Seungri | All the lies and all the hints from Big Bang we should have known

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • As a VIP since 2009... I defended him at first. I was like "Wth SBS trying to do this time to bring down Big Bang and YG?"
    I told myself "No way he could be like that, he's innocent just like Park Bom!"
    But now all that left in me is a disappointment. I feel betrayed. I'm speechless. Can't imagine how his family and Big Bang members feel right now....
    Hi guys, I can't no longer upload on this channel due to copyright (again 😭😭😭)
    So I created a new one:
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  • Relaxfying
    Relaxfying  Month ago +432

    This is how your Kpop idols are secretly dating!

    • Ash Jin
      Ash Jin 21 day ago +1

      They should be allowed to date.
      I won't ever support kpop and korean entertainment industry again after learning they are forced into prostitution, bunch of old farts ruined korean entertainment industry, they have no understanding of music art, all they do is get 5-10 beautiful girls in a group make them do vulgar dance with retarded stupid songs while raping them in back stage or forcing them to sleep with pathetic old fart elites. This way actual talent never even dares to come forward, the saddest part is that i found out that rape is a popular thing among korean men and they see women only as sex objects, women get harassed and raped everywhere and all korean men are in on it, even the government. Bunch of disgraceful, prideless and spineless men. These are the same type of cowards you see come to concerts only to see those women to do vulgar dances, bunch of dumb cunts, few even tried to rape one of the female singer, police didn't do anything cuz they are in on it ofcourse (the whole korean rape culture), fans my ass.
      I will never see korean people in the same way again, it's just fucking pathetic.
      You guys seriously need to work on what entertainment industry can do with contracts:
      The first thing needed is to put an end to the requirement of women staying single because this way they have no way to confide in someone, or if they get too poor then the company can't force them into prostitution, they can rely on there partner.
      Sencondly they should be chosen based on there talent such as singing and acting, not based on rather they can be forced into prostitution or not.
      Contract should clearly mention that if they are being forced into prostitution or sexually harassed, the penalty for breaking the contract will not apply.
      The contract clearly mention what kind of sexual nature of work will be required and to what extent, e.g. vulgar dance with lets say 60% clothing or something like that etc.
      These are just few things that can be done.

    • Truth
      Truth 23 days ago +10

      +60wwediva "keep it real - all of them are problematic minus daesung somewhat and taeyang." Nonsense. The only one who is problematic if Seungri, allegedly. American artists are literally convicted felons and call women bitches and hoes in every song, so let's exercise some proportion here before calling Korean artists "problematic."

    • 小白R
      小白R 24 days ago +3

      what EVIDENCE proved that the prostitutes are NOT willing to use own sex for exchange of money?

    • Harley Blaine
      Harley Blaine 27 days ago +2

      Is true tho

    • 60wwediva
      60wwediva Month ago +26

      lmao kpop is fooling many fans these days. This is common sense everything in the video is but I can see how many overlooked it. When I first discovered kpop TOP got me into it, I thought he was a solo artist (discovered his single turn it up) but after studying him and the group I always knew there may be some shit about them in the future to come out, especially with seungri. weird dynamic of whether he was the problem or if the group members were bullying him. Why is this news anyone? I feel you and I know how it feels to believe in big bang only for them to crumble like this but keep it real - all of them are problematic minus daesung somewhat and taeyang. I adore TOP but he needs therapy and time away from the group.
      IDK how anyone even VIPS could view them like they weren't capable of this.
      wake up sis why do all kpop fans especially dedicated ones (2nd gen or new gen) think that kpop is a fairy tale rainbowworld that doesn't have scams, scheming, lies, trafficking and sex issues? it's an ENTERTAINMENT industry with an extremely complex and sensitive society so they created a warped veil that could be useful but is being abused and harming both the stars and fans alike in order to paint an image of innonce so we all get invested in them. This is just like american industry. Kpop fans have this weird thing (not directing this at you*) where if you told them "hey seungri is engaging in sexual exploitation" 2 or 3 years ago even back then they would curse you to the ground and gang up on you saying it's not true cause oppa is perfect xyz. You guys need to start doing research, getting hip to the american industry secrets and study how it works. Then you will be able to spot problematic patterns in korean and overseas stars period.

