Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! PLAYER OF THE MONTH VARDY!!! The Best Value Card On The Game!

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Premier League Player Of The Month Jamie Vardy!!! Is he the BEST VALUE PLAYER IN FIFA HISTORY!?! Anyone can get their hands on the 86 POTM as he only costs about 20k to do!!! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #POTM
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Comments • 376

  • Dean Kerins
    Dean Kerins 8 days ago

    Lingaard just out of the academy

  • Siraaj Uddin
    Siraaj Uddin 12 days ago +1


  • A A
    A A 17 days ago

    7:16 😂

  • Linus Jaatinen
    Linus Jaatinen 17 days ago

    Lingard is 27

  • Andrick Galarza
    Andrick Galarza 19 days ago

    Andy’s transition sounds like the Rivals III Challenge intro
    Or just me

  • Shaun Zeeno
    Shaun Zeeno 21 day ago

    This is the definition of an Everton fan I’m telling ye😂🤦‍♂️

  • Jake Devey
    Jake Devey 22 days ago

    “He’ll be a great player in 5 years”
    Jesse Lingard will be 31 in 5 years

  • Luka Kavaja
    Luka Kavaja 25 days ago

    Trowback to fifa 16 Gulit squad builder showdown when Toby invented dirty double

  • Sam Ireland
    Sam Ireland 25 days ago

    not funny

  • Zaid Baddar
    Zaid Baddar 25 days ago

    Where is the rtg

  • levitate
    levitate 25 days ago

    REEV always has good vibes
    Vibe check will always be good for REEV

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago

    This card for 30K is a steal but that's it, he isn't better than most more expensive players

  • Mathias Helgesen
    Mathias Helgesen 26 days ago +1

    Where did you get your no room for racism shirt?

  • Menames Xd Lunatikz
    Menames Xd Lunatikz 26 days ago +1


  • Liam WM
    Liam WM 26 days ago

    Andy can we have a status vid on rtg as to where to from now? Is it over if your bored of it fine can we just be informed what will happen going forward with the rtg?

  • Liam WM
    Liam WM 26 days ago

    The lingard meme is dead come on now

  • Freddie D
    Freddie D 26 days ago

    Sbsd advent calendar??!!!

  • illay kam
    illay kam 26 days ago +1

    The intro was goldennnn

  • Yxng Sheamus
    Yxng Sheamus 26 days ago

    Markie gets a mention 🙋🏽‍♂️

    BENJAMIN Avci 27 days ago

    rew why do you only picks bad players under 1 k all of you players

  • Miguel Huerta
    Miguel Huerta 27 days ago

    What a shit price

  • 10k subs One video
    10k subs One video 27 days ago +1


  • Joz
    Joz 27 days ago

    Andy where’s the rtg

  • Eric Nijakowski
    Eric Nijakowski 27 days ago +1

    Andy doing his own transition reev Laughs his head off

  • Sn1pz
    Sn1pz 27 days ago

    I love you and I love Reev, And I love the video❤️😍

  • Rhys' Waggitt
    Rhys' Waggitt 28 days ago

    I use the same joke of 'Agadoo for the Dortmund CB Zagadou dou dou

  • Harry Hamilton
    Harry Hamilton 28 days ago +1

    That intro has to be the best thing I have seen all year. If that doesn’t make TheXvid rewind, we riot. 😂

  • BlazeChaos 4
    BlazeChaos 4 28 days ago

    Do a vid with a guy called Birdie pls

  • Oakley Herridge
    Oakley Herridge 28 days ago

    Welcome to squad builder showdown and today we are with professional footballer BoRiNi

  • Douglas Napier
    Douglas Napier 28 days ago

    damn second one this year man

  • rilz 7
    rilz 7 28 days ago +3

    7:15 😂 Andy doing the noise of his transition. (This is also me when I’m watching these squad builder showdowns)

  • Ryan Fletcher
    Ryan Fletcher 28 days ago +5

    the scenes when Jesse Lingaard actually peaks in his early/mid thirties for Man Utd in 5 years

  • tahar agrane
    tahar agrane 28 days ago

    do one with mahrez

  • Bill Stanley
    Bill Stanley 28 days ago

    Damn whys Harry Potter playing fifa. He kinda fresh do 🤩

    DANTV 28 days ago

    Will he have a dynamic image?

  • tmobereola
    tmobereola 28 days ago

    Is andy playing drop back ?

  • Harry Chisholm
    Harry Chisholm 28 days ago

    Intro is sick great video

  • Sahil Wagh
    Sahil Wagh 28 days ago

    There is one feeling which is indescribable.. When you see AJ3 has uploaded a video

  • RameshKumar Packiri
    RameshKumar Packiri 28 days ago +1

    I also have POTM vardy ...

    In pacybits

  • Luis Moreno
    Luis Moreno 28 days ago

    reev always makes the vid boring 😴by picking stinkers

  • mags milly
    mags milly 28 days ago +1

    Andy always gets screwed on the discards lmaoo😂😂

  • Football4Ever
    Football4Ever 28 days ago

    You should have the transition play but use the audio of you doing it😂

  • The Holte End
    The Holte End 28 days ago +1

    Reev’s real name is Oliver ????

  • D L
    D L 28 days ago +1

    Do oricic

  • Jonathan Foster
    Jonathan Foster 28 days ago

    Do one with Bateson

  • Thomas Leck
    Thomas Leck 28 days ago

    I got andys formation

  • rodgersarmy
    rodgersarmy 28 days ago +1

    please make a rule that you can only pick 3 players rated 80 or less!

  • Conor Gibbons
    Conor Gibbons 29 days ago

    Andy do another unlimited trump card special sbsd

  • Billy
    Billy 29 days ago

    that scream dele alli joke was class x

  • Bert Jia Jun
    Bert Jia Jun 29 days ago

    The meme of lingard being young and with loads of potential to shine in the future is actually dead af

  • Galen NJ
    Galen NJ 29 days ago

    Anyone else still waiting for the SBSD 11/10 Rice with Rice

  • Danutzz
    Danutzz 29 days ago

    Jon Foken Maginn

  • Danny Owen
    Danny Owen 29 days ago

    My boi REEV picked my boi John McGinn

  • RyanCarbo96
    RyanCarbo96 29 days ago

    Been pissing this vid gg lads 😂

  • Davaldero
    Davaldero 29 days ago

    bruh reevs team isnt even 50k

  • TheCaessar
    TheCaessar 29 days ago

    i lost it at the making of your own transition XD

  • Marsllama
    Marsllama 29 days ago

    Andy and his guests are the only TheXvidrs who think it's OK to cheat and then mock their viewers for calling them out on it. It's unacceptable, big time.

  • Crispy Terror333
    Crispy Terror333 29 days ago

    Petition to start RTG again

  • Jake Curtis-Yellowley
    Jake Curtis-Yellowley 29 days ago

    Do toko ekambi