Lenz's Law


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    I am HowToBasic

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    Archeomax05 Soli 7 hours ago

    So if i eat cereal and then enter and MRI..

  • cubecube bean
    cubecube bean 12 hours ago

    Why our school confused our mind?! It would be a good idea if our language is not too simplistic for our abstract vs the reality.

  • Samuel J. Pitchay
    Samuel J. Pitchay 16 hours ago

    If im going down the elevator when i put the magnet inside the copper pipe, will it be slower? Or will it be the same speed because of relativity?

  • Eternal Slumber
    Eternal Slumber 16 hours ago

    Viktor Grebennikov :P

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    Robert Linden 18 hours ago

    Aw shoot I thought I was going to learn about Optics

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    6yap2 20 hours ago

    is that a citizen watch

  • Phillip Plat
    Phillip Plat Day ago

    Lol this dude just pulled a nail out of cereal and copper out of an apple.............HOW DID THE COPPER GET IN AN APPLE!!!!!

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    yay another Michael' toy vid!! (y)

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    who tf dislikes this XD

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    I'm getting itchy just from lookign at that sweater

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    Just Me Day ago

    shorting a battery is not good

  • Just Me
    Just Me Day ago

    5:39 wtf, he threw away a perfectly good cornflake.
    There are people in africa who would literally kill to eat that flake

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    αLLoКα Day ago

    i don't like overcooked batteries :/

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    albert ma Day ago

    yea, Free energy

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    Jacky_Boi Day ago

    6:56 Oh... So that's where batteries come from

  • Thatone_ Guy
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    My friend did a science fair project on this exact think like 7 years ago in 8th grade lol


    Department Of Nuclear Generators


    Decline Of Nazi Germany

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    "So I love DONG" -Michael, 12:42

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    Audible sponsor - sees marlon bundo = happy

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    5:16 shouldn't that happen with blood too?

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    Can u generate electricity out of a spinning neutron star?

  • Brendan Ha
    Brendan Ha 3 days ago

    *pulls corn flake out of a box of nails *
    *takes out an apple out of a bundle of copper wires *
    *cuts open a battery and takes out an oven *
    *takes a frying pan out of a pile of paperclips *

  • Terrorizer_
    Terrorizer_ 3 days ago

    UUUUHHH the strongest magnetic field you have been in is the Earth
    it is the strongest magnet on Earth which is Earth

    • Just Me
      Just Me Day ago

      no it isnt, the earth is a very weak magnet. otherwise all our iron products would be drawn to earth

  • Isaac Zedwick
    Isaac Zedwick 3 days ago

    Can't you just use another magnet keep the rest of the magnets going? you could call it a magnetic generator self powered by other Magnus or electromagnet

  • Kartikeya Srivastava

    Yummy.... ;-)

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    Who else has a nail in their cereal box

  • GhostRaven Table-tower Worldbuilding

    If Krystal is my sister or sibling, I'm going to have Alex look for you Cody. She misses you enough too lie for you. To me you just gave me an honest hunt. Make a mistake. Please.

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    VeoBroLIVE 3 days ago

    Miachel surprises me with things I don't need to know

  • Shree Chaturvedi
    Shree Chaturvedi 3 days ago

    Watch what happens from 5:48 for about a minute
    You'll laugh you're buts off

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    Thejobz122 4 days ago

    memories of gcse science

  • Djdjcjcjcj Jfnfjfidnf

    *Vsauce, Micheal Faraday here*

  • TheGamingPharaoh
    TheGamingPharaoh 4 days ago

    just a blacksmith passing through, nails are made of steel, not iron. there is more carbon involved

    • TheGamingPharaoh
      TheGamingPharaoh Day ago

      +Дмитрий Прищепа yes but he could say how the iron in the steel was attracted to the magnet

    • Дмитрий Прищепа
      Дмитрий Прищепа Day ago

      +TheGamingPharaoh carbon doesn't attract to magnets so we could ignore it due to its low concentration in the nail.

