• Published on May 5, 2019
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  • just an otaku
    just an otaku 3 hours ago

    Honestly I think they mostly do this for videos cuz in everyday life there might be a small percentage that do it

  • Frisk {14, human}

    I'm Asia and my sister always says *never put makeup* because you're covering your true beauty
    Honestly I don't even like makeup it sucks but this video is kinda cool

  • chika nastavia
    chika nastavia Day ago

    that's mostly from china

  • natalie kok
    natalie kok 2 days ago

    i'm from both singapore and china and i can assure u 0.5 percent of ppl do this

  • Maaly Badawi
    Maaly Badawi 2 days ago

    Very weird

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 3 days ago


  • 러시아덕후
    러시아덕후 4 days ago

    You are not normal when you do those things in Korea..

  • SN 16
    SN 16 4 days ago

    It is an app called "meitu" with wich they get final look. Lips closed and bad teeth gone slim face

  • Jessica BEBUOY
    Jessica BEBUOY 4 days ago

    3:07 she’s sooo pretty, even without makeup!!

  • Carlee Smith
    Carlee Smith 5 days ago

    Oh....the men found out that we can shape shift...

  • Kristen Li -lluye
    Kristen Li -lluye 5 days ago

    All these girls are already beautiful before the makeup... they dont need it..

  • Kristen Li -lluye
    Kristen Li -lluye 5 days ago

    I'm very very tan. Pls take my tan if you want some

  • Kristen Li -lluye
    Kristen Li -lluye 5 days ago

    I wonder if this is what non-asians think we asians look like... nyeh asians vary from different looks depending on where you come from.

  • Pome Turtle
    Pome Turtle 8 days ago

    it is definitely in China. I see my older cousin who is Chinese doing that because she is a make up artist. its so different and scary. But in Japan no one does that.

  • Cole Barnes
    Cole Barnes 9 days ago

    So the thing with the eyes is a
    special type of contacts and the thing with the nose is like a liquid latex type thing

  • Anaiah Grace Jackson
    Anaiah Grace Jackson 9 days ago +1


  • Halimo Abdo
    Halimo Abdo 9 days ago


  • Jebat Durhaka
    Jebat Durhaka 11 days ago

    yo infinte that is a contacts ok you idiot

  • Jordyn Zehr
    Jordyn Zehr 11 days ago

    I just love how much Tal knows about makeup

  • Dashnoor Aidan
    Dashnoor Aidan 12 days ago

    omg does like no one realise that they use filters.... we have apps like b612 where we can slip our friking face to 100 to 0. btw Army(ami) lets be friends cause army amigos.

  • 민 달min dal
    민 달min dal 12 days ago

    Actually they are from China and thia
    I'm sure

  • Olegan Onamor
    Olegan Onamor 12 days ago +1

    the only asian people who is 100% natural beauty is in the philippines..the girls are not waring that much make up.

  • Olegan Onamor
    Olegan Onamor 12 days ago

    i like the girl who doesnt ware too much make up.

  • Poptropicaholics Anonymous

    They all look so much better without the weird pointy nose bridge

  • Thet Xnin Su
    Thet Xnin Su 13 days ago

    U can also make a video of Asian man doing makeup like these girls

  • des epsire
    des epsire 13 days ago

    It's because of a camera app that makes your face looks slimmer (changing your face features)

  • Anneka Elliot
    Anneka Elliot 13 days ago

    no esteem at all sad

  • fatima mehnaz
    fatima mehnaz 14 days ago


  • Blome Damino
    Blome Damino 14 days ago

    Korean people have natural beauty

  • Alexandra Katalyna
    Alexandra Katalyna 15 days ago +5

    In America you wanna get; Tan
    In other countries(like ours) wanna get; Light Skin

  • Michael Raharja Wijaya

    Oh, the girls uses a camera with slim feature, which makes their jaw look a looooot smaller

  • nicki Maraj
    nicki Maraj 16 days ago


  • KrawsarBrowsar
    KrawsarBrowsar 16 days ago

    Which software was used? To review it

  • PaperBag _Hoodie
    PaperBag _Hoodie 17 days ago

    95%not Malaysia

  • Samurai 8
    Samurai 8 17 days ago

    I'll never trust Asians ever again.

  • ting jin
    ting jin 17 days ago +4

    The girls in the video are all Chinese, my English is not good.

  • Azrien Asmat
    Azrien Asmat 18 days ago

    The nose thing is a clay (maybe)

  • CM Sinanggote
    CM Sinanggote 18 days ago

    PHILIPPINES = natural beauty ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Clarkjr. Castle
    Clarkjr. Castle 18 days ago

    Its china

  • LTBI with the DentiTuber

    Just bumped into your channel🤣🤣 so im love all the way from S.A...

  • Kya Cropper
    Kya Cropper 18 days ago

    They do it in Asia, Japan and korea

  • Mina pedersen
    Mina pedersen 18 days ago +1

    Tal:"guys, guys. I've been bullied since 4th grade"
    Me:"BRUHHH that ain't anything, I've been bullied since 1st till 7th grade"

  • Krishh D Utuber
    Krishh D Utuber 19 days ago


  • Alien Army
    Alien Army 19 days ago

    Ooh mah gosh Infinite is JaMeS cHaReLs 5:36

  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham 19 days ago

    4:44 It is actually.. Korea, and possibly, Japan. But very few in China. Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the whole world because of the pressure on K-pop idols (they have to be slim, white-skinned, long hair??? and perfect teeth.Not pearly whites, but more natural.)

  • Leaf The bull!
    Leaf The bull! 20 days ago +1

    So I think almost everyone knows, in most of these, when the clip cuts, They change the person.

  • Cesar Rivas
    Cesar Rivas 20 days ago

    that was weird

  • mikaela hyakuya
    mikaela hyakuya 21 day ago

    More in china":/

  • TeaR xFlasH
    TeaR xFlasH 21 day ago

    Shows hoe fake girls are

  • GregYanni :3
    GregYanni :3 21 day ago

    Did you get plastic surgery?
    No I used tape.

  • All Gamers
    All Gamers 21 day ago

    There's just one word to suit this situation


  • Friendster Kuwait
    Friendster Kuwait 21 day ago

    Can you make videos for filipina celebrity??

  • - aleynah
    - aleynah 23 days ago

    the stuff they're putting on their nose should make the nose bridge look higher because some asians have low nose bridges. And they dislike them for some reason.

  • Aprily April
    Aprily April 23 days ago +1

    I’m Asian ; - ;

  • Diamonds Do
    Diamonds Do 23 days ago

    I got trust issue now

  • Friedrich Joshua Jingco
    Friedrich Joshua Jingco 23 days ago +1

    How to get away with murder, arson, theft and other countless crimes.

  • shaklee aaron
    shaklee aaron 23 days ago

    China normaly

  • Lia ARMY
    Lia ARMY 23 days ago +1

    In my opinion, most of these girls were beautiful even naturally.

  • qtxties
    qtxties 23 days ago

    the shooky in the background- 🙈

  • Makayla Dehnert
    Makayla Dehnert 24 days ago