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  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • Make some super awesome and pretty looking soaps! Too good to use :D Get creative with Blossom!
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  • EyminBoba Kat
    EyminBoba Kat 8 hours ago

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  • Mayar Zaid
    Mayar Zaid 21 hour ago

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    SP SINGH 22 hours ago

    5:07 aaahhhhhhh so unsatisfying

  • Sára Tomková
    Sára Tomková Day ago

    0:58 this is a soap??

  • Munna Pandy
    Munna Pandy Day ago

    So nice

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  • Melissa Adez
    Melissa Adez 6 days ago

    why can't you just let us do in our own ways.

  • Limbo Cat
    Limbo Cat 7 days ago

    I would totally get poisoned and have to go to the hospital.
    You know what dude?
    I like food.

  • Yehdjdjj Irjrhrdurn
    Yehdjdjj Irjrhrdurn 7 days ago

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  • Andreia Santos
    Andreia Santos 10 days ago

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  • RealQueen Washington
    RealQueen Washington 11 days ago

    The orange soap cake base looked like carrots

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    Ким Римма 11 days ago

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    Anesa Kaltak 13 days ago

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  • Jessica Caley
    Jessica Caley 13 days ago

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    مال الشام 14 days ago

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    Sara bg 16 days ago

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    angel sufi 16 days ago

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  • Jucileia Bonifacio
    Jucileia Bonifacio 17 days ago

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  • Karen Andrea Sanchez Suta

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    Lia Galaxy 18 days ago

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  • parveen banu
    parveen banu 21 day ago

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  • Aamukta Malyada Polidas

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  • Isadora Caliari
    Isadora Caliari 21 day ago

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  • Smrithi Smaz
    Smrithi Smaz 25 days ago

    From where are they getting these ideas i wonder! Nd have anyone tried any one of these?

  • Funda celik
    Funda celik 28 days ago +1

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  • Jaime Wong
    Jaime Wong Month ago +1

    Leave a like if you keep thinking it’s slime mixture but it’s not 😂 (the soaps 🧼)

  • Everson Morais
    Everson Morais Month ago

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  • Gracie Bunnell
    Gracie Bunnell Month ago

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  • My Phone
    My Phone Month ago

    I think these are so risky for Children, they can eat up the soap mistakenly😨

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    Meenu sharma Month ago

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  • evanbahdevin 223
    evanbahdevin 223 Month ago

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  • Tatiana Cera
    Tatiana Cera Month ago

    Um kids😱

  • Elizabeth Bowen
    Elizabeth Bowen Month ago

    I dont like this at all do you know how harmful this could be to kids who would really mistake it for food

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