Mister Rogers Documentary Trailer - Orbit Report

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
  • Heather & Aiyanna talk casting news for the Lego Movie sequel and Men in Black spinoff as well as trailers for Deadpool 2 and Mister Rogers on a new Orbit Report.
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Comments • 135

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross 3 months ago


  • Rudy Iraheta
    Rudy Iraheta Year ago

    don't tell me they know carl reiner

  • Jh h
    Jh h Year ago

    my goodness, glasses girl is super beautiful.

  • bingo bango
    bingo bango Year ago

    Nowadays kids dont know who mr rogers neighborhood so this is a opportunity to teach a new generation

  • Tom Dary
    Tom Dary Year ago

    Technical issue - sound level for both of the hosts was way too low compared to intro/outro.

  • Honor Weber
    Honor Weber Year ago

    Oh my goodness where did you get the Princess bride shirt it's awesome

  • Tenchigirl15
    Tenchigirl15 Year ago

    Spice Girls animated cartoon? really? that phase need's to stay in the past.

  • canderia
    canderia Year ago

    Thats exactly who I wanted for MIB

  • Proboy 237
    Proboy 237 Year ago

    A movie with cartoons and the Spice Girls? Sounds like Maximilion Pegasus's dream come true.

  • This_channel_ is_retired

    They actually start talking about it at about 8 minutes in. Youre welcome

  • Decimator Omega
    Decimator Omega Year ago

    Mr. Rogers was my childhood.

  • Winter Harris
    Winter Harris Year ago

    I wasn't a huge Spice Girls fan growing up but I did enjoy a few of their songs and I loved their style so definitely have some nostalgia attached to them and I'm not going to lie. .I'm hoping a studio does pick it up. .As for Mr Rogers. .dude was my earliest memory of tv

  • ShankiaMrsRidiculous

    clicked on mister Rogers talks about hella other things than mister Rogers

  • blackphoenix77
    blackphoenix77 Year ago

    Do you two live in the Channel Awesome satellite? :P

  • Lizafoot For5
    Lizafoot For5 Year ago

    He's part of my childhood ❤😌💐

  • Samuel Smoke
    Samuel Smoke Year ago

    Strawinsky and the Mysterious House

  • Chalky
    Chalky Year ago

    I think the closest we had to Mister Rogers in Britain was Jimmy Savile, but let's just say we learned later that he was a little too friendly with the kids.

  • Halo2glitchlover22

    Ugh he always creeped me out

  • wayoftheforesthand

    I want to like this show. I know they are doing their best, but I can never get through a whole show. its just so cringe. I know that sounds like I hate them but I don't. I get that pretty much everyone on these shows are film majors or drama or something like that, but their commentary to me is like being in drama club, and ya most people are not those drama club types. hence why I think so many comments on here are about why they don't like them. the commentary is fine if its your niche, but for the million subs most are not, but hey the charts says shotgun shell those demographics and see what sticks.

  • Cathrine JP
    Cathrine JP Year ago

    Damn, Ladies. You had me Spice Girls.
    *checks out Mr. Rogers trailer, and has quick dive into lore*
    Okay, that hype is REAL.

  • Crakatoot
    Crakatoot Year ago

    Mr. Rogers probably was a pedophile or tortured animals or something like that. Guys like him always have a dark side. Gahandi, Dr King, Mother Theresa. They all got something.

  • Kit The weredraolf

    I remember totally spies

  • Jordan W
    Jordan W Year ago

    Wonder what Korn thinks about this...

  • Jackal Reviews
    Jackal Reviews Year ago

    Since different tv shows are getting more seasons, does anybody want to see a second season for Constantine?

  • Michael A Burns
    Michael A Burns Year ago +1

    Good old Fred Rodgers taught me to be the best guy as I can be

  • Demetrius Houston

    So down for the return of the Spice Girls. I loved their music

  • Luke Weinstock
    Luke Weinstock Year ago

    What's up with the whole mistreatment of contributors thing

  • Creativity A.S
    Creativity A.S Year ago +1


  • rinoz47
    rinoz47 Year ago +1

    If Mister Rodgers was on, I wouldn't change the channel.

  • Mike Felix
    Mike Felix Year ago


  • Perfect Sc0re
    Perfect Sc0re Year ago

    fuck putting all the other news before mr rogers.i clicked for rogers and didnt care for the other news. Now im unsubbing because i dont trust future videos

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole Year ago +1

    Are the Spice Girls really still a thing? I'm just not understanding who they're expecting to see the movie. Kids won't know who they are, and their grown up fans just don't seem like "animated film" is the right choice for what they'd want. It's been about twenty years since Spiceworld, so....yeah - not understanding why this is being made.

