Lenz's Law

  • Published on Mar 24, 2018
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    The episode of Mind Field at UC Irvine. We look at how playing video games can effect the shape and size of your brain: thexvid.com/video/1RHsAUyFCAM/video.html
    How dangerous are magnetic items near an MRI magnet? thexvid.com/video/6BBx8BwLhqg/video.html
    Veritasium: thexvid.com/video/NqdOyxJZj0U/video.html
    PhysicsFun on instagram: instagram.com/physicsfun
    Science Bob and magnetic cereal: thexvid.com/video/n9s8CbP7ExY/video.html
    wbeaty's video on how to make a generator: thexvid.com/video/k7Sz8oT8ou0/video.html
    MRI quench: thexvid.com/video/9SOUJP5dFEg/video.html
    Levitating frog: www.ru.nl/hfml/research/levitation/diamagnetic/
    Faraday's Law interactive: phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/faradays-law/latest/faradays-law_en.html
    Lenz's Law: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenz%27s_law
    Lenz's Law interactive: micro.magnet.fsu.edu/electromag/java/lenzlaw/
    Ann Druyan: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Druyan
    Voyager Golden Record: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voyager_Golden_Record
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  • D!NG
    D!NG  Year ago +29439

    I am HowToBasic

  • Cian B.
    Cian B. Hour ago

    What's this dong channel u speak of

  • Dan Hayden
    Dan Hayden Day ago

    I tried to follow the recipe, but every time I cut my apples open there is no copper wire inside. Am I cutting the apple wrong? Can someone help please?

  • Tumelo Mabeta
    Tumelo Mabeta Day ago


  • Ninjagai
    Ninjagai Day ago

    7:55 rule 34: magnets

  • Shaneluke13
    Shaneluke13 Day ago

    11:29 *D!NG

  • Brenda Paduch
    Brenda Paduch 3 days ago

    loved this! I never understood electromagnetism before - thanks so much :)

  • Muntazir Mehdi
    Muntazir Mehdi 4 days ago

    first Vsauce then DONG and now DING,
    Why you change your youtube channel again and again?

    • Muntazir Mehdi
      Muntazir Mehdi 2 days ago

      +Chris LL watch till end he accepts vsauce being his channel, do your research as well then leave a comment

    • Chris LL
      Chris LL 2 days ago +1

      Muntazir Mehdi he only changed dong to ding. Vsauce is another channel. Do a LITTLE BIT of searching maybe.

  • Hilarious YT
    Hilarious YT 4 days ago

    this is so great

  • HadesObsidian
    HadesObsidian 4 days ago

    I've learned more from watching you tube vidoes than I ever did in high school.

  • Micah Adams
    Micah Adams 5 days ago +1

    Michael is a goddamn witch

  • Max Packebush
    Max Packebush 5 days ago

    does the polarity of the water influence the cereals movement across the water??

  • J Yeager
    J Yeager 5 days ago +1

    - I like DONG, Michael Stevens

  • Alexander Simanovsky
    Alexander Simanovsky 5 days ago +1

    Just like Grandma's!

  • Lavetta Thomas
    Lavetta Thomas 5 days ago

    *Is no one going to talk about the wire in the apple though?* 🤔

  • Fuzzy Yargenshmoler
    Fuzzy Yargenshmoler 5 days ago

    BUT, what if this video wasn't on the channel dong OR Vsauce?

  • AtmoStorm Fr
    AtmoStorm Fr 5 days ago +4

    Welcome to Do-
    *D!ng* !

  • FinnishSpotter
    FinnishSpotter 6 days ago

    I wonder what's inside the bananas..

  • Sandon Schultz
    Sandon Schultz 6 days ago

    I'm sorry. This is the D!NG channel. Not the DONG channel

  • Tales
    Tales 6 days ago

    11:30 TheXvid is gonna have to demonetize this video.

  • fistsOFfury366 D
    fistsOFfury366 D 6 days ago

    So I love uh *dong*

  • Somnath Chanda
    Somnath Chanda 7 days ago

    worlds best physics teacher

  • Khumbu Icefall
    Khumbu Icefall 7 days ago

    Copper wire inside apple???? WTF??

  • Pendulous Testicularis

    Which law would I have to violate to make a perpetual motion machine using Lenz's Law? Surely, if an electric current produces electro magnetic fields and magnetic fields produce electric current, then something can be made on a perpetual loop basis???

  • 01000000 010010010
    01000000 010010010 7 days ago


  • Josh C
    Josh C 7 days ago +1

    12:42 what's DONG?

  • kittiekat1236
    kittiekat1236 8 days ago

    I leant something today, I mean I could actually comprehend the video.

