Root & Archer On Song | England vs West Indies - Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Watch full highlights of the England vs West Indies match in Southampton, Game 19 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.
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  • nasir abbas
    nasir abbas Day ago

    Worst umpire dharmasina
    And they called him number 1

  • Simon Pietersen
    Simon Pietersen Day ago

    Can we acknowledge that Barstow changed helmet half way through!
    First Gray Nicholls, then Masuri!(when he got out)
    👇🏻if u saw

  • MusicalTheatreFan
    MusicalTheatreFan 4 days ago

    ??????? Why is Woakes in at 3?

  • Sharif Bhuiyan
    Sharif Bhuiyan 4 days ago +1


  • Mahir Labib
    Mahir Labib 7 days ago

    Root's bowling is always NIGHTMARE for windies

  • clash of clan Clash of clans

    See my previous comment and you will be shocked

  • कुवेर राज रेग्मी

    just 5 min highlight
    Must be at least 20 min

  • Waqas Arshed
    Waqas Arshed 17 days ago

    5:42 anybody knows song name ?

  • John
    John 25 days ago

    When England still looked good until Sri Lanka and Australia exposed them! Hahahaha

  • M Nouman Akbar
    M Nouman Akbar 26 days ago +1


  • Z Saeed
    Z Saeed 27 days ago +1

    Joe root : catches the ball
    England: what a catch!
    Joe root: 1:15

  • Anmol Monga
    Anmol Monga 27 days ago

    joe root plays like sachin tendulkar.

  • M J S G
    M J S G 29 days ago

    Semi finals are coming up.

  • elton appie
    elton appie Month ago

    I think its time we take the REVIEW SYSTEM out of the game.
    Why cant the 3rd Umpire check whether its out or not during balls?
    3rd Umpire do not stop the game unless its out and then ask the on field Umpire to stop play.
    At the end of the day you want the right decision regardless.

    ICC seriously need to look at the REVIEW SYSTEM.

  • Visual Lust
    Visual Lust Month ago

    WI is shit these days

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover Month ago

    Who Else like watching test cricket like me

  • Marwari chorra india

    I can't stand the fact they don't even put full highlights I mean how obsessed icc is with there content I wonder where they shove the major content ...
    Gaand me dal lo apni bhen k lodo... N sriniwasan ki maa ka jagratha... moti chamdi ka degad dhella

  • Mashood Khan
    Mashood Khan Month ago

    Did I just see CHRIS WOAKES play at number 3!!!!!!!

  • Joanna
    Joanna Month ago

    Icc page only posting england innings briefly which is such cheap highlight posting as you can see their rest highlights skipping 20 overs and now look at root innings

  • Sagarika Mishra
    Sagarika Mishra Month ago


  • hardik dwivedi
    hardik dwivedi Month ago

    can any one tell me the name of song in background at 5:44 plsss

  • Need you now
    Need you now Month ago

    Too short by a long way.

  • _TheBringerOfRain_
    _TheBringerOfRain_ Month ago

    WI in trouble in their innings yet they still come out and keep slugging away when they could have put up a decent total for Eng with two key players out injured. Russel was the worst, for a senior player he should have steadied the ship. Contrast to Englands innings with Roy and Morgan out Root was smooth and calm as you like.

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado Month ago

    pleasure for all the spectators who just watch the highlights. Thanks.

  • Cricket Girl
    Cricket Girl Month ago +1

    Some one says to Russel this is not the IPL 😂

  • sawan hosiery
    sawan hosiery Month ago


  • abhinav155
    abhinav155 Month ago

    Keep players like naraine, Pollard, bravo out of squad and keep loosing . No team is more unfortunate then west India's who don't value their talented players

  • Bus10
    Bus10 Month ago

    Find out top 10 players from India vs Pakistan match (16/06/2019) :

  • Jesmin Rahman
    Jesmin Rahman Month ago

    I hate West Indies but I love England

  • Radhey Kumar
    Radhey Kumar Month ago

    Top 10 players India vs Pakistan

  • Mark Shaggy
    Mark Shaggy Month ago

    Joe root your dad.

  • Monu Kashyap
    Monu Kashyap Month ago +1 watch india vs pakistan live match

  • Aaryan Roy
    Aaryan Roy Month ago

    Jatin sapru chutiya ko hato commentator sai sala bakland h

  • Written Mirror
    Written Mirror Month ago

    West Indies batting in a word? Reckless
    West Indies bowling in a few words? Fast and Foolish...
    England played cricket West Indies played the ass...

  • saif Malik
    saif Malik Month ago

    Shit west indies bowling

  • Hamza Kaleem
    Hamza Kaleem Month ago

    Who Else like watching test cricket like me

  • Rajesh Vadhavkar
    Rajesh Vadhavkar Month ago

    It seems English Board and ICC 's economic condition is seriously bad... They don't have full ground covers...4 games washed out .... many more to come.

  • Gazolba
    Gazolba Month ago

    It's about time Root got a big score.

  • abdul basit
    abdul basit Month ago

    Icc page only posting england innings briefly which is such cheap highlight posting as you can see their rest highlights skipping 20 overs and now look at root innings

  • Dennis Narine
    Dennis Narine Month ago

    Forget the name brathwaite what s waste of time please

  • wunnell
    wunnell Month ago

    Pretty decent bowling performance by England. They dropped WI two most destructive batsmen and still rolled them for 212. There are some other teams they'll want to avoid those drops against though.

    I can't see Roy being available for the next game so that might put a bit of a dent in England's batting plans. Vince has looked good lately though, so hopefully it won't be too big a blow. One thing I have noticed is that Bairstow has been somewhat starved of the strike in the last few games so, if he can face more balls early and keep scoring the way he has been, it may not matter too much.

