• Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Reacting to animations returns and we check out Share my story yet ANOTHER story animation channel
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Comments • 8 428

  • Kilee Pear
    Kilee Pear Day ago

    Has he done a slime reaction

  • Alicia Truelove
    Alicia Truelove Day ago

    ET phone home huehuehue

  • PakoraProbz 90
    PakoraProbz 90 Day ago

    Brandon makes the weirdest stories hilarious 🤣

  • TazeBroken
    TazeBroken Day ago

    "Being a millionaire isn't That much" Okay Brandon whatever you say

  • Clark Kenton
    Clark Kenton Day ago

    My teacher is named Mrs. Edmonds 😂😂😂

  • It’s Lucas The Great

    I’m addicted too don’t worry

  • qaiser mehboob
    qaiser mehboob Day ago

    How many times does Brandon says Alright 😂

  • Rita Debidayal
    Rita Debidayal Day ago +1

    You too Brandon you are a pig

  • Jesriel Nunez
    Jesriel Nunez Day ago

    If kara was watching this or that video.

  • Bryan Hernandez
    Bryan Hernandez Day ago

    It's inspiring

  • Josh John
    Josh John Day ago

    uh i see him whereing makeup

    YAZN GAMES Day ago

    I miss old brandon

  • River Snyder
    River Snyder Day ago

    So pretty, or so conceited?

  • George May
    George May Day ago

    You are so funny I lol everytime

  • Shister jackie Squad

    You reacting to these are better than watching the actual video (:

  • Zaily Machado
    Zaily Machado Day ago

    FBI, OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!

  • Hendro Van der Walt

    My dude you talk to much😂😂😂

  • Summer Fluff
    Summer Fluff Day ago

    99% this how many times Brandon says...
    1% other comments

  • KevsKev
    KevsKev Day ago

    brandon unlike most react channels your not a douch NICE

  • gacha friends
    gacha friends 2 days ago

    I was 7 when I watched west caravans new night mere it was a freedy cougar movie

  • Heather Adams
    Heather Adams 2 days ago

    I love your videos thank you

  • Gamer bros
    Gamer bros 2 days ago

    At 2.00 is so funny 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  • Rachel Chavez
    Rachel Chavez 2 days ago

    The conjuring

  • Teresa Martin
    Teresa Martin 2 days ago

    an Apple lol

  • Sue Bradshaw
    Sue Bradshaw 2 days ago +1

    Brandon is the best TheXvid in the world

  • NFFDanny Armstrong
    NFFDanny Armstrong 2 days ago

    Fbi open up

  • A.R.M.Y llama Corn
    A.R.M.Y llama Corn 2 days ago

    I watched Annabelle and I was 9

  • David
    David 2 days ago

    Wait look at the video it says cara then Kara

  • Smokie The bear REAL

    I guess the budget animation is less than $2

  • Icyx Tiger
    Icyx Tiger 2 days ago

    Selling Replay buttons
    0:00 0:00 0:00

    1like = 1money

  • gamer sis
    gamer sis 2 days ago

    I ve watched that movie at the end and I m 9

  • Bryan Sosa
    Bryan Sosa 2 days ago

    You talk tooooooo much!!!!

  • Turkeys are cool! !!!!

    I’m 9 and I still haven’t watched a horror movie

  • Cora McCarthy
    Cora McCarthy 2 days ago

    How many tim-

    Maybe not

  • Jessica Ram
    Jessica Ram 2 days ago

    Who else thought that her mom and dad were watching something inapropriate

  • Nikki Akers
    Nikki Akers 2 days ago

    My name's gabe

  • James Edwards
    James Edwards 2 days ago

    yup the horror is addicting

  • Antoni Kostrzewa
    Antoni Kostrzewa 2 days ago

    26:35 u were thinking of p0rn

  • Pio Santos
    Pio Santos 2 days ago

    What kind of hat are you wearing?

    ROMBLOX 3 days ago

    I remember seeing the last one I showed my brother how horrible the animation was who would tip-toe with their hands bent holding a computer and the character spazzes out too much

    ROMBLOX 3 days ago

    5,638,995 wow MessYourself must be *rich*

  • Liam Coyne
    Liam Coyne 3 days ago

    That movie she was watching was the Sixth sense BTW

  • BLT AKA Liam Tang
    BLT AKA Liam Tang 3 days ago

    Why does he say hooooooooohelloooo

  • Gabe Duffy
    Gabe Duffy 3 days ago +2

    This is how many times Brandon say alright

  • The UNOPENED Can Of Life

    tHiS iS hOW mAny TiMeS BrAnDoN hAS sAId [insert word]

  • lara plays lover gamer

    The moral is beuty is pain

    ROMBLOX 3 days ago

    3:04 XD

  • Shadow Sceptile
    Shadow Sceptile 3 days ago

    What the freak

  • Lewis Dycer
    Lewis Dycer 3 days ago

    he thought it was porn

  • CheesyPotato *-*
    CheesyPotato *-* 3 days ago


  • Jeremiah Yarbrough
    Jeremiah Yarbrough 3 days ago

    4:22 Bright red sexy dress 🤔
    Something is not right

  • Laura Cummings
    Laura Cummings 3 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Hannah Quidato
    Hannah Quidato 3 days ago

    Beauty is pain...

