefaivre
    Scott Lefaivre 3 days ago

    I just want to say thank you to joe and a man who is married with 2 kids I have little friends and when I watch JRE with Duncan Tressel it makes me feel like I'm sitting in that small room with friends. It's difficult to find people who have similar spiritual ideals as I do. So again thanks

  • Daniel Spaeth, Jr.
    Daniel Spaeth, Jr. 3 days ago

    lol bubbles, flashback to JRE #1

  • Dudeineedaname
    Dudeineedaname 3 days ago

    Jesus isn't a zombie, he had the power to bend life and death to his will and if you don't believe that but you believe in mystical DMT realms and aliens. Well then that's just funny

  • AsSeenOnTV
    AsSeenOnTV 3 days ago +1

    Rob Zombie ate Steve-O

  • harry crevis
    harry crevis 3 days ago

    Wow hit the nail on the head Duncan! About why people are on their phones just almost mindlessly scrolling and reading random things and it because its numbing and keeps the anxiety at bay! Crazy when you (i) come to that realization!

  • Jabar Tuzo-Smith
    Jabar Tuzo-Smith 3 days ago +1

    0:01 is exactly why I came. Who else?

  • ARCHR92
    ARCHR92 3 days ago

    Fuckers are on mushrooms

  • Inmywordz
    Inmywordz 4 days ago

    Every time I google something I feel like I’m Jamie

  • A C
    A C 4 days ago

    Bubbles just like episode 1

  • Ryan Prince
    Ryan Prince 4 days ago

    Duncan is my favorite flavor of Doughnuts

  • Moses K
    Moses K 4 days ago

    Joe. You too fly.

  • Paul Doherty
    Paul Doherty 4 days ago

    sweet outfit joe lol

  • Justin Dittburner
    Justin Dittburner 4 days ago +1

    1:05:45 interesting thoughts. Junk food/junk ideas analogy

  • Evert adams
    Evert adams 4 days ago

    most of the Shamans in Mongolie are autistic. Just something to think about, huh.16:30

  • thotwork_orange
    thotwork_orange 4 days ago

    imagine having A.I mma fighters using a foot stomp against human mma fighters,would foot stomps still be legal ?!?! pull the bastards wires out !

  • Kengi Hepworth
    Kengi Hepworth 4 days ago +1

    Imagine the laughs of joe and co when one of them says, "how high are the people who watch this pod cast, when we are dressed like this".

  • Jack Livingston
    Jack Livingston 4 days ago +1

    1:10:00 why don't we sit still? Purley cultural imo Here in West Africa people literally hang with each other for hours and say nothing. Then you pick yourself up and leave when you want. The term is "Psychology of Sitting"

  • Dongs
    Dongs 4 days ago

    Raptors are not tolerated, assholes farmers and the cunts that own game bird shooting estates have taken them pretty much to the point extinction.

  • Charles Thomas
    Charles Thomas 4 days ago

    A TheXvid video of you guys watching TheXvid videos that we can see or hear, could you guys get any lamer?

  • JeyeNooks
    JeyeNooks 4 days ago

    This 8th level global experience thing, that's what all the Stories and Archetypes are about, that Peterson chats about. These old ideas seriously permeate our collective consciousness.

  • Cameron H
    Cameron H 4 days ago

    I'm Old Greeeg!!!

  • skinny scrambler
    skinny scrambler 5 days ago

    Hey, Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell; I think I know something that would blow both of your minds, simultaneously but also independently, first Duncan's and then Joe's!
    If this is news to either one of you, I fully expect personal replies to this comment, please.
    So, here it is:

  • Chico Vato
    Chico Vato 5 days ago

    Joe rogan you are Great BUT Please stop talking about Jesus because he has never been a zombie like the movie !!! speak how it was he came as a holy spirit !! People do not understand things that people cannot understand and want to ignore or hate that !!, why you never talk about Islam or their prophet are you scared !!! sometimes i think that you are not honest or dare to talk about how Islam is Evil en bad !!! it's always about Christian and Jesus !! We love Jesus message 🙏🏽💗🕊...

  • Brittany Sharp
    Brittany Sharp 5 days ago +4

    I seriously love your pod cast Joe. One of my favorite pass times with my husband. Not very many people have real conversations on real shit

  • Lincoln Setter
    Lincoln Setter 5 days ago

    In Brazil 13 is the number of corrupted politicians hahah

  • Yazz Remington The Third

    Joe is really my biggest influence outside of family. Ive listened to litterelly days of Mr.Rogan

  • Natalie Mackenzie
    Natalie Mackenzie 5 days ago

    Rob zombie is looking well

  • Diehard Puns
    Diehard Puns 5 days ago

    Get Jocko back on. He'll blow them bubbs.

  • Michael Boeri
    Michael Boeri 5 days ago

    Shrimp parade!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Yazz Remington The Third

    Duncan made me realize somthing if i could be any animal id be a sloth "its like having an infinite xanax prescription"

  • unduki
    unduki 5 days ago

    The ONLY real is Jesus.

  • Chris Oquinn
    Chris Oquinn 5 days ago

    Joe is so high he forgot that the one guest I can't remember her name but she was a lady said that they would do the spikes in the grave to keep grave Robbers from robbing the grave

  • Shabbos Shekels
    Shabbos Shekels 5 days ago

    Joe "ideas are living things" Rogan

  • Antony Ynotna Sapia
    Antony Ynotna Sapia 5 days ago

    Why duncan have created Nasajim 108?!?!?

  • Malek Yehya
    Malek Yehya 5 days ago

    I thought that this was Halloween but nope this was posted in the middle of fucking June. Joe what the fuck is going on man!

  • Charles Belin
    Charles Belin 5 days ago +1

    NUMBER 4: in Chinese 四 pronounces very similarly to Death 死. Et voilà! Most building in HK and some in PRC don't have 4th floor.

  • Jake Johnson Band
    Jake Johnson Band 5 days ago

    Joe, you ask a whole lot of questions on almost every podcast, that you seem to never quite realize, the answer is clearly God!!!! So allow me to help you... The answer to you question, what ever it may be next time you start thinking about the mysteries of the "Universe" (which obviously means "a single spoken WORD"), is simply... Our Creator put it there so you can move beyond the monkey that you think you are.

  • Glenn Taylor
    Glenn Taylor 5 days ago +2

    Joe "I look remarkably like Bruce Willis from Armageddon" Rogan.

  • TheBoiseKiwi
    TheBoiseKiwi 5 days ago +1

    Joe "sometimes I have legitimate thoughts" Rogan

  • Andre Treml
    Andre Treml 6 days ago

    Joe "what the fuck is a thought" Rogan

  • Rayne Skoglund
    Rayne Skoglund 6 days ago +2

    I thought Duncan was Rob zombie at first. Lol

  • The Sick Truth
    The Sick Truth 6 days ago

    We've had satanist presidents for sure

  • Sia Sleopard
    Sia Sleopard 6 days ago

    “She looked into it”
    Edgy Bruh saves another life

  • Jesse Brownell
    Jesse Brownell 6 days ago

    Why are they dressed as such!?!

  • Sheng Long
    Sheng Long 6 days ago +1

    remap you hard drive, reupload your OS, swipe it clean xD

  • MrLu2nice
    MrLu2nice 6 days ago

    Joe dirt has some really good points!!!!

  • Tommy Gunn
    Tommy Gunn 6 days ago


  • Captain Nimbus
    Captain Nimbus 6 days ago

    joe becomes birdman haha

  • Tony Draper
    Tony Draper 6 days ago

    Who could possibly dislike this video ?