  • Neo Shadow17
    Neo Shadow17 2 hours ago

    Is it just me, or did BI look disgusted after he told the guys about Seungri's adult video tapes that he found?

  • Est. L Friendly
    Est. L Friendly 3 hours ago

    You is fake VIP !!!! Don't call you VIP, LOSER !!!

  • Raeesa ahmad
    Raeesa ahmad 6 hours ago

    This video is false and Suengri hasn't been found guilty of any of the allegations, there was no evidence which is why his arrest warrant was rejected and he's free

  • Marcus Casaclang
    Marcus Casaclang 6 hours ago

    Tbh, I cringed so hard when this song played 7:15

  • Megan Kelly
    Megan Kelly 6 hours ago

    This makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Jiyoung Sung
    Jiyoung Sung 10 hours ago +1


  • cyxing 4
    cyxing 4 11 hours ago

    seungri is probably realizing that bigbang members are his true friends now :)

  • cyxing 4
    cyxing 4 12 hours ago

    GD : you will be doing it ALONE next year

  • PNAQ Army2212
    PNAQ Army2212 12 hours ago

    Gotta say I'm crying as a multi fandom person. I really , really love BIGBANG and this happened. :'''(

  • moon disaster
    moon disaster 13 hours ago

    4:50 seungri is so selfish and greedy. Poor taeyang

  • Shimizu Long
    Shimizu Long Day ago

    You know what there's a Chinese saying goes sth like this: "Talk about money ruins friendship." That's exactly what he is when having meals with his Hyungs as TOP said he always talks about money every time they meet up.
    At first I did like Seungri on the first few songs they had.Then, even though I don't know much about Big Bang fully I gradually dislike Seungri without really know his personality. I guess that's what we call sixth sense. Now, that I watched this video I really feel sad for GD, TOP, Tae Yang and DaeSung. They actually worked so hard to get to this stage yet was brought down by an immature, greedy and self-centered grown up man who thinks he can get away with everything through money and connections. What he didn't know is that he doesn't know how to make true friends and doesn't appreciation none of his parents' and true friends' effort for raising him and bringing him up to be a shining star on stage. Instead, he took advantage on everything n his eyes n mind are full of money, MONEY n MONEY!!!!

  • himura haibara
    himura haibara Day ago

    Club will never be appealing for me, there's no good thing comes out of it. I don't understand why celebrities loves clubbing so much.

  • himura haibara
    himura haibara Day ago

    Top has been blunt all along yet seungri just blantantly ignored him... turns out everything hyungs said about seungri wasn't a joke.

  • himura haibara
    himura haibara Day ago

    Wouldn't it be easier if the hyungs exposed/reported seungri? I mean they knew somethings wrong..?

