Pirates and Reds Full Brawl

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
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    The Pirates and Reds had a huge brawl in their game on July 30, 2019. Yasiel Puig, who was involved in the brawl, has been traded to the Indians in a 3 way trade that send Trevor Bauer to the Reds.
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Comments • 48

  • GTR lover
    GTR lover Month ago

    Puig is a fricking lengend go reds

  • Silent Priest
    Silent Priest Month ago

    2 shit teams fighting? Well got to give the 50 fans still there something interesting

  • Juicetheeunuch
    Juicetheeunuch Month ago +1

    It'd be good one day to see a player slug his own teammate for being an idiot.

  • Andy Vidito
    Andy Vidito Month ago

    Baseball brawls are so lame

  • truth93257
    truth93257 Month ago +7

    those 27 fans in attendance got a good show

    • Silent Priest
      Silent Priest Month ago

      If this was a yankee red sox game people will be gone the whole year

    • Crystal Luna
      Crystal Luna Month ago

      Lol. I counted 24

    MORTAL KOMBAT Month ago


  • The Retro Machine TV
    The Retro Machine TV Month ago +2

    This was not a massive brawl. Barely anything. Lotta jabbing. Not like O’s and Yankees in the late 90’s.

    • QBdreams
      QBdreams Month ago

      Braves vs Padres brawl in the mid 80s ... Reds vs Mets 1986 that was a good one too

  • adipsous
    adipsous Month ago +2

    1:14 Haha, David Bell has got a major stiffy!

  • Cletus Anfernee Jackson

    America the beautiful SMH

  • Sandman
    Sandman Month ago +1

    All for fighting fair, most the times lol, but I’m surprised there wasn’t much more haymakers thrown at Garrett when he initially got to the pirates dugouts. He was surrounded by pirate players, if I was them, I would of been pummeling him. But I guess they didn’t want to get suspended?

  • Shannon Nealy
    Shannon Nealy Month ago

    It's nice to see alpha males in America! Taking on the entire Pittsburgh Pirates now that's a man.

  • Blaine Tsukayama
    Blaine Tsukayama Month ago +3

    Puig all he does is waits for someone to grab him. Garrett on the other hand, wow!!

  • Marlon Wilson
    Marlon Wilson Month ago +1

    Someone please tell me what started this?

    • Crystal Luna
      Crystal Luna Month ago +1

      They got traded right before the deadline and someone from the pirates bench said “ that’s why your ass got traded “

    • Marlon Wilson
      Marlon Wilson Month ago +1

      dbltrplx go fuck yourself racist ass hole

    • dbltrplx
      dbltrplx Month ago +1

      Marlon Wilson
      NI993R shit.
      That’s what.

    • Marlon Wilson
      Marlon Wilson Month ago

      Michael Con thank you!

    • Michael Con
      Michael Con Month ago +2

      Marlon Wilson looks as if the pirates were shit talking and he heard and wasnt going for it.

  • Steven Sather
    Steven Sather Month ago +8


  • XstreamZ *
    XstreamZ * Month ago +2

    These to city’s just love each

    • Crystal Luna
      Crystal Luna Month ago

      Pay extreme... two not to

    • Joe Heid
      Joe Heid Month ago +2

      Steelers vs Bengals? Pirates vs Reds? You're absolutely right.

  • W.H. Jamison II
    W.H. Jamison II Month ago

    Ats da mooz hits da Reds got diz seeseen

  • Zack Jones
    Zack Jones Month ago +3

    👍👍Just the shot in the arm MLB needed to git all fired up before the September Wildness. 😀

  • MrPaulb1001
    MrPaulb1001 Month ago +13

    Loved it when the PA system started playing "You've lost that loving feeling". Someone has a great sense of humor.

    • Nell B
      Nell B Month ago

      MrPaulb1001 yeah, that was totally awesome 😎

  • unathletic big toe
    unathletic big toe Month ago +6

    Garrett dropped someone

  • Houston Leal
    Houston Leal Month ago

    Picthcer had balls tho nigga wanted smoke n he gabe it to em priate boys

  • Rob Base
    Rob Base Month ago +9

    It's usually the player who charges the pitcher, not the pitcher charging the player.

    • Joe Heid
      Joe Heid Month ago +1

      PLAYER!? You mean entire team! Lol

  • Lbb Reedway
    Lbb Reedway Month ago +20

    Reds just signed Ben Wallace. Pirates just signed Ron Artest.

  • Zach Maggard
    Zach Maggard Month ago

    Fucking gangster....talk shit get hit....words have consequences motherfucker

  • Peter Reuter
    Peter Reuter Month ago +2

    Nice! Players thought this game is for spectators often so boring, lets make it a little bit tense!