CeeLo Green On The Impact Of Losing Biggie, Sticking To His Roots + The History Behind His Hits


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  • Mikaeel Bakari
    Mikaeel Bakari Month ago

    C-Lo the dude.

  • Sharica Monét
    Sharica Monét 2 months ago

    Does he have dwarfism?

  • Chi Ezike
    Chi Ezike 2 months ago

    I support Cee Lo and goodie mob

  • V Ghian
    V Ghian 4 months ago

    This nigga got alligator arms. He had to pull d sleeves up sooo much lol.

  • Matthew Christie
    Matthew Christie 4 months ago

    That sweater worth like 5 grand

  • C Allen
    C Allen 4 months ago

    Yo what yall think? I would love to see & hear Cee-lo on a Erykah Badu, Jill Scott or D'Angelo album! Shiiiid and for something extreme Ludacris or Dr. Dre. I think the more time that goes past from the music of the artist we love, the more we want to see them work together. Especially with Djs doing mashups.

  • adro90
    adro90 4 months ago

    A GOAT 🙏

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson 5 months ago

    At 1:18 he stalled for a second with the gods question because he met big in 1994- big died in 1996,leaving the viewers too know that whatever association it was ,it was in a very limited amount of time .good time table question.

  • Jeremiah Morris
    Jeremiah Morris 6 months ago

    "Well I say you're my beginning my end you're my sister lover and friend." 👫🏿❤

  • Aj King
    Aj King 6 months ago

    Look at the chain

  • bmguninc
    bmguninc 6 months ago

    I finally got around to this , I wish that it was the mob though

  • Chaz G
    Chaz G 8 months ago

    Ceelo got HEAVY at the end, i wish he could have finished that thought

  • EL
    EL 8 months ago

    Breakfast club interviews stepped up! Really professional .

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  • Chi-town R/T
    Chi-town R/T 9 months ago

    My grandma had that chair..

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 9 months ago

    We shouldn't pay homage to the untimely death of Biggie. only his birth.

  • prazanautobus
    prazanautobus 9 months ago

    Omg he talks so beautifully

  • N.D West
    N.D West 9 months ago

    Oh...I'm so happy Gnarles Barkley is coming back!!! Yesssss!!!

  • Tonybassist123
    Tonybassist123 9 months ago

    Goodie Mob Reunion!!!

  • NaughtyNomadFitness
    NaughtyNomadFitness 9 months ago

    Why Charlemagnge have to again poke at people's weight!? Then Cee-Lo ignored is and speaks about his gear and he never thanks anybody for the compliment!

  • Taqoyaify G
    Taqoyaify G 9 months ago

    They beating around the bush......Cee -lo independent bc white folk mad at him for saying those comments about rape....I wish him well though, everyone makes mistakes and Im sure he regrets it.

  • Stop Lyin
    Stop Lyin 9 months ago

    Not The Original Black Panther,Chair

  • Sweet Key
    Sweet Key 9 months ago

    My neck is heavy for him😂😂😂😂

    ONEMANMUSIC1 9 months ago

    The most creative from the Dungeon Family

  • Efrend Majdoubeh
    Efrend Majdoubeh 9 months ago

    one of the few mature guests. Speaks well and is respectful

  • Kenneth Torres II
    Kenneth Torres II 9 months ago

    5:35 / southern luv 🕯

  • Tamishere _
    Tamishere _ 9 months ago

    If only he had the same amount of time as 6ix9ine

  • 24BarNone
    24BarNone 10 months ago

    big ole bank roll is all a nigga kno. 💯 s/o cee lo

  • REBELutionary1
    REBELutionary1 10 months ago

    "First of all, I stand a little more than five feet tall, but we could still brawl, nigga I ain't scared at all"

  • POPE Ace Guru Genesis
    POPE Ace Guru Genesis 10 months ago

    I NEEDED to leave that Takashi 69 interview. Bless this one

  • Hayley Chang
    Hayley Chang 10 months ago

    He brought his own chair lol

  • icecream jones
    icecream jones 10 months ago

    That gold is embarassing

  • Inrry Torres
    Inrry Torres 10 months ago

    Fake ass chainz

  • weedman513
    weedman513 10 months ago +1

    Cee-lo has always been wack as shit. Terrible music. Hopefully he saved and invested. That stupid ass costume he wore when he was on stage with gwenith Paltrow, another person who should've never been signing. U act! But that costume. That nigga should have been shot for that

  • Samantha MacDoo
    Samantha MacDoo 10 months ago

    CTG is the arbitrator and the greatest and I love him so much.!

  • Samantha MacDoo
    Samantha MacDoo 10 months ago

    I Love You Cee Lo and I appreciate you telling me that you got two ropes around your neck BOiiiiii! They cross roared You?

