Sequins on the Runway | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Relive the sequins runway from Snatch Game at Sea now!
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    RuPaul's Drag Race and Untucked return with more sickening styles, fierce challenges and backstage drama. Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, Ross Mathews and celeb guest judges join RuPaul as she sets out to crown America's Next Drag Superstar in this Emmy Award-winning show.
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    Sequins on the Runway | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11
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Comments • 1 542

  • X. V.
    X. V. 17 hours ago

    I watch this on mute and play CON CALMA, and it matches... I’m shook!

  • Starskulls
    Starskulls 4 days ago

    Nina West should have won snatch game. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Albert Delagheto
    Albert Delagheto 8 days ago


  • Dekayla Pollard
    Dekayla Pollard 9 days ago

    Brooke ATE. and that’s on period luv

  • paola martinez
    paola martinez 13 days ago

    why do the judges say nothing to silky when all she wears is gowns but vanjie wears different types of bodysuits n stuff and she gets dragged to filth.. smh. when mama ru has a favorite, it aint ever a secret

  • Dwayne Tillman
    Dwayne Tillman 15 days ago

    I just realized Brooke Lynn and Silky both do that little dance 😂

  • Drusila
    Drusila 15 days ago

    whenever i see nina's look it reminds me of pepsi

  • leila james
    leila james 16 days ago

    Yasss miss Leila!!!

  • Ana Peña
    Ana Peña 18 days ago

    Ok but Brooke and Suga didn't have to hit us that hard ffs. My wig is on saturn tf?

  • Kawaii Shishtar
    Kawaii Shishtar 19 days ago

    I love the sequinS dress-

  • Richard Thach
    Richard Thach 19 days ago

    See if brooke saved that reveal for the lsfyl, she might have sent yvie home
    (no hate, I love yvie and I was super happy she won)

  • AG CumingsLedbetter
    AG CumingsLedbetter 20 days ago

    Am I the only one who finds Brooke’s presentation a little needy and overall too much? Like I love her and the reveal is Legendary obviously but the dancing and the death drop we’re in my opinion too needy, and super unnecessary. The runways supposed to be about the outfit, right?

  • Coisas Que Não Te Contaram

    As a lesbian i gotta say, brooke lynn is HOT AS HELL

  • Rodrigo Hugo
    Rodrigo Hugo 26 days ago

    Beautiful music Brooke

  • leila james
    leila james 29 days ago

    Im showing ALLLLL OF THE TETAS in The World.....

  • Mike J
    Mike J Month ago

    I love Ross so much.

  • Jeremy .Scott
    Jeremy .Scott Month ago

    I don’t think plastique got her just due for this outfit

  • Secret Anonymous
    Secret Anonymous Month ago

    Brooke just killed the runway!!!

  • Maria Aparecida
    Maria Aparecida Month ago

    I'm back just to see Brooke Lynn Hytes. My winner

  • hazel bender
    hazel bender Month ago

    Nina West deserve to come back for All Stars

  • oBxnnies :[
    oBxnnies :[ Month ago


  • London Campbell
    London Campbell Month ago +1

    Nina west came down the runway looking like Mrs captain Crunch

  • Coco Candacraig
    Coco Candacraig Month ago +1

    BLH the best reveal in all of Drag Race

  • Morganized Morganizer
    Morganized Morganizer Month ago +1

    put on a shiny sequince gownnnnnn

  • Che Barcelona
    Che Barcelona Month ago +1

    In love with Brooke Lynn xxx

  • Daniel Kundai Jacha
    Daniel Kundai Jacha Month ago +2

    Im gonna say this and say this again. Brooke should have won this season

  • Jarrett Jeremiahh
    Jarrett Jeremiahh Month ago

    i love yvie oddly’s look so much it’s so wow

  • C00kii0
    C00kii0 Month ago

    "Why dont you come up and seaweed sometime " 😭😭😭

  • Daniel Alejandro Ramirez

    Not only broke Lynne slayed the runway, but also gave us one of the most iconic lip syncs of all time

  • leila james
    leila james Month ago +1

    Im showing aaaaall of the TETAS..... in the world

  • Phryne Mnesarete
    Phryne Mnesarete Month ago +1

    poor shuga, for like thirty seconds she had the runway of the season hahaha

  • Sean Barry
    Sean Barry Month ago

    Okay can we talk about Silky’s gown length and shoe choice

  • BRi iS A WHORE Heck yeah

    I love the Kitty dress! It's so stylish!

