New: Trump Could Be Impeached Partly For Admissions On Fox News | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on how Rep. Schiff’s impeachment report cites a Fox New interview as evidence. The Democrats making the case that key parts of Trump’s bribery plot were broadcast live and emphasizing they can prove damning parts of the Ukraine plot based partly on the public scheming and incriminating statements broadcast live from Rudy Giuliani and Pres. Trump himself. Melber takes the viewer through an alleged propaganda campaign. Aired on 12/5/19.
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    New: Trump Could Be Impeached Partly For Admissions On Fox News | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Comments • 3 083

  • David Smith
    David Smith 11 days ago

    Republicans are corrupt, immoral, and deceitful? I'm _SHOCKED!_ _SHOCKED!_

  • Debra A.
    Debra A. 17 days ago +1

    Politics is so disgusting. Lies and propaganda can be spread openly. GOP-GRIFTER OLIGARCH PARTY NEEDS TO BE EXTERMINATED!!! VOTE BLUE IN EVERY BOX. VOTE BLUE.

  • Marty Gray
    Marty Gray 19 days ago

    Despite rudy having cancer, I hope he lives long enough to serve, along with donald, a lengthy jail term.

  • Jai G
    Jai G 22 days ago

    Writing from India, we have seen smear campaigns like impeachment in India (Vote of Confidence) and is generally defensive action by opposition parties to stop government investigations. Why is it that nobody talks about Hunter Biden on board of Burisma Holdings, - Ukrainian - from 2014 when his father was VP? After all the U's military aid budgetary approval was during Obama / Biden period - if I am correct.

  • Tom G.
    Tom G. 22 days ago +1

    No law saying you can't charge a sitting president for treason punishable by death.

  • Fred Williamson
    Fred Williamson 22 days ago

    Is it true msnbc no longer receives funding from nation of islam and Isis ?

  • Joseph Argibay
    Joseph Argibay 23 days ago

    So,lets get it done w/already

  • Judith Richards
    Judith Richards 23 days ago

    Rudi Giuliani is disgusting. I can't stand to listen to him or Trump. All of these people backing Trump are disgraceful.

  • Karan Sindhwani
    Karan Sindhwani 27 days ago

    I am speechless. He managed to slip in a reference to Biggie's crack commandments into this serious discussion. Props

  • Steve -O
    Steve -O 28 days ago

    Lock them up. Down with the corrupt republican party.

  • MistieBlue
    MistieBlue Month ago

    Guiliani is a famous liar 🤥
    Don’t know why he pushes himself into that?
    He lost his mind!
    #Trump is the worst liar 🤥 that the world can see in 2019!
    Dictators lies constantly!
    Same scenario like in 2016!

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson Month ago

    Another fake news story what a bunch of clowns ! Guliani just came back from Ukraine with proof of what really is going on in Ukraine ! Dont look good for Dems !

  • Mary Kann
    Mary Kann Month ago

    We love ❤️ President Trump. Greatest president ever. Do not believe one word of this .Stop stop stop bullying President Trump.
    President Trump loves his country and people. Thank you god for giving us this great President. Propaganda stop ✋

  • slraifsnider
    slraifsnider Month ago

    Trump sounds like a little child not a leader

  • AgentMrBig
    AgentMrBig Month ago

    Trump 2020, get ready to cry again lol

  • Paul Lally
    Paul Lally Month ago

    Using puns to sell your media tripe is soooo old and bordering on pathetic. I guess it fits in with your narrative.

  • riffrocker
    riffrocker Month ago

    Wow crazy spin. Msm should be ashamed. Evil liars. Demon-rats

  • Larry Green
    Larry Green Month ago +1

    BLA, BLA, BLA,BLA PMSNBC this is why this network only has 100,000 viewers.

  • Jacques Rivette
    Jacques Rivette Month ago

    “When it comes to framing your opponent , the same sword that knight you, can goodnight you”. Wow i like that quote!

    IAMWATSHHHH Month ago +2

    Just stop, we are sick of you fake news of poisoning us!

  • Brian Henegar
    Brian Henegar Month ago +2

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • James Crawford
    James Crawford Month ago +1

    Liberal butt wipe.

  • Niixz PK
    Niixz PK Month ago

    LMAO that was Smoove how Ari incorporated “The Ten Crack commandments” to the Bolton “drug deal” remark 😆🤣😂

  • Jennifer Arzola
    Jennifer Arzola Month ago

    Let me get this right accepting Aid and befriending another country is wrong, but going there and beginning a WAR killing hundreds of people including our own makes you Hero??

  • Xcaliber 722
    Xcaliber 722 Month ago

    I have to say as lover of Hip Hop! I enjoy your references @arimelber they fit to a tee! Thank you for such distinctive references 👍!

  • Marqueal cunningham

    #NEVERGETHIGHONYOUROWNSUPPLY!!!! Took the words out my mouth!!! YOU MY DOG!!

  • Thomas Engelke
    Thomas Engelke Month ago

    DT will loose his job as he just lost his life dream of being the Person Of The Year to a girl who REALLY believes in what she does.

  • Sibannac L. Reeb
    Sibannac L. Reeb Month ago

    ms-bs You have no clue how strong we the people are and we will walk all over you.

