The SACRIFICE Camila Cabello IS NOT Willing To Make!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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    If you’ve noticed that Camila Cabello has been MIA from social media at times, that might be a good thing

    Hey guys it’s Sussan Mourad back here with Clevver News. The singer spoke with Clash Magazine to talk about her creative process as well as falling in love.

    Way back in February, Camila tweeted “I’ve realized my style is like disappear like a ninja when writing new stuff slash working on things then BAM. Surprise you when you least expect it”
    And now she’s expanding on that a bit. She told Clash, “I just want to be coming from such a pure state, and I feel like going on social media and seeing opinions ….. affects the creative process”.
    And we don’t want ANYTHING to get in the way of Camila’s creative process.

    That’s what got us hits like Crying in the Club, Havana, and of course, Senorita.
    She also gave us a liiiitle tidbit about her love life. She said “I’ve fallen in love and I’ve experienced life - I feel so much more alive now, and I don’t feel scared anymore.”
    Block Quote

    She doesn’t namedrop, but Camila DID date Matthew Hussey for a bit over a year, and of course, is now rumored to be dating certified hunk, bestie and all around HUSBAND MATERIAL, Shawn Mendes.
    Which I still need clarification on, are they or aren’t they dating?!?!
    Anyways… being the queen of relatability that she is, Camila revealed the one sacrifice she is NOT willing to make!
    And that sacrifice is... giving up a normal life to adhere to the expectations of fame. You know like going to the grocery store in sweatpants, uggs and a pizza stained shirt … or having greasy hair, no makeup and wearing 2 dollar flip flops to Target.

    Camila said, “You see pictures of me in LA and sometimes I just look like trash because I didn’t know that there was going to be paparazzi there…I can’t be in heels and do two hours of glam every day just in case there’s a picture of me”
    Block Quote

    I mean, Camila, don’t worry. I think you look beautiful ALWAYS. And hey, maybe one day we’ll run into each other at Ralphs in sweats.
    If you want we can trade outfits and everything! I’ll distract the paparazzi while you escape out the back door past the meat department. It’ll all be VERY senorita.
    I’m joking, I’m joking…. But what do you think about her absence from social media during the writing process? Also, do you love how Camila is not willing to conform to being GLAMMED UP everyday just in case the paps catch her out?!? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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    Sussan dressed by: Alice McCall
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  • AGUM Tulba
    AGUM Tulba 6 months ago

    The video was posted 3 minutes ago, I thought I was one of the first (less than 100) but there is already 66k views

  • Home Sweet Home
    Home Sweet Home 6 months ago

    All of that is fine but why is Gigi Hadid saying this to us?

  • Nana Manu
    Nana Manu 6 months ago

    How many people just went straight to the comments 😂

  • Nafsiyyah Arshad
    Nafsiyyah Arshad 6 months ago +1

    I love Camz💗💗💗

  • FilmMakerGirlChina
    FilmMakerGirlChina 6 months ago

    Dang if y’all don’t let this girl live her life dang lol 😂 is the way she dressing or acting affecting y’all in any shape or form nah so leave this girl alone 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Fairest Camila
    Fairest Camila 6 months ago

    Camila can go out wearing a potato bag and messy hair and i’ll still love her

  • sowa savage
    sowa savage 6 months ago

    I only say this about few people but Camelia could sing

  • WhyBe OhFree
    WhyBe OhFree 6 months ago

    I'm pretty sure her and Shawn are dating especially after the video that came out where she's all over him and they're all cute and stuff

  • olivia medellin
    olivia medellin 6 months ago


  • Chugga chugga Choo choo
    Chugga chugga Choo choo 6 months ago +2

    She is beautiful just the way she is, she can choose what she wears and we all have to just go with it! She is herself and she deserves the best life! Even if you don't like her you still should respect her choices an decision! She is talented and beautiful and doesn't deserve to be over whelmed! Shawn and Camilla being together is their choice and nobody needs to choose it for them! Life can take you anywhere but not if you are controlled by other people! I love everybody and if there is a hater on me or me be a hater on somebody else I still am respectful because everybody deserves a chance...Treat others the way you want to be treated..You may here that a lot and that's because it's true, And remember that feeling emotions is alright, don't listen what other people think and always be yourself..just be aware of some of the thing other people say..they might say a lesson, they might say a lie, they might tell the truth and you have to identify what to take as advice and what is true then the lies..You should take life seriously but not all the time..There is different paths to take but you will find it if you try yourself...and don't let others ruin it!

