Top 5 BEST Smartphones of 2019

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Which 2019 Smartphones are the BEST? Here are my Top 5 smartphones for 2019!
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Comments • 2 148

  • SuperSaf
    SuperSaf  22 days ago +520

    So difficult to pick just 5! Which are your Top 5? (Remember, we can still be freinds 😜)

    • SouthOz
      SouthOz 2 days ago

      Samsung A40.

    • Jente Zijlstra
      Jente Zijlstra 3 days ago

      1.OnePlus 7tpro
      2.OnePlus 7pro
      3.Samsung galaxy S10+
      4.oppo Reno z2
      5.huawei p30 pro

    • Mīćhæł Pīņəß
      Mīćhæł Pīņəß 6 days ago

      S10 5G / Rog 2 / OnePlus 7T/ Galaxy Fold / S10e-Note10

    • Minty
      Minty 8 days ago

      My top 5 is
      -Galaxy S10+ 5G
      -Galaxy a50
      -Redmi K20 Pro
      -Galaxy A80
      -Huawei mate 30 pro

    • Jeannine Bollmann
      Jeannine Bollmann 11 days ago

      Ich meinte
      5note 10 plus
      3 MI note 10
      2p30 pro
      1mate 30 pro

  • harry bobs 2
    harry bobs 2 52 minutes ago

    1. S10+
    2. S10
    3. S10 5g
    4. S10 note
    5. S10e

  • wowcars. YouTube
    wowcars. YouTube 2 hours ago

    iPhone 11 is better than that pro👎 version

  • Carlos A Loya
    Carlos A Loya 4 hours ago

    The OnePlus 7t pro 5G McLaren is easily the best. This video is crappy because it doesn't mention it.
    Also too many Samsung fanboys here.
    Last, Google dropped the ball with a Pixel 4... Weak specs.

  • Word Football
    Word Football 9 hours ago +1

    1 Huawei mate 30 pro 👑
    2 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus 🔥
    3 iPhone 11 pro max ❄
    4 Google pixel 4 XL 🔔
    5 one plus 7pro 🌐
    (We still friends 😛😜)

  • Moh Almulla
    Moh Almulla 17 hours ago

    Note 10


    iPhone 11 PRO Max,samsung Galaxy note 10 plus,samsung Galaxy s10 plus,iPhone 11’google pixel 4

  • The extreme gamer
    The extreme gamer 2 days ago

    Blackshark 2 pro

  • Mostafa Alwan
    Mostafa Alwan 2 days ago

    What's the name of soundtract ?
    Great review

  • Dev Suresh
    Dev Suresh 3 days ago

    Realme xt

  • Lo ho Saelee
    Lo ho Saelee 3 days ago

    Thank you showing all those phone stuff but my phone at the shops repair who paying for me! Thank you again.

  • Official Spryzen
    Official Spryzen 3 days ago +3

    Bruh the best phone is not most expensive one

  • 420Gameing OP
    420Gameing OP 3 days ago

    Asus rog 2

  • taekook's trash bag
    taekook's trash bag 4 days ago

    سلفني واحد

  • Bob Bobettson
    Bob Bobettson 4 days ago

    Snapdragon 865 test phone

  • EMSItachi
    EMSItachi 4 days ago +1

    I swear samsung releases a new a series every month

    • Chiedza Dziruni
      Chiedza Dziruni 16 hours ago

      It's a big company

    • Lokk j
      Lokk j Day ago +2

      Yes but they only release 2 flagships every year

  • Saif Ul Islam
    Saif Ul Islam 4 days ago +1

    No one spoke about xiaomi in the comment ...... That's what trying to give it's best .

  • ABobo
    ABobo 4 days ago

    1. Samsung galaxy note 10 plus
    2. Samsung galaxy s10 5G
    3. Oneplus 7t pro mclaren edition
    4. Samsung galaxy s10 plus
    5. Oneplus 7 pro

  • B. G
    B. G 5 days ago

    The best smart phone is the one in your pocket.. paid in full

  • dead tech
    dead tech 5 days ago

    honor 20pro

  • Samy Samy Yes Pappa Alexander

    1. iPhone 11 Pro Max
    - It possess A13 Bionic which is the fastest processor right now. It is way above the Snapdragon 855 which even A12 itself is superior to. It has very good cameras and the resistance has been improvised and overall it is a good phone.
    2. OnePlus 7T Pro
    - It possess the Snapdragon 855+ which is the one of the most powerful processors and furthermore it has 90Hz refresh rate.
    3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
    4. Huawei Nova 5T
    5. Asus ROG Phone II

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 6 days ago

    1. OnePlus 7t pro
    2. Realms x2 pro
    3. Iphone 11 pro
    4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10plus 5g
    5. OnePlus 7 pro