  • Derbhal Reid
    Derbhal Reid Month ago

    Shuga’s runway would fit perfectly with Valentina’s bridal look! Mother and bride extravaganza

  • Coonalisa
    Coonalisa Month ago +3

    Between this and her having the most wins, Brooke is the true winner of S11. Debate ya mama.

  • Skull Kid
    Skull Kid Month ago

    Pulled the best runway and lip sync

  • Randall Mcgreggor
    Randall Mcgreggor Month ago

    Anyone else come here and fast forward to 1:47?

    XANLY Month ago

    That fat one gets me everytime what kind of shape is that

  • Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki

    Brooke Lynn just KILLED the whole runway, she's got the body and sassyness of an A1 stripper who ONLY dances to politicians and big companies' CEOs.

  • fawu
    fawu Month ago

    I’m selling rewind buttons.
    Costs: nothing! For free! 😊

  • irving arceo
    irving arceo Month ago +1


  • Farahh !
    Farahh ! Month ago

    Brooke Lynn Hytes
    Vanessa Vangie Mateo
    Plastique Tiara
    Yvie Oddly
    Shuga Cain
    Nina West
    Silky Nutmeg Ganashe
    Akeria Channel Davenport

  • Angela Steele
    Angela Steele Month ago +1

    Months later and I'm still shook by Brooke

  • betsy stewart
    betsy stewart 2 months ago

    Sequence Gown!

  • Rafael Uchimura
    Rafael Uchimura 2 months ago

    One of the most iconic runways!

  • luna jack
    luna jack 2 months ago +1

    Brookelynn’s will forever be iconic

  • ᄋᄉᄋ
    ᄋᄉᄋ 2 months ago


  • Let's Talk Tea About Ultimate Living

    Yep...I know this season is long over and I know I've seen this before...again...and again...and now I'm back yet AGAIN watching Brooke Lynn Hytes slay the runway and my edges, once more!!

  • Lamont Royster
    Lamont Royster 2 months ago

    Only thing i wish brook wood have let us see the first look a tad bit longer.

  • Lamont Royster
    Lamont Royster 2 months ago


  • Casey Coolican
    Casey Coolican 2 months ago

    Brooke said “runway rights”

  • Sara Santarossa
    Sara Santarossa 2 months ago +2

    i watched the episode a month ago and im still gaging over brooke's runway

  • RedAmalgam
    RedAmalgam 2 months ago

    This season's Queens had specific talents but they were few and far in between....not the strongest group we've seen.

  • A T
    A T 2 months ago +2

    Whenever I feel bad I come to see Brooke Lynn on this runway. 🤩

  • Kitty on Pointe
    Kitty on Pointe 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie the thumbnail low key looked like Katya

  • Deedaritz Clare
    Deedaritz Clare 2 months ago

    Ru: -gets gagged by the brook reveal-
    Also Ru: places her in bottom two

    • A Song For XX
      A Song For XX 2 months ago +1

      Well, her Celine Dion snatch is terrible....

  • raffael andrei
    raffael andrei 2 months ago


  • Strawberry Macaroons:P
    Strawberry Macaroons:P 2 months ago

    Heres wheb the video actually starts 1:44.

  • Strawberry Macaroons:P
    Strawberry Macaroons:P 2 months ago

    Damn brooklyn should have won my opinion tho and she looks like melina.XD

  • Matthew Gonzalez
    Matthew Gonzalez 2 months ago

    runway was good this season! i miss it already