Inside the car factory of the future: VW’s Zwickau plant


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  • Fully Charged Show
    Fully Charged Show  4 months ago +36

    Who will be next to have an EV only factory? tell us below

    • MOS FET
      MOS FET 22 days ago

      @Matti Jouhkimo So Geely.

    • MOS FET
      MOS FET 22 days ago

      XiaoPeng, Nio, BYD, Li Auto, Geely, GAC, SAIC, BAIC, Wuling...can't possibly name all of the hundreds of Chinese EV companies.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 3 months ago

      @Yourcrazybear What "Better EV's" are there than the ones i mention, in that price bracket.
      It seems that you have this idea that because a very expensive EV has better battery management and will suffer less battery degradation, then there is no problem because then people can just buy them.
      Well you know what.....Not everyone buys a car in the tesla price bracket.
      This becomes even MORE true, for someone as me, living in the world with the highest registration tax in the world.
      Here we have no insentive programs to lower EV prices, and here, even though we do not have any registration tax on electric vehicles under $86.000, even EV's are hit with a 25% VAT.
      So here EV's are really expensive, and petrol cars are also expensive, but mostly because of the insane amount of money we pay in registration tax for these cars.
      A ICE car here is taxed this way.
      First $10.100 add 65%
      From $10.100 to $31.400 Add 85%
      From $31.400 and up add 150%
      After adding all of that together, you add 25% to the total amount as VAT.
      So with these VERY high registration taxes for new ICE cars, and the ICE car is still 40% cheaper, it seems that an EV is A LOT more expensive to manufacture right now. EV production prices has to drop SIGNIFICANTLY before even reaching price parity.
      But hey....You have a golden opportunity...Bookmark this thread and come back in 2 years and mock me, because the cars reached price parity.
      I bet that in 2 years you will either not come back OR there will be 10 different excuses for why they did not, and just needs another 2 years to get there.
      But hey....I hope you are right, because contrary to what you might think, i would really like to buy an EV, it's just that my calculator is unable to make it a good deal right now, when i enter the numbers.
      These numbers are based on my driving pattern, and what i pay right now to drive a mile in my 5 year old diesel, that does 20 km/l and cost about the same in road tax as a comparable EV. (Yes, EV's also pay road tax here).

    • Yourcrazybear
      Yourcrazybear 3 months ago

      ​@John Doe "You live in a dreamworld."
      No. I'm pretty sure I live in the same world as you.
      "The reason i say "They have been saying that in the last 5 years" is because 5 years ago, they also said "We are only 2 years away from price parity" and that did not happen, so why should i believe you when you say it will happen in 2 years time from now."
      Really? Let's see what Ark Invest said back in 2016:
      "ARK Invest’s analysis suggests that 200-mile range EVs will be cheaper to the consumer than the majority of ICE vehicles within five to seven years."
      And guess when that 7 year is? Yes. Year 2023. And this prediction is still pretty spot on after this many years.
      "Honestly you have been fed a lie and you ate it and are now trying to convice everyone else that what you ate tasted delicious."
      No. It's just you that need to do some proper research.
      "If we "meet" in 2 years and the price parity did not occur, you will have a lot of excuses for why that did not happen, and then try to peddle the same lie that NOW you are right, when you say price parity in 2 years."
      And that is just a lame strawman.
      "Right now, it seems that EV's are about 40% more expensive from the factory, that comparable ICE cars, so unless your claim of 40% lower prices in 2 years (In a market where there is shortage of everything) is true, you will be proven wrong."
      You are mistaken here. I'm not arguing a price parity in price to consumer, but price parity in cost of production. We only need to reach a cost of $100 per KWH in order to reach this, and Tesla is very close to that number. But there are other factors that will keep the price to consumer up, and no we are not talking about chip shortages here, as that is a temporary obstacle that also affects ICE cars.
      We are mainly talking about demand here. There is a very high demand for EVs and that will only increase over time. This will keep the prices up until production can meet the demand. Price parity on production costs will be reached a long time before this happens.
      "I did not "Cherrypick" the Leaf, i chose this because this is in the "affordable" price bracket and has been in the market for 10 years. "
      On the contrary, you did, and it's a quite dishonest thing to do. As I said, much have happened with battery chemistry and battery management systems since then. The Nissan Leaf from 2012 is not even worth mentioning in the discussion.
      "You claim that cars now don't suffer from battery degradation because they now have liquid cooled batteries."
      That's a strawman. I wrote "Everyone knows that their is some degradation of batteries over time and that it's not that extreme.". As for liquid cooling, it does make a big difference in the level of degradation of batteries. This is quite evident for the Nissan Leaf being used in warm climates as an example.
      "Well, i will note that i, in 2030 should stay away from buying a 2020 E-golf, or a 2022 Renault Zoe, or a 2019 VW e-up. All relatively new to brand new cars, that have air cooled batteries. All 3 of those cars sits firmly in the lower price bracket where i would choose to buy a car from. "
      Yes. I would avoid those. There are better EVs from 2020 that you can buy. Cherry picking those who have air cooling does not change this fact.
      "So we can agree, that i would be well adviced to NOT buy a "cheap" 10 year old EV in 2030 and that those cars would essentially be "worthless" due to battery degradation."
      No. You are wrong here as well. There are better EVs from 2020 that you can buy aside from the ones you mentioned.
      "Glad we finally agreed on that."
      But we didn't. This is just yet another strawman.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 3 months ago

