Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future | Raffaello D'Andrea

  • Published on Mar 11, 2016
  • When you hear the word "drone," you probably think of something either very useful or very scary. But could they have aesthetic value? Autonomous systems expert Raffaello D'Andrea develops flying machines, and his latest projects are pushing the boundaries of autonomous flight - from a flying wing that can hover and recover from disturbance to an eight-propeller craft that's ambivalent to orientation ... to a swarm of tiny coordinated micro-quadcopters. Prepare to be dazzled by a dreamy, swirling array of flying machines as they dance like fireflies above the TED stage.
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Comments • 3 729

  • Frass Ras
    Frass Ras Day ago

    Look up into the sky. It's a bird its a plane, no! it's a drone Alien.. Nothing in black egypt is new under the sun

  • Janelle S
    Janelle S Day ago

  • David jakubek
    David jakubek 2 days ago

    super :) vauuu

  • muzictherpy
    muzictherpy 2 days ago

    just a drones..

  • Ben Ho
    Ben Ho 2 days ago

    I'd love to propose to my girlfriend with these swarms lol

  • Gopal Meharwade
    Gopal Meharwade 2 days ago


  • Sagar Kaushik
    Sagar Kaushik 3 days ago

    problem is with the power source not with the intelligence , a power source which would be less in weight and more in power

  • Peter Sobocki
    Peter Sobocki 3 days ago +2

    3:33 reminds me of a crazy and damn right dangerous model contraption I built as a kid. It was based on a sycamore seed with a single aerofoil wing on one side of the fulcrum with a 1.5cc Frog model aircraft motor pointing backwards the other side - It flew... "Kinda" but sure sent everyone diving for cover and I mean everyone.

  • Gerard
    Gerard 4 days ago +1

    i liked the 'flying us crazy'

  • Rakesh Rajput
    Rakesh Rajput 4 days ago


  • Nirmal Khadka
    Nirmal Khadka 4 days ago


  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 4 days ago

    so 20 years of billions of dollars in funding and its still not affordable and hasnt been introduced into everday life.
    30 years on rf with remote controll acheived as much.just saying ....
    its the problem with our system more thab tech.the system is slow to ever get marketed quick and efficiently.its messy costly and slow.

  • Arlan villanueva
    Arlan villanueva 4 days ago +1

    build a battery that can run for a whole day and not for a minute

  • whiteflag
    whiteflag 4 days ago +3

    Swarms controlled by AI...thats the goal...for war with weapons on board to accurately control war.

  • aditya gupta
    aditya gupta 4 days ago

    But using a single propeller makes it unstable

  • Jennifer Rankin
    Jennifer Rankin 4 days ago


  • NK Bro
    NK Bro 4 days ago

    BOOOOO Amazon is ruining RC hobby.

  • seamalulion
    seamalulion 5 days ago

    humanity has left the building...... hello technology that surpassed our humanity

  • Eliezer Castro
    Eliezer Castro 5 days ago

    Imajine a wave of this small drones flying directly to the enemy carrying explosives or any numbing gases in case you want to take them as prisoners.

  • The Fishy Life !
    The Fishy Life ! 5 days ago

    I guarantee you this guy was one of those kids with a penny on the top of a paper airplane.... We have came such a long way, I'm really excited to see what we have going on when I'm in my 80s

  • Owenwest211 Owen
    Owenwest211 Owen 5 days ago

    This is what Americans call UFO

  • Dave Zimmerman
    Dave Zimmerman 6 days ago

    Now run s competitive profitable business with it ! 😂. Get Back to work, long way to go

    • HiroClaw
      HiroClaw 5 days ago

      haha, lol. It's almost like they didn't already know that! xd. I bet this commercial business was the sole point of the ted talk and their research :d

  • gnilttbs
    gnilttbs 6 days ago

    He sounds like he's reading, which I find rather grating.

  • Redrasta Ras
    Redrasta Ras 7 days ago +1

    I seen the swarm drones (minis) carry a payload of one bullet for an asassination. They would fly into target and on impact the round would fire into the head of target. Onboard facial recognition would identify target.

