JOKER Joaquin Phoenix Interview: Meeting Batman, Going To A Dark Place, Sequel, The Joker Laugh

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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  • Nicolo Don Diego
    Nicolo Don Diego 4 hours ago

    Best joker!

  • Only Death Decides
    Only Death Decides 12 hours ago

    And I agree with the comments about Jared Leto interpretation, Jared's joker is more like a cholo gangster.

  • Only Death Decides
    Only Death Decides 12 hours ago

    I watched Joker last night and i could understand Joaquin Phoenix feared the acceptance of the fans, in one interview or press conference i dont remember exactly he said he hoped people went to see the movie, i am very sure he was afraid of the reaction of the fans, fans can be very cruel and specially after Heath Ledger interpretacion of the Joker. I am happy Joaquin is about to get the recognition he deserves. I think Heath and Joaquin interpretation of the Joker can't be comparable, it's the same character but in different time lines. I just love Joaquin, he did great!!!

  • Blake Fletcher
    Blake Fletcher Day ago +1

    I think that Joker would hear Batman say "Im Batman" and he would do his manic laugh and say "Ohh Ohh you... your bAtMAAAn" And giggle some more and maybe do a dance around him

  • Sunny Loves
    Sunny Loves Day ago +1

    I’m happy his gained weight after that movie

  • Kristufar Burhtun
    Kristufar Burhtun 2 days ago +1

    Man I just watched this. And my god, it lived up to the expectation, it had everything I wanted, I nearly cried several times, I laughed a lot and Joaquin did a fucking fantastic job at gradually meshing into the joker Hedger portrayed as time went on, with each incident, each time he was attacked, to the point that the last half an hour I was filled with such excitement and energy. Fucking awesome in every way. Give that man an Oscar. What a performance!

  • Cynthia phillips
    Cynthia phillips 2 days ago

    Why was he with that black woman in the movie

  • bri forks
    bri forks 2 days ago +1

    Great interviews,two interesting two-way conversations.Thankyou.

  • Yadvendra Yadav
    Yadvendra Yadav 2 days ago

    I like the way he is moving his neck and face to and fro ....

  • dark powER
    dark powER 2 days ago +1

    Announcer:The Oscar Goes To Jared Leto.
    Joaquin phoenix:WTF.

  • Bossdogtx
    Bossdogtx 2 days ago

    Deadpool ??? IS R RATED

  • Brian Tolentino
    Brian Tolentino 2 days ago

    The Team that made this are all Artist. Such a Masterpiece.

  • Mariajen Xxz
    Mariajen Xxz 3 days ago

    im kind of pissed at joaquin..i think he actually fix his teeth..too bad it makes him look cute when he smiles..i don't like people who look too perfect..i like joaquin cleft lip,his crooked teeth,i think it makes him look unique and interesting to look..but now he fixed his teeth😥

  • nameless face in the crowd

    Everyone at the oscars should have a clown mask to wear for when he goes up to recieve his award.

  • Paige Webster
    Paige Webster 4 days ago

    This interviewer is great. Awesome job!

  • Ryan Val
    Ryan Val 4 days ago

    i'd love to see Todd phillips do an iron man movie with robert downey jr

  • Elizaveta Gaevaya
    Elizaveta Gaevaya 4 days ago

    ..."We're not gonna make a second one" *HEART SHATTERS INTO A TRILLION PIECES*

  • ExBRD
    ExBRD 5 days ago +1

    Fuck you, Jared Leto! Your joker is a piece of shit!

  • Mr Ch33seHed
    Mr Ch33seHed 5 days ago +1

    Im glad he's not method and didn't send dead animals to his co stars🙏🙄

  • Brownd Beanz
    Brownd Beanz 5 days ago +4

    Phoenix's whole life is a tragic story. He didn't have to go to a dark place to play this role. Joaquin Phoenix is The Joker.

    • Remus Lupin
      Remus Lupin 2 days ago +1

      Brownd Beanz I’ve seen some stuff with him when he’s relaxed and comfortable with the interviewer. He’s quite dorky, shockingly funny and thinks before answering questions. Not to mention incredibly down to earth. Yes, he lived through a trauma and it may have left an imprint on him but it doesn’t define him has a person. He really does seem to be a genuinely delightful person to be around.

  • RoseScorpion
    RoseScorpion 6 days ago

    He doesn't need to make himself dark, he doesn't need to struggle, he's a Scorpio sun Scorpio mars man. He's naturally dark. He acts intuitively, brings out that dark energy to show how to see society in the dark side.

  • Abby torres
    Abby torres 6 days ago

    I think jokers first reaction would probably to laugh at Batman for choosing a bat then feel excited

  • Sesshōmaru’s hoe
    Sesshōmaru’s hoe 6 days ago

    I am such an empath that I cried thru like half the movie. My nurturing nature wanted to take care of him so bad. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I had to schedule an extra session with my therapist

  • emily henry
    emily henry 6 days ago +1

    His voice is so soothing

  • Gregory Hodges
    Gregory Hodges 7 days ago

    Man i hope one day will get a batman movie with joaquin Phoenix he is gonna be a good joker

  • Olga Zunino
    Olga Zunino 7 days ago +1

    The most important fact about this interviewer is that he studied his interviewees. Different from Fallon and Kimmel that simply went for the interview completely blind and only wanting to make jokes to keep the audience entertained.
    This interviewer proves that keeping a amusing and interesting interview is about respecting the guests, studying their work and of course being excited about the topic.
    Fallon and Kinmel were annoying and boring, you could see Phoenix reactions, he was anxious, bored and most of the time trying to portray a sympathetic appearance only for manners sake. Here he looks relaxed and enjoying the interview.