      @Yourcrazybear You live in a dreamworld.
      The reason i say "They have been saying that in the last 5 years" is because 5 years ago, they also said "We are only 2 years away from price parity" and that did not happen, so why should i believe you when you say it will happen in 2 years time from now.
      Honestly you have been fed a lie and you ate it and are now trying to convice everyone else that what you ate tasted delicious.
      If we "meet" in 2 years and the price parity did not occur, you will have a lot of excuses for why that did not happen, and then try to peddle the same lie that NOW you are right, when you say price parity in 2 years.
      Right now, it seems that EV's are about 40% more expensive from the factory, that comparable ICE cars, so unless your claim of 40% lower prices in 2 years (In a market where there is shortage of everything) is true, you will be proven wrong.
      I did not "Cherrypick" the Leaf, i chose this because this is in the "affordable" price bracket and has been in the market for 10 years.
      You claim that cars now don't suffer from battery degradation because they now have liquid cooled batteries.
      Well, i will note that i, in 2030 should stay away from buying a 2020 E-golf, or a 2022 Renault Zoe, or a 2019 VW e-up.
      All relatively new to brand new cars, that have air cooled batteries.
      All 3 of those cars sits firmly in the lower price bracket where i would choose to buy a car from.
      So we can agree, that i would be well adviced to NOT buy a "cheap" 10 year old EV in 2030 and that those cars would essentially be "worthless" due to battery degradation.
      Glad we finally agreed on that.

  • Jaimee Mather
    Jaimee Mather 4 months ago +94

    Impressive to see the shift from ICE factory to EV factory and taking the workers with you.

  • DanRyzESPUK
    DanRyzESPUK 4 months ago +43

    This is the factory where the old Trabants 601 were produced during the DDR (East Germany) in the 60s. What a long journey!!

    • Tim Pilz
      Tim Pilz 3 months ago

      the factory was build up in the 90´s ;)

    • wolf B
      wolf B 4 months ago

      more like the location ...

  • Glenis
    Glenis 4 months ago +39

    That was so interesting. Thank you VW for allowing Jack and the team access so we could have a glimpse behind the door. Thank you Jack for another excellent presentation!

  • Barrie Dear
    Barrie Dear 4 months ago +75

    Kind of frustrates me that these factories with huge flat roofs, are not covered with solar panels. I did spot a tiny VAWT wind-turbine though.

    • The Home Project Channel
      The Home Project Channel 4 months ago +1

      @Martijn Lafeber Tesla plan to be covered, go check out flyovers, even giga Nevada has just 40% of the panels installed after 6 or 7 years. Berlin and Austin have barely started.

    • Hedaja
      Hedaja 4 months ago +1

      I thought that as well as.
      But we don't know of the roof static allows for many panels to be added.

    • MattOGormanSmith
      MattOGormanSmith 4 months ago +2

      22 hectares is quite a bit, but with PV getting cheaper and commercial power getting more expensive it's only a matter of time until it makes sense to press that button. I wonder what the payback time for a commercial PV installation is right now. The kit would be heavier duty but the commercial rates are higher.

    • Eco Worrier
      Eco Worrier 4 months ago +1

      @Google User Sure. If you Google search for images of "Land Rover Safari" you will see they had a double roof with an air gap between. That cuts down the heat from the sun very well. I saw the same principle with caravans in the Australian desert. It creates a shadow for the whole roof and the air gap allows the hot air to vent away. PV on a roof does the same job. Cuts down cooling load in summer. I have 85 PV panels on my house roof with platicised metal sheeting below. The roof space is never hot. Dark slates or tiles are the worst for summer heat.

    • Google User
      Google User 4 months ago +4

      Couldn't agree more. Why are they taking long distance hydro power needed for dull, windless days instead of solar literally from their own roof? Might also have a shadow effect in summer.

  • Ross
    Ross 4 months ago +7

    Jack you are such a great presenter. Enthusiastic, charming, informative and entertaining. Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Robson
      Greg Robson 3 months ago

      Agreed! He's informative and entertaining and really understands the questions that we will have as a viewer. Excellent choice Fully Charged!

  • bunnyw1978
    bunnyw1978 4 months ago +46

    A most interesting and informative episode. I was a little surprised that they have retained ALL the workforce and can only imagine that this will reduce over time as people retire/leave.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 3 months ago

      @Peter Jolliffe its a giant factory though. You don't needs herds of people in every square meter.

    • DanRyzESPUK
      DanRyzESPUK 4 months ago +1

      @Seal not necessarily, it can mean more production too.