  • Maximilian Rodriguez

    hey messyourself tell her that you cant keep a secret from your friend if you hide the secret for to long then you tell her she might be really mad that you didn't tell her before.I know lieing keeps you feel safe but telling the truth actually makes it better.

  • Stitch 2005
    Stitch 2005 3 days ago

    Evie messed herself...

  • Ali H #1 FAN!!
    Ali H #1 FAN!! 3 days ago

    I saw Jurassic Park when I was 5 and my brother was 3. I laughed and he cried.

  • Damian_ Ceballos
    Damian_ Ceballos 3 days ago

    How many times Brandon said “awwwwwwww”

  • cloud girl
    cloud girl 3 days ago

    I really don't care about being pretty (cuz I'm not that pretty). Because common sense, street smarts, and and good grades is what's gonna get you through life.

  • TheBlueLion 123
    TheBlueLion 123 3 days ago +1

    I washed Michael Myers when I was 5

  • EverythingGossipQueen

    I was expecting porn on the parents' computer....

  • Christopher Kenny
    Christopher Kenny 3 days ago

    I thought it was porn 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lillian Mielke
    Lillian Mielke 3 days ago +1

    This is how much Brandon says titties

  • Plankton Plan'S
    Plankton Plan'S 4 days ago

    U r so hot 😁😎👍🏻

  • Bella Harrow
    Bella Harrow 4 days ago

    Brandon was expecting an sex movie

  • Bella Harrow
    Bella Harrow 4 days ago

    preach mess yourself prech

  • Dominos YT
    Dominos YT 4 days ago

    Im young so Brandon is a Pig.

  • Bpm Films
    Bpm Films 4 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Hands up oh yeah yeah
    Hands up oh yeah yeah 4 days ago +1

    Your hot shame it’s not legal messyourself👥

  • MewMoo
    MewMoo 4 days ago

    talks a lot

  • Bunny games2
    Bunny games2 4 days ago

    The movie of the kid seeing dead people is sixth sense horror movie I suggest it! I'm 10 and its not really scary. So I suggest for at least 9- older.

    XXXMICHAEL 4 days ago

    I thought porn

  • Joseph Holyoak
    Joseph Holyoak 4 days ago


  • Keylee Hall games
    Keylee Hall games 4 days ago

    2:03 im dieing

  • Emma Savage
    Emma Savage 4 days ago

    I think she means she gets to much a attention and sometimes she wants to be alone

  • Caylie Seelbach
    Caylie Seelbach 4 days ago

    Very good video

  • Ann Tovar
    Ann Tovar 4 days ago +1

    She did the good thing

  • unicorn lover34
    unicorn lover34 4 days ago

    There is ACTUALLY HAPPENED to and love u❤❤

  • Daniel rolin
    Daniel rolin 4 days ago

    I was 4

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 4 days ago

    Brandon and I were expecting the same thing on the last story 😂😂

  • JonRielTEM
    JonRielTEM 4 days ago

    Even he thought it was porn lmao
    Starts at

  • Kert Gebruk
    Kert Gebruk 4 days ago

    Whait kelsi was 10 when her mum got a nother kid and shes a year older than her what?

  • Uzi ZERØツ
    Uzi ZERØツ 5 days ago

    Wait how she’s a year older

  • Uzi ZERØツ
    Uzi ZERØツ 5 days ago

    This is how many brandon says yeah

  • Nadya Castillo
    Nadya Castillo 5 days ago


  • Amaze mazing
    Amaze mazing 5 days ago

    i watched coraline when i was 4 and i wasn't scared at all :p

  • Kelley Russell
    Kelley Russell 5 days ago

    The thumbnail is weird
    Also im⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙🤣😎😐😑😗😗😗😗😗😙☺😥😮😉😅🤗🤐😙😘🤣😍😂😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 9

  • OD G
    OD G 5 days ago


  • sandwich OwOlord
    sandwich OwOlord 5 days ago

    2 years ago then i was 8 i watched LITTERLY EVERY friday the arth movies im user to spooky things not really scary now im 10 btw if u can,t count

  • xXJoeMamaXx 13
    xXJoeMamaXx 13 5 days ago

    Haahahahahahahahahahah 0:45

  • J Slayer15
    J Slayer15 5 days ago

    What the hell is the video right next to the video he's about to react to on the left 0:41

  • Zachary Kenyon
    Zachary Kenyon 5 days ago


  • Connor Lewis
    Connor Lewis 5 days ago

    I was expecting a sex tape XD

  • Queen Woods
    Queen Woods 5 days ago

    It went from Cara to Kara

  • zgim ziul
    zgim ziul 5 days ago

    How many "you know" word you heard in this video

  • luka1180 luka1180
    luka1180 luka1180 5 days ago

    I’m on potato 🥔 HELP

  • EMILY Churchill
    EMILY Churchill 5 days ago

    Dang ur hot🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Inder Pearl
    Inder Pearl 5 days ago

    When I was little my mom watched a horror movie so much I was so scared and craving for more. So now today I am in love with horror movies!

  • Jazzer Monteith
    Jazzer Monteith 5 days ago

    appreciate the small things in life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xth3if_ofsoulsx
    xth3if_ofsoulsx 5 days ago

    The movie was "The 6 sense"

  • Arjunpreet Tumbar - Ray Lawson PS (1535)

    i know what u were thinking lol