  • Devon Rodriguez
    Devon Rodriguez Year ago +1

    Hey there neighbor

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro Year ago

    so hype for FLCL and Deadpool 2 and they are coming out within the next couple of months

  • Travis_Redfern
    Travis_Redfern Year ago +6

    Mr. Rogers is someone that if I heard any allegation toward him...I wouldn’t believe it at all. He was just a kind hearted spirit all the way through life.

  • Teri Scallon
    Teri Scallon Year ago

    lots of good stuff

  • Mr. will
    Mr. will Year ago +1

    Wow cilck bait when it says roger documtey its the news about anime and movie

  • curtiss peppers
    curtiss peppers Year ago

    Do race to witch mountain

  • Grungy Perry
    Grungy Perry Year ago


  • Ricamortez
    Ricamortez Year ago +1

    For Mr Rogers: 7:11
    Nobody cares about spice girls.

  • promontorium
    promontorium Year ago

    Maybe if you say a Spice Girls cartoon will "totally make sense" 35 more times then there will be 70 kids on Earth who have heard of them at all, ever. "If anyone remembers Totally Spies"? At least that show was in the 21st century. The first episode of Totally Spies aired a full year after the Spice Girl's last song to ever chart. Why else do the cartoon without the original voices? BECAUSE NOBODY FUCKING CARES. Least of all a fucking kid for a pop group that disbanded 20 years ago.

  • josue Fuentes
    josue Fuentes Year ago

    Rogers was evil.

    • Jax Lilman
      Jax Lilman Year ago +1

      josue Fuentes Are you trolling or something? Cause if you are, you're gonna have to try harder.

  • Damien Reaper
    Damien Reaper Year ago +5

    I come for Mister Rogers, What's sad is there will never be another like him. And we really need someone like him to speak to kids about the world there living in.

  • tyler john
    tyler john Year ago

    Thor dead in infinity war

  • tyler john
    tyler john Year ago +1


  • Connor The NerdTheist.

    Ready Player One??? Come on and it’s coming out this week too good damn it.

  • Lps Valeria
    Lps Valeria Year ago +9

    Mr. Rogers is the one person on the internet I can not find anything bad about. He is basically untouchable, and for good reason! He’s was a great man and I will see that documentary as soon as it comes out!

    • Christian McCord
      Christian McCord Year ago

      Unlike Doug and Rob

    • Vegeta8300
      Vegeta8300 Year ago +3

      Rotten,com , the website known for posting all sorts of disgusting things. They tried years ago to dig up dirt on Mr. Rogers. They looked everywhere for anything. They couldn't find a single thing. So instead of writing an article of whatever scandal or dirt on Mr. Rogers, since they couldn't find anything, they wrote an article about him life and how amazing of a man he was. I'm pretty sure you could still find it online somewhere.

    • Normally Normal
      Normally Normal Year ago

      Lps Valeria well he gave the middle finger to a bunch of kids. By accident, but he still did it

  • Mindy Ratley
    Mindy Ratley Year ago

    Totally spices was awesome and I so watch well you be my neighbor

  • strifera
    strifera Year ago +4

    "If" anyone remembers Totally Spies? Excuse me?

  • Janus Zeal
    Janus Zeal Year ago

    This show is so ugh.

  • Fionn Krahforst
    Fionn Krahforst Year ago

    who is mr rogers?

  • TheGuardDuck
    TheGuardDuck Year ago +1

    I came here to hear about the wholesome character of Mr Rogers, not learn about the Superwhores Movie.

  • 60Sec.
    60Sec. Year ago +1

    I really want to unsub from this channel so I don't have to keep seeing these awful Orbit Report's pop up.
    These don't fit with the rest of the channels content at all and the views prove that...

  • anjetto1
    anjetto1 Year ago +1

    Doug's got a whole media Empire now. I remember when he started (sort of started watching in 2009) and now he's employing all these people. I think that's cool.

  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    I loved Mr. Rogers as a kid. I didn't even know he died until I was much older. I was devastated when I found out.

  • Heisenkirk 2000
    Heisenkirk 2000 Year ago

    Cobra Kai full trailer was released and it looks good

  • Majin Sole
    Majin Sole Year ago

    Well hello there, neighbor. ~_~

  • dwarf365
    dwarf365 Year ago +11

    Honest question. Do people actually enjoy the Orbit Report? Content that is weeks behind read by 2 awkward women? 1400 views in an hour on a channel with a million subs, seems I am not the only one. I get you have to milk the algorithm with more uploads, but really how desperate are things?