    • MattOGormanSmith
      MattOGormanSmith 4 months ago +2

      @Seal If they constantly retool to improve efficiency or the performance of the product, like Tesla, then there will always be some work there.

    • MrAlistair
      MrAlistair 4 months ago +8

      @Seal only if the level of production is level, if they keep the same staff (with investment) they could build more cars... more cheaply

    • MrAlistair
      MrAlistair 4 months ago +5

      that assumes they dont expand the plant to make more cars. which need more robots etc.

  • Paul Denney
    Paul Denney 4 months ago +39

    Let's be honest VW needed to do this, the diesel gate scandal saw them with their pants well and truly down. But credit where credit is due it looks like they have grasped the nettle with both hands and respect to them for doing it, they are still the people's car it seems.

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago

      VW are, as far as I'm aware, the only car maker to have so far signed up to the legally binding Paris Climate Agreement. Around 200 major companies and organisations have now signed up, but more are needed.....

    • Peter
      Peter 3 months ago

      This question is will the public forgive them or punish them for their sins of the past. I for one have no desire to buy any of their vehicles and hope between Tesla and the Chinese Ev manufacturers we see VW go bankrupt.

    • Man with Dog
      Man with Dog 4 months ago +2

      I agree that VAG totally needed to do this, and I believe their investment will pay off. Other manufacturers are watching on but they're all so far behind the Chinese. Only Tesla can compete at the moment but they're aiming for the wrong end of the market. The ID range are good but do they compete with their Chinese counterparts? Will be interesting to see what younger drivers choose as their first car in the next few years.

    • Achenar Myst
      Achenar Myst 4 months ago +1

      @Sebastian Peitsch Another famous story is Kodak...

  • Andreas Muno
    Andreas Muno 4 months ago +3

    You mentioned 3 things ICU vehicles producing companies must do. Thank you for emphasizing on the human factor as #2. Enabling employees with new skills and the mindset it takes to adapt to the necessary change is one of the keys to transformation success. Especially in countries with strong employee advocacy - but not limited to them.

  • Man with Dog
    Man with Dog 4 months ago +13

    Genuinely Impressed with this video guys! Really interesting insight in to what VW are doing. My Skoda will be delivered in the next few months and this was a great insight, thank you!

  • Jeff Holt
    Jeff Holt 4 months ago +14

    Excellent view inside the factory. Why is so important to the workforce. So often overlooked. Thank you.

  • Kris Vandermeulen
    Kris Vandermeulen 4 months ago +6

    The world needs many EVs to be produced so it's good to see an ice plant converted to EV

  • SequoiaElisabeth
    SequoiaElisabeth 4 months ago +3

    Love this! Great to see the extensive training program.

  • Outside Context Problem

    This is a really great video and why I love Fully Charged. A nice study of the changes they have made, an interesting method of handling the culture change. I would love (with a management hat on) to understand how that has gone but that's not for Fully Charged... Jack, brilliant piece of presenting.

  • Eugene Lambert
    Eugene Lambert 4 months ago +8

    One of my favourite episodes so far. As Jack said, inspiring. 👍

  • Ben Hay
    Ben Hay 4 months ago +15

    Hope VW keep pushing, keep learning and survive.

    • Gabriel Leung
      Gabriel Leung 3 months ago

      @Jeremy Hamaoui ya stay salty

    • AstroVagabond
      AstroVagabond 3 months ago +1

      Me too. I believe in redemption. In full transparency I just reserved and ID.4.

  • Googadis Beotches
    Googadis Beotches 4 months ago

    Excellent presentation of this impressive quaint little factory. Another great example of converting an ice factory into a modernized EV production facility. It may may not be close to being one of the best EV factories among All those factories out there, but it's a great start for VW to make a positive change towards surviving further into the future, they definitely needed to start somewhere.

  • tjs114
    tjs114 4 months ago +4

    You could technically say that Tesla did that since the Fremont, California Tesla factory was previously the NUMMI plant that built Toyota's and Chevy products and previous to that as GM Fremont Assembly from 1962 to 1985 building many Chevy/Pontiac/Oldsmobile/GMC and Buick vehicles (including the bulk of the 1960s Muscle cars).

  • Steve Ward
    Steve Ward 4 months ago

    The main story here is how VW transitioned from an ICE manufacturer to a BEV manufacturer. The automation part is also important but other manufacturers are ahead here. Great to see that the plant is green too!

  • George Georgiy
    George Georgiy 4 months ago +2

    Please, do more factory videos.

  • Peter Brook
    Peter Brook 4 months ago

    Great episode. More like this please 🙏

  • Mr. Pac.
    Mr. Pac. 3 months ago

    I like Jack. He’s a great, natural, interesting very informative presenter.👍

  • Dave The fab
    Dave The fab 4 months ago +4

    Well done VW keep it up.

  • Richard Nedbalek
    Richard Nedbalek 4 months ago +4

    Love these tours with interviews with top leadership!

