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  • Mark Ritzen
    Mark Ritzen 17 days ago

    It sucks without compies, pteranodons and sea animals

  • 123testable
    123testable 24 days ago

    Ehm just offer small fences and even they are small they cant pass electric fences.

  • 남조종현
    남조종현 25 days ago

    Jurassic World Evolution The reproduction of dinosaurs

  • Miguel Lemir
    Miguel Lemir 26 days ago

    a small "dinohouse" could be perfect if you ask me, just like in the Zoo Tycoon Games

  • itsahostiletakeover
    itsahostiletakeover 27 days ago

    I would love to see Dryosaurus and Coelophysis in ths future. Both were about 10 feet long, definitely big enough for the standard exhibits if animals like Dracorex are.

  • Cameron Watt
    Cameron Watt 28 days ago

    Maybe they could have varying lengths of grass to put down so you could see smaller dinosaurs lol



  • Frederick Baez
    Frederick Baez Month ago

    Bestinslot, can u make a vid on if they'll make an aquatic dlc?

  • Buckethead Films
    Buckethead Films Month ago

    It's confirmed that we will not be getting the smaller enclosures you were talking about in a interview with the gaming beaver

  • Chris Rig
    Chris Rig Month ago

    I just realized if you pause at 0:46, you can clearly see the Indoraptor toy at the bottom right of the Compy. So we had the full body appearance of Indoraptor before the press photos and trailers. That is meta.

  • Sean Brosnan
    Sean Brosnan Month ago

    I think mini exhibits is something they likely already did

  • Emu Army
    Emu Army Month ago

    I want REALLY want compy

  • Emu Army
    Emu Army Month ago

    I wanted protoceratops and compys........

  • Jonah Kesar
    Jonah Kesar Month ago

    they could make a small creature fence

  • tscream80
    tscream80 Month ago

    To be honest, we've only seen two types of fencing - the solid bars and the concrete walls, both of which can be electrified later with research. It's possible the research tree includes other fencing types - brick walls, concrete walls with acrylic viewing panes, etc. As I believe you touched on in your Dilophosaurus video, you will need something to keep those dinos from spitting through the fencing, and so far, we only have the solid concrete walls for that. Zoo Tycoon (at least the PC version, never played the console version) had a variety fences one could use - chain link, stone, brick, concrete, wooden, etc., all of which were can in high and low versions, and could be either solid or have viewing panes for the former. I can't see low fencing being implemented in the game outside of being a decorative feature - particularly since the compys appear to be good leapers - but fence with viewing panes might be a good way to hold in small dinos like Compsognathus, Microraptor, and Eoraptor and making sure guests won't become victims of Dilophosaur spit.

  • Leo Cruz
    Leo Cruz Month ago

    Hasbro toyline trex at 0:41

  • Curtoise 95
    Curtoise 95 Month ago

    Or even instead of having grass as a surface and have dirt as a surface instead

  • Lord Delow
    Lord Delow Month ago

    mini exhibits would be a nice dlc, as would an aviary or lagoon for flying and aquatic creatures respectively.

  • Kevin O'Bill
    Kevin O'Bill Month ago

    I really don't like the Compies very much usually they're more like pests rather than cute pet for people

  • Spy Rex
    Spy Rex Month ago

    Compies were only discovered in Germany and in France, and there are no digging sites there, so no compies sadly

  • Rex Master
    Rex Master Month ago


  • Thomas Kavanagh
    Thomas Kavanagh Month ago

    It doesn't really help with the worry about them getting lost in the wildlife but they could be bred as a swarm/pack with 5 dinos or so rather than one when released from the creation lab

  • Weston Goodnoe
    Weston Goodnoe Month ago

    It would be cool if they had the petting zoo type attraction like in jurassic world, with the baby dinosaurs running around

  • logan cintron
    logan cintron Month ago

    There should be an aviary filled with pterosaurs and feathered dinosaurs.

  • AzraelThanatos
    AzraelThanatos Month ago

    I would almost rather have something like in the original Zoo Tycoon with themed buildings for exhibits of smaller dinosaurs. In first person you might be able to go inside and look at a small display of a specific small dinosaur or two...

