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    • Mark Reap
      Mark Reap 14 days ago

      sandbox mode better have a option to not have unlimited money giving the player the ability to manage fiances as well or else sandbox will suck for some.

    • FePo Caballero
      FePo Caballero 18 days ago

      don't know if I like the idea of unlimited money on isla nublar to be honest, I do love the idea of making the perfect park and all but considering that nublar I'm sure it's gonna have more space to build than any other islands, well unlimited money make it too easy, best example to explain what I'm trying to say would be SimCity or cities skylines, when you have unlimited money the game gets way too easy and you start to lose interest, we still have to worry about dinos and all yeah but still where is the challenge if I can't broke and get fired because I don't have more founds like in JP: Operation Genesis.

    • Jay Bishop
      Jay Bishop 22 days ago

      BestInSlot Free? Sweet! That’s my favorite price!

    • Alenoid03
      Alenoid03 Month ago

      BestInSlot they should do a dlc were you can play as the dino.

    • Remy Zurna
      Remy Zurna Month ago

      BestInSlot the DLC gratis confirmé

  • JP jp
    JP jp 4 days ago

    I want a dlc for all the dinosaurs from operation Genesis and ill gladly pay for it!!!

  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets 5 days ago

    When is the DLC gonna be coming out?

  • Ima Weiner
    Ima Weiner 6 days ago

    Jurassic evolution sucks it doesn't safe for me

  • Sami Gee93
    Sami Gee93 6 days ago

    The carnivores that are gonna be in it will be the Carno ofc, probably the Allo, the Bary, and mby the indoraptor

  • Antoniozilla
    Antoniozilla 6 days ago

    2:31 “and it looks like it’s FALLEN strait out of That film”

  • Alonso Taffner
    Alonso Taffner 7 days ago

    When the DLC will be available?

  • Dab Boi
    Dab Boi 9 days ago +2

    So fk dlc is free?! Free carnoooo yayyyy

  • D V R K K4 S P 3 R 罪

    Subbed to cause the ending music lol I like it

  • Commu-Raptor
    Commu-Raptor 10 days ago

    The sandbox isn’t a sandbox

  • Tom W
    Tom W 10 days ago

    How would we get the free dlc im getting the game in friday i needs to know

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart 10 days ago

    Well looking at the game now, it would be empty without this `free` DLC- and I`d hardly call it free when you look at the whole game... I think they`ve just held back part of the whole cake you buy then gave it back to us and called it `free`.

  • ThatSpookyManTV
    ThatSpookyManTV 11 days ago +1

    Im guessing sandbox mode isnt full island like in JPOG ;(

  • TheSchwarzKater
    TheSchwarzKater 11 days ago +1

    Great game. Get it if you like Dinosaur and a game that makes you happy and enjoy the Dinosaur run around.

  • RS63 Gaming
    RS63 Gaming 13 days ago +2

    THATS IT ! Its fucking said ! I no more consider Crew 2 as an option ! Being a guy whose childhood was bettered by the Jurassic films, and DLCs being free, like wtf i should have lost my mind to not buy it ! 60$ or 100$ i dont give a BEEP, i am buying Jurassic World Evolution.

  • mikael scheuer
    mikael scheuer 14 days ago


  • Mr. Badger
    Mr. Badger 14 days ago

    I pre ordered deluxe for this!!! Yeaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

  • Sadistic Gamer
    Sadistic Gamer 14 days ago

    tbh i wish we had limeted money on isla kinda ruins the fun of building a park that works when u have ulimted money

  • Blade Vizor
    Blade Vizor 14 days ago

    I hope they add more dlc after fallen kingdom it’s not needed but that would be so cool of them to do

  • Blade Vizor
    Blade Vizor 14 days ago

    I hope this game can get challenging at some parts because it’s cool seeing dinosaurs break out but I want some break outs to be challenging to fix

  • D.G. Echo
    D.G. Echo 15 days ago

    Question: I know that whatever you unlock in Campaign Mode you unlock in Sandbox Mode. But for the thing to appear in Sandbox, do I have to simply unlock it and voila or do I have to place it in the park too?

  • James Carson
    James Carson 15 days ago

    Both are awesome

  • Momo _1
    Momo _1 17 days ago

    What do they mean by sandbox??