  • Roger Hudson
    Roger Hudson 4 months ago +1

    Great video, some auto makers like Ford and GM must despair seeing a future without them.

  • Mark Hickman
    Mark Hickman 4 months ago +10

    An impressively clean, modern-looking implementation of traditional assembly methods. I suggest listening to any interview one can with Joe Justice, an agile development consultant that has worked with Tesla, among others, as a contrast. I'm not smart enough to predict which approach will be superior long-term but Tesla's approach certainly sounds much more radical and fresh. I've caught two interviews of Joe and am anxious to hear more. Note to Fully Charged, you should try to score an interview with Joe Justice.

  • Matthew Wiemken
    Matthew Wiemken 4 months ago +11

    VW clearly put a lot into this shop:)

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago

      Billions of Euros in fact.......

  • Toofless Tesla
    Toofless Tesla 4 months ago +1

    Love the giant solar cricket bats at 01:15. Fantastic stuff Jack!

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago +1

      They looked like they may have been rotatable too.....probably tracking the sun automatically.

  • petelmrg hubert
    petelmrg hubert 4 months ago +17

    Nice to see how my car was built; an impressive facility but it would be interesting to compare to a Tesla plant where they can produce cars in one third of the time - is it down to the simplicity of the Tesla range compared to the myriad of models they are trying to produce on one production line?

    • Jon petter
      Jon petter 4 months ago

      Build quality, safety of the employers and sustainability matter more than how many x car can you produce in x hours.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 4 months ago +2

      @petelmrg hubert That is one way to look at it. The other way is that he's leveraging the 'threat' of Tesla to impose his way on the direction of VW. This is smart, he is a very smart man. VW will be just fine.

    • petelmrg hubert
      petelmrg hubert 4 months ago +1

      @Patrick Herbert Diess has been in discussion at board level because he knows they have a problem, that’s why he has been meeting with Elon Musk. He knows VW still have a lot of work to do and is the best man to do it.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 4 months ago

      @petelmrg hubert It's a meaningless figure. If only 500 cars come off the Tesla line in 10 hours while 2000 cars come off the VW line in 30 hours, which is better?

    • petelmrg hubert
      petelmrg hubert 4 months ago +2

      @Patrick - he was talking about id4 v Model 3.

  • M1CK3YL33
    M1CK3YL33 4 months ago +1

    Dear VW, please bring EVs to Australia, thank you.
    Awesome work Jack.

    • The Air Stig
      The Air Stig Month ago

      VW have stated publicly and often that Australia can tell its story walking. They also stated why. Ask ScoMo, he knows why

  • Dannie Dudley
    Dannie Dudley 4 months ago +1

    Great video. More like this please. Fewer about cars the average person won't be able to afford.

  • Hank The Tank
    Hank The Tank 4 months ago +1

    Thanks Jack. Love a factory tour. Hope to purchase an ID in the future or one of the VAG models.

  • Christoffer Boqvist
    Christoffer Boqvist 4 months ago +2

    Cool, great stuff, and great work VW

  • David Samways
    David Samways 4 months ago +12

    7:15 It's called "flexible specialisation" - we've had the tech to do this since the 1980s. Interesting how German and Swiss senior management frequently have PhDs - I'm guessing the majority of equivalent staff of blue chip companies in UK don't have a higher degree of any kind, or if they do it will be an MBA rather than a specialist technical qualification.

    • shemmo
      shemmo 4 months ago +3

      i know many people with PhD in economics, social matters, intl. trade, they all bought this title for prestige not bcs. they are scientists or professors at University

  • Astovoc Azrro
    Astovoc Azrro 3 months ago +2

    I'm not a huge VW fan but I've been surprisingly impressed by their efforts towards change. We went from faking emissions to spending billions on electrification and clean energy. I really, really hope they succeed!

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago

      They do too! They've invested 800 billion Euros into EV development and production. They are looking to have a range of around 40 fully electric vehicles on offer by 2040......

  • obraik
    obraik 4 months ago +3

    Interesting video! I did notice that VW missed a few years between 1910 and 1958 in their history room tho 😉

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago

      1939 to 1945 is a very sensitive period for Germany. There are normally few references to it unless absolutely necessary. Any references to Nazism or displays of the swastika are expressly banned by law.

  • Terry Bloomfield
    Terry Bloomfield 4 months ago +4

    Very well presented, just a question I would have liked asked, years ago when Ford where at its height in Dagenham, they had a system where the worker could buy a Ford through a special payment plan, wonder if that had been built into VW new operation, and if so how many workers drive VW EVs

  • AlbertLamarque
    AlbertLamarque 4 months ago +5

    Having growing up close to the plant it always gives me the chuckles when you pronounce the Z in Zwickau like S instead of Ts. The pronunciation is not soft. Tststs. In any case, I have been inside the plant as a kid 20 years ago and it is nice to see it after the change. Thank you for that!

    • AlbertLamarque
      AlbertLamarque 4 months ago

      @Rocket Tzunami is easy enough to say. Once you apply it to Tzvickau it just rolls off the tongue :).

