Jon Richardson's WEAK Insult Is HILARIOUS!! | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown | Best of Jon Pt. 6

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  9 months ago +155

    What do you think of Jon's insult?
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    • Daniel Wakefield
      Daniel Wakefield 3 months ago +1

      +Jack Skellington whaddya mean Sean Lock's hilarious

    • Logan J
      Logan J 4 months ago

      Channel 4 make one with all the mascots 🤔

    • richard cunningham
      richard cunningham 5 months ago +1

      +galrjkldd why go to the end. Doesn't matter what the title is it's all comedy gold.

    • Melissa Clark
      Melissa Clark 6 months ago

      I am in the mood for jelly now

    • Steven Quinn
      Steven Quinn 7 months ago +2

      Bring out his romantic novel

  • Mick McManus
    Mick McManus 3 days ago

    Please explain wtf is funny bout this

  • Fire Crumbs
    Fire Crumbs 5 days ago

    good job baiting ppl by having the last clip be what the title is actually about, lmfao

  • bigsmilers
    bigsmilers 6 days ago

    5:30 actually says Ron Jichardson..

  • Morgan Mackay
    Morgan Mackay 10 days ago

    If he’s serious about the pedometer then why dosent he just take it off when it gets to 10000

  • The Saltiest Shake
    The Saltiest Shake 10 days ago

    5:54 Fucking hell is she fucking kidding with that dress? I can only get so erect.

  • The Saltiest Shake
    The Saltiest Shake 10 days ago

    4:35 Look at Reginald's barely disgusted distaste for being there with white people. Why is this racist on TV?

  • Darrielle Ryder
    Darrielle Ryder 16 days ago

    Who saw the bug at 5:24 crawling near sean 😂😂😂 (reply if you did !)

  • The anthem of Creation itself

    When my brother first saw the word pedometer he thought it said pedometer as in pedophile meter 😆

  • Max Gustafsson
    Max Gustafsson 24 days ago

    10:20 Haha so badass

  • Max Gustafsson
    Max Gustafsson 24 days ago

    3:12 lol ''MA SOUL, JIMMY''

  • MJ's Queen Lex
    MJ's Queen Lex 25 days ago +1

    I love Jon so much but it's Rob's reaction for me that kills me... He's like me, the naughty kid at the back of class laughing at random words 😂

  • RedRam Ipsen
    RedRam Ipsen 25 days ago


  • Zach Moray
    Zach Moray Month ago

    Katherine must not be funny at all. Don't know her last name, just read the card in front of her. I've seen about 50 of these 8 out of 10 cats highlights on youtube and while she's in many of them, I've never heard her say 1 funny thing.

  • Callum Sangster
    Callum Sangster Month ago

    Not just hilarious... HILARIOUS

  • 13_UKAKU_100 _
    13_UKAKU_100 _ Month ago +1


  • ßrändön ßütler—Lewis

    Stop CAPITALISING random words. It MAKES you look like a TWAT

  • Daniela Bowes
    Daniela Bowes Month ago

    Yeah, fuck sweet potato fries.

  • Henry Berrisford
    Henry Berrisford Month ago

    “The word that describes my teammate: Dork!” Bro what a shit, unnecessarily belittling delivery, I wanted to throw that bitch in front of a fucking train.

  • Raqiba Khan
    Raqiba Khan Month ago +1

    I just love jon man

  • Holly Adlen
    Holly Adlen Month ago +2

    “Whatever is next to chips I only eat so I can’t have chips” this had me dying for 5 minutes

  • Sheepy15
    Sheepy15 Month ago +3

    I die every time rob loses it to jons insult

  • Aravind Prabhaakar
    Aravind Prabhaakar Month ago +5

    He could remove the peadometer after 10000 steps

  • Bob Doubter
    Bob Doubter Month ago

    If they ever made another Monty Python like ensemble I want Jon and Sean on it and Rachel can be the smart/pretty woman. Who else could be in this comedy troupe? Yes, I know MP was once in a lifetime group but let's play catch anyway.

  • My Tics & I
    My Tics & I Month ago +3

    I won’t lie....I would buy that book.

  • moulinyan
    moulinyan Month ago

    5:55 that is all

  • squishyjungkook weow
    squishyjungkook weow Month ago +1

    is that deep clean book on sale

  • Meir Wise
    Meir Wise 2 months ago +6

    Jon Richardson is every British man even those who are in denial.

  • Emily Weirdnez
    Emily Weirdnez 2 months ago +3

    Would love to see Russell Brand with them

  • Mucus 23
    Mucus 23 2 months ago +5

    John is the type to persuade you into killing yourself, just because of your out of sync lifestyle.