  • Springtrapeze
    Springtrapeze 17 days ago

    Will there be an Aquatic DLC?

  • Theothegamer
    Theothegamer 17 days ago

    Indomines rex Vs indoraptor anyone.....?😀

    No? Ok 😢

  • Bob Thebuilder
    Bob Thebuilder 18 days ago

    I hope unintended breeding is one of the problems you have to face in the game , as the dinosaurs in JP and presumably JW had genes that let them change sex if they needed to mate

  • TheImperfect
    TheImperfect 18 days ago

    well, I don't care for the campaign.
    being boxed in like that in a management/park simulation is just fucking annoying.
    All I want is build my own park, how I see fit.

  • The universe is a simulation

    Indoraptor in Fallen Kingdom DLC???

  • Martijn Havelaar
    Martijn Havelaar 20 days ago

    dominus rex==

  • da meme man
    da meme man 21 day ago

    I'm pretty sure that the idominus rex will be included in the deluxe of the game.

  • Mandy McClenaghan
    Mandy McClenaghan 24 days ago

    What about the suchomimius

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel 21 day ago

      What about it? It's included in the Deluxe Edition. And if you're trying to suggest it should be in the Fallen Kingdom DLC, it's not in the movie.

  • Predadan 31
    Predadan 31 27 days ago

    Does that mean Indoraptor and all the dinos from FK are free

  • JurassicGreninja 2018
    JurassicGreninja 2018 29 days ago

    I wonder if on isla sorna if there are going to be ruins of the aviery and barrocks at the end of the lost world

  • JurassicGreninja 2018
    JurassicGreninja 2018 29 days ago

    Im so happy its FREE. Im so EXCITED!!

  • Michael DeOcampo
    Michael DeOcampo Month ago

    I hope there is a Site B

  • Kathleen Doobinin
    Kathleen Doobinin Month ago

    CARNO 😀

  • Lee Curt
    Lee Curt Month ago

    You obviously do not have a job. Waiting to get through all levels to unlock sandbox mode is ridiculous. Not a whole lot of people have 15 hrs a day to play this game.

  • Komarudin -
    Komarudin - Month ago

    does there are custom islands?

  • MrGamerman001
    MrGamerman001 Month ago

    I've heard rumors that you will be able to actually walk around as a park security member. As in, you won't be tied down to just a heli or jeep. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  • Xtros Green
    Xtros Green Month ago

    Only one month, jesus the Movie and the Game my younger days will hit me in the face with dinosaurs. I want it now, i just cant wait for this. Just Take My money!

  • owen burt
    owen burt Month ago +1

    Yay Toast !!!!!!

  • Dopey Forever
    Dopey Forever Month ago

    Nice Twin Peaks shirt.

  • Cringery
    Cringery Month ago

    Congrats on 500k

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy Month ago +1

    I hope they let us build with classic JP stuff from the first film

  • frabe81118
    frabe81118 Month ago

    fallen kingdom comes out on 6th of June but the game comes out on the 12th, why would there be DLC, shouldn't it be already included?

  • You're You
    You're You Month ago

    Congrats on 500k

  • Triikor
    Triikor Month ago

    Unlimited money in sandbox mode is pretty boring, build everything have all the dino's. Then what...just sit there and watch them? Hope they break out so you have something to do?
    Nublar should be an ecosystem (breeding,hunting etc) and its the players job to balance it to make a stable island.

  • Albino Acorn6635
    Albino Acorn6635 Month ago

    So sandbox mode means we can play as a dinosaur and roam??? Or just that we get freedoms to do whatever we want without having to worry about money and taking care of guest and all that stuff ???

  • Sofa King
    Sofa King Month ago +1

    Can't understand the accent

  • Riot Breaker
    Riot Breaker Month ago

    Will it be free DLC though?

  • godofimagination
    godofimagination Month ago

    So is Sorna a no?

  • -Styles-
    -Styles- Month ago

    i thought you would get sandbox by creating your first Hybrid *cough* *indominus rex* *cough*

  • Ashkihyena
    Ashkihyena Month ago +2

    Heh, both the Indomnius Rex and Indoraptor in the same park, two murderous mutant hybrids, what could possibly go wrong?

