Lenz's Law


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    I am HowToBasic

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      *vsauce music plays*

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      NO! Im howtobasic!!

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      PFunk _ 15 days ago

      The cereal segment is quite interesting, however there are 2 effects happening there that I can see. The iron in the cereal is being attracted, AND the water is being repelled. The latter effect is masked by the size of the cornflake, but the magnet is creating a depression in the water that the cornflake rolls into. The reason why this is significant is because Michael holds the magnet in front of the cornflake, which puts it on the lip of the depression. Both these effects constructively interfere, making the cornflake more relatively quickly.

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    Lord... he said “I love dong”. *Beavis and Butthead laugh* 😀

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    I love, uh, DONG

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    "i love dong" if you know what i mean ;)

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    Michael had nails for breakfast this morning, without any milk.

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    12:42 _I love dong_
    - Michael Stevens

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    What should we measure in Musk?

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    3:32 iv'e done that before its really cool

  • therealnightwriter

    NOTHING said here about space will be true if you quote the NASA lies. The Germans provably had anti-gravity in the 1920's, and since have built bases all around the Solar system. There are many many races all over the place. Every single star has bases, and many have habitable planets also. Look up Ben Rich, former head of the Skunkworks, he has said many times that we can and do go to the stars. JFK was going to release "technology to travel anywhere in the blink of an eye" look up speech at Columbia.

  • therealnightwriter

    The Germans provably had anti-gravity in the 1920's, and since have built bases all around the Solar system. There are many many races all over the place. Every single star has bases, and many have habitable planets also. Look up Ben Rich, former head of the Skunkworks, he has said many times that we can and do go to the stars. JFK was going to release "technology to travel anywhere in the blink of an eye" look up speech at Columbia.

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    "I love dong"
    And that's okay! :) 🌈

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    I was disapointed when I cutted an aple in half and didn't find some chopper wire.

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    This guy is fully mental.

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    Dis boi actin like Bill Nye

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    *has a basic kitchen setup on the table*
    *H I. W E L C O M E. T O. M I C H A E L ' S. T O Y S*

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    That means if i get a magnet near my stomach it will pull out?

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    michaels toys for teenagers

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    "I love dong."

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    PyroFlame Gaming 2 days ago

    I remember doing these labs in 6th grade science class with the nail, wire, and paper clips and the pipe and magnet.

  • Abassi Ahmed
    Abassi Ahmed 2 days ago

    The copper tube is a very good conducteur of electric current...the magnetic field created by the magnet in presence of movement in this situation the falling of the magnet due to gravity creates an electric current which is greatly conducted. Throughout the copper tube and in the presence of the magnetic field a force appears this force is called Laplace force which by lenz's low is opposite to it's cause and that is the mouvement of the magnet and because the magnet falls down the Laplace force is pointing up thus the magnet is falling slower than just falling in air

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    *McDonald's logo appears*

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    Now we know how Michael's kitchen looks like

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    The only Lenz law i believe in is:
    "Every shot from Lenz might kill you"
    Warframe is great.

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    Someone please make a compilation of Michael saying oh yeah

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    Siderico 2 days ago

    perhaps something like the copper tube can be used to control or manipulate asteroids or safe orbits for mining/safety.

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    I usually don't buy things people promote in YT videos, but I got that audiobook without hesitation!

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    Excuse what the fa....ck

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    What happened to vsauce

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    Very cool :)

  • The comoflauged Runner

    5:06 I've done that with a spoon before😂

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    I love dong so much
    This channel is great too

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    Wow I'm so happy to hear a video is in production. I was worried vsauce was just dead

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    zzApotheosis 3 days ago

    Electrical engineering graduate here. A lot of this is pretty much just high-level engineering coursework lol, but Michael makes it very interesting, which is a great way to get more people into STEM fields!

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    “I love dong” -Michael

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    Slender Dog 3 days ago

    So a moving magnetic field creates a electric current slowing down the magnetic. What if you shot a magnetic with a force of a bullet into a long copper tube? What would happen?Would the copper melt because electricity makes heat and it would make a lot of heat because the magnetic is moving as fast as a bullet. Someone answer me please Michael could you help? Myth busters do one more episode please? Somebody?

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    As someone who has a magnet in my finger, I would be very uncomfortable near an MRI machine.

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    i made led lamps glow by vibrating the coil of old speekers and won a certificate for that

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    What would happen if you go into an MRI machine after eating a box of cornflakes?