  • Zachary Brizek
    Zachary Brizek Month ago

    I really want compies

  • michael walker
    michael walker Month ago

    Pterasoars and mossiaors!!N

  • Fallenangel 85
    Fallenangel 85 Month ago

    I am for free roaming Compies!
    Might even be another thing to keep watch of. As they would be dangerous to a lone lost child but not otherwise.

  • Guyon Van Oers
    Guyon Van Oers Month ago

    maybe some kind of pit paddock

  • Guyon Van Oers
    Guyon Van Oers Month ago

    im just hoping your JWFK DLC speculations turns out to be true! Im so looking forward to seeing Stiggy in the game

  • Jave
    Jave Month ago +2

    I think the compys should be a special unlockable science project in the late game - an ingenious way to deal with the tonnes of dino waste and help control disease. Of course, their presence in the park would have various security implications... :)

  • Samuel Leis
    Samuel Leis Month ago

    Hmmm being able to design and build our own reptile house(s) in a mini-island (for lack of a better term) kind of set up would be pretty cool and very DLC/expansion worthy! building the enclosures, maintaining the environments for some of the giant bugs which would basically be firebombs waiting to happen, exotic toxins from the amphibians that you would have to deal with, the more i think about it the more my desk... anyway this blowing up anyone else's skirt?

  • Rob Martin
    Rob Martin Month ago

    Could you imagine if you had that little git compy from Dino Crisis 2? The sod would steal SO many credit cards and keys!

  • SparkySparky BoomKitty

    Little exhibits would be cool but mini petting zoos like in Jurassic World would be cooler!

  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔBroMeetzDrama Kpop

    i want compies in the game. how come in compies we’re in jurassic park but not in the jurassic franchise games, that’s the question i want an answer to.

  • J O
    J O Month ago

    I want to see the Trodoon. #ReleaseTheTroodon :'v

  • FelixGames
    FelixGames Month ago

    I would personally love to see them be creatures that can be customized that live in custom made exhibits? Sure they wont be easy like stationary exhibits like zoo tycoons and such but I think it would be nice to have exhibits you can 'lift' from the ground and build a interior environment for special types of creatures. This would mean being able to create a sort of walk in aquarium or even a reptile house of sorts? It would be nicer than having just looping animations and being unable to interact with the smaller and more unique creatures from the series. Those are my thoughts however.
    I have been watching this channel for years now :) I really like your coverage of the games and the follow ups on other dinosaur related games. Glad I found you when I was lurking around for dino vids tbh.

  • Ruben Gonzalez
    Ruben Gonzalez Month ago

    I will like it a lot

  • Manuel Ramos
    Manuel Ramos Month ago

    Small dinos will probably be “included” in buildings. I’m thinking like a petting zoo or reptile house. They can’t have them running around because they’re too small. It’d be impossible to get them back in their cage if they escape. You’d de unable to find them, and forget trying to shoot hem with the tranqs

  • david sims
    david sims Month ago

    Don’t really care for them too much but for the sake of giving your Park life the first idea is AWESOME! But ambient life like dragon flies, birds and stuff is a really cool idea

  • Austen McCurry
    Austen McCurry Month ago

    Wut dino will de in the game

  • Austen McCurry
    Austen McCurry Month ago

    U don't know 😑

  • Jonahtan Mccarthy
    Jonahtan Mccarthy Month ago

    The thing that has never been in a zoo game and I would love is controlled animal movment for cleaning and vet care

  • Darkk Sparkyy
    Darkk Sparkyy Month ago

    Topic idea mate. You mentioned fish in the water. Spinosaurus were typically known to fish like a grizzly nowadays. Think Frontier will get this accurate in-game?

  • Kenneth Sumpman
    Kenneth Sumpman Month ago

    I wouldn't mind if instead of ambient birds we could have pteranodons or other small pterosaurs flying about, I think that would give it a more Jurassic feel. What do you think of my idea BestinSlot?

  • Kadajliger100
    Kadajliger100 Month ago

    Hi Bestinslot! First of all awesome video!
    Secondly would you consider revisiting and doing another game-play video on Dinosystem? you know the one that small sweet obscure steam game, it's improved vastly since you last uploaded a video! Better controls more options yaknow! It deserves decent sized TheXvidrs helping it get a spotlight & connect it with players who love that hard old school type of earn-it gameplay! Thank you!

