Lil Xan On Quitting Music & 2Pac + Dave East, Styles P, & Curren$y | Open Late with Peter Rosenberg


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  • En1gma Kish
    En1gma Kish 5 hours ago

    After 2Pac thing he said.. nobody needs him...

  • En1gma Kish
    En1gma Kish 5 hours ago

    Drug addict always getting sick from anything... this fool asking Xan why did you got sick lol!

  • Aetrix
    Aetrix 8 hours ago +1

    YO GUYS I know this sounds crazy but I got to see his penthouse and meet his Dad!!! It's my most recent video on my channel check it out!!! :D

  • Quest4Truth
    Quest4Truth 11 hours ago

    omfg he is one UGLY ass mother fucka lmao

  • musicksol
    musicksol 19 hours ago

    heat of the moment apparently means its okay to lie

  • Schism Circle
    Schism Circle Day ago

    Kanye's political views are ahead of his time. Get off the left wing nuts, styles p dave east

  • Gay Guard Moose Saucy

    Idk why but this interview reminds me of the movie 40 year old virgin when the little jewish kid Seth is in sex ed trying to be a badass.

  • Gay Guard Moose Saucy

    face tattoos are fucking retarded. Little kids just trying to look hard AF like they just parol lol

  • Skeleton Krew
    Skeleton Krew Day ago

    Lil xan is bad ass. He's got good music. Can't wait to hear more new stuff.

  • SuicideJunkie ScumFuk

    Damn I miss my mpc, got an sp404sx but they were so good paired

  • Johannes Pannenberg
    Johannes Pannenberg 3 days ago

    the Problem: he sold his Soul to his label

  • Spammy S.
    Spammy S. 4 days ago

    I like how Lil Xans acting in this, like he’s not high for once lmao

  • Gene S
    Gene S 4 days ago

    bet he would be cute if the numbskull can quit tattooing his face

  • brian herman
    brian herman 4 days ago


  • sıqɐuuɐɔ
    sıqɐuuɐɔ 4 days ago

    2 minutes after the interview, his asshole imploded into a black hole

  • cheryl gustavson
    cheryl gustavson 4 days ago

    Xans a good little kid industry could eat someone like that alive.

  • cheryl gustavson
    cheryl gustavson 4 days ago

    If he behaves like a sheeple, we will keep the music separated. If he voices any opinions, fuck the music 🙄
    WTF is wrong with people ? He's allowed to have his own opinions, his own choice in wives, and his own choice of friends.
    Kanye has CLEARLY said that he doesn't agree with all of trumps political platforms but that he admires him as a man. WHATS THE BIG DEAL WHO HE ADMIRES ????
    These same people will tell you to use your minds, be a free thinker ..but the moment you actually have your own thoughts, people are in an uproar. Leave the fucking guy alone ffs ...🙄

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez 4 days ago

    Dang how many interviews this guys done propably more then Any rapper or artist in general 😂

  • 渦巻長門
    渦巻長門 5 days ago

    Spitta is the illest

  • Sin Waves
    Sin Waves 6 days ago

    14:05- He's laughing too much.... I don't trust him.

  • Joshua Michael Cook
    Joshua Michael Cook 6 days ago


  • Haks Hustle
    Haks Hustle 6 days ago

    For the proper edit of curren$y's freestyle because this edit was a bit off beat:

  • Brandon Kavanugh
    Brandon Kavanugh 7 days ago

    Everyone hates when a youngin gets money.. smh

  • EL
    EL 7 days ago

    Lil xan is lil peice of shit.

  • Herman Calderon
    Herman Calderon 7 days ago

    9:12 Curren$y interview starts, 11:58 Curren$y freestyle.
    True legend 🙏

  • Philip Love
    Philip Love 7 days ago

    I love how everyone who interviews him mocks him to his face.

  • Mark Acevedo
    Mark Acevedo 8 days ago

    Spitta is dope, no hate for lil Xan i think he has potential look forward to some lyrics on his new project to be the determining factor

  • Thomas Franco
    Thomas Franco 8 days ago

    I love that lil xan is kinda sober now i think i hope idk really

  • Rosetta More
    Rosetta More 8 days ago

    Can't believe he's quitting like why..

  • dat one mexican101
    dat one mexican101 9 days ago


  • dat one mexican101
    dat one mexican101 9 days ago

    lil xan is the type of dude to get run over by a boat while crossing the street...