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    Why isn't he wearing a t-shirt under his sweater?

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    Monkey D. Luffy 3 days ago

    Can anyone point out some free apps or programs for science experiments ? Like with forces and moving objects or such .. thanks in advance

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    I love this so much its so funny. " lets try that with... this conveniently positioned ribbon". I died

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    12:42 “I love dong” 😂😂😂😂 sorry Michael couldn’t help it

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    6 months and waiting for a main channel upload

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    “By, of, and for teenagers”
    Riiight. Let’s cook, fellow kids!

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    What temperature did you cook the paperclips at?

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    "Michael's toys"

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    ProPatriaRO 4 days ago

    How about stainless steel? Mostly iron but magnets don't stick to it.

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    Aeth Lightspeed 4 days ago

    the wire came out of the apple. . . . Wait I have to go get one!

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    I see you have plenty of fun putting a couple more magnets on the ribbon then dropping the copper pipe around the ribbon

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    The advancements that those who pay you as a figure to be the preceptor of the keys will not come within this generation.
    Technically they are, yet, not tangible to the commonalty.
    What better a way could be thought... by hammer received a question is given... and of the given, a square is oval.

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    Hopefully your video on Vsauce comes soon rather than later

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    TheXvid BEST VIDEO

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    question. so the faster it moves the more dramatic the effect. so if you shoot a magnet really fast through a cooper pipe will it stop all together?

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    michael's toys

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    Oh my god. 13 minutes plus a 2 minute ad to demonstrate a single, simple principle.

  • Sumner Stuart
    Sumner Stuart 5 days ago

    I wonder if you were pitched the idea to go in to the MRI in order to destroy your brain.

  • Nick White
    Nick White 5 days ago

    It's not the iron, it's the water that's reacting to the magnet

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    I wanted more of the mri sigh

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    "I love dong"

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    Love his jumper Ngl

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    so your telling me i cant eat cornflakes in an MRI. Hmmmmm

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    for a second i thought he was going to eat the nail wrapped in wire

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    Mailo Kirmes 5 days ago

    5:09 that is also because of the water getting pushed down because it gets ionised.

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    Took me a minute to realize he said that the show was made "of" teenagers in the beginning...

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    "Cornflake-like cereal".

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    *casually takes electromagnet out of microwave*

  • Nicolas Reali
    Nicolas Reali 6 days ago

    if someone made a magnetized bullet and shot it through a copper tube, how long would the tube have to be to stop the bullet through Lenz's law

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    Category: Food and Cooking, GJ TheXvid.

  • Lemar French
    Lemar French 7 days ago

    The earth's magnetic nature isn't measured near it's source...we exist on it's most outer reaches...the magnets we manipulate are all source energy...I propose measuring a refrigerator magnets field under a few layers of pillows...plus the magnetic field pulls the paramagnetic atoms in the atmosphere so tightly almost to a molecular level we only feel atmospheric pressure...or a cushion...a pressurized cushion...I don't have a bunch of reverse engineered answers...I just think a lot #kudos

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    You truely have one of the best channels on TheXvid. Everyone need know your name.

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    I need more Michael's Toys. I need the Vsauce memes

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    Would the cereal example work with milk or no because it’s slightly more viscous than water?

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    🤔 what type of toys

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    By teenagers who like to cook. So today we are going to talk about magnets xDDD

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    What happens when we run out of helium?

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    Since Vsauce has been in isolation for three days he has never been the same

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    What happens if you accelerate the magnet through the copper tube, does the resisting magnetic field increase proportionally ?

  • Dominoes n Stuff Sonimod

    If I try to stick the magnet... magnets to the copper it not.. doesn’t work

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    "What did you have for breakfast?"
    Michael: * _sweating_ *

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    Micheal loves *dong*

  • Werner and Ella Gamers and Creators

    It’s official, Michael has gone mentally insane

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    what happen to Tesla

  • jacob washington
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    im starting to see what this is no joke, this is so deep this can change the wrorld

  • jacob washington
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  • jacob washington
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    That Battery and copper is an example of our future
    -past me

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    I learned that magnets are tsunderes and only show that they like copper when they can't be seen clearly.

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    my parents are like the magnet and im like the copper pole 8:39

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    we do share you passion

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    in german: Lenz´sches Gesetz haha

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    Carl Sagan does not need a narrator! That is the dumbest thing I've heard you say.

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    12:46 LIES