    • Rocket
      Rocket 4 months ago

      That’s very English pronunciation, but not terrible. English speaking people usually have trouble pronouncing word’s with
      “ V “ not knowing that it’s actually spelled like “ F “. Makes me laugh still 😛

  • Adam Kiddle
    Adam Kiddle 4 months ago

    Another great FC video and with an ever improving Jack, I love his content. However, one question remains in my mind....How much are Adidas paying him to wear that awful fleece! I prefer dapper Jack to "taking the dog out for an early morning walk" Jack. I keep looking for the artistic rendition of a howling wolf in the full moonlight on the back!

  • KK B
    KK B 4 months ago +4

    I need to know more about the working of that solar panels.

  • Pink Elephants
    Pink Elephants 4 months ago +1

    Super impressive. I don't know how recent the aerial footage of the plant is but if it is recent, once again we see a modern factory without large scale roof mounted solar power generation capability (as is the case with Tesla's facilities). Laudable that they buy green lecky from Austria but surely, why fork out so much dosh if you can generate a substantial proportion of your own power needs right at point of consumption? Structural issues in the existing buildings may have presented a problem with installing a roof mounted solar system but if your spending €1•4 billion to completely revamp a premises, why not spend a little extra on the building fabric to bring down the costs of manufacturing EV's?

    • Pink Elephants
      Pink Elephants 4 months ago

      @Buriram Bob But that's just it, there is effective industrial scale storage available. Tesla & at least two other companies I can think, of offer systems that it the bill. Okay, none of them are cheap, but as I intimated in my initial comments, if you're making a huge investment for the future, why not do so directly on your own behalf, not have to continue to fork out hard earned cash to someone else? TBC; there would still be times where purchases of externally generated green electricity to infill gaps between self-generation & demand would be required.

    • Buriram Bob
      Buriram Bob 4 months ago

      Panels would certainly virtue signal. But, without expensive storage Solar's useful output only covers a small part of any factory's 24 hour schedule. Also overcast day's cannot be allowed to interrupt production. Sadly, until cost effective storage is available, most do not realize that every solar panel installation has to be backed up by fossil generator. So only real value I see from putting up panels today are brownie points.

  • Erik Stephens
    Erik Stephens 4 months ago +1

    Technically GM's Lake Orion Michigan facility transitioned from ICE to EV back in 2016. GM's DHAM plant which started production in 2021 has also transitioned from ICE to EV. GM's CAMI assembly in Ingersoll Ontario is undergoing a transition right now and will start production this year.

  • Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor 4 months ago

    I would really like to see some protection on the paintwork while the vehicle is being assembled.
    How hard can that be?

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago

      Any defect would be rectified after the final inspection.

  • T330d
    T330d 4 months ago +3

    At 5:32 you can see a „Framo“ fully electric Truck. They are made only 25 km away from Zwickau in Löbichau and are shipped around the Globe. My Girlfriend works there. You are very welcome to visit the Framo GmbH if you like.

  • maurice watts
    maurice watts 4 months ago

    It would be interesting to know how long it will take to recoup such a large investment and how much of that is part of the price of each new car.

    • bilgyno1
      bilgyno1 4 months ago +1

      1. Factory produces 330k cars/Yr @ say €40k each. That is €13.2B turnover/Yr. VW's EV gross margin probably ~10%, so payback time ~1 year. But 'recouping' is not how corporate accounting works. The Investment in Property, Plant and Equipment is added to the balance sheet as fixed assets, and depreciation costs are calculated as part of 'Cost of Goods Sold'. So question 2 is more relevant:
      2. If the €1.2B investment is depreciated in 5 years, that is €240M per year / 330k cars = €727 per car.
      Just guessing with raw numbers...

  • zaferroni
    zaferroni 3 months ago

    Great presentation Jack thanks .

  • Gary Wright
    Gary Wright 4 months ago +5

    Have been driving our new id.3 for just over a month now around the Bournemouth and Poole area and we are so pleased with the car. The factory looks amazing. I would like to do a factory tour myself. I would also like to do some Beer tasting while i'm in the area. Cheers.

  • Robert Klauco
    Robert Klauco 4 months ago +1

    This was amazing video. Makes me think about some VW cars - have to re-check their electric offering. Not so much impressed by ID.4 so far...

  • Rob Davidge
    Rob Davidge 4 months ago +28

    “The first factory to be converted from ICE to full electric” I thought this was Tesla Fremont. GM ran it from 1962 as an ICE factory and Tesla paid to convert it in 2010 # Mary led the way 😀😂😅🤣

    • Rob Davidge
      Rob Davidge 4 months ago

      @MrAlistair ask Elon on twitter

    • Mike's Tropical Tech
      Mike's Tropical Tech 4 months ago

      @ramdynebix No it had a lot of equipment still in place like the massive stamping press.

    • MrAlistair
      MrAlistair 4 months ago +1

      @Rob Davidge did they keep the staff?

