Lenz's Law


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    I am HowToBasic

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      Kmp Gdf 26 days ago

      If electricity were applied to the copper pipe would the magnetic field be stronger? enough to cause the magnet to stick to the copper?
      basically the copper is being magnetified by the elec. charge produced by lenz law so...

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      No, I am HTB

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    Hey we cooking out here 🍳 hell yea

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    This nail cracked me up.

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    Better explained. 👍

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    It had this under cooking in my recommended......,

    I'm so proud

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    So basically

    I love dong

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    Is the return to free fall instant after it leaves the tube? What I mean is, if you drop the magnet normally it'll fall at the speed of gravity, does it act the same the instant it's out of the tube, or is there a lingering effect on the magnet? Can that even be measured?

    • Sebbe
      Sebbe Day ago

      It will return to free falling right after it stops being surrounded by the copper. So as long as there a tiny bit of the magnet being surrounded by the copper, it has the effect, but just not as much as if the whole magnet was surrounded :)

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    I swear I'm not a pervert ....I didn't see anything weird at 11:17

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    Just like mom used to make

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    Watch electroboom's video on the topic

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    C M O N L I T T L E C E R E A L F L A K E Y !

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    so nobody's going to mention that weird pineapple he took the copper wire from?

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    This is what I learned in school today.I think it's not a coincedence.

    OR IS IT???

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    I hear dutch

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    Damn I love physics

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    11:29 Why he doesn't upload on Vsauce 1...

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    He has such an incredibly weird sense of humor that doesn't really come across as much in his normal videos, but REALLY shows in DONG videos.

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    You should make a Dong's Law

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    Gauss VS Tesla

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    He said that he loves dong

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    *_ah yes I love a bit of copper wire in my apples_*

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    I don’t want to know what is in Micheal’s bananas

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    so why exactly does the pipe make the magnet slow down? you aren't actually moving that pipe when you drop the magnet down, so why does Lenz's law apply?

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    moral of the story: don't eat food at Michael's house

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    There are two of the most weirdest things in the universe, they are
    (i) My Web History (Don’t ask)
    (ii) Micheal

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    Man do I love cooking with nails and copper wire and battery’s, just like my mom used to make

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    Could you make some sort o levitation device with this law?
    Probably yes, right?!

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    A Day in the Life if Marlo Bundo was the first audiobook in that clip lol

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    Gordon Ramsay needs to see this

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    lεΙ=-dΦ/ dt

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    I like your sweater.

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    Edward leedskalnin?

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    But we miss hearing, "HEYYY VSAUCE. Michael here."

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    Michael, your password is the last 8 digits of pi.

    Oops stolen comment

  • can we get 10,000 crocs

    magnets can get them nail hoes, just takes a bit more moving to get them copper hoes

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    Michael likes dong

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    I love your work!

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    so Michael likes dong

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    8:06 or an electric guitar string above a pickup.. that's how a magnetic pickup works, excact opposite of an electromagnet.

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    he knows how to get tanagers attention

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    i wanna see cornflakes in an MRI!

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    This show is made of teenagers who love to cook.

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    HE SAID, "or do they" (at 3:20 ) and now my mind is going into vsauce mode. THANK YOU, MICHAEL, FOR THESE AWESOME VIDEOS!!!

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    (sees apple emit wire) Michal, wtfk? \=•

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    I'm only 3 minutes in but please never wear that sweater again.

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    i love u

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    0:36 , I will give a better one, HOW THE HELL MAGNETS WORK??

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    your mom fed you batteries too

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  • Radiant Shadow
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    When you walk into work with a bowl of cereal and the cereal flies out against the wall.
    "Admit you threw it or you're fired"

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    what is the song in the background at 4:40?

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    I am uncomfortable

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    What's up with the bananas 🍌?

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    7:00 what kind of mom you have sir?

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    12:45 Or am I?

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    Copper pipe is too thin

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    "I love dong!"

  • The Best Person In All Of Space

    I love magnets.

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    I was in a car wreck and had to get like a thousand stables on my leg and I ended up getting my right leg cut off mid calf but alot of Staples stayed in my leg is can see them when I get x-rays on my leg there is about 7 of them I was wondering if I ever have to get a MRI will they be ripped out of my leg? Ouchhhh

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    "I love DONG" - Michael.

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    He is making it look so easy... I suffered so much studying it in electromagnetic course in college

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    So this was just a commercial for audible.com ?

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    One of the people who narrate the book “cosmos” is the guy who made family guy

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    What happens if you put a box of cornflakes in an MRI machine?

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    What was the orange thing on the copper pipe?

  • Kevin Sarow Jr
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    Couldn’t you make an infinite source of energy by having the spinning magnet power a fan which will spin the magnet faster as more energy is provided to it which can be used for other things?

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    10:45 HUAH!

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    Around 5:30, I was certain that the magnet pushes the water which makes the cereal move. I saw the same demonstration with cheerios that explained it.

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    “I love DONG.” Not my words. LOLZ

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    Where's that damn rotation video Michael, I'm counting the DAYS

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    He’s that one guy which has a van which has the writing ‘free candy’ on the side

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    My welding instructor taught us this

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    2:37 for those who don't know aluminum is not magnetic

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    When my uncle catches me 7:57

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    Greatest Cooking Show Of All Time.

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    Can we help Michael recover his main channel's password ?

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    There is a good reason it is called electromagnetism, it's hard to have one of them without the other. But there is something else in on the plot called electromagnetic radiation (as waves or particles, depending on the circumstances).

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    this video excites me

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    I miss vsause to much😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Can I have a full tesla

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    Cereal dies not contain elemental iron! Normally ferrous chloride is used (is listed in the ingredients). But these compounds of iron are still weakly magnetic.

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    i Love DONG.

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    this show is made of teenagers who like to cook?

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    “Hello Michael here, and cyanide is poisonous.”
    “ *or is it?* “

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    “The first show on TheXvid made by, of, and for teenagers” ...did Michael just say that he made this show out of teenagers?

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      I still have no clue what the intro means. I think he said "by oven for teenagers who like to cook"

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    Very entertaining inclusion of cooking equipment and a great display of the effects in a magnetic field. Thank you for making the difference between DONG and Vsauce perfectly clear.

  • Kmp Gdf
    Kmp Gdf 26 days ago

    If electricity were applied to the copper pipe would the magnetic field be stronger? enough to cause the magnet to stick to the copper?
    basically the copper is being magnetified by the elec. charge produced by lenz law so...

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    *pulls electromagnet out of an easy bake oven*
    Will Smith: Yaaah... das hawt

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    LOL great cooking show..so good to be Eddie-cated!

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    Silly me, I've been storing some copper wire here on the table next to my screen like some sort of caveman. Brb, going to grab an apple.

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    where's the lenz law?

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    i love IDubbbz's dad's videos

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    if i use the iron pipe as a bat and hit the magnet like a baseball, does the magnet go further??

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    Is that the f13 sweater