I Hosted My Own Secret Fortnite Club

  • Published on Apr 23, 2021
  • Ever since FaZe Jarvis got banned from Epic Games' Fortnite, things have not been the same. So today, Jarvis Hosted his Own Gaming Secret Fortnite Club at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas where celebrities such as Ninja, Pokimane, and Valkyrae
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  • Lord Guriu
    Lord Guriu Year ago +16

    Jarvis is so young still man. That passion you have for something when you're younger is wild. Fortnite has passed it's peak and prime and all this kid wants is to be involved in the community at least

  • Dawan. K_69
    Dawan. K_69 Year ago +2

    Jarvis never disappoints us

  • CapALot
    CapALot Year ago +85

    2:47 this part had me dead, “after hours of designing, this is the masterpiece we came up with”

  • ryan
    ryan Year ago +19

    Great to see Jarvis taking his fight seriously and training hard!

  • Courtney Agee
    Courtney Agee Year ago

    We all want to see you in the fortnite community and I know you can do it

  • arvel fisher
    arvel fisher Year ago +1

    If I new that they was going to do that I would've been there 💯

  • 3y- As
    3y- As Year ago +5

    Who else just randomly started watching him and now it’s just an every day thing

  • Tiisetso Tlou
    Tiisetso Tlou Year ago

    I feel like a video that involves fortnite shows how Jarvis still loves the game

  • Raheem
    Raheem Year ago

    This video was insane, i loved it!

  • Sambtw
    Sambtw Year ago +157

    Kid gets a headshot in a pre game lobby , Jarvis “safe to say this kid is cracked” 😂

  • Rexy is werid
    Rexy is werid Year ago +8

    "I will invite everyone but epic games" LMAOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • McGunga
    McGunga Year ago +43

    If Jarvis walks out to John Cena’s theme tune he will be immortal

    • The Hazanaitor
      The Hazanaitor 6 months ago


    • Nub
      Nub Year ago

      i swear if he doesn't heart this i gonna cry

  • SBJ
    SBJ Year ago +12

    Jarvis: this is how I’m gonna enter my boxing match 😈
    Also Jarvis: *starts singing John cena theme song*

  • Money
    Money 8 months ago

    jarvis was a goat at fortnite wish he played again that would blow up. Freejarvis!

  • Issac Zacheaz
    Issac Zacheaz Year ago

    We grind for you Jarvis

  • GrimzCODM
    GrimzCODM Year ago +1

    We all miss jarvis.

  • Shmadam
    Shmadam Year ago

    Now this is some good content

  • OG Doq
    OG Doq Year ago +1

    Man called him buns and still got clapped 2-0

  • kellan
    kellan Year ago +463

    only og Jarvis and Kay fans know the grandpa costume from years ago

    • Big Lee 247
      Big Lee 247 Year ago


    • Have thee Power
      Have thee Power Year ago

      It faze Kay grandpa vid lol

    • BrodyP20
      BrodyP20 Year ago

      @cristiano ronaldo it was because 1, he was immediately good, 2, his mouth wasn’t moving and 3, his hands did not match what he did

    • Kid Ninja
      Kid Ninja Year ago


  • v0x9x
    v0x9x Year ago

    Jarvis when epic games un-bans him: Ok I’m a bit rusty, I haven’t played in a year

  • tuckz krunker
    tuckz krunker Year ago

    i feel like jarvis has gotten a lot better in the months, like a year ago he was cringe these vids are a bop though

  • Doudi
    Doudi Year ago +2

    1:41 You know he is so desperate to show that he is training to the fight lmao

  • veteran george
    veteran george Year ago +1

    Could've possibly chosen a little less intimidating 60 yr old make over 😂

  • André b
    André b Year ago

    yo this was sick wish that i was there 2 keep up the creat work FaZe Up

  • MicahisEpic
    MicahisEpic Year ago +1

    Come on Epic Games just let Jarvis play again!