    • Rob Davidge
      Rob Davidge 4 months ago +3

      @ramdynebix empty or not still not the first, and not the second that goes to Rivian who also converted an ICE plant 2018

    • doug Edwards
      doug Edwards 4 months ago +3

      The Rivian factory is also a former ICE plant.

  • Mark Longuet-Higgins
    Mark Longuet-Higgins 3 months ago

    What a great tour. As a Brit who has lived in Germany for 40 years, I hope that the UK can see what it means to first modernise the DDR, and then modernise the Automobile industry. I helped pay for all of that with the extra "Solidaritätsbeitrag" (Solidarity Contributution), which Germans have paid for over 30 years. Has the UK got a "Solidaritätsbeitrag" for their industries, or for rebuilding the north of England after the collapse of industry?
    Now you know why I live in Germany, and have a German family. .... "Solidarity"!

  • Eigen Value
    Eigen Value 4 months ago +5

    The premise that this is the first and only converted factory is wrong. It might be the first under the same brand. I always wonder why you have such a strong bias towards the incumbents.

  • Richard Lee
    Richard Lee 4 months ago +2

    What a great video, very privileged too I guess to be allowed access.. Narrated to perfection also! 👏👏

  • Si C
    Si C 4 months ago

    Well that 17mins just went past in a heartbeat. Really interesting to see. Slightly disappointed the roof isn’t covered in acres of PV though, wonder why not?

  • matthew jones
    matthew jones 4 months ago +4

    My id3 is in there somewhere 😂great video very interesting to see what happens behind the scenes 🔋 ⚡️

    • Jack Scarlett
      Jack Scarlett 4 months ago +1

      Hopefully it's not the one I fitted the suspension to at the transparent factory in Dresden 😅 vid of that coming to Plus channel soon

  • Alexander Snyder
    Alexander Snyder 4 months ago +1

    Orion Assembly for the Chevy Bolt and Hamtramck for the Volt and now Hummer EV both were converted over from ICE to EV for GM

  • Rocket
    Rocket 4 months ago +1

    I think VW could do even better than that but I still applaud VW for doing it, that’s the future!

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago

      Indeed. VW's efforts are more than some car makers are currently making...... but sooner or later they'll have to move over to EV production...

  • Alrukitaf
    Alrukitaf 4 months ago +20

    VW has a lot if reparations to make, and also other companies who cheated on emissions and got away with it. But all the best wishes for them in their pathway to 100% electric.

    • jd3nn1s
      jd3nn1s 4 months ago

      Not seeing the greenwashing in the video - the tour lines up with the facts: VW has been pumping out BEVs from this factory for a while.

    • Rob Atkinson
      Rob Atkinson 4 months ago

      Yes, this show was very good, but defo green-washing taking place on VW behalf. They do make amazing cars though it has be said, so we have to now give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they have learned their lessons. One thing is for sure, once they make a change, they stick to it.

  • Nobody Significant
    Nobody Significant 4 months ago +4

    When, oh when, oh when, will the light-coloured interiors for *all* the VW ID. cars (3, 4, 5...) be available in the UK? Then I might think about getting one. The all-black interiors that are all that is currently available in the UK give me claustrophobia and I hate them.

    • MS Kewi-NYC
      MS Kewi-NYC 4 months ago

      Because car journalist complain about light interiors especially the White steering wheel on the first editions. So you have them to blame when VW tries to step out the box they say get back in.

  • Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor 4 months ago

    Oh my goodness...
    Dr Stefan Loth sure has one very intense staring thing going on when he talks to you...!! 😵‍💫
    That aside... great content, as always, Jack.
    Took me right back to my motor-trade days, back in the 90s, taking corporate clients on factory visits in the West Midlands and Stuttgart...
    The robots are just so balletic in their movements - beautifully mesmerizing to watch...

  • Glenn Marston ][
    Glenn Marston ][ 4 months ago +4

    Very cool. I get to see where my VW ID4 came into the world.

  • Jaakko is watching
    Jaakko is watching 4 months ago +5

    Wasn't the Tesla factory in California originally an ICE factory for GM and Toyota too?

    • DanRyzESPUK
      DanRyzESPUK 4 months ago

      @Mike's Tropical Tech the factory was already closed, and this factory was fully functional since the beginning. The workforce was the same before and after, and they are fully unionised and no job losses, something Muskians love him doing.

    • Mike's Tropical Tech
      Mike's Tropical Tech 4 months ago +1

      @DanRyzESPUK So it's OK that GM and Toyota abandoned the factory and fired all of the employees, but bad that Tesla resurrected it to make EVs? The fact is his statement at the start of the video is wrong.

    • DanRyzESPUK
      DanRyzESPUK 4 months ago

      It was closed. This factory was always functional.

  • EV Nomads - Branden & Kalie

    VW’s Chattanooga, TN MEB expansion is very cool also. I was lucky enough to be able to tour.