  • nicsandknacksandseans
    nicsandknacksandseans 2 months ago

    Wait wait wait wait wait. Y’all call ‘em “chips” unless it’s sweet potatoes, in which case you go with “fries”? And you say we bastardize the language...

  • Brandon Bevill
    Brandon Bevill 2 months ago +3

    Oh goodness, I love Jon. He is totally a dork though and I love him for it.

  • Millsy :D
    Millsy :D 2 months ago +21

    I really wanna get a hold of Jons "Deep Clean Erotic book" actually sounds very interesting... for research purposes obviously.

  • Liam Taylor
    Liam Taylor 2 months ago


  • Imaru Lewis
    Imaru Lewis 2 months ago +3

    its funny that Jon is getting visibly aroused while reading deep clean.

  • Kevin Morgan
    Kevin Morgan 2 months ago +4

    I choose to believe that Jon’s tv is in his bedroom, and that he has to walk 27 steps to get to a tv in a long, hallway of a room. To not be loud at night.

  • TI Pilot
    TI Pilot 3 months ago +1

    the dress at 5:47 tho

  • Caleb
    Caleb 3 months ago

    Comment #500 :)

  • James Fletcher
    James Fletcher 3 months ago

    6:49 Jimmy Carr’s little grin of that was actually class that

  • Júlíus Ólason
    Júlíus Ólason 3 months ago

    Rachel is drop dead gorgeous

  • Iosif Dzhugashvili
    Iosif Dzhugashvili 3 months ago +1

    Jon reading his book has genuinely made me more tidy

  • Marie Osborne
    Marie Osborne 3 months ago

    9:35 that is fucking wrong! 10 cubed is actually 10 . 10 . 10 which is not 1000 but actually 10,000. Honestly that's stupid I'm in year nine and I know that. Sick fucks.

  • waterlegend72
    waterlegend72 3 months ago +2

    Wow Rachel looks smoking hot at 6:03
    She could ride my face any day, especially after the gym

  • Reckoning
    Reckoning 3 months ago

    Nish Kumar saps the fun out of everything he touches.

  • Abzun777
    Abzun777 3 months ago +1

    Jon is a fucking genius with his comedy. love him

  • Nirupam Reddy
    Nirupam Reddy 3 months ago +2

    5:34 Jon sneakily rips a fart 😂😂😂

  • TheToledoTrumpton
    TheToledoTrumpton 3 months ago +5

    I nearly lost it when he said about walking down those paving stones in the middle, stepping on the cracks, because I remember doing that.

  • Ljpips 99
    Ljpips 99 3 months ago

    My job in the jelly factory is going quite well i got got promoted to assistant manager last week

  • Terry
    Terry 3 months ago

    3:54 always thought she was perfect but after seeing those flappy looking mosquito bites, I have to reconsider...

  • kc-d coysh
    kc-d coysh 3 months ago

    Nooooo you never step on cracks ahhhhh

  • Gerard
    Gerard 3 months ago +1

    @5:26 RonJichardson

  • Sharriska
    Sharriska 3 months ago


  • simonisable
    simonisable 3 months ago


  • Colm
    Colm 3 months ago

    5:23 and 5:24 where did them flies come from!!!!

  • David Brashear
    David Brashear 3 months ago +7

    His self deprecating humor is so awesome and sublime.

  • Bryon Lape
    Bryon Lape 3 months ago

    Rachel is hot, cute, and sexy.

  • Sophia Kuhn
    Sophia Kuhn 3 months ago +23

    “Naked except for his clothes”. I haven’t laughed that much in forever. 😂😂😂

  • Paul Rone-Clarke
    Paul Rone-Clarke 3 months ago

    I'm with Jon completely on sweet potato fries. Horribly sickly crap. Compared to the proper fries or the good well cooked chunky chip a SWF is like eating a lump of cold thick sick.
    Bluuuugghhh!! I'd rather eat a plate of sprouts. Seriousl.
    SPF can indeed fuck off.

  • Peter Booth
    Peter Booth 4 months ago +26

    Somebody please send tea and biscuits. I've been hiding on the couch binging these clips for 3 days now

  • MultiHugobugo
    MultiHugobugo 4 months ago

    I fucking love sweet potato fries

  • OverWims
    OverWims 4 months ago +1

    Pickup line for Rachel.
    What is 2i

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown 4 months ago

    How do you not like sweet potato fries? Lol. I mean, hot dogs or bologna, I feel ya. But sweet potato fries? Hahaha.