  • Blazify
    Blazify Year ago

    Imagine if epic sees this vid and unbanned jarvis

  • Fish_Semih
    Fish_Semih Year ago +1

    Jarvis saying I hosted fortnite secret club but the host was actually Jarvis with the mask on the thumbnail😂🤣

  • Brandon Ayre FN
    Brandon Ayre FN Year ago +5

    We have to apriciate Jarvis giving back to the community

  • Zohreh Razian
    Zohreh Razian Year ago +1

    Those kids had the best day in their life!🤪

  • Lui Guldager
    Lui Guldager Year ago +1

    You do realise that they just banned your account? And not from playing the game. You can legit just make a new account

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin Muniz Year ago

    "Baka some buns" didn't even kill him once 😂

  • Choman
    Choman Year ago

    10:47 got me dead

  • Peter Meadows
    Peter Meadows Year ago +30

    i like how jaden said baka is some buns but still gets 2-0 wow

    • Swish
      Swish Year ago

      doesnt baka mean idiot in a different language

    • Roden CR7
      Roden CR7 Year ago

      bAkA iS sOmE bUn 15hr late.......get 2-0

  • Axsult vertix
    Axsult vertix Year ago +10

    How else remembers that mask from faze jay video when Jarvis pretended to be the grandad

  • Uronic_slayer
    Uronic_slayer Year ago +11

    What made me laugh the most is when Jarvis sings john cenas theme song coming in lol

  • Joseph Monaghan
    Joseph Monaghan Year ago

    I wish u still played bro u did sick vids

  • rani CR7
    rani CR7 Year ago


  • Abdu albari
    Abdu albari Year ago

    What a champion 🏆🔥

  • SoaR Dylan
    SoaR Dylan Year ago +1246

    Haha this video was legendary

    • DJplays48
      DJplays48 6 months ago


    • #freeJarvis
      #freeJarvis 7 months ago

      Innit man

    • isaac
      isaac 7 months ago

      I thought you were going to say and I wasn't invited...YOUR NOT THAT GUY

    • MroonEU
      MroonEU 7 months ago

      @Shabnam Sabeer hL

    • TheCourtney Family
      TheCourtney Family 7 months ago

      Yo Dylan I like your vids

  • Eshwar Janjirala
    Eshwar Janjirala Year ago

    I just wonder why Epic don't consider him...even after yrs
    They need to respond someway...
    He was very very good at game...
    They shouldn't ruin someone's career....

  • aLeX
    aLeX Year ago

    iv have been to the arena once before and its insane

  • Risk
    Risk Year ago

    Bro I love these type of vids... still fortmite related and soo goodd

  • Gear Chronicle
    Gear Chronicle Year ago

    I would have been hyped to see Jarvis 😕

  • Bilal Mustafa
    Bilal Mustafa 11 months ago +1

    Epic just banned Jarvis for using aim bot but other people they use hacks all the time they don't ban them #FreeJarvis

  • Jake Jones
    Jake Jones Year ago

    Not very secret now tho Jarvis 😂😂😂

    ISHAN BALLAL Year ago

    Jarvis is giving me some Mr beast vibes!

  • -_-badrYT
    -_-badrYT 6 months ago

    u need to make more vids like this

  • Timeflow
    Timeflow Year ago

    I really would love to see him get unbanned, just to play for a week and realizing that fortnite is shit since chapter 2. And then he stops playing or begs for being banned again

  • XenoFN
    XenoFN Year ago +1

    Jarvis actually got unbanned from aimboting in fortnite like art from it. When he got banned he started crying

  • Just Taxx
    Just Taxx Year ago +70

    Jadenx gone get overly baked when he gets to school Monday

  • Crxxed
    Crxxed Year ago

    After Jarvis got banned his content is 💯percent better

  • pwzy_
    pwzy_ Year ago

    jaden was talking all that smack😂

  • SSDSharpshooters
    SSDSharpshooters Year ago +1

    This was a really good video😌

  • NinjaLavaBoy
    NinjaLavaBoy Year ago

    Who else wishes that they lived near Jarvis.

  • Astro ?!
    Astro ?! Year ago +285

    Lol that kid with the curly hair called Baka some buns and he got destroyed lmaooo Karma

    • Nandanly
      Nandanly Year ago

      @xd lucky ツ I-

    • Astro ?!
      Astro ?! Year ago

      U guys don’t know how to read then

    • Astro ?!
      Astro ?! Year ago

      @bcin i said that kid called baka bad and he got destroyed by Baka

    • Fire Ducky
      Fire Ducky Year ago +1

      U mean jayden

    • Bot1 is op
      Bot1 is op Year ago +1

      @Mikael iivanainen bruh the original commenter said the guy called Baka a bun got destroyed by Baka not Baka destroy by Baka

  • buck 😘
    buck 😘 Year ago

    it was great to be there

  • ms tech
    ms tech Year ago

    I wish I was at Las Vegas at that time and get chosen

  • Satisfied key
    Satisfied key Year ago +1

    I wanna join this club

  • Lavi
    Lavi Year ago

    So dope seeing the west community in this video holy shit knew everyone in this video