  • Samantha MacDoo
    Samantha MacDoo 10 months ago

    I call bulshit on the Bigg story. It's scripted and I don't know none of these people!!! But I believe yo ass is lying. Yuop you are. My G

  • 800 ent
    800 ent 10 months ago

    Dro In the wind classic
    Goodie mob classic
    Who that peepin In ya window
    Nobody no

  • Zawadi Holliday
    Zawadi Holliday 10 months ago

    WoW missed out on that Happy Bag....

  • Idontlikethatshit
    Idontlikethatshit 10 months ago

    That Coogi crazy

  • jawan jones
    jawan jones 10 months ago

    his Dumbass got them big slave chains on his neck👎

  • Christopher Harvin
    Christopher Harvin 10 months ago

    So they finally replaced the sleepy dude from TBC lol

  • gquick
    gquick 10 months ago

    Great interview I love when guests tell you stories you haven't heard before

  • perrier gaz
    perrier gaz 10 months ago

    Sexual choclate on Violator, if you know you know

  • Professor Devin
    Professor Devin 10 months ago

    Where is Cool Breeze???

  • Moildo
    Moildo 10 months ago

    Peewee Longway + Ron Isley = Ceelo Green !

  • WeHaveToWakeUP
    WeHaveToWakeUP 10 months ago

    Nice chair. Like an African King

  • velleione
    velleione 10 months ago

    Much love and respect to Cee lo love your style and music 😎😎

  • zazaranks
    zazaranks 10 months ago

    This nigga sitting in a baby shower chair

  • MJ 23-4 GOAT
    MJ 23-4 GOAT 10 months ago

    No Doubt...Rest In Power to the Greatest Rapper of All Time

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore 10 months ago

    Cee-Lo always had the most fire and prolific verses, especially on Soul Food just to name one

  • Maurice Mitchell
    Maurice Mitchell 10 months ago +2

    Ceelo looks like a midget in that chair...:-)

  • BJT005
    BJT005 10 months ago

    I wanted them to ask him about his gold robot phase.

  • Young Lo 100
    Young Lo 100 10 months ago

    .. and I wrote for Biggie and...

  • Don Bleato
    Don Bleato 10 months ago

    OG wicker chair..

  • Domdon
    Domdon 10 months ago +1

    those plastic chains are nasty smh

  • Antney Ox
    Antney Ox 10 months ago

    No yee?

  • Xolisa Sibeko
    Xolisa Sibeko 10 months ago

    Yho! Cee Lo Green what a G, favourite musician and performer. Much luv from ZA ✨✊

  • blewprent
    blewprent 10 months ago

    Wait, so Big was older than CeLo!????

  • Ivy Smith
    Ivy Smith 10 months ago

    So you'll gone act like this ain't 50 cent??

  • Ric Mo
    Ric Mo 10 months ago +1

    Ronald Isley gone kill yo ass Cee Lo😂😂
    Ain't got a rap hook since better days for Tupac

  • ChampagneSippa
    ChampagneSippa 10 months ago

    lmao lookin like a damn fool

  • madejori
    madejori 10 months ago

    Soul Food and Still Standing timeless CDs

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson 10 months ago

    CeLo the Great.. poppn them X pills

  • MooreVoices
    MooreVoices 10 months ago

    My dude since DA FIRST Outkast album.
    Shout out to Goodie Mobb, one of the most underrated groups in Hip Hop history, concerning pop culture and impact.

  • CB GB
    CB GB 10 months ago

    CeeLo ‘its only rape if they remember it’ Green, who drugged his date and fucked her, then tried to defend his actions by suggesting that she has no rights over her body while asleep. Slow clap for promoting that guy.

  • Owl Lift
    Owl Lift 10 months ago

    Wtf he put in that chick's drink though? Weak ass interview.

  • Danielle Washington
    Danielle Washington 10 months ago

    Patiently waiting on this G MoB reunion.

  • GmoneyTV
    GmoneyTV 10 months ago

    25:00 he drops some serious food for thought. CeeLo is wiser than I knew. I learned more in the last 2 minutes of this interview than I have in all of 2018 so far! that was enlightening. thank you!

    LEGALSTATESMOKIN 10 months ago


  • Mike Bradley
    Mike Bradley 10 months ago

    Can somebody please tell Angela Yee to speak into the microphone I'm so sick and tired of hearing everybody voice clear and her shit be muffled because she turning to the right to talk to the guest it gets on my nerves and nobody ever tells her to talk into the mic or adjust it to where she's facing the mic!!!!

  • Bles
    Bles 10 months ago

    This dude put on that dress for that chain.

  • Sean Auguste
    Sean Auguste 10 months ago

    If all the other drug dealer songs sounded as good as this ceelo song I woulda been smoking!

  • Candace Bowens
    Candace Bowens 10 months ago

    He’s also a rapist! He drugged a girl with X. Multiple sexual assault charges! Smh. He’s not a good man. He manipulated women and does tactics as Harvey! Women are just afraid because of this culture we live in! I thought breakfast club did wayyy more research than this! Don’t perpetuate this rape culture. Your platform is so big! This man is talented but he has demons.