  • Hands of Asclepius
    Hands of Asclepius 8 days ago +1

    Michael is just Risotto Nero tbh

  • Paul Nunes
    Paul Nunes 8 days ago

    You are HowToAdvanced

  • Nontas Georgoulias
    Nontas Georgoulias 9 days ago

    It's not only cereal that does that with the magnet. It works with very many unusual objects, I think it's due to the magnets effect on the water

  • Sef Iscool
    Sef Iscool 9 days ago


  • Eric Yager
    Eric Yager 11 days ago

    Great video. I hope everyone here loves DONG as well. Also, what would it take to slow the copper pipe if you dropped it around a string of magnets?

  • mohab z
    mohab z 12 days ago

    God bless u sir, about to go into my magnetism test

  • Gabe LaPlante
    Gabe LaPlante 12 days ago +2

    Hey Michael, lets do a youtube red episode where we make a large round copper elevator shaft and some magnetic body suits and jump down and see if we splat or not for science

  • DaSausage Gaming
    DaSausage Gaming 12 days ago

    This is my favaroute cooking show

  • Kareem Mehdi
    Kareem Mehdi 14 days ago

    I have a test and a part of it is on Lenzs law so I decided to watch a TheXvid video on it so I can understand it and now I’m even more confused. Thanks Michael!

  • איתי לביא itay lavi

    This guy is insane .

    Love you Michael.

  • Ramen Noodlen
    Ramen Noodlen 16 days ago

    Omg we did that experiment in school yesterday lmao. I guess my science teacher watches ur videos? Or is this a well know experiment?

  • KeswickCamp08
    KeswickCamp08 16 days ago

    Don't eat them

  • JAG 0937 EB
    JAG 0937 EB 16 days ago

    do more cooking videos

  • Starcloak Starside
    Starcloak Starside 16 days ago

    Serious. I’m a welder and mechanic, so I have trouble inside MRI’s.

  • Jesse Cotton Twyford
    Jesse Cotton Twyford 17 days ago

    "I love dong." - Mikey Steve

  • Mr.HoutPlayz Official
    Mr.HoutPlayz Official 17 days ago

    where is eddy's law

  • Lucky_Miner01
    Lucky_Miner01 20 days ago

    ‘I love dong’ - Michael

  • pyroxide
    pyroxide 20 days ago

    What would happen if you dropped a copper or aluminum object through a magnetic tube?

  • Jack Foxtrot - EDM Music

    The whole copper pipe and ribbon magnet deal, didn’t they just move because of the whooshing of the pipe? Kinda like how a car drives past a can on the road and the can gets pushed by the force of air around the car?

  • Aidan B
    Aidan B 21 day ago

    He put the water first

  • Pablo Crack
    Pablo Crack 21 day ago

    10: 44 uh

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 day ago


  • derp meister
    derp meister 21 day ago

    I love... Uh... D.O.N.G.
    - Micheal Stevens, 2018/03/24

  • David Willems
    David Willems 22 days ago

    This dude is so annoying.

  • Pxndx Lunx
    Pxndx Lunx 22 days ago

    Cool, now lets solidify our core and see what happens.

  • Δ わるよ歩み
    Δ わるよ歩み 22 days ago

    You never disappoint me :)

  • coltmerg 420
    coltmerg 420 23 days ago

    So make that pipe a elctro mag with power to be = to the neodims and use the neodims in it what ha pins then would it drop supper slow ?

  • SoftRedina
    SoftRedina 23 days ago

    7:55 is 18+

  • coltmerg 420
    coltmerg 420 23 days ago

    yaaaaaa No thank you on that invite fore breakfast ,i am good .

  • coltmerg 420
    coltmerg 420 23 days ago

    3:52 An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion at a constant speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Is the Unbalanced force cousin the
    Magnetic tension force to add some form dark matter mass to it the space between the metal's or the metals them self's ?(sorry for cut and past i need spelling to be correct .)

  • hugh neutron
    hugh neutron 23 days ago


  • Josie Brown
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  • Adrian metzler-holden
    Adrian metzler-holden 25 days ago

    Insane clown posse needs to watch this video.

  • Derpy 821
    Derpy 821 25 days ago

    Or Do ThEy?

  • Gopal Agarwal
    Gopal Agarwal 25 days ago +1

    What if the a-hole would be made of copper and the banana down there would be magnetic!

  • Zoë Flowers
    Zoë Flowers 25 days ago

    *pulls nail out of cereal box*

    *Pulls wire out of apple*

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 25 days ago

    Love your channel!! 😍😍

  • Princess Stewart
    Princess Stewart 25 days ago

    He's not cooking food, he's cooking science!