  • dark toothlles
    dark toothlles Month ago

    Bestinslot can you review all species profile before release of jurassic world evolution

  • Radishman
    Radishman Month ago

    Wait so can the dinosaurs have baby’s so we don’t have to keep getting more

  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof Month ago

    So so far DLC rumors are
    Fallin Kingdom
    Small Dinos
    JW 3

      PANOS KARYDIS Month ago +1

      Indeed and these are great DLC's if they will add them in the game.

  • MrFluffyribs
    MrFluffyribs Month ago

    See I understand that this isn’t suppose to be a park decorator, but I would love to see at least close to the level of customization planet coaster had.

  • Samonella
    Samonella Month ago

    As an example Blackpool zoo has a thing called Wallaby Walkabout. I feel that would be the perfect size for Compsognathus to roam in.

    BRZRKR Month ago

    I think they should do pens like with the velociraptor pen in the first movie. But give them an environment that they are adapted to.

  • katie ocarinaoftime1986

    I've been wondering about this

  • snuffymclily lily
    snuffymclily lily Month ago

    Can you do more zoo tycoon 2 plz🐒

  • Commander Trevor
    Commander Trevor Month ago

    Well you make a discord ?

  • Fostertsn
    Fostertsn Month ago

    Did anybody else think of this when seeing that anky Corpse in the trailers for falling kingdom what would happen if you were to leave a dead dinosaur as it is Will it stay as just a dead dinosaur or will it decay

  • lizard boy
    lizard boy Month ago

    Let the compies have there rights and spotlight once again

  • DC Universe
    DC Universe Month ago

    Didn't one of the movies have a children area where the smaller dinosaurs were held? Like a dinosaur petting zoo

  • DinoBooks 101
    DinoBooks 101 Month ago

    Compies need love too.

  • supercormey
    supercormey Month ago

    Smaller enclosures similar to zoo tycoon's medium/large enclosures would be nice for the smaller dinos.

  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno Month ago +1

    It will be cool to have compys and microceratops etc

  • Eddie Hanley
    Eddie Hanley Month ago

    I've heard you cannot use lethal force and/or otherwise kill your dinosaurs in any way. Is that true?

  • Huntzilla 1999
    Huntzilla 1999 Month ago +1

    List of dinos I want the most that are not revealed yet. Compys, meme sauropod(I can't spell it's name), therizinosaurus, giga, oviraptor, the hadrasaur with the spino like spine,

  • Huntzilla 1999
    Huntzilla 1999 Month ago +1

    I want Compys to be in this game as a normal dino. Maybe instead of just one being made when you make them it makes five or so. Maybe have them always be in a pack. Like you make a compy pack instead of an individual creature. And they get knocked out together even tho you shot one. And when. The helicopter picks them up they look like little deflated balloons

  • shark man
    shark man Month ago


  • LogXX BeCX
    LogXX BeCX Month ago

    You know why it didn’t appear on the list? Cause it’s Procompsognathus!

    • BestInSlot
      BestInSlot  Month ago

      That'd be a nice little surprise!

  • Johan Rindert
    Johan Rindert Month ago

    I like ur thinking bro !!

  • Rex90Pawprint
    Rex90Pawprint Month ago

    I think that with compies and stuff like that, it should be a similar game mechanic to zoo tycoon 2 where you can build smaller fences that they can't get through but not preset enclosures

  • GLaDOS Luis
    GLaDOS Luis Month ago

    Probably it can eat the dead corpses or feces of the dinosaurs just like how they were used in the novel of Jurassic Park

    SHAWNASAUR Month ago

    haha... good vid m8

  • Bulldog Boy
    Bulldog Boy Month ago

    I guess they could have an indoor enclosure

  • EpicKairu
    EpicKairu Month ago

    I like your videos. But you pronounce compsognathus TERRIBLY. I expect better from a fellow brit.

  • M TO THA G
    M TO THA G Month ago

    How do you know the mamenchisaurus will be available in the game? This really would mean a lot to me since it’s my favourite jurassic park dinosaur...