  • Heyy Heyy
    Heyy Heyy 6 months ago +2

    She NEEDS to be with Lauren! 😭♥️

  • Wedad Haddabah
    Wedad Haddabah 6 months ago +1

    Subbing to everyone who subs to me

  • Adya Sinha
    Adya Sinha 6 months ago

    Camila always looks bomb even when she’s not trying!

  • riya. negi44
    riya. negi44 6 months ago +2

    She like looks perfect sweatpants....kissing shawn😍😍

  • riya. negi44
    riya. negi44 6 months ago

    Certified hunk,bestie and all round husband material....Ahh I love it.....😍😍

  • A
    A 6 months ago +1

    I don’t mind if any celebrity/influencer takes a break from time to time. What I really care about is if they’re doing things important that’s their work and passion, I do advice that they and anyone else to take a break from social media and make something they want to do without having opinions from social media. Because celebrities/influencers are real people just like anyone else

  • Shehla !
    Shehla ! 6 months ago +4

    when she said “it would be very señorita” didn’t make sense ? señorita is young lady 😂


    Idk why but Shawn just idk rubs me the wrong way :/ and I feel really bad that I feel like that bc I bet he’s a good person when you get to know him but like idk something about him just irks me

  • -queenbeez- -3-
    -queenbeez- -3- 6 months ago +1

    Are we not gonna talk about the video that’s surging around Instagram of Camila and Shawn actually making our taken by a fan

  • diana azores
    diana azores 6 months ago +5

    And tomorrow another news shawn and camilla kissing in a public place 😁

  • Shruti Aswal
    Shruti Aswal 6 months ago

    A celebrity was a normal person first. He she should not forget where they've came from.

  • Niki K
    Niki K 6 months ago +4

    Only I love the way she says señorita?

  • Random Leslie e
    Random Leslie e 6 months ago +5

    I can't I want to know if Camila and Shawn are dating they need to but they do not have to😭😭😭

  • Tasnia Ahsan Rose
    Tasnia Ahsan Rose 6 months ago

    Sooooooo are we gonna get a story on how Shawn and camila are infact dating now that their kissing video is out? Cuz I’m FREAKING OUT

  • Billie Jean
    Billie Jean 6 months ago +3

    Shawn and Camila kissed in San Fransisco today. There is a video.

  • Wynter Brooks
    Wynter Brooks 6 months ago +1

    I literally love her and her confidence.People shouldn’t be able to snatch away something so sacred as privacy just because you are doing something you love and others enjoy that about you.YES CAMILA YES

  • Saul Flores
    Saul Flores 6 months ago

    Shawn Mendes is gay they said they were just friends the only reason they are testing a relationship is because of the public talking about them.. it’s all pressure I’m sure if they ever date he’s going to end up cheating on her with a man

  • Esabelle Mateo
    Esabelle Mateo 6 months ago

    Camila our queen is the a simple women and you guys should search her without makeup!! She is so fucken beautiful ❤😘 Shawmila!!

  • Ice Snow
    Ice Snow 6 months ago +3

    Camila being Camila without worrying being glamour all the time is one of the reasons why I love her.

  • Unique_007
    Unique_007 6 months ago +1

    Camila and Shawn are great and Talented humans.
    I think alot of memes and some bad msgs may make them sad.
    But still they are so positive and kind*
    Most importantly we love them no matter what ❤️😇

  • Dota 3
    Dota 3 6 months ago +3

    Oh god she is my crush
    Frake it dude :(

  • Sherry Chopra
    Sherry Chopra 6 months ago

    1:45 that's great
    Who won't like to do with that camila

  • Jenna Baily
    Jenna Baily 6 months ago +16

    😂 I read the title and to me it said “The SCARYFACE Camila Cabello IS NOT willing to make”

  • Itsmeharper Jacksons
    Itsmeharper Jacksons 6 months ago

    Her absence is safe for her thought process, her being free and social media does not help with that, plus those songs are going to be nothing short of amazing

  • Q
    Q 6 months ago

    That thumbnail is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Q
    Q 6 months ago

    Who's that she's nice looking. Call me sexy.

  • Mariel Cordova
    Mariel Cordova 6 months ago

    I love her so freaking much.

  • Hoppie Grey
    Hoppie Grey 6 months ago +37

    Camila can just go around in T-shirt and jeans or shorts and flip flops, with no make-up! She is still our Camila, whatever! We love her that much!❤️❤️❤️

  • Amalia P
    Amalia P 6 months ago

    Camila is right

  • Natalyana Robinson
    Natalyana Robinson 6 months ago

    Sry but the ex was ugly asf I mean he ain’t like at all

  • Super Thot
    Super Thot 6 months ago +18

    Sussan, her and Shawn are what they call in my country “PR stunt”

    • Lisbeth Salander
      Lisbeth Salander 6 months ago +3

      Looks like it. Need a break? Camren time!