  • ironmandie inendgame

    GD already know what will happen to seungri after 5 years

  • Amanda Trinh
    Amanda Trinh Day ago

    Tell me why 8:30 looked like Hilary Duff 😂😂

  • Violet Crush
    Violet Crush 2 days ago +1

    As an adult that is slightly older than most of the guys in BigBang.... This video proves nothing and only add speculation and hate. Let the legal system determine innocence or guilt. These videos can be taken out of context. Liking porn is a normal male thing. Condemning someone just because they like porn does nothing but make the statement that if ANY man likes porn he is a criminal and a predator. The media in certain youtube channels and online rag sections (Koreaboo, Dispatch and so on) post lies and deceitful things about popular idols and you know NOT to believe a word of it. The Arrest Warrant was DENIED there is not enough evidence to place Seungri in that right of drugs, sex and all of the claims that are RUMORS circulating around globally!!! The police will do all they can to bring justice to the forefront, if Seungri is in fact guilty then he will be dealt with accordingly. NEVER condemn someone of a crime until you know that they did so for a FACT. None of us were there we do not know only but what the media says but you have to trust the real media and not that of slanderous media from places like Koreaboo, Dispatch and others of likeness. Do not hate on him until you have legal reason to do so like him being arrested for the crimes that is spiraling around him. Trust in the legal system and if your a BigBang VIP Shame on you for ASSUMING something you do not know everything about!
    IT'S NOT OUR PLACE TO CONVICT HIM! Stand by them until there is proof to otherwise not stand by him or anyone of them. You also have to remember they are human beings and can and do make mistakes like any other human being can, does and will. And for the ones who know how idols are (for a lack of better words) treated you know the struggles are real for these men and women, they don't need added bs from fans or VIPs because they take enough shit being an Idol. They are denied basic human rights until the labels get their investments back out of these people. When I say denied basic human rights I mean just as it sounds, some are denied their families, dating and loving another person, forced to live in a one to two room apartment with several other members and countless other things....Its not easy for them. Just stop the damn hate already and let the judicial system do what it is designed to do....Determine Guilt or Innocence. NOT ONE OF US HAS EVER BEEN PRESENT SO WE DO NOT KNOW IF ANY OF THIS IS TRUE OR ALL FABRICATION TO CAUSE MORE POO TO BE SLUNG! I am A BigBang VIP and I respect the possibility that he could be found guilty and he could be slated as innocent, do I know if he committed any of the crimes? NO I DON'T. We as people do NOT have the power to judge another human being, in the end our creator/maker will do that, we do not have that right! So Stop the drama, the hate and all the rumor mills. I hate when people do this, this ruins innocent peoples lives and that is not right. The old saying
    "Karma is a bitch" is true and it will come back to the ones who aren't true and anyone who condemn the innocent, so be very cautious of what you wish onto another for it may be you in the end paying for your wrong actions, allegations and treatment of another. So, let the police do their job and STOP posting such garbage. IF and WHEN he is considered guilty then you can have a field day posting all the stuff you wish but once again we have ZERO PROOF he is a criminal of any sort.
    I will not respond to idiots slinging hate comments or anything else for me being an adult minded adult within this so if your going to act or be a child skip commenting and mouthing off. Just remember your ignorance will be forever posted here for the world to see the immaturity in your comments.

  • Imma jojo ur siwa
    Imma jojo ur siwa 2 days ago

    1:50 trying to make up shit

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell 2 days ago

    If I posted this video the title would be “all the hints and lies that I knew.”

  • Vince Solomon
    Vince Solomon 2 days ago

    Pheww 5:52 those three men 🙄

  • YoWyoW GoGo!
    YoWyoW GoGo! 2 days ago +1

    Don't you dare touch blackpink you seungri!
    Lisa looks very serious tho


    They knew all along

  • babe y
    babe y 2 days ago

    People stanned this toxic masculinity? Hes not even very good looking and gives out asshole vibes as well as major creep. Cant believe it

  • Alexa Shane
    Alexa Shane 2 days ago +2

    You are a VIP since 2009 but you dont believe him you don’t trust him you don’t fight for him cause he’s fighting so now you can freely leave our fandom we don’t need a co-fandom who don’t trust one of the member of bigbang now he’s innocent don’t you dare coming back to bigbang

  • XXJay27XX Pubg
    XXJay27XX Pubg 2 days ago

    Is this why Big Bang disbanded?

    • Suspicious Shawol
      Suspicious Shawol 6 hours ago

      Alexa Shane we don’t know if they will make comeback or not. Ofc Big Bang without Seungri isn’t the same. I am ot5 stan but we can’t do anything

    • Alexa Shane
      Alexa Shane 16 hours ago

      Suspicious Shawol And so? Ot4 stan? 5-1=0! Stan hard bcs without seungri bigbang will never comeback!!