  • CrikiGamerBox92
    CrikiGamerBox92 Month ago

    carnotaurus arms are bad made...

  • Aquillia Dega
    Aquillia Dega Month ago

    AQUA DINO ????

  • Antonio canis
    Antonio canis Month ago +1

    they should have made playable humans and dinos

    • The Dishonored Coward
      The Dishonored Coward Month ago

      I would have tried to find out if I can try to stow away on a transport helicopter as a raptor.

  • doggo On the Internet
    doggo On the Internet Month ago +2

    I'm touching myself tonight

  • aa5566a6
    aa5566a6 Month ago

    No Allo, Charchra,Giga :(

  • Jacob Geshel
    Jacob Geshel Month ago

    So we have 2 abelisaurids: Majungasaurus (Deluxe Edition), Carnotaurus (Fallen Kingdom DLC), and 3 spinosaurids: Suchomimus (Deluxe Edition), Spinosaurus (base game), and Baryonyx (Fallen Kingdom DLC, obviously).

  • Stojko Jovanovic
    Stojko Jovanovic Month ago

    Did anyone know something about Giga in the game?

  • Crxtical
    Crxtical Month ago

    3 new theropods in the fallen kingdom DLC, Awesome!

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez Month ago

    This game just keeps getting more and more exciting :)

  • Memo Valles
    Memo Valles Month ago

    Only thing I'm curious about is will we get mutiple dinosaurs in every digsite just like in JPOG? You know like for example: Morrison Formation A: Stegosaurus, Dryosaurus, and Ceratosaurus, because I want there to be Edmontosaurus annectens in Hell Creek Formation too. Or can you edit your dinosaur's feature?

  • The Gaming Paleozilla

    my big question is Will Jurassic world evolution come out on pc DVD like jpog

  • lizardgod 101
    lizardgod 101 Month ago +1

    I got the delux edition because of suchomimus or baryonyx , i forget which one but i love my spinosaurids but i also like carnotaurus as well

  • bulletsponge75
    bulletsponge75 Month ago

    FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND SUBS! You deserve it bestinslot! We will always love you and your content! Keep it up!

  • DaveIverson90 Tri
    DaveIverson90 Tri Month ago

    Is it just me or does the guy at the start of the video look like Dennis Nedr

  • Nick Owen
    Nick Owen Month ago

    Hope we get Mosasaur!

  • L The Detective
    L The Detective Month ago

    Dlc? No thanks. You pay $60 upfront for the whole game, not for parts later that SHOULD be there.

  • Mikhil Muhunthan
    Mikhil Muhunthan Month ago

    If I can make a Site B I'm going to make a world exact in Michael Cricton's book the lost world

  • Jevin111
    Jevin111 Month ago

    Dude like I don’t think I could love a bunch of developers more. For so long, ever since I was a child basically, I kept saying with the biggest amount of ambitious hope to my sister who along with me played and loved JPOG that one day there will be an amazing remake yet I never ever thought it would be true. I even remember occasionally searching JPOG 2 in Google and TheXvid every now and then through the years 😂 So I guess seeing all this now, is pretty much beyond special to me because JPOG represents a happy time in my childhood. JPE being here is bringing that back in the form of one of my biggest childhood nerdy wishes :) And I don’t wanna be too deep over a game but it’s sorta so special that enduring shitty high school for all these years kinda makes it all worth it just for when I finally get to play this game, so thank you Frontier and BIS for getting me all nostalgic

  • robert mercuri
    robert mercuri Month ago

    the one thing the more selfish part of me hopes is that the 'infinite money' aspect of Isla Nublar is something that could be toggled. it would be a little annoying for the devs to code in, and probably not worth the added effort, but seeing the funds climb up as the parks meticulous crafting goes deeper and deeper, would give me an intense feeling of satisfaction. or give us actual funding, but a quick and easy 'give us X amount of money' button
    stupid concerns, i'm aware, but i'm the kind of guy who gets bothered by tiny details

  • Prof. Genki
    Prof. Genki Month ago

    Give me an iguanodon so I can recreate the fight between Aladar and the Carnotaur.

  • TrentTHEGODD
    TrentTHEGODD Month ago

    Will there be cheats like the original JPOG?

