Developer Update | Introducing Brigitte | Overwatch


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  • Angel Gun
    Angel Gun 13 hours ago +1

    Still waiting for mama hong

  • La geas
    La geas Day ago

    I can't believe they added Vegeta to the game

  • jedi master
    jedi master 3 days ago

    have you ever talked to a kid called nate

  • Affe Lito
    Affe Lito 3 days ago

    Hey, Im jeff

  • alex espinal
    alex espinal 3 days ago

    can we get a full animated movie the be amazing i would pay to see it

  • MrCommunity
    MrCommunity 3 days ago

    Hey Jeff, can get some NEW male characters that are fun to play not like SHITFIST, PLEASE!!!!

  • Tuptastic Studios
    Tuptastic Studios 3 days ago

    post new hero ideas in my replies... i want a turret with a jetpack and rockets and shields that negate all damage

  • spiciest 9498
    spiciest 9498 3 days ago

    Way to op she shouldn't heal her self I play roadhoge and it is impossible to kill her

  • Menno Schreuder
    Menno Schreuder 3 days ago +1

    Hero 28: jetpack cat!! 😃😃

  • CreamLand
    CreamLand 3 days ago

    Who thinks that jeff should say "whats up everyone this is papa jeff from the mercy nerf team"

  • Titan Slayer
    Titan Slayer 3 days ago

    She's boring. I'm waiting for hero 28.

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 3 days ago

      Titan Slayer than dont play her.

  • DovahkiinPro
    DovahkiinPro 4 days ago

    Who else came here today to rewatch while waiting for the update to drop? 😎

  • eleonora vostanis
    eleonora vostanis 4 days ago

    Brigitte is amazing and I like her but I'd also love to see new heroes of different nationalities we haven't seen yet, for me I'd love to see a Greek character either hero or villain I don't mind

    THE ELCTRO MAN 4 days ago

    When she comes to overwatch

  • Regina Randall
    Regina Randall 4 days ago

    I heard you are you are adding a cat called jetpack cat

  • Benny One Shot
    Benny One Shot 4 days ago

    why isnt she out on ps4

  • Landon Grant
    Landon Grant 4 days ago

    Please fix competitive I love this game but I can’t even play it without having an awful experience because I get things like 5 dps or 3 mercy mains and it makes it hard to make teams work when players don’t flex pick and if they do they can’t play those heroes to the same level as their main and so it makes games super unbalanced and not fun 90% of the time and the system discourages you from playing with your friends because it puts you against better players because you should be able to communicate better but that doesn’t matter if the other players are better you shouldn’t be punished for playing as a 6 stack it’s a team game if you don’t play as a 6 stack you shouldn’t gain an advantage because other people are it defeats the purpose of the team based aspect. I’m actually begging for you to fix competitive I know this video is unrelated to what I’m talking about but this is my favorite game but the competitive system makes it to where I can’t enjoy it and it’s not just me who feels this way a majority of the community does we like new heroes but that’s not going to change our overall experience the community is toxic and competitive at this point is just quickplay with a point system I try to flex and be a good teammate but when the 5 other players on my team don’t then what’s the point in me doing it I can’t fill tank support and dps I can do tank, support, or dps but I can’t do all 3 I know at blizzard y’all have a great vision of teams working together and not forcing a meta but it hasn’t worked I wish it would’ve because that would be amazing but it’s just not going to happen people aren’t willing to let your vision be a reality because they want to play the heroes they enjoy I like playing tank support and dps but when I’m forced to play the same role over and over again it makes me not want to because I want to play all the heroes not just supports or just tanks or just dps but I’m literally discouraged from doing that because just 1 player out of 12 can ruin the game for everyone I know y’all don’t like the idea of role select but imagine a place where people are going into games knowing they’ll get to play at least the category of heroes they want to play and so the community will be less toxic and more likely to work together because they can play what they enjoy and know others are playing what they want to play too it just makes everyone happier I know there will still be toxic players but they will always be there. You could even make it to where each role you play had it’s own set or placements and sr so that a person who’s always played say mercy can play dps or tank at the level those heroes should be instead of how good their mercy is without hurting its rank. Or outside of role select you could make a system that encourages team play like a guild system while me and most players just want role select at least a guild system is a step in the right direction and will let you keep from forcing a meta because players can pick who they want from a pool of players before ever going into a game (please take away fair matchmaking in this scenario because you shouldn’t be punished for using a system built into the game because other people still want to play solo) there is so many options and we need one of them because players like me and many others if you guys can’t already tell even though we love this game it’s like we’re being pushed away to play other games because our in game experience on overwatch is being ruined because the system doesn’t discourage doing what you would in quick play when the whole point of competitive is to feel competitive but it rarely does it’s either you steam roll the other team cause they don’t have a real team or they have a real team and you get steam rolled because you don’t have a real team if you made a competitive deathmatch maybe some of the people who don’t want to work as a team will leave and the people who do will have an opportunity to i don’t know but please Jeff and everyone on the overwatch team fix this game I want to play it but it’s just disheartening to see what’s happening and nothing being done about it I’m sure you guys are working on a solution but let the community see it and give feedback that you’ll listen to a lot of us love the game just as much as you do I know you guys probably won’t see this or even take the time to read it but i just want this game to be the best version it can be of itself not the version it has become