    • Suspicious Shawol
      Suspicious Shawol 19 hours ago

      They didn’t disband but Seungri isnt a Big Bang member anymore

    • Alexa Shane
      Alexa Shane 2 days ago

      XXJay27XX Pubg they’re not disbanded

  • Marielle Cariño
    Marielle Cariño 3 days ago

    I don’t even know seungri or bigbang but that hard drive with porn categorized based on different actresses is kind of a red flag. :/

  • Conservative Union
    Conservative Union 3 days ago

    He could have been saved if he had listened. Tragic

  • Monique Ramirez
    Monique Ramirez 3 days ago +1

    i was so sad and disappointed when i heard that he was a scandal and a liar. Before I was supporting him and Bigbang but now it had crushed my heart. Seungri was never like this when he first joined YG Entertainment and stuff, but now he's like this.

    • Suspicious Shawol
      Suspicious Shawol 6 hours ago

      F V I agree with you. Honestly the whole Burning Sun scandal is so tangled that I don’t know what really is the truth. We have to just wait now

    • Alexa Shane
      Alexa Shane 16 hours ago

      F V Yeah your right!

    • Alexa Shane
      Alexa Shane 16 hours ago

      Suspicious Shawol support your Ot4 yourself bigbang is 5 they will comeback 5!! VIPS is postive in seungri’s case we think he is innocent and now that the arrest warrant rejected

    • F V
      F V 18 hours ago +1

      +Suspicious Shawol allegations are nothing until proven in a court of law. He has NOT been charged with ANYTHING. How can you say you're a VIP if you yourself choose to view these allegations as truth before a judge has?

    • Suspicious Shawol
      Suspicious Shawol 18 hours ago

      Alexa Shane honestly he is not innocent at all. Things he had done are illegal in South Korea. We have to wait more to know what’s gonna happen next. Seungri isn’t a Big Bang member anymore I know it’s really sad ( I am also V.I.P) but the best thing to do now is to move on and wait for their comeback. T.O.P will be back in less than two months. We need to support them even if they are 4

    MARYBELLE JOHNSON 3 days ago

    So fucking stupid bigbang are the best it is sad how they grew apart

  • HyderyuszEnT
    HyderyuszEnT 3 days ago

    Before GD & TOP enlisted to millitary i already know what will happen to seungri and Bigbang Future, Thanks for uploading this video but too bad for the timing, If you uploaded this before February I THINK VIPS WILL NOTICE WHAT SEUNGRI DID WHILE HIS MEMBERS AT MILLITARY SERVICE.

  • Yu Mina
    Yu Mina 3 days ago

    Disgusting and he is now free like he did nothing.

    • Alexa Shane
      Alexa Shane 2 days ago

      Some of the victims said that seungri is not in that scandal and police have no enough evidences that seungri is in that scandal

  • V
    V 3 days ago +1

    Others member is not that innocence. Why didn't they tell the police, or did they did so we all know now 🤔🤔

  • Lario Lost
    Lario Lost 3 days ago

    The family part 😭😭 his dad really really worrying and miss him a lot,that's why i think we should spend our time more with family and always hearing what our parents and close friends said

  • Bethany V
    Bethany V 3 days ago

    GD FUCKING KNEW! in his time capsule letter he said thanks for supporting us even though we're four now! it's really sad when the people that care for you know there's no helping you...damn

  • Sesethu Majoro
    Sesethu Majoro 3 days ago

    Guys, we could have never predicted this. When your favourite idols make fun of each other, be it subliminal warnings or predictions, we take it at face value and won't read into things. We watch these videos of our idols to relax and have a laugh, not to nitpick and worry. So, let's not say we should have known because we couldn't have. Seungri and his "friends" knew what they were doing and will suffer the consequences. Do not blame yourselves for not reading in between the lines.

  • Sharleen Sopongco
    Sharleen Sopongco 4 days ago

    same! although i'm not seungri bias, i also defended him at first thinking that he was just framed up but there were too many evidences so i'm really sad with what happened to him. I mean he's on top! Bigbang is already on top... they're already successful so they already had the money, fame etc. I must say that Seungri is misguided by his so called "friends" that the other members were saying.