  • trxppnz
    trxppnz Year ago +4

    ngl i think this idea could catch their attention and get him unbanned

  • BL1TZ
    BL1TZ Year ago +1

    I just don’t understand why they won’t unban him. I get it he never should’ve cheated. But it’s not like he’s gonna do it again bro

  • Blight
    Blight Year ago

    Guy at the end lost cause he couldn’t tell where anything was with those mobile builds

  • RedMirage11
    RedMirage11 Year ago +4

    he flipped his hair like im sweatin bro

  • Kalle
    Kalle Year ago

    The Jayden kid was free building and didn’t had an idea were the enemy was

  • oShven
    oShven Year ago +290

    Who else wants Jarvis to be unbanned on fortnite

  • Konstantinos Xydis

    The one and only valkyrae damn jarvis

  • XxorgxX
    XxorgxX 10 months ago +1

    Jarvis: and everyone will be invited
    Epic:oooo maybe we can catch jarvis playing fortnite
    Jarvis: but epic games of course

  • TSBvWilltrix
    TSBvWilltrix Year ago +1

    Famous one an only faze jarvis 🙄🤣that was funny love you jarvis

  • FFCC 2347
    FFCC 2347 Year ago +1

    You should of invited epic games cause you could of had a chance to be unbanned (just saying )

  • Linkzzyy YT
    Linkzzyy YT Year ago

    Lit vid keep up the good work

  • DaddyFoskett
    DaddyFoskett Year ago

    if he gets unbanned he will play the game and see how bad it gotten so he would stop playing it


    I got an idea, why doesn't Jarvis just create a new account but with no hacks

  • Coleen Villa
    Coleen Villa Year ago

    epic cant unban you even if you doing these videos

  • Danlrr
    Danlrr Year ago

    people who think jarvis should be unbanned:

  • stxt
    stxt Year ago

    I hope you get back on the fortnite cumunity because you are my favorite fortnite you tuber

  • sobo
    sobo Year ago

    This video was legendary bro good vid

  • Jordan
    Jordan Year ago

    Congrats bro❤️👊🏾

  • spaxlmao
    spaxlmao Year ago +150

    This was that costume from the video were he faked being his grandpa and cracked lol he exsposed himself

  • Shahmir Ahmer
    Shahmir Ahmer Year ago

    You guys should become real actors lol

  • Maryna Smit
    Maryna Smit 11 months ago


  • Yato
    Yato Year ago

    Jarvis should just make a new account

  • YNG Killer3903
    YNG Killer3903 Year ago

    This guy is so confident he has him crying in his pfp

  • watR1
    watR1 Year ago

    Someone cheats in world cup semi finals and goes to the finals.
    Jarvis banned for using aimbot in regular public server.

  • Tyriq Naidu
    Tyriq Naidu Year ago

    Jarvis has a bigger crush on valkyrie than he does on pokimane

  • RAVEEN 19
    RAVEEN 19 Year ago +1

    my little brother tell me can jarvis secretly plays fortnite 😂😂😂

  • Saxqyt
    Saxqyt Year ago

    Me wanting 200$: dang I wish I was in this video

  • Haroon
    Haroon Year ago +33

    We already know this video is a banger

  • jöseph
    jöseph Year ago

    That was actually pretty cool

  • Stephen Hernandez

    Why can't you make out a deal with epic to be part of their community so you can make a new account and play

  • I AbomInablE l
    I AbomInablE l 10 months ago +1

    4:50 isn’t that where he filmed banned 4 life which was a bangerrrrrr!!!

  • Jackson king的科目

    Havent watched the last ultimate challenge but if Jaden loses embarrassment

  • 1xkiller1xx _
    1xkiller1xx _ Year ago +8

    Rip the big Jarvis😭😭😭😭

  • Blax
    Blax Year ago +1

    he could of just made a new account and played fortnite

  • Dawid Perczak
    Dawid Perczak 7 months ago

    This is so legendary #Free jarvis

  • DokiVoid
    DokiVoid Year ago

    Jarvis can play fortnite grandpa cause the people wont even recognise him haha

  • Edbtz
    Edbtz Year ago

    i wish i was there

    DARKFLAME Year ago +48

    Only ogs remember this is the old man costume from the old vids

  • Fouad Idrees
    Fouad Idrees Year ago

    Over confidence is the greatest form of failure

  • Solar Plays
    Solar Plays Year ago

    bro Jaydenx didnt even shoot he just cranked like what?

  • skittle-chan
    skittle-chan 11 months ago +1

    3:20 this kills me