  • LionPack
    LionPack 5 days ago


  • Samantha Fisher
    Samantha Fisher 5 days ago

    Another support? Defense needs some help

  • YaBoi Pancake
    YaBoi Pancake 5 days ago

    there is a rumer where a kid called another kid a: Hanzo main.
    example: you Hanzo main

  • RedRobbie7
    RedRobbie7 5 days ago

    oh how do u play on the ptr

  • RedRobbie7
    RedRobbie7 5 days ago

    can u only play her on pc?

  • I Drink Bleach
    I Drink Bleach 6 days ago

    Finally i can kill those pesky genjis!!!!

  • SpiritWolf050
    SpiritWolf050 6 days ago

    It hasn’t came out for Xbox

  • Addie and Destiny’s Adventures

    Yet torb’s daughter is still taller than him;_;

  • Jamal Khurshid
    Jamal Khurshid 6 days ago

    we get to play her after 44 days in season 10................. Hype = dead :P

  • Flying Scott
    Flying Scott 7 days ago

    I just came to read this pulsation tumor that is this comment section.

  • Chender Edits
    Chender Edits 7 days ago +1

    I love team mei

  • Francisco Tapia
    Francisco Tapia 7 days ago

    Third person??

  • Winters Night
    Winters Night 8 days ago

    Sounds like a useless hero we don't need more dam heals

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 7 days ago

      Winters Night Health packs that are used already and can be hacked by Sombra. Healing is needed otherwise your team will be dying left and right.

    • Winters Night
      Winters Night 7 days ago

      Bobofett 72 healing is not needed their are health packs

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 7 days ago

      Winters Night It really doesn't. Adding more healers encourages players to pick support roles and with brigitte, this is a good balance. Heck you could play her as a offensive if you wanted too.

    • Winters Night
      Winters Night 7 days ago

      Bobofett 72 more dps heals slow the game down

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 7 days ago

      Winters Night Nah Overwatch needed them to even the amount of characters. You had 3 support heroes at launch, now its definitely more evened out.

  • Mason Alveres
    Mason Alveres 8 days ago

    B r e g e e t a

  • Jamier Bright
    Jamier Bright 8 days ago


  • Hunter Rose
    Hunter Rose 9 days ago

    Let Lucio have another ability like Symmetra but he boops everyone close to Lucio

  • Th3 l0v3 Curs3
    Th3 l0v3 Curs3 9 days ago

    Nerf mira!!!!

  • ice-coldjoe
    ice-coldjoe 9 days ago

    When is she available

  • MisterD90 Gaming
    MisterD90 Gaming 9 days ago

    My Swedish friend doesn't say Brigitte, like that its weird, but maybe is based on a different area or accent

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 9 days ago

    i’m a patient Overwatch player but they should have waited to give us this new hero video because clearly she isn’t ready to be released into the public matches yet, so Overwatch and Blizzard should wait before releasing new videos until they know they are ready to bring the content out, this video was published on Feb 28, 2018, it’s March 14 now, they know gamers are going to get over anxious over new content, and what happened to Blizzard World and Capture the flag they are not in game rotation, and I would love the team death match game mode to become a permanent mode, it comes and goes too quickly love the 4v4 matches maybe this can be improved to include all the heroes in another update, this can be an option in quick play and arcade mode, I wish we could pick what matches we wanna play like in Cod ww2, the game doesn’t pick the mode for us, I decide which one i wanna play first in multiplayer mode wish i think could be added in a new multiplayer menu in a future update, and I can wait for the summertime update, I would like to see the other heroes get summer time skins, there are some of them who don’t have not even one summer skin in game , I did some hero research in game

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 7 days ago

      TJM Matthews29 Its called being patient, if a gamer cant be that, thats on them not the devs. Also shes available on the PTR so only console gamers cant access her.