    • Redrasta Ras
      Redrasta Ras 4 days ago

      wulfgar3000 yeah uh-huh, you got my point...right?? 🙄🙄

    • wulfgar3000
      wulfgar3000 4 days ago

      I saw not I seen

  • Robert Murphy
    Robert Murphy 7 days ago

    3:02 - Dude in the red shirt: “We’re doomed..”

  • warrior 67
    warrior 67 7 days ago

    How come no one complained to him saying you can't fly that here it's dangerous them drone things take down aircraft and spy on people.

  • Atul Kumar
    Atul Kumar 8 days ago

    The last demo really took my heart

  • Atomic Boy
    Atomic Boy 9 days ago +5

    So we have advanced to the flying lamp shade, nice!

  • lello333
    lello333 9 days ago


  • BrianByonVEVO
    BrianByonVEVO 9 days ago

    they're not called machines by definition, its called robot because its got motherboard, machines are cars without chips. robot is something new that didn't exist in 1700s prior to industrial revolution, something called machinery or machine in around 1800. Not 2016 TED bro. You're calling rocks = machines.

  • BrianByonVEVO
    BrianByonVEVO 9 days ago +1

    they're not called machines by definition, its called robot because its got motherboard, machines are cars without chips. robot is something new that didn't exist in 1700s prior to industrial revolution, something called machinery or machine in around 1800. Not 2016 TED bro. its like calling rocks = machine.

  • BrianByonVEVO
    BrianByonVEVO 9 days ago

    they're not called machines by definition, its called robot because its got motherboard, machines are cars without chips

  • BrianByonVEVO
    BrianByonVEVO 9 days ago

    they're not called machines by definition, its robot because its got motherboard, machines are cars without chips

  • Trump
    Trump 9 days ago +2

    Later Communist 🐶 will come to spying your technology

  • Maahd Shahzad
    Maahd Shahzad 9 days ago

    Nice T-shirt dude!

  • mechelle merrill
    mechelle merrill 9 days ago

    Creepy to me.

  • Trevor Mendez
    Trevor Mendez 9 days ago +1

    Wonderful blenders

  • Вован
    Вован 10 days ago

    ну раскажите мне про великага путена блядь

  • zakaria mlilah
    zakaria mlilah 10 days ago

    I mean that was the real meaning of creation
    I loved it

  • Lindsay Kay
    Lindsay Kay 10 days ago

    6:46 made Linus smile

  • Lindsay Kay
    Lindsay Kay 10 days ago +1

    3:57 that smirk when he mentions bodily harm and flying machines

  • schlons
    schlons 10 days ago

    drones in the military....hurray!

  • Ivano Sporitus
    Ivano Sporitus 10 days ago

    I did not get it. This guy just shows us the drones with LED?

    • rukun gupta
      rukun gupta 9 days ago

      I think u dont know this video was posted in 2016 and you are watching it in 2019 so definitely this won't be any new to u.

  • J Hales
    J Hales 10 days ago

    There is a cost for everything. Nature demands a certain amount of balance. There is second side to every coin. Dark laughter is still laughter I suppose.

  • J Hales
    J Hales 10 days ago +3

    He is designing such beautiful weapons.

  • Han Bal
    Han Bal 10 days ago

    Wtf the last one looks like fireflys

  • drtb69
    drtb69 10 days ago

    I built on of these flying box deals in shop class in 1984.......yawn.... lets talk about alternative power like hydrogen and thorium. And force fields.

    GAME DEVELOPER 11 days ago

    No need worker for the build but need gamers for the building

  • Jason Schnereger
    Jason Schnereger 11 days ago

    Minority Report is coming

    BLACKLIGHT 11 days ago

    6:43 it is nice to see our linux guy having fun :)

  • Keiron Kyelo
    Keiron Kyelo 11 days ago +2

    It's 2019 and we are now at antigravity tech. This is just another thing of d past.

  • Yao Amefia
    Yao Amefia 11 days ago

    Thanks TED. Guys please check out some of my videos as well if you are a beginner programmer. CSS Grid link:

  • lothean
    lothean 11 days ago

    I hope that this technology wont be developed to exterminate the human race one day. It's like I am watching our futures end.