  • TrentTHEGODD
    TrentTHEGODD Month ago

    I can't wait! Pre-ordered!

  • TrentTHEGODD
    TrentTHEGODD Month ago

    I want sandbox!

  • sinister freddy
    sinister freddy Month ago

    It just like jurassic park game but it a jurassic world version with new things

  • Rizi Chia
    Rizi Chia Month ago

    I wonder.....would that free DLC also have a genetic form in the colour scheme of Blue. That would be awesome if it wasn’t already in the game without DLC but there are doubts obviously.

  • Supersaurus4
    Supersaurus4 Month ago

    I assumed that Allosaurus was already gonna be in the game since the Morrison Formation is confirmed as one of the dig sites.

  • FPS Dino
    FPS Dino Month ago

    Ayy 500k subs!

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S Month ago

    You said that you need to do something in the career mode to unlock sandbox. I don't think this is true, because they said that you go into career to unlock things as you go, which allows you to use these parts in sandbox mode.

    • BestInSlot
      BestInSlot  Month ago

      Well yeah, I don't think that either. c:

    • Anthony S
      Anthony S Month ago

      BestInSlot, I should have said it better. I meant that you would have to get somewhere in the career to unlock it, but you wouldn’t have to complete the 5 islands.

    • BestInSlot
      BestInSlot  Month ago

      Well how else would you unlock it? I've already had it confirmed that it isn't unlocked from the start.

  • DinoDan
    DinoDan Month ago +1

    did you saw in 1:09 the nodosaurus oder (sauropelta)?

    • DinoDan
      DinoDan Month ago +2

      and in 1:04 the Apato i think look really awesome because it seems so be a skin oder the sun shines on her or eventually another new saurophod?

  • Zetabloxx
    Zetabloxx Month ago

    YES! I'M SOLD!

  • It'sToby _fuckshitup

    Did u notice the new dino

  • Gehenna27
    Gehenna27 Month ago

    How did IGN cope with sitting on that footage since March?

  • Kellie Fulton
    Kellie Fulton Month ago


  • Jurassic Josh
    Jurassic Josh Month ago

    Not much of a dlc if it's free XD

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel Month ago +2

      DLC means "downloadable content". It's still DLC, free or not. Free DLC isn't exactly a new concept.

  • Jahblo
    Jahblo Month ago

    no, the biggest question is: can we place rocks? :)

  • Jahblo
    Jahblo Month ago

    Imagine the guests kayaking there 1:02, it would be just awesome!

  • Lannisters
    Lannisters Month ago

    Had my doubts if I was gonna but this game on release, am now convinced. Definitely gonna buy it on release!

  • Jurrian witmans
    Jurrian witmans Month ago

    In the IGN video you can see a polacanthus or a look alike of a polacanthus at 1:10

  • Calum643
    Calum643 Month ago

    3:26 look at how the park is made! The buildings are enclosed in a fence while the rest of the island is completely open

  • Allura Ambrose
    Allura Ambrose Month ago +1

    As soon as I get a mission that i have to breed an Indomonster I am like peace out of here and spend the rest of the time on the sandbox

  • dryboneskirby
    dryboneskirby Month ago

    This is gonna sound stupid but does the deluxe edition give free future DLC (not including fallen kingdom)? Like a season pass sort of deal? Other than one or two extra dinosaurs is there any difference?

    • BestInSlot
      BestInSlot  Month ago +2

      dryboneskirby well it's only 5 dollars more, no it doesn't include future DLC. It does include 5 new dinosaurs though, not 1-2.

  • Joe cat
    Joe cat Month ago

    does anyone know that you can upgrade your monarails

    PANDORUM12 Month ago

    My biggest worry about JWE was the potential DLC. Thank you Frontier! That move has just secured themselves a solid, loyal fan following that money CAN'T buy.

  • that fucking hip check

    I am so erect right now my cock could be used as a flagpole

  • 황shin zilla
    황shin zilla Month ago

    I think isla sorna would fit more as a sandbox

  • Filippo Rocket
    Filippo Rocket Month ago

    So unlimited money right?

  • Drew Helford
    Drew Helford Month ago

    I love the carno, but where is the alloooooo!!!!!