  • Barry hairy chest Gibb

    Damn lil xan acts sober

  • notpamhalpert
    notpamhalpert 10 days ago

    Please quit music. Humanity will benefit

  • DaMon Swink
    DaMon Swink 10 days ago

    Thumbs up for $pitta

  • Regina Fallangie
    Regina Fallangie 10 days ago +1

    So he gone change his name to Lil Cheeto then?

  • john 5336
    john 5336 10 days ago


  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 10 days ago

    That freestyle was tuff though

  • FriendsWit DaDealer
    FriendsWit DaDealer 11 days ago

    Only here for Curren$y.

  • kiheme smith
    kiheme smith 11 days ago

    That fuck'n beat Araab Muzik played in the beginning was insane, ridiculous & mean 😡

  • Texas Acey
    Texas Acey 11 days ago

    I guess lil xan is the new drake of hip hop 😂😂

  • Daniela Reyes
    Daniela Reyes 13 days ago

    traduscan la entrevista de Diego por favor 😭😭😭😭

  • Daniela Reyes
    Daniela Reyes 13 days ago

    traduccion por favor😭😭

  • demi God
    demi God 13 days ago

    This kid Deff be off the beans yo. I dead never heard him not talk like a snail. This the first time I seen this nigga sober. Don’t give a fuck what he say lol

  • demi God
    demi God 13 days ago

    Funny how the Dave East and Styles P tape isn’t the thumbnail. It’s the retard who went to the hospital after eating a bag of hot cheetos😂

  • demi God
    demi God 13 days ago

    Look at this retard lol. He actually looks and sounds retarded. Picture a kid in special ed who got a hold of a Sharpie

  • grossdesign
    grossdesign 13 days ago

    I'm happy that he isn't quitting.

  • Miguel Rojas
    Miguel Rojas 13 days ago

    That currency freestyle on the basketball court was as organic as it gets

  • Born Yesterday
    Born Yesterday 14 days ago


  • mariethesizzler 9492
    mariethesizzler 9492 14 days ago

    13:59 for Diego 💔

  • ReklezZz 903
    ReklezZz 903 15 days ago

    Ion care for lil xan but now I’m exited for his new album

  • Ariana Jay
    Ariana Jay 15 days ago +1

    im proud, this is best I've seen diego.

  • Diego Ortiz
    Diego Ortiz 15 days ago +2

    lil xan gets so much hate but he is a good artist and has a great personality he chill asf

  • Alicia Penn
    Alicia Penn 15 days ago

    He lied about not being on xans but I still love him

  • Ligma Balls
    Ligma Balls 15 days ago

    I’ve never listened to his music but for some reason I like the interviews.. I’m not sure why I care ?

  • dmart63
    dmart63 15 days ago

    At least lil xan isn’t a complete drugged out bum like some of these other rappers are. He’s good on interviews, well spoken, is respectful/not inflammatory, and can admit his faults. Respect

  • Danny Segura
    Danny Segura 15 days ago +1

    Be safe when her pussssy taste like skittles

  • Danny Segura
    Danny Segura 15 days ago

    Why didn’t you ask if he was gay 🤣

  • 3575 Ethel southwest
    3575 Ethel southwest 16 days ago


  • Gabriel Suarez
    Gabriel Suarez 16 days ago +2

    I almost died of hot Cheeto’s in fortnite *ali a intro plays*

  • Julie Sisco
    Julie Sisco 16 days ago

    From styles p, Dave east to lil xan. Notice he didn’t pull the crate out at the end. Mad props to Rosenberg tho. Keeping it real and relaxant.

  • William
    William 16 days ago

    what shoes are curren$y wearing

    UNDADOG ENT 17 days ago

    Great 2 see he got his life together.. It's not easy 💪

  • 2-20 Mgmt
    2-20 Mgmt 18 days ago

    Ever notice there’s actually not that many happy chill weed rappers anymore , dam I’d take happy chill weed rap over your fuckin hardcore drug rap anyday !

  • poop dolla. kobgoate
    poop dolla. kobgoate 18 days ago

    DJ fousey

  • LebanonDon
    LebanonDon 18 days ago

    JUICY J was the tiger woods of rap he only gets better wit htime

  • John Dough
    John Dough 18 days ago

    Playboi carti took his early rhyme flow from currensy

  • YaBoyKels1
    YaBoyKels1 19 days ago

    That Curren$y, AraabMuzic segway was super dope!