  • lothean
    lothean 11 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that these drones sound like insects when flying.

  • Grummel Love you
    Grummel Love you 11 days ago

    Off the hook🤓

  • I'm Super Fat
    I'm Super Fat 11 days ago +4

    Please go watch "Batteries not included"
    I am not your future overlord robot softening you up for the first wave. Boop.

    • Dax
      Dax 7 days ago

      I'm Super Fat lol & boop

  • M W
    M W 12 days ago

    Why are there so many down votes? This is the future. In denial?

  • Jonathan P
    Jonathan P 12 days ago

    and where is the alien come from?

  • Hujwasto Obchodzi
    Hujwasto Obchodzi 12 days ago

    plane is also monopropeler dummy :D

    • Mike Fox
      Mike Fox 11 days ago

      He didn't mention MONO PROPELLER. He did mention ONE SINGLE MOVING PART. Conventional airplanes has several movable control surfaces.

  • Cecil Ivor
    Cecil Ivor 12 days ago +1


  • CyberRonin
    CyberRonin 12 days ago


  • Thanyaras Ktm
    Thanyaras Ktm 12 days ago

    Sarah corner, please show him thé year of 2500 so he will not develope this device 😢

  • jay bee
    jay bee 12 days ago +1

    new years eve will never be the same when these bad boys are unleashed in the millions for spectacular shows with or without fire works.

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams 12 days ago +1

    I mean.. yeah so?
    They are drones this is nothing new!

    • rukun gupta
      rukun gupta 9 days ago

      I think u dont know this video was posted in 2016 and you are watching it in 2019 so definitely this won't be any new to u.

  • dimaklt
    dimaklt 13 days ago +14

    10:06 why no "TED" formation at the end? :D

    RAY DORADO 13 days ago +3

    THE last part reminded me of a acid trip I took in the 60's but the lights were on cement in colors 😨☻

  • Benji B-Side
    Benji B-Side 13 days ago +1

    Having witnessed two UFOs back in 1997, I can testify that there is far superior flying technology than this. Propellers are old school, compared to the silent technology that I saw, a technology that defied our 'known' laws of physics, interia and aerodynamics.

  • wayne wayo aveyard
    wayne wayo aveyard 13 days ago

    can we just take a second to acknowledge the sad/bitter 1.7k that disliked this.

    • terzinho10
      terzinho10 13 days ago

      That are politicians that work in the governments that do not want technology to win because they lose money otherwise, same as how some countries try to ban electric motors(scooters and bikes) again because if everyone used those there would not be money flowing into the state treasury. Governments are not working for the betterment of people but for the betterment of themselves.

  • Mr マックラ
    Mr マックラ 13 days ago

    I'd love a bunch of flying lantern drones. They'd make very sci-fi and portable exterior lighting

  • BeatlesFanSonia
    BeatlesFanSonia 13 days ago



    Let’s zoom in on a hijab show how versatile the audience is.

  • V H
    V H 14 days ago +1

    is that Linus in the audience lol?

    • I'm Super Fat
      I'm Super Fat 11 days ago +1

      @V H ohhh! Linus TORVALDS!!
      Wow! Nicely spotted! I think you may be right!
      (I was thinking of Linus from tech tips, lol. Been not a fan of his lately #TeamUFDtech xD)
      Nice one! 👍

    • V H
      V H 11 days ago +1

      @I'm Super Fat @6:47 front row. 2nd from the left. i had to rewatch : p

    • I'm Super Fat
      I'm Super Fat 11 days ago

      Time stamp?

  • Vanns Vintage Toys and Mods


  • PwnishR
    PwnishR 15 days ago +1

    10:22 "Command protocol red: commence now: Kill everyone in the audience, units 1-44..the rest stop anyone from getting to the exit doors! They know too much..."

