5/65 Silver Surfer vs Labyrinth Star-Lord! - Marvel Contest of Champions

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Yoo guys we got some 5/65 Silver Surfer gameplay today massive thanks to Chach my alliance mate for sending it over!! Let's find out what Silver Surfer can do in Labyrinth!

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Comments • 239

  • elkin Ortiz Beltran

    amigo es en inglés ???yo soy colombiano 🤦

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar Month ago

    *€Seatin already made a video£*

  • John Nichols
    John Nichols Month ago

    I think my 1/25 Ironfist can take him in less hits

  • Bryce Dunn
    Bryce Dunn Month ago

    Silver surfer looks beyond god-tier.

  • rainthesloth eek
    rainthesloth eek Month ago +1

    Thought he was gonna be good smh not the best

  • Steve Drabek
    Steve Drabek Month ago +1

    Looks like a weak ass champion.

  • John Dreyer
    John Dreyer Month ago +1

    Man he kind of sucks

  • SevPool
    SevPool Month ago +1

    So what you’re saying is your alliance mate wasted rank up material lol
    Wet noodle and a half, so sad to see Silver Surfer being so weak and underwhelming

    • SevPool
      SevPool Month ago

      Lagacy yea that’s true, sad tho that seems to be the only good thing he’s for.
      It’s just sad how weak he really is :/

    • Lagacy
      Lagacy  Month ago

      No totally worth it for prestige regardless of the champs abilities

  • DeezNutz 78
    DeezNutz 78 Month ago +1

    Weak sauce!

  • Mcord11758
    Mcord11758 Month ago +1

    Total dud of a champ

  • denis Rees
    denis Rees Month ago +1

    What a waste of recourses, meh

  • Galaxy warrior 66
    Galaxy warrior 66 Month ago +1

    How many solar sistem did he destroy in a fight 😂

  • Nick Blevins
    Nick Blevins Month ago

    I really wanted this guy to be the new cosmic king, huge fan of the surfer in comics. very underwhelming year for kabam as far as new champs. A couple really good champs here and there, and a load of misses compared to 2018s champs.

  • Luke Baldwin
    Luke Baldwin Month ago +1

    Wet noodle tier got him as a 4* maxed out.Sig at 46 still not impressed

  • Loma Harsha
    Loma Harsha Month ago +1

    Star lord gets surfed into the sun.
    Sun is a star.
    *Star lord indeed*

    LIFE IS LIE Month ago +1

    Honestly SS doesn't reach my expectations... Not worth it

  • Chakshu Khurana
    Chakshu Khurana Month ago +1

    I thought he would be next mcoc god tier just like ghost but ..

  • bdaniels 0110
    bdaniels 0110 Month ago

    Looks like a prestige champ from this... not knocking gameplay! Just seems kinda weak, unless maybe just not meant for longer fights or suicides!?

  • Doctor Rauf
    Doctor Rauf Month ago +1

    Are you in seatins ally cause seatin also said on his vid that chach33 gave him 5 star silver surfer for rankup and gameplay kindly plzzz reply and if you didn't noticed go check seatin channel

  • ÃSGRD CpcBoyboy
    ÃSGRD CpcBoyboy Month ago

    too much hits, no good champs :)

  • Swift_
    Swift_ Month ago

    Silver Surfer.. metallic skin, herald to galactus.. can be bleed and poisoned, and hits like a diablo in his teens.... 🤨.. thanks kabam

  • Kalantak
    Kalantak Month ago

    ahh man, he seems a bit underwhelming compared to what he should have been, gimped hyperion i guess! hoping someone figures out little better rotation perhaps, and that indestrible synergy will be helpful as well! highest Pi helps too so i guess atleast better to have him mxed then thor rag or phoniex! thanks for the video :)

  • Bharath kumar
    Bharath kumar Month ago +1

    Old champions do better damage than this

  • Curanu Curca
    Curanu Curca Month ago

    fck your sp3. why u use it so many time ? for 22k dmg ??? lol. use sp1 armor brake... sp2... more dmg then sp3

  • Mario Garnica
    Mario Garnica Month ago

    solo golpea como cualquier otro personaje . debería de leer y ver como se juega con el.

  • Jessie Enhanced
    Jessie Enhanced Month ago

    Is he an energy attacker?

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen Month ago +1

    His damage is so trash

  • Торрент Трекер

    How many stars did you destroy...

  • prabhat mehta
    prabhat mehta Month ago +1

    Kabam did him like sentry.

  • bay area kid
    bay area kid Month ago

    50k subs that’s sick bro congrats wen I joined ur channel u was only at 7 u com long way keep up the great work

  • Ditch Head
    Ditch Head Month ago

    Disappointed the animations aren’t great for Such a hype character. Damage should be epic also 🥱

  • Den M
    Den M Month ago

    not impressed.i waited more stonger champion than that.

  • Daksh Malik
    Daksh Malik Month ago +2

    I slept and came back and the fight was still going on lol..massive let down from kabam again

  • FETA 89
    FETA 89 Month ago

    Definitely saving my money for gifting event thanks for the heads up on Surfer Lagacy!

  • Rinoxp Gaming
    Rinoxp Gaming Month ago

    If he was immune to poison and bleed and has will power through his immunities he will be God Tier.