    • Candace Bowens
      Candace Bowens 9 months ago

      Godfrey C. Based off what are getting this assumption? You’ve formed a whole opinion about a stranger off TheXvid on one comment. Lol

    • G. C.
      G. C. 9 months ago

      Candace Bowens because alot of people like you pick and choose whats immoral and moral by your standards and not.by the Bible. I bet you love faggots/lesbians or have no problem with female abusers. Sit your ass down. I bet you didn't comment on shit when Solange kicked Jay Z in the elevator. You probably condoned it. Feminist at it's finest

    • Candace Bowens
      Candace Bowens 9 months ago

      Godfrey C. Rkelly fucked up too. But he’s not in this interview to speak on him. He’s still a rapist & drugs women 🤷🏾‍♀️ there’s a multitude of fucked up people in Hollywood. Want me to call them all out when I mention one?? I don’t see what the point of your comment is..

    • G. C.
      G. C. 9 months ago

      Candace Bowens and I bet you shake your ass to R Kelly.

  • Jamye Cooley
    Jamye Cooley 10 months ago

    i really enjoyed this interview.

  • K. dot
    K. dot 10 months ago

    damn Still Standing was 20 years ago?! all Goodie Mob's albums were classic!

    • K. dot
      K. dot 10 months ago

      hell yeah!

    • madejori
      madejori 10 months ago +1

      K. dot Soul Food was my shit

  • Jesse Gonzalez
    Jesse Gonzalez 10 months ago

    The former Voice coach tweeted at the time, "Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!" and "IF someone is passed out they're not even WITH you consciously! so WITH implies consent." The "Forget You" singer pleaded no contest to drug charges in the case and has apologized for making offensive comments about rape after the court case, which stems from an incident that occurred in 2012

  • Jesse Gonzalez
    Jesse Gonzalez 10 months ago

    The former Voice coach tweeted at the time, "Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!" and "IF someone is passed out they're not even WITH you consciously! so WITH implies consent." The "Forget You" singer pleaded no contest to drug charges in the case and has apologized for making offensive comments about rape after the court case, which stems from an incident that occurred in 2012

  • Michael Suchan
    Michael Suchan 10 months ago

    whats up the wicker chair

  • Shauna Odiea
    Shauna Odiea 10 months ago

    Love me some him!

  • Leopard-King
    Leopard-King 10 months ago

    The point of creativity is to put lightning in a bottle, the point of a formula is to turn lightning into an employee.

  • steven patterson
    steven patterson 10 months ago

    Love Cee Lo Energy & character much respect ✔💪

  • DWORLD 2018
    DWORLD 2018 10 months ago

    Damn Professor Green dropped so many jewels and still paid it back to Biggie Smalls. Respect and SIP to all the homies on this sacred journey. Meet you at the crossroads. Keep on rocking us wake CeeLo! 💪🏾✅🖤😱😎

  • havision fitness
    havision fitness 10 months ago

    damn 3 days after biggie's death r.i.p craig mack

  • crazy Wilbur clan
    crazy Wilbur clan 10 months ago

    His neck gotta hurt

  • purtyladi77
    purtyladi77 10 months ago

    Go Listen to "Bass Head Jazz" and follow the rest of that Album!! Heavily slept on

  • cjb cjb
    cjb cjb 10 months ago

    Surprised they didn't ask him about futures raggedy days at the dungeon family

  • Brian Bayer
    Brian Bayer 10 months ago +1

    wasn't goodie mob in the studio with Pac when they did hit em up ? that's what Napoleon said the song was finished in less then 20 minutes ask goodie mob they were in the studio

  • Dont worry bout that
    Dont worry bout that 10 months ago

    Ceelo killed it on nipsey album🔥🔥

  • Angelic TroubleMaker
    Angelic TroubleMaker 10 months ago

    Coogie Sweater down...lol.

  • The GOD
    The GOD 10 months ago

    A real artist

  • Bruv Clothing (Brthrs Undvld ®)

    cee lo is a certified hit maker lol

  • P Stackz
    P Stackz 10 months ago

    That hook u did for Ross was fire!!

  • jefry arocha
    jefry arocha 10 months ago


  • Simon Hill
    Simon Hill 10 months ago

    Cee lo is a greater artist than Andre 3k #facts

    FC THREE 10 months ago

    There would have been a riot if he wrote for Biggie!!!

  • V I B E S
    V I B E S 10 months ago

    chains so big they look fake lol

  • Bearded RC
    Bearded RC 10 months ago

    I really hope you vioce Murray on HT3 didn't seem the same on HT2.

  • Callme tony
    Callme tony 10 months ago

    He got a BAG!!!

  • dtwelve2086
    dtwelve2086 10 months ago

    i know everyone ain't pristine , but i ain't never heard nobody speak ill of Big , so unnecessary