  • computerbob06
    computerbob06 4 months ago +2

    If only they could have thought (somewhere in their accountant brains) that current VW driver's might expect current VW quality in their ID car purchase!?

    • The Air Stig
      The Air Stig Month ago

      Yes the in car entertainment unit is offensive

  • zodiacfml
    zodiacfml 2 months ago

    11:15 this reminds of the debate which is cheaper to make, DSLR cameras vs mirrorless cameras. The mirrorless cameras simply have less moving parts, it was only more expensive in the early years. On EVs, it is only the battery which makes EVs more expensive to make.

  • Granfer Steve
    Granfer Steve 4 months ago +1

    Fascinating stuff Jack, but you didn't ask the CEO when they're going sort out their infotainment software?

    • Tom Mowlam
      Tom Mowlam 4 months ago

      yes! i loved the episode, but the more i saw about how well thought-out the factory was, and how much money was spent on it - the crazier it seemed that they have hobbled their cars (I drove the ID4 for a couple of days, and the driving 'feel' was great) with an unusable user interface. I was considering one of the IDs to replace my 2013 Leaf, but there is no way I can live with the infotainment system or the weird touch-sensitive buttons and sliders - and using voice activation to try to get around the interface was useless (and a massive contrast to Tesla's, which seemed to work 95% of the time)... just odd that they would mess up these non-EV-specific things so badly... hope they do better in future.

  • Marco
    Marco 4 months ago +8

    "Without the car even stopping" - car stopps. Jack, you little troll.

  • P D
    P D 4 months ago

    Very impressive but the waiting lists are still crazy. I know there are huge issues at the moment but my ID4 GTX has now been put back to the end of October 22….not sure going to wait.

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson 4 months ago

    That escape room concept is pretty cool

  • Laura S.
    Laura S. 4 months ago

    VW CEO Herbert Diess said that Tesla can manufacture their electric cars in 10 hours compared to 30 hours required to manufacture VW electric cars at their Zwickau plant.

  • terawatt
    terawatt 3 months ago

    *Herbert Diess's strong character is highly understated considering this ungrateful but necessary and enormous task.* Kudos to VW!

  • Jon Lee
    Jon Lee 4 months ago

    you didnt happen to see a huge car park full of cars waiting for there electronics did you? been waiting for mine since August

  • Anthony Xuereb
    Anthony Xuereb 2 months ago

    Even before watching this I have one thing to say, all the technology is meaningless if owners still have problems with their vehicle.
    When manufacturers give a 10 year 200k km warranty then and only then will I sit up and take notice.

  • PAUL Mount
    PAUL Mount 4 months ago

    Excellent Video! Thanks!

  • KarlGT
    KarlGT 4 months ago

    Super slick, super clean factory, looking forward to a Gti model though as these new Evs are all a bit plain Jane tbh

  • CatholicSatan
    CatholicSatan 4 months ago +1

    I would be interested to see FCS explain how all ICE production will be replaced by battery tech. when the supply of Lithium is limited. From the raw material, about 100,000 tons is required to produce enough lithium for four car batteries. Given the known reserves of lithium ore, there is enough for around 150 million EVs. About 70 million ICE cars are produced _per year,_ which implies less than 3 years of EV production (and meanwhile no mobile phones, laptops, electric trucks, medical equipment etc.). There is _NO_ magic lithium free commercially produced battery on the horizon either, so EV production is destined to be niche for a lot of years yet - and not all ICE production will switch.

  • Knackaffe
    Knackaffe 3 months ago

    Do we have escape rooms? I only knew those from the change convention a few years earlier. I'll have to ask and take a look. And I've been working there for almost 22 years now and I thought I'd seen everything. But maybe I just missed that because I've had a lot of courses in body construction over the last two years. I've also read some comments and questions about the "missing" solar systems here. And yes, that is a fact that many of our employees certainly do not like. I hope our company will catch up a lot there. And the transformation in recent years away from combustion engines to electric cars has been a strenuous journey for the workforce. But everyone has played their part and is proud to have been the first factory in the world to have done so.

  • tuscan440r
    tuscan440r 4 months ago +4

    Mad to think how many big auto brands are so far behind.... Possibly too late. I can totally imagine people saying one day "what's a Toyota?"

    • tuscan440r
      tuscan440r 4 months ago

      @John Griffin 'wet dream'? It's an inevitable transition, better performance, better environmentally and easier to automate. BEV is 100% the solution for light vehicle. Even Toyota and Honda are shifting have announced BEV and are reluctantly moving from hydrogen. Plus what hydrogen offerings they do (mirai, clarity) have just don't sell.

  • Kk Al
    Kk Al 4 months ago +1

    VW is doing the right thing. Thanks to Herbert Diess.

  • Chris Savage
    Chris Savage 4 months ago

    Surely this is little different than swapping a line from one model family to another?? A platform change on an ICE line is no more or less of an upheaval. Mixing models on a line isn't new either.