  • dimitris ratza
    dimitris ratza Month ago

    Well he isn't the best but he is ok

  • Bucket Of Fire
    Bucket Of Fire Month ago +17

    Silver Surfer: Flies through space, can survive extreme conditions. Can't bleed while his silver skin/armor is up. Herald of a celestial being that eats planets.
    Sentry: Reality warping god with the literal power of 21 million suns.
    Dr. Strange: Spends lots of time either guarding the flow of the universe from dimensional threats or is **cough** nerfed because he's a cheat code.
    Mephisto: god of the dead

    Ghost: *some random villain from a quick movie lol*

    • Bucket Of Fire
      Bucket Of Fire Month ago

      @JoshiOmkar13 no, mysterio has some god tier utility. Passive heal block, insane regen/damage back, awesome poison, and a banger amount of ramp of damage. He is definitely much better than a majority of champs. He arguably has more utility than starky spidey.

      (I think he's better than starky)

    • Abhishek Murali
      Abhishek Murali Month ago

      @JoshiOmkar13 he is definitely much better than his actual depiction in the comics and movies

    • JoshiOmkar13
      JoshiOmkar13 Month ago

      @Abhishek Murali he's not that good in the game. So we can't say that

    • Abhishek Murali
      Abhishek Murali Month ago

      Mysterio: A human with a lot of projectors and high tech

    • JoshiOmkar13
      JoshiOmkar13 Month ago +1

      Nick fury.
      Some random human that controls the avengers

  • abhishek gupta
    abhishek gupta Month ago


  • kahopukehau
    kahopukehau Month ago +3

    So Nick Fury does more damage than someone who literally destroys planets? Okay 🤣

  • Åreš
    Åreš Month ago

    Great video , decent champ , with suicides still doesnt hit that hard. Great thing I see is no build up (ramping up). Can come out the gates button smashing. More of a defender I think.

  • Crazy Adrian
    Crazy Adrian Month ago

    Hey Legacy how come ur clan mate didn't let Seatin borrow Silver surfer?

  • Edward Valdez
    Edward Valdez Month ago

    I hate how alot of new champs rely on their sp3 it's annoying launching it every time

  • FYL
    FYL Month ago

    Where was the great music to listen to?!?

  • The Analyzer
    The Analyzer Month ago +2

    With the surface of the sun being 10,000°F alone, how does one survive not just one explosion but several?!?!
    He truly is... the Lord of the Stars...

    SEREGA ZUBAR Month ago

    Короче вывод такой нахуй этот сёрфер нужен

  • Universal Gaming
    Universal Gaming Month ago +1

    Disclaimer: No planets were destroyed (sp3) in the making of this video

  • Nikolozka
    Nikolozka Month ago

    I could use this for my insomnia

  • Ed Yay
    Ed Yay Month ago +1

    487 hits 😂 absolutely trash 🗑

  • Steve Rodgers
    Steve Rodgers Month ago

    Terrible music

    • Steve Rodgers
      Steve Rodgers Month ago

      @Lagacy ok

    • Lagacy
      Lagacy  Month ago

      I can’t put the music I would like cause then I’d get copyrighted :)

  • Jean Figueroa
    Jean Figueroa Month ago +2

    I find it disappointing cuz he should be op asf I mean like he’s the Gerald of galactus, has the gift and power of galactus(sort of), and has beated doom and others many times u find it disappointing he should have a crazy power gain for every hit, fury buff stacks for each sp1 up to 50, and some health regen, precision, cruelty, and unstoppable that’s what he should be and for the sp3 incendiary damage over time just find it disappointing oh well man let’s hope there’s a synergy out there that will make him insane hopefully :’(

  • Emirhan Bedel
    Emirhan Bedel Month ago

    you do all that shit just to get mediocre damage at best. I hate when they make god- like op champions useless but make something like domino who's trait is JUST being lucky an absolute beast. I Don't even have good 5* champs other than my stark spidey and ı would be mad upset if ı managed to get this guy from a hard earned 5* crystal tbh.

  • TEZJay
    TEZJay Month ago

    This man looks amazing and animations are great. I wanna see 6.3 gameplay though

  • AceBrian
    AceBrian Month ago

    I’m glad he’s exactly what I expected, won’t feel bad for not going for him. Still a cool champ all the same.

  • Ryan Griffin
    Ryan Griffin Month ago

    Anyone else tired of champions "blocking" just by holding out their hand? Seems lazy and ineffective.

    • Vincent Perez
      Vincent Perez Month ago

      Ryan Griffin lol Hyperion just stands there like a jerk haha

  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome Month ago

    Thanks for the vid. Im not impressed with him though. I might just have been spoiled when Doom came out.

  • Speaker79 McColl
    Speaker79 McColl Month ago

    Ability steal would have been nice considering that's what he can do. Could have been a spl1 for him

  • Standin Man of Legends


  • Derek Seiler
    Derek Seiler Month ago

    Really not seeing anything special about this guy but boy are they gonna make a lot of money off of him!

  • Robert Estrada
    Robert Estrada Month ago

    Meh! Kind of sucks.

  • OB three
    OB three Month ago

    Looks cool and everything but doesn’t seem to good