  • Massimo Gigante
    Massimo Gigante 25 days ago

    10:03 Kinky boy

  • Justus Patrick
    Justus Patrick 27 days ago

    Do you have any recommendations on learning what magnetism is and the concepts

  • [DU]Saggin
    [DU]Saggin 27 days ago

    couldn't it also be air pressure in the copper pipe slowing an objects fall speed?

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor 27 days ago +1

    12:45 X to doubt

  • Nery G
    Nery G 27 days ago +3

    10:43 close ur eyes
    *_AW YEA_*
    *_UHHH_* 😩 👌🏻 💯

  • Nery G
    Nery G 27 days ago +1

    I have another Law. Lens laws if u look through glasses blind ppl can see! Try it at home!

  • Dr Waffleman
    Dr Waffleman 29 days ago

    "Just like mom used to make"

  • OptimusPhillip
    OptimusPhillip Month ago

    We actually went over Lenz's Law in my physics class. Basically the idea is that objects like to maintain a constant magnetic flux, and if a magnetic field moves, that changes the magnetic flux. This causes the object to generate its own magnetic field to oppose the change in flux.

  • overly_thinking
    overly_thinking Month ago

    someone please tell me, why this guy is cooking physic ?

  • overly_thinking
    overly_thinking Month ago

    *"We need a nice big nail."*
    Pulls nail out of container of cereal.

    *Me:* what in the world!

  • NOTtheodd1sout
    NOTtheodd1sout Month ago

    I am How to baseec

  • Nick Snyder
    Nick Snyder Month ago

    Someone: what’s your favorite cereal
    Dong: Iron nails

  • Lil Levi
    Lil Levi Month ago

    Who’s still waiting on that video for vsauce he was talking bout

  • Cheatcode Gaming
    Cheatcode Gaming Month ago

    "I love DONG" - Michael Stevens 2018

  • KAZ Vorpal
    KAZ Vorpal Month ago

    The wire in the apple, the prepared toaster oven...you think you're so damned clever.
    The simmered-enough paperclips jumped the shark, though.

  • Omar attalla
    Omar attalla Month ago

    5:17 Magneto, is that you?

  • Aidan ault
    Aidan ault Month ago

    let's take a copper wire out of an apple, a nail out of this cereal, and some batteries out of a microwave, it's perfectly normal............
    WAIT WHAT!?!?!?!?

    • Ronald Lorimer
      Ronald Lorimer Month ago

      I think it was a toaster over, batteries never cook right in a microwave

  • Fury Axe
    Fury Axe Month ago

    Can you be my physics teacher

  • softly snowing
    softly snowing Month ago

    7:45 'Oooh! Hoohoohoooo!'

  • jandypimpson
    jandypimpson Month ago

    The cooking theme totally cracked me up. Well done!

  • Devyn Baird
    Devyn Baird Month ago

    ok this is cool and all but how did the copper wire get in the apple? 🤔

  • Le Mister
    Le Mister Month ago

    11:25 he has holes in his sleeve

  • Jeszy Andrew
    Jeszy Andrew Month ago

    I thought your going to cook by using magnets..

  • truth betold
    truth betold Month ago

    Also in case Anyone does not know. When you're dealing with neodymium magnets Be careful not to let them slam together because they will break

  • Thicc Boy
    Thicc Boy Month ago

    Daddy's brought home some batteries for the kids

  • KingChyz
    KingChyz Month ago

    *Screams in pain when touching the battery with a tower* Proceeds to take the battery with bare hands

  • nick of time
    nick of time Month ago

    In 5th grade we did an experiment where we made electromagnets like that to see if the amount of coils would affect the power of the electromagnet. The thing is though, that the wire wasn't insulated, and when you give a bunch of 10 year olds 12 volts of electricity and a copper wire, they tend to burn themselves. I still have a scar haha.

  • No
    No Month ago

    One time I ate a screw bit (dont ask)
    If it hasent passed which I'm sure it has would that MRI machine just RIP it out😂

  • An anonymous little boy

    I got a science ad

  • TheMobMaster2006
    TheMobMaster2006 Month ago

    Did DONG used to be called Michael's toys? Just wondering.

  • Pablo Acosta Mora
    Pablo Acosta Mora Month ago

    Absolutely wonderful stuff, as always! But... Why the bananas!? ;-P

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  • Ágúst þór
    Ágúst þór Month ago

    2:08 that giggle

  • Tysen Seabaugh
    Tysen Seabaugh Month ago

    7:45 : u ok michael

  • action bannans films

    No, I am how2basic!