  • GB
    GB 4 months ago +3

    good to see, it's a shame that didn't make the decisions on EVs five years earlier, not least because their own CEO admits it's 'almost impossible' to meet their target of 50% EVs by 2030. truth is they will lose more than 50% of their market share in autos by 2030 because of this late decision. and that means 10s of thousands of their employees will be fired over the next 5 years.

    • Salty Bill
      Salty Bill 4 months ago

      as they say, "you snooze you lose"

  • Jona Van den Bossche
    Jona Van den Bossche 4 months ago

    A little mistake in he intro. Our Belgian Audi plant started in 1949 with ICE-cars and makes uniquely the Audi E-tron since 2018. They did this conversion earlier. AKA Audi Brussels or Volkswagen Vorst. Thx for the episode.

  • Jon Tallon
    Jon Tallon 3 months ago

    I drove a 2 stroke Trabi around Berlin recently on the Trabisafari, bloody good fun

  • Hilary Rimington
    Hilary Rimington 4 months ago

    Given all this expertise can you explain why my ID3 ordered early September 2021 is not going to be available until sometime in August 2022? Particularly frustrating since the lease on my Leaf expired in December

    • Brian
      Brian 3 months ago

      My local VW dealer has 2 almost new - ex demo - ID3's on sale, waiting for buyers......

  • Radoslaw Motylinski
    Radoslaw Motylinski 4 months ago

    I'm not sure about this statement: "It's the first factory anywhere in the world to transform itself from ICE car production to EV production"

  • Erik
    Erik 2 months ago

    Very cool! Did I see an e-Golf in one of the shots? Are they still building those for Europe?

  • Christopher Brand
    Christopher Brand 4 months ago +6

    You mean transitioning under the same management? The NUMMI plant converted from ICE to electric in transition from Toyota/Chevy to Tesla. And Rivian’s Normal plant was previously for Mitsubishi ICE production. Right?

    • Christopher Brand
      Christopher Brand 4 months ago +1

      @DanRyzESPUK yes, that is what I was getting at. It seems like the nature of that change at VW (and ahead of other legacy ICE automakers) could have been more clearly distinguished in that part of the presentation. We get there through the rest of the video.

    • DanRyzESPUK
      DanRyzESPUK 4 months ago

      Those are not re-trained and transfromed plants like this. The Freemont plant was already closed. This is first step for OEMs to transition to EVs fully.

  • Philip Godfrey
    Philip Godfrey 4 months ago

    Although it was shuttered for a number of years the Fremont car factory went from ICE to electric so technically it was the first car factory to be converted..............

  • Marco Zorzi
    Marco Zorzi 4 months ago

    Germans are the best 🔝🦾💶 efficient, organised, creative.

  • Aleks M
    Aleks M 4 months ago

    So, this is the factory that Elon Musk was thinking about building, with everything automated. Ended up with a couple of tents outside.

  • william taylor
    william taylor 4 months ago +1

    An excellent video giving a fascinating view of that amazing factory. Well presented by Jack, he really is very good.

  • George Beier
    George Beier 3 months ago

    Fremont, CA went from ICE (Toyota) to electric (Tesla)

  • Kevin Sheppard
    Kevin Sheppard 2 months ago

    The Tesla Fremont, CA factory and the Rivian Normal, Illinois factory also used to be 100% ICE

  • CED99
    CED99 4 months ago +1

    "It's the first factory in the world to transform itself fro ICE to EVs"
    Soooo... Freemount doesn't exist? Or you forgot it used to be an ICE factory before being converted to make EVs?

  • Big Doug’s Commentary

    And this is why it takes VW THREE times as long to produce a vehicle than Tesla. Building from scratch will be proven to be the best idea. 1.2 billion euros could have built an entirely new factory.

  • Zane H
    Zane H 4 months ago

    VW has only done this as they were forced to after Diesel Gate, good on them for embracing the changes, other manufacturers may not have made changes so quickly, lets hope the other manufacturers take note of this and see the future, or else they won't be around in the future

  • R W A
    R W A 2 months ago

    "Zwickau the most advanced car factory in the world"? - I don't think so! TESLA Fremont and especially TESLA Shanghai far out-perform anything of VWs, and remember that (as acknowledged by the Chief of VW) they are building cars three times faster than VW.

  • Андрейс Бойківс

    1:27 what about Tesla's Fremont Factory, which was General Motors Fremont Assembly, later operated by NUMMI? Tesla took ownership in 2010. You can say VW’s Zwickau plant is first in EU.

  • Stelios Posantzis
    Stelios Posantzis 4 months ago

    6:58 Somebody please explain this to me: it hasn't even finished being built yet it's already rusty? 😃

  • Nick Clark
    Nick Clark 4 months ago

    Um… the Tesla Fremont plant was the first ICE factory to fully transition to EV production.
    Took a different company to do it.
    Maybe qualify that statement by saying first legacy company to fully transition one of their factories to pure EV production

  • Andi mit E
    Andi mit E 4 months ago

    What if you said in 1980, that there is one of the most modern car factories in (former) GDR in 2022? :-D