    • TheGamingPharaoh
      TheGamingPharaoh Day ago

      +Дмитрий Прищепа iron...... with carbon, that makes steel. low carbon steel, but steel

    • Дмитрий Прищепа
      Дмитрий Прищепа Day ago

      But it's mostly iron.

  • Steven Howell
    Steven Howell 4 days ago

    apple what? apple? apple what? And I just exploded.

  • alxya bihah
    alxya bihah 4 days ago

    Did michael forgot vsauce password??

  • Abhishu Oza
    Abhishu Oza 4 days ago

    Michael you said there’s gonna be a video of rotational phenomenon. But this video was uploaded WAY BACK in March, so just wanted to know if it is still in progress or scraped off? If you’re not gonna make a video can you please just inform us? Please upload!

  • ko paxson
    ko paxson 5 days ago

    its friction. why did you never refer friction? specifically electronic friction.

  • Gabriel Ford
    Gabriel Ford 6 days ago

    lmao when he did the "dedicated to both channels" Michael broke my video and it froze

  • Ryu Hadouken
    Ryu Hadouken 6 days ago

    12:43 that’s what she said.

  • Ryu Hadouken
    Ryu Hadouken 6 days ago

    12:43 that’s what she said.

  • Tomas Molina
    Tomas Molina 6 days ago

    Curl(E) = -dB/dt c:

  • Tomas Molina
    Tomas Molina 6 days ago

    If you shaked that aluminium very fast close to the tesla (varying the magnetic flux through the Al bar), would you feel the current in ur hand then?

    • Дмитрий Прищепа
      Дмитрий Прищепа Day ago

      +Tomas Molina well, by changing field I meant dB/dt.
      It's constant from our prospective, but not from the aluminum piece's prospective, in which it is varying in time.

    • Tomas Molina
      Tomas Molina Day ago

      +Дмитрий Прищепа I think the magnetic FIELD is not changing in the machine (Thus, no electric field).
      What is changing is the magnetic FLUX in the aluminium bar since you move it around space.
      The magnetic field "changes" in the sense that it is a function of space (higer value close to the machine than further of it) but it is being constant in time.
      The electric field will only appear when you vary the magnetic field IN TIME, not in space.
      Faraday's law express it
      Curl(E) = - dB/dt

    • Дмитрий Прищепа
      Дмитрий Прищепа Day ago

      +Tomas Molina the loop of the field lines of the electric field created by changing magnetic field.

    • Tomas Molina
      Tomas Molina Day ago

      +Дмитрий Прищепа what loop are you talking about?

    • Дмитрий Прищепа
      Дмитрий Прищепа Day ago

      +Tomas Molina what?

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    Erubiel Leal 6 days ago

    Yo sauce for background song in minute 10 plz

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    Lava kumar 7 days ago

    Superrrrrr video on lenzzzzzzzs

    IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS 7 days ago

    What's with all you satanic athiests old Egyptian witchcraft or i mean Scientology perversions.

  • Mihael Terziev
    Mihael Terziev 8 days ago

    Hits blunt:
    man we should build a dyson sphere from refrigerator magnets around earth to protect us from space radiation and stuff... would be more effective than earths magnetic field..

  • Rahul Bali
    Rahul Bali 8 days ago

    0:25 any who?

  • Cesar Cardoso
    Cesar Cardoso 9 days ago

    super concept!

  • soban Lannister
    soban Lannister 9 days ago

    I never could understand about electric flux?

  • soban Lannister
    soban Lannister 9 days ago

    "Just like mom used to make?" Like seriously¿

  • soban Lannister
    soban Lannister 9 days ago

    Wait if our planet has a neodinium magnet of 1.25 Tesla and the MRI doesn't it sumed up become 4.25005 teslas?

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    bv18gaming 9 days ago

    "pulls nail out of cereal" lol

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    This video is just amazing and for my first time watching a video done by Michael, its cool and explanatory

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    nvm sry early comment

  • Jennifer Wolfe
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    Noctpapilio 10 days ago

    So there are copper wires inside of apples now?