    • SerialQiller
      SerialQiller Year ago

      I don't watch gay porn cus it's not my thing. I don't go onto gay porn forums to bitch about how I don't like gay porn, I just don't watch gay porn and I get on with my life. Maybe you should do the same. Or go watch gay porn. Whatevs..

    • Mechanical Menace
      Mechanical Menace Year ago

      I don't. They seem like they're decent writers for something like this but they have less screen presence than out of date kipper. It's like watching a video of a school kids talent show that they didn't want to be at. I really wish they'd put "Orbit Report" at the beginning of the title so I didn't give them a view by accident.

    • Łukasz Brożek
      Łukasz Brożek Year ago +1

      If you don't like it then don't watch. I'm always a week behind so it's just right up my alley.

    • dwarf365
      dwarf365 Year ago +1

      CaseX calm down. I don't care how adorable the presenters are. I care that the story's are weeks old and they are awkward. Personally I think they are uggo, but that's not what this is about.

    • CaseX
      CaseX Year ago +2

      Heather and Aiyanna are adorable and I will cut you!

  • Asher8328
    Asher8328 Year ago +3

    The Spice Girls brand? Does anyone under 30 even know who they were?

    • Winter Harris
      Winter Harris Year ago +1

      Of course! My cousins were two and three when Spice Girls were popular and they adored them. The 3 year old even dressed as baby spice one year for Halloween. They kind of died in popularity by the 00s but my nieces are now in their early/mid 20s and still remember them. I'm in my late 20s and remember them well even though I wasn't a huge fan. There was no escaping Spice Girls back then. I'd say most likely people under 20 would be less likely to remember them.

  • Matt R
    Matt R Year ago +14

    Mister Rogers is one of the few kid show personalities to talk to kids about real social issues that wouldn’t be allowed by kid show standards. He doesn’t act like an SJW, he doesn’t force kids into politics.

    • Matt R
      Matt R Year ago +4

      Mr. Rogers is NO SJW, because he didn’t tell kids to be highly sensitive and encourage entitlement. He’s telling kids to be themselves and don’t get angry at someone just because they don’t always agree with you.

    • Vegeta8300
      Vegeta8300 Year ago +1

      MC-PS-PLAYA That's why both sides drive me crazy. How people feel and react is something to consider and understand. As we are all human with our own subjective experiences. Of course, ones feelings doesn't replace facts and people don't have a right to not be offended. Then go on to try and force others to act a certain way or change things because they feel offended or they feel differently. At the same time, and in regards to Mr. Rogers, he dealt with young children. Who he helped understand their emotions and feelings and dealing with them in a productive and healthy way. People are so quick to jump to an extreme on either side without taking the time to try and understand...

      MC-PS-PLAYA Year ago

      Vegeta8300 No don’t you see that anybody with any feelings whatsoever is a filthy SJW?!

    • Vegeta8300
      Vegeta8300 Year ago +3

      Tuffy Logan No he wasn't. He didn't try to tell kids they were victims, or bad because they were white, or a boy. All he did was teach children how to handle and manage being a kid and growing up. I can't stand SJWs. Mr. Rogers was no SJW.

    • Tuffy Logan
      Tuffy Logan Year ago +1

      Matt R He was a total SJW.

  • Kate Shungi
    Kate Shungi Year ago +1

    Marvin mysteries

  • JamCal-X
    JamCal-X Year ago +38

    Most people don't know Fred Rodgers was a Bible believing man and Sunday school teacher who felt helping children was his purpose and ministry.

    • JamCal-X
      JamCal-X Year ago +1

      Rob Stafford 😢😢😢😢😧😏 i miss him.

    • Rob Stafford
      Rob Stafford Year ago +5

      He was an ordained Presbyterian minister and the show was his official ministry. I heard an interview he did in 1984 on npr and terry gross said "You're a minster but the program isn't overtly religious?" And Rogers instantaneously responds "Well the last thing I would ever want is for some child to feel excluded from the neighborhood."

    • JamCal-X
      JamCal-X Year ago +2

      Brad Holman who are you asking?

    • Brad Holman
      Brad Holman Year ago

      How many little boys do you molest?

    • Danny Dolan
      Danny Dolan Year ago +6

      It does bear mentioning that Fred Rogers was very reliant on God throughout his daily life. You may not agree with all people who claim to love God, but in this case, I think the love of God shines through very clearly in him.

  • FanboyBryan
    FanboyBryan Year ago +19

    I'm a guy and I watched Totally Spies

  • Baby Lamb Creations
    Baby Lamb Creations Year ago +26

    I can't wait to see the Mister Rogers Documentary! I grew up with him a lot when I was little, so getting to see a theatrical documentary based around the life and work of Fred Rogers is anticipating!