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 4 months ago +1

    that erotic novel had me in creases :D

  • Marc S
    Marc S 4 months ago +1

    Get a job in a jelly factory😂😂😂

  • DecHasRisen
    DecHasRisen 4 months ago

    Does anyone else find these titles the most obnoxious thing on TheXvid

  • Pedo McPedoson
    Pedo McPedoson 4 months ago +1

    LOL I'm pedosexual but Jon is fucking sexy.

  • Renzsu
    Renzsu 4 months ago +2

    Oh man, that sidewalk bit is all me. He even picked the same line.

  • George Lister
    George Lister 4 months ago +1

    Genuinely would read keep clean if it was real. 😂😂

  • Aiden Domino
    Aiden Domino 4 months ago

    That's fucking bullshit. He should have gotten a point for that math at the end. The show just cancelled itself.

  • Chris Sutcliffe
    Chris Sutcliffe 4 months ago

    I used to work at the Warf in Manchester.

  • KrackaJax
    KrackaJax 4 months ago +2

    He loves talking about his wife now lol

  • Josh_sty 704
    Josh_sty 704 4 months ago

    Yeh but Curley fries tho CURLEY FRIESSSSS

  • Jed Wood
    Jed Wood 4 months ago

    Katherine is so annoying but her tits look massive

    • Henry Berrisford
      Henry Berrisford Month ago

      Jed Wood It is her one redeeming quality in my opinion

  • baselinebaz
    baselinebaz 4 months ago

    Is that Kate Nash?

  • electric skeleton
    electric skeleton 4 months ago

    I absolutely adore Natasia, but she wasn’t her usual self on this. It felt too forced, she needs to be in her more stand-up like setting.

  • Squeet
    Squeet 4 months ago

    Oh my God! Rachel Riley at 6:00 is absolutely wonderfully dressed.

  • Squeet
    Squeet 4 months ago +1

    Jon is an absolute treat!

  • Ant McBreen
    Ant McBreen 4 months ago

    Was that a fart ??? 5:34

  • Dooza music
    Dooza music 4 months ago

    at 5.30 it says ron jichardson not jon richardson.he fukd that joke up

  • timmy lumsden
    timmy lumsden 5 months ago

    Cannot agree more about sweet potato chips...what the fuck even

  • oceso
    oceso 5 months ago

    2 mins 45 seconds and 11 mins

  • The Winners Enclosure Official

    Just imagine a podcast between Jon Richardson & Karl Pilkington.

  • W J
    W J 5 months ago

    It's a little worrying that people are actually impressed by Richard's use of quite basic maths.

  • Pete Fummy
    Pete Fummy 5 months ago

    I gather that using a number as a power, as in squared or cubed, must not be allowed in working out the equations, because Richard is correct. He could have made it more simple by just using 25 x 2 instead of 5 squared x 2, though they are both the same.
    Does anybody know if numbers can be used as a power when playing these games?

  • Radu C
    Radu C 5 months ago

    That erotic fiction book should be published for real. Sounds like a fun read.

  • HailtothyKing
    HailtothyKing 5 months ago

    In all seriousness, someone needs to explain that insult to me

  • richard cunningham
    richard cunningham 5 months ago

    The best thing is, they call it the weakest insult yet everyone is pissing themselves. Still bloody good though

  • Alasdair Pearce
    Alasdair Pearce 5 months ago

    Where can we guy the deep clean book!

  • Clever B’stard
    Clever B’stard 5 months ago +2

    Funny 😂 very funny indeed

  • Daniel Wallace
    Daniel Wallace 5 months ago

    3:35 Sean is genuinely wetting himself laughing

  • Deku-San
    Deku-San 5 months ago

    Where can i buy that book?

  • Kauê
    Kauê 5 months ago


  • RogueApple
    RogueApple 5 months ago +1

    That jelly joke was far to high brow for channel 4 but hilarious

  • Ailsa D
    Ailsa D 6 months ago

    I love sweet potato fries

  • A Gumb
    A Gumb 6 months ago

    Since when did countdown include commoners who can't keep curse words off public TV?

  • Liam Ganly
    Liam Ganly 6 months ago


  • Stephen Jennison-Smith
    Stephen Jennison-Smith 6 months ago

    John means God is gracious, Matthew means God's gift...

  • Mäkirannantörmä
    Mäkirannantörmä 6 months ago

    I agree completely with Jon about sweet potato fries. What the hell is that about? You have a potato, and you can make fries from it. But no, let's take a worse potato and make shitty fries!

  • A Jarjis
    A Jarjis 6 months ago

    10:20 😂

  • Shit Stirrer
    Shit Stirrer 6 months ago

    10:00 could be done