  • YaBoyKels1
    YaBoyKels1 19 days ago

    Curren$y did his gotdamn thang!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • X A N A R C H Y
    X A N A R C H Y 19 days ago +1


  • Captain Misery
    Captain Misery 19 days ago

    lil xan is fucking joke!! hes utter dogshit

  • Dezzanavarro
    Dezzanavarro 19 days ago

    He sounds less retarded tbf

  • Kendall S.W.
    Kendall S.W. 19 days ago

    Da fuck does Arab Music look so sad all the damn time fam????

    FIISHLA Jr 20 days ago

    When he says represents real hip hop i thought he was saying that about lil xan I was getting so mas

  • Bmoney Cash
    Bmoney Cash 20 days ago

    Styles p ya favorite rappers favorite rapper

  • and str
    and str 20 days ago +1

    lil xan is the closest we've come to human garbage. thanks complex

  • kris brown
    kris brown 20 days ago

    Dont you have to be a musician to quit music

  • liver lover live happy

    Blabla garbage rap

  • MrGoldenV
    MrGoldenV 20 days ago

    His face looks ridiculous

  • Hina Begum
    Hina Begum 20 days ago

    uh...cheetos?....(Literally a British citizen here 😂)

  • kousetsuhana
    kousetsuhana 20 days ago

    Someone who should be an artist with words can't even differentiate between garner and garnish. Smdh.

  • Diegoramirez338
    Diegoramirez338 20 days ago

    Lil chetto

  • Nina Argel
    Nina Argel 20 days ago

    Rip Mac Miller

  • Sam W2
    Sam W2 20 days ago

    Another terrible rapper gone. 👌🏻

  • James Scott
    James Scott 20 days ago +1

    still don't understand how xan became a thing... His music is absolutely awful..

  • Adrian Blair
    Adrian Blair 20 days ago +1

    Never heard of this kid before.

  • Amvxxx
    Amvxxx 20 days ago

    about time, good news for once

  • StarZu
    StarZu 20 days ago

    Does annyone believes this shit xD. after he quits he going back to music then a month later he will stage his death and still brings out music.. If this unlogical thing happens then woooot..

  • maji
    maji 20 days ago

    He’s a good kid, real positive

  • mal GG
    mal GG 20 days ago

    That new tattoo under left eye.... Man, remove it

  • One_Eyed_Willy
    One_Eyed_Willy 20 days ago

    This guy xan is a fucking goof stop putting him on

  • 07HOUSE
    07HOUSE 20 days ago

    yeah but everyone who's talking shit about xan is the same type people who talked shit about hip-hop in the 80/70s you all want people to keep making hip-hop music like in the 90's that's fine go listen there's plenty of artists still doing it, btw when was the last time some of you be listening to DITC? or BDP?

  • carlo palacio
    carlo palacio 21 day ago

    just quit lil xang, you call tupac boring stop making excuses. get the strap!!!!!!! for this brain dead punk

  • qwerty123627
    qwerty123627 21 day ago

    fuck lil wayne

  • DDG 28
    DDG 28 21 day ago

    Now lil xan really looks like me cause he doesn't have drugs in him!! Now just to get the hair and tattoos and we Gucci!! 💯💯😂😂😎😎

  • Blackwolverine 31
    Blackwolverine 31 21 day ago

    When lil Xan released betrayed I thought he would be a promising artist. Than he released his other music and I was confused

  • abdilhakimable
    abdilhakimable 21 day ago

    Why Rosenberg look like the human version of his dog lmao 13:06

  • Rob Scaife
    Rob Scaife 21 day ago

    Great! Mumble crappin waste of space! Stick to eating cheese it’s! All your good for. Awe did Eminem diss you back into ya cot baby?

  • Jhonatan Ayala
    Jhonatan Ayala 21 day ago

    15:13 “i always would try to keep it small on my face” well that didn’t go so well

  • Na Fianna
    Na Fianna 21 day ago

    Xan got shafted and that's the only reason y'all are hating, acting like Jay Z's got an IQ of 200 or some shit

  • Ant Nee
    Ant Nee 21 day ago

    Can this creature eat a pallet of hot Cheetos & get the fuck up out of here ASAP please & thank you... P.S. take Rosenberg to we dont need this clown either fuck em