  • L- Wook
    L- Wook 7 days ago

    I feel a sequel would have to be a mobster movie as he becomes a crime boss. Or a cameo in a Batman...

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 7 days ago +1

    Ill get shit for this but that dude reminds me a little too much of Eric Trump

  • Lee Milby
    Lee Milby 7 days ago

    Great questions, wish this was longer!!!!

  • shannonjackson464
    shannonjackson464 7 days ago

    what a BUM RUSH in the end. ouch

  • Jonathan Crupi
    Jonathan Crupi 7 days ago +1

    Joaquin: I was laughing on set.
    A true human who’s been to the dark side many times prior to this role.

  • clockcycle
    clockcycle 8 days ago +1

    Joaquin is so observant, aware and can articulate it most of the time. Quite interesting.

  • y u mad
    y u mad 8 days ago

    Best interviewer eveeerrr

  • Samina Bukhari
    Samina Bukhari 8 days ago

    @JoaqPhoenix this is so strange
    I watched the Joker, it really moved me, my brother Peter was abused as a kid, he turned to drugs and alcohol growing up which led to him have severe mental health problems.
    His behaviour had become so disturbing it seemed like the healthiest thing to do was cut him off for some time... after watching this film I felt this deep well of empathy evoked. I called him and told him he was important and I loved him very much.
    For 10-15 minutes I spoke to my bro, not the drug addict, not the alcoholic, not the mentally disturbed man but Peter. My Prince, my big brother.
    A week later he died from loosing his breath on some pills. The pain I'm feeling is immense but I know if I hadn't spoken to him it would be unbearable- this film was not the soul reason I contacted my brother, but it was the reason I contacted him when I did and for that I am forever greatful.
    I really want the makers of this film and Joaquin Phoenix to know how their art has had such a profound effect on my life. God bless ♡

  • Mary Sherrill
    Mary Sherrill 9 days ago

    I think that stand alone movies like this about Batman villains and how they ended up in Arkham would be a great direction for this universe. A stand alone movie about Riddler, Man-Bat, Clay-Face, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Arnold Wesker, Killer Croc, Holiday. Mostly the people who have not already been in any movie. It can be called The Arkham Universe.

  • Pony Sixfinger
    Pony Sixfinger 9 days ago

    this was a really good interview, great questions

  • Jay-r Castillo
    Jay-r Castillo 9 days ago

    Pheonix knows someone will ask him the Batman thing & I like his answer. it means Joker will meet Batman soon if they make a sequel.

  • Eli G
    Eli G 9 days ago

    I love the question at 5:30!! I found myself sympathizing for Arthur too and feeling so sorry for him throughout the movie and afterwards I felt conflicted as well. I felt almost confused too as to why I was supporting a villian. But it really doesn't make you a monster either.

  • Eli G
    Eli G 9 days ago

    I bet the interviewer was scared as hell. I'd be 😬😬

  • The Advait.K Show
    The Advait.K Show 9 days ago +4

    Joaquin: When u bring me out can u introduce me as JoKeR?
    Leto: .......

  • The Advait.K Show
    The Advait.K Show 9 days ago +1

    Wanna hear a joke jaKe?

  • Madamei.Mercy.JeanX. 83_20_19

    + « Why So Pretty ??! »
    100% X3

  • TheRatedRTransforner
    TheRatedRTransforner 10 days ago +1

    I really want to see joaquins joker go up against ben afflecks batman

  • Ali 62
    Ali 62 10 days ago

    Trump liked this movie very much

  • Anderson Hailey
    Anderson Hailey 10 days ago

    Everyone's acting like a movie snob, but fuck it, I would love to see this joker in a movie with batman. Just a dark ass realistic DC movie that I've wanted to see forever.

  • Mr. Arcon
    Mr. Arcon 10 days ago

    Look at his f ace structure his face his eeverything. this man was born to be joker!

  • Del Mathews
    Del Mathews 10 days ago +2

    Honestly, joker surpassed all my expectations and they cast the perfect performer for the role!!!

  • Apple Juice On Your Porch

    Oh woah he's so chill

  • nas taran
    nas taran 10 days ago

    Very good and interesting interview, thank you for asking good question not silly one like talk show did

  • Pablo
    Pablo 11 days ago

    Excelent interviewer, first time i'm happy about that.

  • anjasy
    anjasy 12 days ago +2

    My God, he is still in the role of Joker a bit, you can see it

  • Junnk Meat
    Junnk Meat 12 days ago

    Keep you head still Joaquin 🤨

  • Brittany Williams
    Brittany Williams 12 days ago

    God, he's fucking brilliant. Excellent responses and perspective.

  • TZ Baig
    TZ Baig 12 days ago +1

    Wow this interview was really great. Interviewer did quite a good job.

  • Fillinyourname
    Fillinyourname 12 days ago

    What the fuck there is no joker 2?

  • jankunas13
    jankunas13 12 days ago

    The interviewer is amazing. The questions bring up so many cool backgrounds from the film. I love it.

  • CrypticBoss
    CrypticBoss 12 days ago +2

    The way he moves his neck while talking is just so fitting not just for him but joker

  • Alejandra Aguilar
    Alejandra Aguilar 13 days ago +2

    I wish they made a second one because this movie is the greatest movie ever! And they deserve a Oscar

  • Horrormaster13
    Horrormaster13 13 days ago +1

    Give Joaquin Phoenix his fucking Oscar!

  • Udit Kumar
    Udit Kumar 13 days ago

    Which answers is he talking about given by Martin Scorcese?