  • Carlos F Suarez
    Carlos F Suarez Month ago

    It looks the Senate will vote politically. It is not really a trial; their verdict has been reached before starting. The Republicans need desperately to hold the power of the Executive, and the Senate. They forgot about the oaths they took when they arrive to the Senate. They just don t care! They are just a bunch of losers against Trump in the Primaries 2016. However, they support him. Why? Because they feel defeated and need the dictator s support to continue holding their office to profit from it.

  • backspace4353
    backspace4353 Month ago

    The Republican Party is full of children and someone needs to leave them in a hot car.

  • R N
    R N Month ago

    Ya I've seen MSN for years now... Google and youtube is worse. They are the core of the democrat party. Show me some damning trial footage like fox news does.

  • kwewitch
    kwewitch Month ago

    imagine the benefits that the pics of this goof and his co- conspirator thief in handcuffs will bring, i'm gonna make sure i'm there

  • Maga Rock
    Maga Rock Month ago +1

    hahaha this Swamp Press Brain Washing Garbage is SICKENING!!! Who believes this MSM MADNESS???

  • Yaad Rana
    Yaad Rana Month ago


  • Joseph Maitre
    Joseph Maitre Month ago

    This guy is aware of how many black people watch TheXvid. Good for him!

  • Susan Fiore
    Susan Fiore Month ago

    Disgusting liars. Republican= deplorable!

  • Glen Parks
    Glen Parks Month ago

    I'm seriously ashamed to be from the states with this buffoon in office!!!!!!

    POOPIE HEAD Month ago

    Hoping to throw something to stick. Puppets told what to say. USA is great economy2019

  • Christopher Carnes
    Christopher Carnes Month ago

    The same sword that knight you could good night you.
    Perfect in the context of Conald Dump.

  • Bubbles McGee
    Bubbles McGee Month ago

    God Ari gets dumber each day lol. This farce is falling apart.

  • Joseph Cook
    Joseph Cook Month ago

    Amazing how you can take 3 words and make up bs stories, tell how Obama ran guns to drug cartels, how Hillary sold uranium 1 to Russia, how Joe Biden held 1billion dollars from Ukraine, how Mueller hand carried uranium yellow cake to Putin, how Obama whispered to Putin" have more leverage after election, drain the swamp President Trump, KAG 2020

  • Crea7ure
    Crea7ure Month ago

    How come Joe Biden is caught in Quid Pro Quo with evidence and no one says anything lmfao

  • Don Alires
    Don Alires Month ago

    The People Of The USA File a Motion to Vacate the chair which would challenge the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    and call for a New Election for the Speakership. Get Her Out...Have Her Fired

  • Don Alires
    Don Alires Month ago

    The People Of The USA File a Motion to Vacate the chair which would challenge the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    and call for a New Election for the Speakership. Get Her Out...Have Her Fired

  • Night Cat
    Night Cat Month ago

    He will be reelected #2020 🇺🇲

  • Marques Fischer
    Marques Fischer Month ago

    If giulian going back to a Ukraine ? If so trump is gaveling goulian to do something for Trump ! Think about Giulian , thank you

  • nebojsa borkovich
    nebojsa borkovich Month ago

    All of these cuntservatives have very pronounced lisp.Makes you wonder???Many were altar boys long ago.

  • Benjaplay94
    Benjaplay94 Month ago

    I love the biggie lyrics delivered in the news reporter voice and cadence

  • patrick armstrong
    patrick armstrong Month ago +1

    Yes you do a lot of talking.... Paid by democrats to talk Schiff. Get your facts before you open your mouth !!! Morons

  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo Month ago


    VIPERDGX Month ago

    Democrats do not care about America n Americans Hilary behind all this Democrats should b taken out of gov Pelosi stole 2.4 Billion dollars from Social Security to pay for Impeachment Democrats want what they want screw the Americans

  • Mataya Kurzuk
    Mataya Kurzuk Month ago

    Who writes this for you ...I don't this guy ever heard a rap CD from B.I.G

  • JD Smith
    JD Smith Month ago

    You are all infected with a brain eating parasite called Demonrat Shitforbrains! The only cure is directly exposing your brain to lead. But keep up this destruction of America and We the People will do it for you.

  • Mataya Kurzuk
    Mataya Kurzuk Month ago

    Biden admitted himself in a quid pro quo he with hold $1billion unless the prosecutor investigating his son was fired that's what started this off ...

  • steven lane
    steven lane Month ago +5

    Finally, it seems like the "End" is near, for the most "corrupt" U.S. President in history!!

    • Bornnusa
      Bornnusa Month ago

      Will never happen! Trump for 2020, 2024, 2028! The next 12 years will be rough for the Demorats! Bunch of dumbasses!

  • Chris Gagnon
    Chris Gagnon Month ago

    Now you're trying to convince me talking about smear your opponent on Fox news or CNN or any other news is now against the rules of the game
    that's exactly what you're doing right now,
    this guy hasn't reviewed the facts

  • Chris Gagnon
    Chris Gagnon Month ago

    That's funny that's what you guys been doing to Trump for the last 4 years

  • Deborah James
    Deborah James Month ago

    Blame everything on every one but himself

  • thomas curtis
    thomas curtis Month ago


  • Raymond Clifford
    Raymond Clifford Month ago