Trading $0.01 Into a House in 1 Week

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • penny → house... we did it
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  • Mike Shake

    Genuinely one of the best videos I've ever watched. Great job my man!

  • BootlegGreenThanos

    That "Dreams are like Pennies" lesson towards the end seriously hit different for me. Helped me realize that monumental things can come from miniscule origins. Good stuff man, this has been one heck of a journey alright 👏

  • *ೃ♡ sleek_antique ♡*ೃ

    Ryan is probably honestly the most kind-hearted person on the platform.

  • Brad & Lex
    Brad & Lex  +378

    Wow!! I love this! It just randomly showed up on my feed because I’m going to try trading up to a new F-150 for my hubby’s birthday in April lol 😆 hopefully i do half as good as you

  • Mumen Rider

    Realistically I can’t see too many people being able to replicate something like this. And even if Ryan did get some help getting on the radio and having people notice and assist with his mission he was the one that put the hard work in from day 1. The house at the end isn’t in the best shape but to get from a literal inch size piece of copper to a home on a piece of land is absolutely astonishing. My hat goes off to you. You really have sparked motivation in me and lots of others.

  • Rj Amad
    Rj Amad  +150

    Props to Ryan, what a legend. But come on hannah, be grateful for what he did

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Hands down, the greatest series you've done, this shows how far ingenuity can take you.

  • Kat Kan't
    Kat Kan't  +54

    I love how the house ended up being technically free. He found a penny, which is what he got the house with. It’s like a warm congratulations. And the was he just ended with the price going down and stopping at 0.01 instead of 0, makes the dramatic song from the ending get stuck in my head.

  • Turtle Squad Boss

    Honestly, Hannah's reaction to you doing this insane mission for her was kinda rude. It was like she didn't care about the kindness and only pointed out how smart she was for knowing the secret.

  • F trogs
    F trogs  +123

    Haha that Hannah lady couldn’t have cared less! She plugged her services and is probably gunna flip that house first chance she gets. Lmao.. epic series nonetheless


    It literally got me in tears especially when he mentioned that he was at a very low point in his life but yet he could still come back from it and do something this incredible.

  • WhiteRxses

    He makes me feel a way I’ve never felt, this end was better than if he had gotten the house in time!! The determination, he restores so much faith in our humanity, I have to agree this is also genuinely one of the most amazing channels I’ve ever watched <33

  • CallMeMing

    Just binged this series and it was absolutely incredible :') You are such an inspiration

  • SkylerAnimates

    This man is perfect at creating emotional scenes while staying humorous

  • Maria Juana

    You finding a penny in the bedroom lowkey almost made me cry. I’ve never been so proud. I aspire to be like you.

  • Katherine Gordon

    This whole series has probably made so many people inspired, including me! Keep up the good work! sending love and best wishes to you all from all the way in Australia! 😃👍

  • Beesechurger_73

    Amazing series! 😁

  • Optical Edits

    Me: Hey mom can I have a penny?

  • Loq
    Loq  +8

    The ending where he showed the money going down to every point in the series was the best way to end it. Absolute legend.

  • lucy !
    lucy !  +13

    Dude... This is absolutely amazing. You're genuinely such an amazing person, the kindest content creator I know. The end where you donated it to charity and showed when you were at your lowest and all of the people you've met almost brought me to tears