  • Josh Rickwood
    Josh Rickwood Month ago

    Hopefully they will add it as a DLC or something

  • Xavid G
    Xavid G Month ago

    take a look at 0:38 and would you believe there are are some of those crap Hasbro toys from 2015! XD

  • Turul HEMA
    Turul HEMA Month ago

    Compsognathus petting zoo???

  • Jet Blast Zone
    Jet Blast Zone Month ago

    one of the patreon guys is bestinslot sucks :(

  • Bora Kalem
    Bora Kalem Month ago

    Well I mean there aren't any ptreadons (yet) so smol dinos are a great expectation.

    RED MAMBA Month ago

    I think in a game like this, a very small animal is hard to not only manage in the game, but flat out see.

  • ZG Tangz
    ZG Tangz Month ago

    Compies or I request a refund

  • The Dishonored Coward

    11/11 I want compies.

  • Pierogi Z Mięskiem i Boczkiem

    Look at the JW Evo page! There is a Spinosaurus !!

    • Pierogi Z Mięskiem i Boczkiem
      Pierogi Z Mięskiem i Boczkiem Month ago

      Velociraptors of Skyrim BestInSlot can look at this ;) From this page we can see how probably will cost Spino and other dinos :) and how long will Spino live :)

    • Velociraptors of Skyrim
      Velociraptors of Skyrim Month ago

      Pierogi z miensem Okay, and?

    • Pierogi Z Mięskiem i Boczkiem
      Pierogi Z Mięskiem i Boczkiem Month ago

      Velociraptors of Skyrim Yes ,I know . But in the www.jurassicworldevolution.com/research we have a lot of informations , life span etc ;)

    • Velociraptors of Skyrim
      Velociraptors of Skyrim Month ago

      Pierogi z miensem Mate, we got the Spinosaurus Species profile on Friday.

  • Harry Merewether
    Harry Merewether Month ago

    may be a petting zoo in the construction menu?

    PANDORUM12 Month ago

    I would love for Compsognathus to be in the game, as the same with Hipsilophodon, which I believe was in the novels. Coelophysis would also be great as it would give us a nice dash of Triassic wildlife. I'm rather fond of a sort of mini-enclosure, sort of similar to the petting zoo idea from Jurassic World. A short fence that leans slightly inwards, just enough to keep these animals contained, with maybe a slightly sunk basin for them to live in. Tourists could simply look over the edge to see their Compies in full glory, all while keeping them safely contained. As well, a simple breach of the fence could let them out, making them viable for breakouts, and maybe a catch net tool for the ACU Jeep could allow your park's Rangers to re-contain these small assets.

  • Ivan Plaza Maslennikova

    Will be eaten by bigger carnivours and think of a compi tryging to kill a goat

  • Jeremy Lacuna
    Jeremy Lacuna Month ago

    Plexiglass walls would be another option for exhibits built for these smaller dinos. Obviously you wouldn't want to build a T-Rex enclosure with plexiglass, but it would be ideal for compies & other tiny species

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins Month ago

    Its not like zoo's today have small animals, i mean how do they sedate them WITHOUT shooting them? This game shows no small animals. No marine animals. No flying animals. No guest individuality. No custom buildings or structures. The list goes on... This game really is JPOG 2.0.
    With all the things they are able to do now, they give us this? Really not impressed with this game yet and neither should any of you!

  • The German Shot
    The German Shot Month ago

    BOI YOU HOPEN TOO MUCH!! but I totally agree

  • PredatorkillzAlien
    PredatorkillzAlien Month ago

    Any word on if there will be pack/herd leaders like in operation genesis?

  • GodoftheGod's Gaming

    they should have compys

  • Space Nibiru
    Space Nibiru Month ago

    My suggestion for how they could add compies. They could add a thing called a "compi house" which is an exhibit maybe the size of a small house that compies and other small dinosaurs can run arround in. There wouldn't be a lot of foliage but enough to look tropical. There would be glass all around it so visitors could view it from all sides. And they would feed them with small bugs. It's just a suggestion and probably won't be added but I think it would be cool.

  • JMill
    JMill Month ago

    Specifically for Compies I would like them to be like in the books: scavengers and waste cleanup. It would be cool to see them scavange corpses of your dead dinos and eating their waste. From my understanding your staff deal with poop, but it would be cooler to have compy stations you can place in the area that would take care of it instead.