    • Alexa Shane
      Alexa Shane 2 days ago +1

      I Agree by seungri’s friends but if there are so many evidence why k-police doesn’t have enough for him to be arrest? and now the true colors of k-police and k-media is now revealed

  • An Gie
    An Gie 4 days ago +1

    It makes me sick to think people still support him

  • William Park
    William Park 4 days ago

    GD's impression of Gatsby is hilarious. wow

  • Gray Is tired
    Gray Is tired 4 days ago +1

    Blackpink looked so uncomfortable poor girls

  • Gray Is tired
    Gray Is tired 4 days ago

    TOP never deserved the hate. He’s a good man. Weed isn’t ANYTHING compared to this. Seungri, have fun in disappointed and disgusted MILLIONS. OT4 only.

    • Alexa Shane
      Alexa Shane 2 days ago

      Ot4? Bigbang is not bigbang without seungri!! 5-1=0

  • syae kwon
    syae kwon 4 days ago

    i love all of the big bang mates..bcause without one they are already not the big bang...everyone had their own personalities and charisma...also the bad ult bias ofcourse gd but still i will not neglect the other mates too..always protect each back...their bonds are out of our level...☺☺☺

  • Tofu
    Tofu 5 days ago

    Remember when G-Dragon was upset that Seungri was the 5th member in Bigbang?
    Maybe he came from the future :с

  • Hiram Biala
    Hiram Biala 5 days ago

    Well it's pretty good to be realistic and focuse on money at some point also who is not watching porno? Probably everyone saw that kind of movie at least once and true is that most of us get addicted easily. The thing is that this guy HURT other people and that sucks😒 l feel really sorry for his family especially his dad.....what a dishonour 😬😫

  • Kym Caris
    Kym Caris 5 days ago

    In hindsight there are SO MANY red flags in how the other members are talking about Seungri if you look at his situation. They knew and probably have tried to push him onto the straight path multiple times behind the scenes but you can only do so much if the person isn't willing to change or acknowledge what he did was not good.

  • GN BlacKumon
    GN BlacKumon 5 days ago

    "Don't make me a criminal"

    *But now you deserve it!

  • Depressed Story/stuffs and life

    Omg I’m worried about Sejeong since seungri and joonyoung was there drinking with her and some others

  • Blare V
    Blare V 5 days ago

    Do you know about those date games in youtube where u choose a picture and it tells you which idol u got? Well, I played that a lot with my two bff, and when I got Seungri I always got bothered because I didn’t want that guy who choked that girl in his one night stand or that he didn’t let her kiss him. He always been presumptuous and shady af

  • lizzy kmore
    lizzy kmore 6 days ago

    what happened?

  • A Lovely Nugget
    A Lovely Nugget 6 days ago

    this was posted on my birthday
    biggest oof if i saw it that day

  • buddy man
    buddy man 6 days ago

    Say u geek

  • Sneha Joshy
    Sneha Joshy 6 days ago +2

    IDK why I always felt that he was bad guy..and the way he treated was horrible.. pervert criminal

  • ZaiNake Playz
    ZaiNake Playz 6 days ago

    1:34 is that taehyunggg????FROM BTSSS??

  • kang nuna
    kang nuna 6 days ago

    Bad Company Make u Also a bad person.
    Dat's y our mom's guide us to make good frens❤

  • JinsAHoeNeutron
    JinsAHoeNeutron 6 days ago +1

    And this is why taeyang is my fav and nOT seungri

    • fatimah anwaar
      fatimah anwaar 2 days ago

      well the K Pop industry is full of misogyny

    • JinsAHoeNeutron
      JinsAHoeNeutron 2 days ago

      fatimah anwaar well you can’t just assume all male idols are like that. Sure there’s been bad cases before but that doesn’t mean every man who’s an idol will be bad

    • fatimah anwaar
      fatimah anwaar 2 days ago

      because I was worried that Taeyang's wife might give birth to a baby girl which is why he might abuse her because all male idols are like that

    • JinsAHoeNeutron
      JinsAHoeNeutron 2 days ago

      fatimah anwaar okay??? Why mention that...