    • N u t
      N u t 14 days ago

      PwnishR lmfao

  • B?17
    B?17 15 days ago

    vo parar de acreditar em ovni ou eles os ensinaram as tecnologias

  • Robert Pintaric
    Robert Pintaric 15 days ago +2

    Wow, great great great, best wishes from Germany, Robert

  • Michael Hatem
    Michael Hatem 15 days ago +1

    Are these machines the lights in the sky or are they the result of the lights in the sky

  • Michael Hatem
    Michael Hatem 15 days ago

    Unfortunately someone will and already has used it against humanity

  • Elif Ece
    Elif Ece 15 days ago +2

    logistics will change with this new forthcoming technology

  • Sam M
    Sam M 15 days ago

    A I is GoOD

  • Cheo fusi
    Cheo fusi 16 days ago +8

    And I thought my DIY quadcopter project was awesome...

    • Carlos Santiago
      Carlos Santiago 5 days ago

      I used to enjoy skipping rocks, slingshots and manually pressurised rocket toys

    • GrinFlash
      GrinFlash 13 days ago

      I thought my paper plane was awesome...

  • CJ Hardknocks
    CJ Hardknocks 16 days ago +1

    try using a directed EMP blast.

  • Eclipse KCB
    Eclipse KCB 16 days ago +3

    People cheering for technology that will eventually be used to kill large parts of the population, brought to you proudly by the psychopathic central banking elites.

    • Eclipse KCB
      Eclipse KCB 15 days ago

    • Michael Hatem
      Michael Hatem 15 days ago


    • ACADMan
      ACADMan 15 days ago +1

      You have told a secret they do not want anyone to know. Imagine just one million of these, each coordinated to seek out just one individual entity radiating 98.6 deg F body heat- The potential for disaster is enormous.

  • Matt Lacdao
    Matt Lacdao 16 days ago

    That swarm should have C4 ( or a small powerful tazer), imagine a swarm of those hitting each target without collateral damage first it would entrance the targets in rhythmic flying
    Then they attack
    Or you know make them silent for stealth takedowns

    • rancid sausage
      rancid sausage 16 days ago

      Matt Lacdao watch that bruv. The killers are already here haha

  • Mark House
    Mark House 17 days ago

    Slaughter drones. Be warned.

  • Jay Phive
    Jay Phive 18 days ago

    I'm going to loose my job to a drone😞

  • Heinrich Zeltrohr
    Heinrich Zeltrohr 18 days ago

    and now google slaughter bots

  • Saddam Bukhari
    Saddam Bukhari 18 days ago

    ladt thing i like its your real out stunder

  • Kenneth Murphy
    Kenneth Murphy 18 days ago

    "Ambivalent to orientation", that which distinguishes them from us.

  • Sean Miles
    Sean Miles 18 days ago

    I am always very sceptical when people say they are going to use autonomous multi-rotor aircraft for commercial purposes.. Flight time being limited by battery capacity has still not been solved. Which means most can only stay in the air for approximately 15 to 30 minutes on a calm day, hovering at a low altitude and without a payload. Unless there is a serious advancement in battery technology they are not viable.

  • Future Here
    Future Here 20 days ago +1

    Lilium has testing flying taxi with speeds of 300 km/h.

  • plizzo
    plizzo 20 days ago +5

    And we can link all these drones to be controlled by a single entity. A project in the works named, "Skynet".

  • Bohan Zheng
    Bohan Zheng 21 day ago +4

    6:47 is that Linus Torvalds??!!

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 21 day ago

    Is this guy single?

  • Christine Walsh
    Christine Walsh 21 day ago

    wow! amazing to see even now I'm used to drones. thanks ted.

  • Shazzy A
    Shazzy A 22 days ago +3

    I can see the swarm of light drones being used for army purposes.

  • Lx 18
    Lx 18 22 days ago

    3:06 guy be like wtf is this a bird?

  • Dale
    Dale 22 days ago

    3 years later and a haven't heard of any swarm drone attacks. Or domestic terrorism by drones.... Could they be used with ill intent? Absolutely, but so can just about anything else.

  • 2 DOPE
    2 DOPE 23 days ago +6

    Perfect way to fool people at night. Mini UFO'S