    • Super Thot
      Super Thot 6 months ago +4

      Maria Mercedes you’re right, but the fact that this “relationship” came out after seniorita seems forced and how she just so happen to break up with Mathew too at the same time. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Maria Mercedes
      Maria Mercedes 6 months ago +3

      Thotiana, no one knows for sure if it is in fact PR or not. We can only assume. Either way, the two still keep winning whether ppl scream 'PR' or 'real' because the two got everyone talking about them ☺

    • Camren Lover
      Camren Lover 6 months ago +8

      This comment makes me officially love you

  • Yumicka Hannah
    Yumicka Hannah 6 months ago

    Crying in the club was pre-made...

  • caytlin100
    caytlin100 6 months ago +3

    that comment was too forced to me
    i am more convinced that there is a pr stunt

  • Pheonix Rainbow
    Pheonix Rainbow 6 months ago +1

    This. This is why Camila Cabello is an icon.

  • Mercedes Rhino
    Mercedes Rhino 6 months ago

    Camila is amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️🇨🇺😇😇

  • MuSiC LoVeR
    MuSiC LoVeR 6 months ago

    i think the things she said are good and healthy for her well being and her life in general. i hope she stays being herself and doesn't change.

  • Ray Dez
    Ray Dez 6 months ago +2

    If I ever make it big that is 100% going to be me I don't need to be glam dub I will be sweaty I will be on public transit sardined against other people why get the stress of just giving up every day normal life I'm still a person Camila I won hundred percent get you girl you do you boo

  • Ronald Robben
    Ronald Robben 6 months ago

    I love you with all my heart baby ok

  • Anonyme Girl
    Anonyme Girl 6 months ago

    Please see my cover Senorita and suscribe me please😭😍

  • Naomi Wolff
    Naomi Wolff 6 months ago

    Can Shawn and Camila just not leave us in the dark on their relationship. That shit sucks.

  • Nya Roman
    Nya Roman 6 months ago +46

    All I see when I scroll through the comments section is Shawmila. Ik you all want them to date and all but can you at least go ONE SECOND without shoving those two together. Like come on this video is about Camz's well being not who she is currently dating. Just plz calm down a tad bit

    • Fairest Camila
      Fairest Camila 6 months ago

      Nya Roman being around Shawn is bringing well-being to Camila. and that makes many people excited for her

    • Lord Spyro
      Lord Spyro 6 months ago +4

      Nya Roman excellent comment

    • made a new account
      made a new account 6 months ago +2

      Nya Roman EXACTLY

  • MUA Kenia
    MUA Kenia 6 months ago +29

    That’s so nice that she don’t be letting fame get to her she still wants to do normal things wow i love that!☺️Camila is so pretty omg can I be like her lol 😍😍

    I have a channel of my own please check it out it would mean so much ☺️💗🙏🏽

  • Alice Adam
    Alice Adam 6 months ago +4

    Just incase you didn't know, there are 2 new pictures and 2 videos on shawn's Facebook about Camila and shawn spending time together in a restaurant again. I'm shocked just as you are! 😶😳🤣

  • Gregory Artisan
    Gregory Artisan 6 months ago +1

    Ok come on girl you and MGK hooked up don't lie

  • Gracie Rosalez
    Gracie Rosalez 6 months ago +197

    I think she's beautiful just the way she is, even if it's with sweatpants and a comfortable shirt or all glamed up. She's naturally beautiful!

  • Felix Pelayo
    Felix Pelayo 6 months ago

    who gives a fuck

  • Tasnim Tareq
    Tasnim Tareq 6 months ago +2

    I wanna cry.

  • Y tD
    Y tD 6 months ago +71

    Camila is a very genuine and humble person. That's why i stan her besides of her incredible talent.

  • Ester Mohamed
    Ester Mohamed 6 months ago +45

    Camilla and Shawn are end game

    • Alexa Wain
      Alexa Wain 6 months ago +3

      Just Another TheXvidr i don’t think it’s a pr stunt since a video was leaked of them kissing in la today, but everyone has different opinions

    • Ballerz24
      Ballerz24 6 months ago

      Ester Mohamed your mom was my end game on my bed too

    • Just Another Youtuber
      Just Another Youtuber 6 months ago +5

      @Ice Snow because there love is what u want honestly I think this is PR stunt no offense to anyone

    • Ice Snow
      Ice Snow 6 months ago +1

      @Just Another TheXvidr why?

  • Hawa Sibblies
    Hawa Sibblies 6 months ago +1

    She is doing her thin it cool