  • Koenig One
    Koenig One 6 days ago +2

    1- S10+
    2- note 10+
    3- iphone 11 pro max
    4- OnePlus 7 pro
    5- mate 30pro

  • Damn Daniel
    Damn Daniel 7 days ago +1

    I'm so happy I got the OnePlus 7 pro this year. Mkbhd thanks for the validation lol

  • The Golden Gamer
    The Golden Gamer 7 days ago

    iPhone 11 pro max is the best and then Google pixel 4 xl and then I dunno also Razer phone 2 is the best gaming phone

    • Lokk j
      Lokk j Day ago

      The pixel is utter trash, the best would be the Note 10+ or iPhone 11 pro max then the OnePlus 7t pro and then the ROG.
      The actual best is the Huawei Mate 30 pro but ever since trump banned Huawei, it has no Google support so it is not worth buying.

  • Quincy Thomas
    Quincy Thomas 7 days ago +3

    1. iPhone 11
    2. iPhone 11 Pro Max
    3. Pixel 4
    4. OnePlus 7T Pro
    5. Moto Razr

  • James Wise
    James Wise 7 days ago

    on behalf of one plus, there is not much need for wireless charging, because of the highly powerful battery. Also you say the other competition does "wireless charging" - this is not a valid point because one plus's aim is to createa unique and flagship selling phone, not an an average phone with the same features as all the other flagship killers. Hence why they introduced warp fast charge.

  • Hassan Khawla
    Hassan Khawla 7 days ago +1

    My current phone is my best: S10 plus 512 GB exynos version

  • hamidreza nazari
    hamidreza nazari 7 days ago

    1.note 10+
    2.iphone 11 pro max
    3.mate 30 pro plus 7t pro

  • bahadir716
    bahadir716 7 days ago +4

    Dont waste your time to know which one the best is. The best of 2019 is note 10 plus of course.

  • Mizuky chan
    Mizuky chan 8 days ago

    It makes me proud that a lot of you choose note 10 + as your first choice because I just bought it and idk if I should regret it or not

  • Arsene Daniel
    Arsene Daniel 8 days ago +7

    My top 5 :
    1. OnePlus7T
    2. Oneplusn7t
    3. Oneplusn7t
    4. Oneplusn7t
    5. Oneplusn7t

  • Roy Moses
    Roy Moses 8 days ago

    Might be different from yours we can still be friends 😁😁

  • Anish S
    Anish S 8 days ago

    Why LG G8x is missing ??? My Pick will Be LG G8x and ROGII

  • Praveen Praveen Ak57
    Praveen Praveen Ak57 8 days ago +2

    My opinion
    5.Oneplus 7T pro Mclaren edition
    4.Mi note 10
    2.GalaXy note 10+
    1.Huawei mate 30 pro

  • theradmad2009
    theradmad2009 8 days ago

    LG G8? Nobody? 👀

  • Mo Sabiha
    Mo Sabiha 8 days ago

    In ur opinion S10 not plus or OP7T/OP7 pro ?

  • John
    John 8 days ago +1

    In my opinion the best is the Huawei p30.

  • WOT Player
    WOT Player 8 days ago

    in my opinion this is the best phone in terms of price / quality ratio at the moment (@t the more it is now at a discount

  • K- Gray
    K- Gray 8 days ago

    You really don’t know that 1+ 7t pro can shoot videos at 4K 60fps did u even use it holy shit

  • Felicia Robinson
    Felicia Robinson 8 days ago +1

    S10, iphone11, gogle pixel, lg fold.

  • Eshank Sizzor
    Eshank Sizzor 8 days ago

    Not even a mention for pixel 4 ?? Have to use it bro, i cant go back to any another android now!! And the best thing is i don't use it for the camera. The notch n all is ok but U also sacrifice that on iphone too!! Haptics are on point! Screen!! Hardware is awesome!! Battery isn't that big problem as it is being discussed, and i am not even talking about the XL version!! The smaller 2800mah battery does the work for me!! Coming from a dense user! It deserves a mention at least!!

    • Eshank Sizzor
      Eshank Sizzor Day ago

      @Lokk j i have a note 10+ and a one plus 7t pro, I don't think without using the phone ul understand, the phone looks great i think better than a one plus and almost same quality like note 10+ it doesn't look like a toy i thought the same until I used one from my friend, the haptics are great just like an iphone, camera is exceptional, I don't really need a wide angle camera coz its not required all the time in case i need to capture wider view i use the panorama shot which is greatly integrated, and believe me i am a photographer. Battery life is average good enough for 18-20hrs of-course note 10+ is better, and slow ?? It has a 90hz display u Don't even feel the lag even it has, it has HDR10 display which does enough Justice better than an iphone also adding the software is perfectly stitched together, comparing One UI, animations are on point never seen an app crash in 1 month dark mode is actually dark navigation works like butter so its best overall ufs 3.0 is not a big difference, its not crazy fast... Not noticable. And i am not insisting to buy it, or saying its the best, i was asking for a mention. You probably don't understand what google is trying to deliver, you maybe like bells and whistles, well i use to like that too not a bad taste but future is here. And bro if you don't know MKBHD, Lew, Dave and i guess most of them have Pixel 4 as a daily driver, i am not saying they are the best but they understand what google is trying to do, so as me. And please don't hate what I write, it's my opinion i respect you thats why i am replying and trying to let u know about my thoughts! PEACE 🖖🏻