    • fatimah anwaar
      fatimah anwaar 2 days ago

      and i don't support misogynists

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 6 days ago

    The 5 yrs later thing is scary yall. "Banned from the country" "only four of us"

  • Chabashira Tenko 4 Lyfe

    Hope he died during the car accident 5 years ago

    • Evi Dwi
      Evi Dwi 5 days ago

      Your word are too much

  • Chabashira Tenko 4 Lyfe

    Well hope he's going to end his life really soon, i can't wait!!!

  • Hicyx Undid
    Hicyx Undid 7 days ago +2

    4:28 really got me. he really didnt appreciate anything they did for him

    • Teempo 00
      Teempo 00 6 days ago

      +whatever i'm a panda well, they pretty much said what they thought of him and who is gonna know more, a fan, or the members of BIGBANG??

    • Chabashira Tenko 4 Lyfe
      Chabashira Tenko 4 Lyfe 7 days ago

      +whatever i'm a panda hope he died during car accident 5 years ago

    • whatever i'm a panda
      whatever i'm a panda 7 days ago

      How do you know? A couple of second can't give you a inside of their whole life together. Seriously.

  • Ashley Galaske
    Ashley Galaske 7 days ago

    I still love them!

  • Rene Sakura
    Rene Sakura 7 days ago

    honestly, this only hits the hardest if your bias is seungri.......

    • Teempo 00
      Teempo 00 6 days ago

      True, but even if that idol happens to be rotten AF they are not going to show it and ruin their public image when their life support depends on it.

  • kimjonginsfeet
    kimjonginsfeet 7 days ago +1


  • syaza luhan
    syaza luhan 7 days ago +1

    I feel that seungri parents have a talk with all bi bang hyung line about seungri. Parents always worried about their children. And if the parents words are not been listen by their children they sometimes seek from their children friends. Seungri parents may have do everything to bring seungri to his old path. Not only his parents his hyungs also try everything. But seungri just ignore it like 'well why you have to worried. There nothing going happen to me'. Now i wonder how their parents have to face people when their son did something wrong which is something big. I more concern of the family. Just imagine how they have to go through with people said something bad about their family and also how people said how his parents educated him. Seungri have just lost in greed. Because of the fame and money he just been forget how people care about him and try to make him comeback to his old self. Money and fame and aslo greed make us forget everything. Just like seungri now. All he think is money.

  • I ᗪOᑎT KᑎOᗯ
    I ᗪOᑎT KᑎOᗯ 7 days ago +3

    When I first heard about the situation I was shocked and refused to believe it but then when I heard this shit I was fucking mad my friend introduced me to this scandal and she said since you like him she didn’t believe it and I didn’t at the time and thought oh it’s fake but now seungri is such a- I can’t even explain in words he betrayed his members and why would he do that
    Edit: he was my bias and bias wrecker for some time with Daesung and I will never find why I found this creep to be my bias

    • Teempo 00
      Teempo 00 6 days ago

      His clients are important people so he can still get away with all of it, let's hope not.

    • Chabashira Tenko 4 Lyfe
      Chabashira Tenko 4 Lyfe 7 days ago

      Hope he died during that car accident 5 years ago

    • whatever i'm a panda
      whatever i'm a panda 7 days ago

      He didn't do anything that is related to what you have in mind. He is innocent

  • tabalero ija
    tabalero ija 7 days ago +1

    t.o.p looks so disapointed every time he appears on this video it breaks my heart

  • Sy.yyann
    Sy.yyann 7 days ago +2

    Anyone who still supports this monster despite his fucked up personality and actions or even denies it still is no better than him. Hope all the shit he’s done was worth the years in prison he’s gonna get

    • Teempo 00
      Teempo 00 6 days ago

      Some delusional VIPs out there (not all of us).