  • Noel, Un-Ban MaxMillianMus you little shit


    THUNDERTURTLE 9 days ago

    Okay now fix Mercy

  • Vixorous
    Vixorous 10 days ago

    I'm just gonna call her Bridget

  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfire 10 days ago +1

    Cool... now give us some more defense heroes please.

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 9 days ago

      ScorchHellfire Its just A spot on the menu. It has no purpose besides making it eaiser for new players to pick a hero.

  • Teddy
    Teddy 10 days ago +1

    Please nerf divas ult. For April fools :)

  • side2 Side
    side2 Side 10 days ago

    Please raise the voice of symmetra when she is boosted by a nano boost, the line where she says "There is nothing that will stand in my way!" it's AMAZING but the volume of it is just lousy and overly bad.

  • Alex Roeder
    Alex Roeder 10 days ago

    Your competitive mode and so broken ur putting me against players who r way to gud to be fighting in the silver ranking put me in a game with people at my skill level

  • dragon killer
    dragon killer 10 days ago

    Is brigette ever gonna get added on console?

  • Carrie Anderson
    Carrie Anderson 10 days ago

    Can you add a Finnish character please that would be fun because you got junkrat and roadhog the Australians and Tracer the British one

  • Kamel
    Kamel 10 days ago

    Can we take a moment to ask the question on everyone's mind.... what is up with the out of phase audio?

  • Leonidas1210vc
    Leonidas1210vc 10 days ago

    I can already see the nerfs

  • Jorge Trevino
    Jorge Trevino 10 days ago

    When is she gonna be available for console

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 10 days ago

    Brigitte, Phara, So when are you gonna do a son/father or son/mother character? or do you guys just hate men?

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 9 days ago

      Hyperion umm doomfist? Also does it really matter what the gender?

  • Karl Kass Olsen
    Karl Kass Olsen 10 days ago +1

    PUT HER IN PS 4 plsssssss

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 10 days ago

    when will she be released , is it in spring?

  • Shiny
    Shiny 10 days ago

    Brigita lmao

  • Acando Amicho
    Acando Amicho 10 days ago

    hey jeff pls bring her NOW the server where im playing is going horrible it is unplayable sometimes, its in brazil sao paulo

  • colly Wolly
    colly Wolly 10 days ago

    Coming out for console when?

  • Christopher Aceron
    Christopher Aceron 10 days ago

    Jeff please develop some kind of personality...

  • Joseph McKinney
    Joseph McKinney 10 days ago


  • pillowdude
    pillowdude 10 days ago

    Ok, now I'm triggered! They're pronouncing Torbjörn, torbjorn and now lindholm, lindulm

  • Madha 2245
    Madha 2245 10 days ago

    Pls over watch version mobile

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 9 days ago

      Madha 2245 Never happening. Thats impossible.

  • Callum Finlay
    Callum Finlay 10 days ago


  • Raelleen Cen
    Raelleen Cen 11 days ago

    match making is broken plz fix it

  • Aryana
    Aryana 11 days ago +1

    I have overwatch in the Xbox and I haven’t had an update to get Briggiet I need help😭 (sorry if I spell her name wrong)

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 9 days ago

      Aryana np

    • Aryana
      Aryana 10 days ago

      Bobofett 72 thank you I had no idea 😂

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 10 days ago

      Aryana that the PCs PTR. Shes out for testing purposes

    • Aryana
      Aryana 10 days ago

      Bobofett 72 she has come out I have seen people playing as her

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 10 days ago

      Aryana shes not out yet

  • mlg123155 2nd chanel
    mlg123155 2nd chanel 11 days ago

    Why is briggite not on consol

  • random guy
    random guy 11 days ago

    You guys should make soviet skins for all the heroes just saying also Lucio should play the soviet anthem pls

  • the one and only golden frying pan

    So is Brigitte coming out this month?
    Next week?

  • Jachob Jensen
    Jachob Jensen 11 days ago

    does he ever go more then 5 words without blinking?

  • Veinz X
    Veinz X 11 days ago +1


  • Greninja Chu
    Greninja Chu 11 days ago

    Fix your game before adding more things to it, comp is legit who has the best healer and bastion.

  • Brian Tarver
    Brian Tarver 11 days ago

    Oh hey, another female. Where is Hammond Jeff?

  • Moon God
    Moon God 12 days ago

    When is it gonna be released

  • Jamie Rose
    Jamie Rose 12 days ago


  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 12 days ago

    Baguette nest hero

  • Zane Hamilton
    Zane Hamilton 12 days ago

    I want a Mcree animated film pls

  • Fay Egan
    Fay Egan 12 days ago

    I can not wait

  • Sausage
    Sausage 12 days ago

    So how about that Mercy buff..? No.. Okay..