    • Lokk j
      Lokk j Day ago

      @Eshank Sizzor
      I don't need to, I have seen enough of the phone to know how good it is.
      Here are the biggest drawbacks of the pixel 4:
      The battery life is disappointing, it is comparable to a 2017-2018 flagship
      It doesn't have an ultra wide camera
      It looks like a toy and it has that huge top bezel.
      Its microphone quality is not flagship quality
      It's camera is good but not like the previous pixels
      It has the normal Snapdragon 855 and old UFS 2.1 storage which is much slower than the UFS 3.0 used by the galaxy note 10+ and OnePlus 7 pro
      There are many other things that just made me think what the hell where Google doing but whatever, you get the point
      It is a good phone to use, but compared to other phones that are the same price or cheaper, it is a disappointment.

    • Eshank Sizzor
      Eshank Sizzor Day ago

      @Lokk j did you use it?? Or your talking from the reviews ?? Use the phone you'll get my point..

    • Lokk j
      Lokk j Day ago

      Nah, the pixel 4 was a huge disappointed

  • Matt Derv
    Matt Derv 8 days ago +1

    And where is Sony ?? 😢

  • GreedTheDarkCrown
    GreedTheDarkCrown 9 days ago +5

    You: “We can still be friend”
    Me: “no we cannot”

  • Tomas Sjekel
    Tomas Sjekel 9 days ago

    Why no big review channel are reviewing Xperia phones? Their flagships have top specs and beautiful 4k HDR displays. I would like to see how they compare. Any Xperia fans here?

  • Sumit lohani
    Sumit lohani 9 days ago

    Poco 😂🤩

  • Mart Blitzkrieg
    Mart Blitzkrieg 9 days ago

    Can I have one? ✌

  • Harry Dadivas
    Harry Dadivas 9 days ago

    Why is no one talking about Mi 9T Pro?

  • Boualem Benhamou
    Boualem Benhamou 9 days ago

    Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro) 108MP Penta Camera Phone Global Version

  • Smruti Ranjan
    Smruti Ranjan 9 days ago

    1. Huawei Mate 30 Pro
    2. iPhone 11 ProMax
    3. OnePlus 7 Pro
    4. Samsung Note 10 Plus
    5. Confused 😅

  • TheLolinatorYT
    TheLolinatorYT 9 days ago +21

    My favourite Smartphones:
    -iPhone 5S
    -Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
    -LG K4 Lte
    They are the only phones I have used. Still using the 5s

    • max
      max 5 days ago

      htc one m8

  • saurabh patel
    saurabh patel 9 days ago +1

    OnePlus 3 in 2019💪💪

    • TheLolinatorYT
      TheLolinatorYT 9 days ago +1

      iPhone 5s in 2019 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🤜🏽

  • I_am_the_senate24
    I_am_the_senate24 9 days ago

    1.s10 5g
    3.iphone 11 pro max plus 7t
    5.galaxy fold

  • Alphan Kazankaya
    Alphan Kazankaya 9 days ago +1

    1) Note 10+
    2) S10+
    3) 11 pro max
    4) P30 pro
    5) one plus 7 pro

  • Cédric Bossuyt
    Cédric Bossuyt 9 days ago +1

    my top 5
    Realme x2 pro
    Samsung S10 +
    Iphone 11 pro
    Huawei mate 30 pro
    Oneplus 7T (no headphone jack)

  • george salah
    george salah 9 days ago

    No body has talk about google pixel

  • עדי יצחקוב
    עדי יצחקוב 9 days ago

    1. Galaxy note 10 plus
    2.iphone 11 pro
    3. Galaxy s10 plus
    4. Huawei p30 pro
    5. One plus 7t pro
    The huawei mate 30 pro would be 1# without the issues

  • Irfan Nafri
    Irfan Nafri 10 days ago

    1.iphone 11 pro/pro max
    2 iPhone 11 Galaxy s10 plus Galaxy note 10 plus 7t pro

  • Zaamil Mohammed
    Zaamil Mohammed 10 days ago +1

    He forgot the 120 hertz display in the rog phone II

  • Ay Roland TUFF KIDD
    Ay Roland TUFF KIDD 10 days ago

    Why is LG g8 not part