    • whatever i'm a panda
      whatever i'm a panda 7 days ago

      What has he done ? Are you talking about JJY KKT Scandal ? Yeah seungri is NOT part of it. He is not even accused for it. You do know who JJY is right? And o yeah CJH is also involved in that KKT case. Please know some facts before believing lies. And then dumb repeatedly post them everywhere

  • Margauxxx
    Margauxxx 7 days ago

    I’m lost, can somebody please explain 😅. What happened to them.

  • Tati
    Tati 7 days ago

    G-dragon was with that Japanese girl like, 5 years? People were shading him all the time, he was just in a commited relationship with her right? There was nothing shady going on?

  • Tati
    Tati 7 days ago +1

    His voice is disgusting

  • Cottongirl_x3 Hey you are cute uwu

    It's so scary how they predict the future 💀

  • Cottongirl_x3 Hey you are cute uwu

    14:28 the laugh is uncomfortable as hell

  • STM 47 official
    STM 47 official 8 days ago



    • louxy
      louxy 6 days ago


    • Teempo 00
      Teempo 00 6 days ago

      Yeah, let's wait until the trial, he can still get a way with it cuz his clients are important people, so they can just sweep all possible proofs below the rug.

  • Cottongirl_x3 Hey you are cute uwu

    The topic about drugs it's so exaggerated, in this time a lot of artists drugs herself/himself and to me now is so normal be like x smoke weed, me: than ok. I know it's not good but I don't create a drama about that. :/

  • jae hyuk
    jae hyuk 8 days ago +1

    14:48 his hyungs knew what will happen to him in future. Too bad for maknae. Im sure they're sad now deep inside, being together 10 years plus.

  • dyonewssi
    dyonewssi 8 days ago +1

    I felt so bad for his parents...

  • TMD SB
    TMD SB 8 days ago

    Ok since everyone’s bringing up TOP
    Yes what he did was wrong. I honestly have not forgiven him, since he is an idol and a lot of younger audience looks up to him. But I still have respect to TOP. However, what he did is way less compared to Seungri. I have 0 respect left for Seungri. It inexcusable under any circumstances. He is a scapegoat, sure, but he did indeed commit those crimes. Own up to it and go to jail.

  • S M
    S M 8 days ago +2

    YG telling him not to do unnecessary things is so damn right, he has ruined his career and his whole company because of his dumb ass, as if being a bigbang member didn't make him rich already, was it necessary for him to be a criminal just earn money, he should learn from TOP, money is not everything

  • Farah Aziz
    Farah Aziz 9 days ago +2

    The time capsule letter is definitely make me goosebumps. The hyungs really know what will be happen in the future.

  • lelouchzero7
    lelouchzero7 9 days ago +1

    ugghhh it's creepy watching him like that

  • znd
    znd 9 days ago

    No doubt seungri is a friendly person and nice to his friends and fans. But he got really blinded by fame, money and girls. He didnt even think of how he got from the top, not even listening to his hyungs. If only you did listen to them. 😒

  • Aparna Rajesh
    Aparna Rajesh 9 days ago

    what about hyeseung?

  • xoxPotatoQueenxox
    xoxPotatoQueenxox 9 days ago +2

    I know what he did was like really really bad.. but, there are people who do this everyday worse then seungri did. I would really appreciate it if u all stop talking about it. just because he was an idol doesnt mean he deserves to get more hate. So just stop it pls bc honestly. Hes still my bias (: :/

  • wonhoze
    wonhoze 9 days ago +1

    watching this now, considering everything is so creepy

  • Hey Mama
    Hey Mama 9 days ago +1

    YG: *I knew you were trouble when you walked in...*

  • Toshita Sharma
    Toshita Sharma 9 days ago

    See we all know what he did was totally wrong.... but u never know what was going on inside then .....