  • Remedy
    Remedy Year ago

    The Spice Girls are back!! MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN POWER!!!

  • DrJuice1
    DrJuice1 Year ago +1

    I love Aiyanna. Go out with me, Aiyanna!

  • ginger neko gameing
    ginger neko gameing Year ago +3

    I do remember totally spys

  • Cherryblossom ink

    Sweet future stuff wait I'm not sure spies girls are a good idea but I guess if that's tv magic 😕

  • nut 9
    nut 9 Year ago

    good video

  • superbenji 9
    superbenji 9 Year ago +2

    I loved the lego movie so I am happy with sequel😀😀😀😀

  • Morgan Gobin
    Morgan Gobin Year ago +17

    Mr. Rogers. Everyone’s childhood friend since 1963.

    • gelp
      gelp Year ago +2


  • YapPac
    YapPac Year ago +1

    Movie idea: Bruce Willis kicks ass. That's it.

  • Ben Wasserman
    Ben Wasserman Year ago +69

    Who else misses Mr. Rogers?

    • Rudy Iraheta
      Rudy Iraheta Year ago

      carl reiner

    • Winter Harris
      Winter Harris Year ago

      We definitely need more people like Mr Rogers in this world.

    • Stephanie B
      Stephanie B Year ago +2

      we need more like him.... actually if we could trade to have him back that would be great.

    • David Rust
      David Rust Year ago +3

      Honestly, he was one of the best of us.

    • James Moyner
      James Moyner Year ago +3

      I do and I have his final show on a PBS VHS recording.

  • Honeylemon 23
    Honeylemon 23 Year ago +4

    The myth, the legend, Mr.Rogers

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo Year ago +4

    Aiyanna is fine as hell

  • Hansel And Gretel


  • Sylvia Phillips
    Sylvia Phillips Year ago +4

    I like FlCl👍

  • Karim Yamout
    Karim Yamout Year ago +3

    You're always 1 or 2 weeks late

  • E A
    E A Year ago +10

    "It's you I like..." 🎶 I love Mr. Rogers.

  • Reximus Maximus
    Reximus Maximus Year ago +3


    • rinoz47
      rinoz47 Year ago

      Reximus Maximus not after all the comment deletions

  • mikebud420
    mikebud420 Year ago +3

    a spice girls animated super hero movie?!?! Josie and the pussycats 2.0 (Oh god before I could even enter this, You guys say it!!! AND SPY GIRLS!!!)!!!!!!!!!! I also wanted to know something... The intro.. is this like you two bein beamed down from your Justice League Satellite deal?! ha ha ha, not sure why I NOW wonder that!

  • LiGhTs icaricc
    LiGhTs icaricc Year ago +3

    I am fat

  • DJ Pal
    DJ Pal Year ago +3

    Cute top Aiyanna

  • Neon Doggo
    Neon Doggo Year ago +1


  • Megan Frigerio
    Megan Frigerio Year ago +6


  • morally immoral
    morally immoral Year ago +1


  • Nathaniel Foga
    Nathaniel Foga Year ago +81

    "Won't you be my neighbor"😁

    • Jacob Rengen
      Jacob Rengen Year ago +1

      Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood so won’t you be my neighbor


      Mark Hamill As The Trickster was so good.

  • MegaBRD The Movie Nerd

    They're making a Mister Rogers documentary? now that sounds interesting

    • MegaBRD The Movie Nerd
      MegaBRD The Movie Nerd Year ago

      Tuffy Logan Well the title of the video says Documentary... Soooooo Misleading Title?

    • Tuffy Logan
      Tuffy Logan Year ago

      If someone PLAYS him, it isn't a documentary.

    • MegaBRD The Movie Nerd
      MegaBRD The Movie Nerd Year ago

      Luna Deafenhine Wait Tom Hanks not only is gonna be in this movie, but he's gonna be Mister Rogers!? K it's official I'm watching this documentary

    • Baby Lamb Creations
      Baby Lamb Creations Year ago

      It already marked the 50th Anniversary of the series. That, and also he would've turned 90 years old this year.
      Not to mention they're back to streaming every single episode of MRN on Twitch.

    • Luna Deafenhine
      Luna Deafenhine Year ago

      A documentary, a movie starring Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers, and a commemorative stamp was unveiled today by the USPS I believe. The reason for all this is because this year will mark the 50th anniversary of the show.

  • P A R I G O N 0w0
    P A R I G O N 0w0 Year ago +1


  • Daniel Merkoulv
    Daniel Merkoulv Year ago +1