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    Rachata Chinburi 10 days ago

    Is it me or I feel like I heard a fart sound at 11:05?

  • Daniel Foulger
    Daniel Foulger 10 days ago

    induces an emf which produces a current. not induces a current

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    5:29 So I actually do eat nails for breakfast, after a fashion

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    Very interesting video!

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    one of the best videos ever watched

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    you are perfect man

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    Please do a collab with veritassium

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    the little magic trick had me like

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    *cOoKiNG wITh mIcHaEL*

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    I found you again yay!

  • Leonardo SA
    Leonardo SA 12 days ago

    I got curious now... how does Lenz's law connects with thermodynamics in an atomic level? I mean, heat makes magnets lose energy, but movement charges the particles with energy when inside an magnetic field, and heat makes particles move a lot... why does it discharges?

    • Дмитрий Прищепа
      Дмитрий Прищепа Day ago

      Heat kills the permanent magnets because they are made by arranging atoms in a specific way so their magnetic moments are the same direction. Heat makes those atoms change position/rotation which results in a lower magnetic moment of the whole piece and therefor lower magnetic flux.

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    Henrique Ourives 12 days ago

    michel's toyys

  • Anthony Barberis
    Anthony Barberis 13 days ago

    Magnets, how do they work.

  • Kairu Hakubi
    Kairu Hakubi 13 days ago

    something tells me there's more to magnetic power than how many teslas it is, because otherwise we'd have no worries about magnetic field solar radiation protection on other planets or in spaceships, we could just bring a magnet with us

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    Why's it named dong tho hahahahaha

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    "Be careful with strong madness!" was almost a Freudian slip of tongue there, huh?! I enjoy your madness a lot!

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    Dorie Garibay 14 days ago

    6:10 OMG! That reveal of the wire in the apple is a better reveal than the drag queen Sasha Velour's rendition of Whitney Houston's song "So Emotional" rose petal wig reveal. Yas Michael Yas!😂

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    VSauce, Michael here

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    This was suggested on the cooking topic

  • Furisin
    Furisin 15 days ago

    what if you moved the copper pipe at light speed? how much damage would it do to the magnet?

    • Furisin
      Furisin Day ago

      it was theoretical +Дмитрий Прищепа
      I know it is impossible, I'm just asking what would happen if you could.

    • Дмитрий Прищепа
      Дмитрий Прищепа Day ago

      You can't move anything with mass at the lightspeed.

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    Baldwin xu 15 days ago

    This helps my IGCSE so much

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    Just like mom used to make. 7:00
    His mum must have baked better than mine. My electromagnets were never as attractive.

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    “Come on little cereal flakey”

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    Michael says "oh yea" like someone from Minnesota

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    Great Job Mikaèl, keep it up, proud of you.

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    What if mom make batteries for us to eat

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    8:00 Michael in 2050

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    Well there it is, right in the childhood... One second you are watching Michael building a magnet and the next thing that hits you is that old memory of yourself watching Beakman's world. Thanks to you this time

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    "So I love dong"
    -Michael stevens

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    I’m watching this rather than going to a party I wasn’t invited to

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    You liar, you are not how to basic. And plus, your just downloading videos

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    that educated pun tho

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    When I was kid I was playing with my rc car and when I move it the light of thd car shined I found that I can generate electricity from that motor I did alot of experiment after that and finally made a led for my bicycle with a motor It worked

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    0:44 I almost expected to hear the music after he said that lol

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    So superconductive reaction like with gas keep it liquid using like inversion

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    “I love, uh, Dong”

  • 勝利 HeirofBlood124
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    With the cereal magnetic attraction, could water’s natural polarity play a part in moving the cereal as well? I understand that the cereal has iron is it also, but would it be enough to move towards the magnet? Or is the water in a way “helping” the cereal move due to its own polarity?

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    Dong goes directly on one subject. While Vsause asks questions and explain it.

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    "Like magnets, yow do they work?" -ICP

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    All of that just to sneak in “I love dong.”

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    this is faradays law not lenses law.