  • Elizabeth Dreste
    Elizabeth Dreste 9 days ago

    What did he do cause I can't remember?

  • Anastasia Apriliani
    Anastasia Apriliani 9 days ago

    This idea of mine is quite over the top actually, but I can't stop thinking about how his parents (maybe) sometimes wish he would stop doing so much work just to get home and be with his family and somehow, all of those wishes and prayers ended up like this since this is (probably) the only way for Seungri to come to his senses..


    Hi can anybody summarize the whole situation? I'm new in KPOP sorry i just cant relate😅

    • Koi Pebbles
      Koi Pebbles 10 days ago

      SUHO THE MOTHER OF 8 KIDS I’m not going to go too in depth since you could spend hours looking into everything, but over the past year a club that Seungri co-owns (the Burning Sun) has come under many rumours of prostitution, tax evasion, drugging and raping guests, etc. Early this year a guy came forward and asked the police to investigate an assault by the security guards. The place was under suspect of supplying drugs. During the investigation, many things came clear to the police.
      Seungri had (allegedly) supplied prostitutes to foreign investors and was in a group chat with a number of other Kpop starts (including members of Drug Restaurant and FT Island and many others) in which they joked about raping and drugging women and sharing explicit images of sexual encounters with women without their permission.
      These two other celebrities have admitted sharing illegal footage and bribing the police to keep hidden DUI cases, and others (including one from JYJ I believe) has admitted to taking meth. Seungri also allegedly supplices prostitutes to his birthday party. These guys have been arrested and a warrant has been put out for Seungri’s arrest. The police are looking into allegations of supplying prostitutes, tax evasion and embezzlement and distributing elicit footage.
      A lot has been going on and many have claimed the police have been trying to cover things up. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong guys, but that’s pretty much the idea.
      (Also, many of these singers who have been charged have left their group and company in light of this, and this has been going on as far back as 2014/2015).
      Sorry if this was a bit long but hope it helps.

  • shedazzle2
    shedazzle2 10 days ago +1

    ok. just the fact that this is 17 minutes long speaks for itself.

  • Some Shit
    Some Shit 10 days ago +2

    honestly i've never liked seungri.

  • Felix The Cheeto child
    Felix The Cheeto child 10 days ago +1

    It makes me upset that he was the CEO of YG!!! No one thinks about that but it’s been really bothering me. Lord knows how much he has done this and makes me wonder if he did anything to the woman of the company. I just don’t trust him anymore. I feel like there is more behind this and he has harassed others as well. I have a bad feeling about him that we don’t know.
    But then again we can never know, it’s just how I feel.
    Am I the only one that feels like this?

  • Maryna Alberto
    Maryna Alberto 11 days ago +2

    Fuck all the Medias , Netizens , and Haters .

  • Ayu Doctor
    Ayu Doctor 11 days ago +2

    Why everyone always judge him...

  • Kim Solano
    Kim Solano 11 days ago +1

    That '5 yrs from now' message really got me 😢 'Although we're 4 members now' they know whats the outcome. If seungri just listened to his hyungs 😢

  • Donnamark yang
    Donnamark yang 11 days ago

    I am just shook... he was my favorite bias in Big Bang after this... I was heart broken but the law is the law...

  • Qaisara Irdina
    Qaisara Irdina 11 days ago


  • X o g u d.
    X o g u d. 11 days ago +1

    Looks like the fame got in his head.

  • Rachel T
    Rachel T 11 days ago +1

    I'm so so so so disappointed in him. I always saw Big Bang as a really respectable idol group but seungri just brought it all down with his decisions. I hope that GD, Taeyang top and daesung and everyone's families are still doing well tho.

  • shafiqah ibrahim
    shafiqah ibrahim 11 days ago +1

    15:10 creepy AF

  • roses_are _rosy
    roses_are _rosy 11 days ago +2

    You really ruined Bigbang! Just imagining them returning this year with this kind of disgusting scandal makes me cry.