  • pvp fighter
    pvp fighter 12 days ago

    you should make an overwatch movie

  • Beshaba
    Beshaba 12 days ago

    Trying too hard at this diversity thing.

  • Itz Venom
    Itz Venom 12 days ago

    Fix your game was 2900 down 2700 half of the games were throwers

  • Joey Underhill
    Joey Underhill 12 days ago +2

    Can y’all do anything about Stream Snipers? It’s tough watching some really good people lose because someone on their team follows them into a game successfully and then one tricking a terrible character that doesn’t fit the team’s play style at all.

    • Zehzhy
      Zehzhy 7 days ago

      Bobofett 72 yea

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 7 days ago

      Zehzhy In that case, ban them

    • Zehzhy
      Zehzhy 7 days ago

      Bobofett 72 yeah that’s a stream sniper the play a certain character and throws the game

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 10 days ago

      Joey Underhill You can't ban someone for playing 1 character unless they are intentionally losing

  • Pugster
    Pugster 12 days ago +1

    He looks like he waste his life on games, my eyes😖

  • David Priban
    David Priban 12 days ago

    I tell only OMGGGG.... this is beatiful you can add new heroes but can you tell me why you cant nerf or make better heroes who needs it ?!!!! I was mad when I try new mercy (day after Update) 'OK I miss old ULT. but yes when you start ULT you can revive and 16CD to next revive ability' this is still good and NOW... is it long time what I didn't play OW... My friend bought OW I tell him 'I will play OW with you' yes this is my biggest mistake in the life..... So I start ok I pick mercy.....'oh my teammate is dead I will revive him I fly to him and start revive..... WTF 465416231653241 seconds to revive without invicibility 'oh come on too close and boop I'm dead and my teammate too....second Problem : MLG Junkrat I push payload from far I see junkrat's balls 'ok lets kill him' (with full health) I'm trying kill him and BOOP one Junkrat's ball kill me ?!!!! this is what ?? Everything what he has is OP he is literally Invicible -_- only one thing what is normal is computer with hearthstone :( I only believe in update what I will love I hope I'm not alone who hate this ..... OW team I believe in you

  • Luna Enders
    Luna Enders 12 days ago +1

    we need a Canadian hero 🍁🤞 yeaaaaa!

  • Wild
    Wild 12 days ago

    Who TF is actually going to pronounce it Brige-eet-a?!?!?

  • Henrinator
    Henrinator 12 days ago

    Love the work Jeff

  • Chris Pina
    Chris Pina 12 days ago

    Jeff make jetpack cat a thing

  • The Nockster
    The Nockster 13 days ago

    When will she be released?

  • ShirioHanePT Allen
    ShirioHanePT Allen 13 days ago


  • HqisFAMAS
    HqisFAMAS 13 days ago

    My name is jeff

  • TheLuke ™
    TheLuke ™ 13 days ago

    But please, never start becoming like Paladins, relasing new heroes every week that are just combinations of old ones.

  • Dylan Robles
    Dylan Robles 13 days ago

    When will it come out

  • Jamnation
    Jamnation 13 days ago

    Also?? Bra Gi Tah?? WTF, um that is Bridget,

  • Jamnation
    Jamnation 13 days ago

    Heyyy Affirmative action at work with this video

    • Jamnation
      Jamnation 13 days ago

      Good at the job NO, Meets a checkmark in the intersectionality scale YES. That is our..... Zhe? would totally hate to misgender!

  • Car_Car
    Car_Car 13 days ago

    Memes lol

  • Rabbit246 :3
    Rabbit246 :3 13 days ago

    Buff mercy, she was perfect until you nerf her. Now you can't do anything with her 😠😢

    • Rabbit246 :3
      Rabbit246 :3 10 days ago

      Bobofett 72 you are right, but it will be amasing if blizzard buff mercy😞
      Well, we have to see what blizzard is gonna do with her😔

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 10 days ago

      Rabbit246 :3 you could adapt to her. Its not hard at all.

  • The Exploring Craft Brothers

    Anyone know when she comes out for Xbox?!?!!

  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 13 days ago

    the overwatch team is so bad.

    ThE GaMe ISnt PeRFeCt CrEatE SoMe GooD IdEas OmG

  • Christian Fowler
    Christian Fowler 13 days ago

    Why only on pc

    • Bobofett 72
      Bobofett 72 13 days ago

      Christian Fowler Shes not finished thats why.

  • Christian Fowler
    Christian Fowler 13 days ago

    Why no on xbox

  • Med Edward
    Med Edward 13 days ago +1

    Brigitte =FOR HONOR