  • Ian Brooke
    Ian Brooke Month ago

    Too short by a long way.

  • md sahine.01880227529


  • Jaibir singh Batth
    Jaibir singh Batth Month ago

    If someone is hearing from ICC.
    Please don't add a thumbnail of the player from the winning team. This brings down all the craze of watching highlights. Just by watching the thumbnail, we can figure out which team has won the match and that brings down all the curiosity to watch the video to know which team has won the match. If you want to add thumbnails, you can just put the pictures of the players from both the teams who performed well during that particular match or captains of both the teams. This would be a great pleasure for all the spectators who just watch the highlights. Thanks.

  • Randall Paul
    Randall Paul Month ago

    Time for holder to go the team looks ininterested no style no flair and bratwaite is a one hit wonder

  • Robert Milroy
    Robert Milroy Month ago

    Another England victory?? Another sad day for cricket!! ☹️

  • Jan-e-Ali Nabi
    Jan-e-Ali Nabi Month ago

    What song is playing the background in the last few seconds?

  • Raj suresh
    Raj suresh Month ago

    Root is classy

  • harsh kejriwal
    harsh kejriwal Month ago

    Icc, if at all you wish to spread the game and add to fan base you should upload longer bits of highlights. This would go a long way in ensuring people get truer insights.By summing up a total of 100 overs in 5 minutes, I wonder what the eventual result would be. From just 10 nations playing a world cup, it simply cant get worse. You anyways would know more about marketing by hiding the telecast and highlights.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

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    kaustubh Rajput Month ago

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  • Aslam Pathan
    Aslam Pathan Month ago


  • Sanjay Jadhav
    Sanjay Jadhav Month ago

    फारच छान जय हिंदुस्थानात (१)

  • Jermaine Clarke
    Jermaine Clarke Month ago

    This is a poor display from West Indies

  • mohammed umar
    mohammed umar Month ago

    West Indies such a enthusiastic team to play with please put on a show in this global event

  • Sakil Ahmed
    Sakil Ahmed Month ago

    West indies is faster than ICC highlights 😁😁😁

  • sarthak media- Sangram

    Mother fu... ICC, he arranged wc2019 in wrong country, and poor drainage system.

  • All in one
    All in one Month ago +2

    this year 11 teams playing in the world cup.11th team is rain .And they are first in the point table

  • S. Kumar
    S. Kumar Month ago +1

    भारत-पाक मैच पर पागल और महामूर्ख इंडियन मीडिया TRP के चक्कर में हर वर्ल्डकप में बौरा जाता है। ऐसी सनसनी फैलाता है मैच को लेकर जैसे विश्वयुद्ध होने वाला हो या कोई जलजला आ रहा हो।
    गधा इंडियन मीडिया पूरे मैच का मजा किरकिरा कर देता है चीख चीखकर।
    और ये कभी सुधरेगा भी नहीं। स्वतंत्र पत्रिकारिता के नाम पर बेलगाम जो हो चुके हैं। और साहब यू ट्यूब पर कुकुरमुत्तों की तरह छाए हुए इस प्रकार के चैनलों की बलिहारी है पता नहीं क्या क्या कहाँ कहाँ का कचरा परोसते हैं घंटा बजवाने और सब्सक्राइब करने की भीख मांगने के लिए।
    सब गाली खाने के लिए घटिया और निम्न स्तर का वीडियो डालते हैं। ऐसे चैनल ध्यान रखें मार्केट में ज्यादा दिन नहीं टिक सकते।
    दो कौड़ी के भाव भी नहीं बिकोगे।

  • Big K
    Big K Month ago

    Not from England but why does root always get booed

  • Mahfuz Ullah
    Mahfuz Ullah Month ago

    Get ready to lose agiants bangladesh

  • ASTRO - //'GHOST_
    ASTRO - //'GHOST_ Month ago +1

  • Kino San
    Kino San Month ago

    How did Britain rule the entire world back in the day? What happened to them now?

  • Evon Noel
    Evon Noel Month ago

    Shai hope need to go back to his spot on top to open... john campbell or ambris to help the middle with pooran.....nurse or paul for carlos...

  • Maritza Piccarillo
    Maritza Piccarillo Month ago WEST INDIES EVEN TRYING???

  • Tanya Raazi Khan
    Tanya Raazi Khan Month ago +1

    Awesome! Congrats, England. Who'll win tomorrow? Both Indians & Pakistanis are awesome! I wish...

    both could win the will win!doesn't matter!
    Checkout a Bangladeshi version of MaukaMauka 2019 by my friends:

  • Dheeraj kumar
    Dheeraj kumar Month ago

    Who will win 🇮🇳 or Pakistan🇵🇰 father day

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Month ago

    All i see in the comments is the Indians crying about the rain :’)

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  • Faruk Hossain
    Faruk Hossain Month ago

    I love Bangladesh.....

  • Faruk Hossain
    Faruk Hossain Month ago

    Wonderful ❣️❤️😊❤️❣️😊

  • Hariharan
    Hariharan Month ago

    Joe Root Bowled Well..England Is on Fire....

  • Afshaan Rizvi
    Afshaan Rizvi Month ago watch this video... Make a change don't rape

  • vara prasad
    vara prasad Month ago

    who loves ARCHER hit like

  • sahil nagar
    sahil nagar Month ago


  • Subhan 7
    Subhan 7 Month ago

    Chitar achara 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nishit Shah
    Nishit Shah Month ago

    For west indies it wasn't easy as Pakistan.
    For England it wasn't tough as pakistan

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  • Universal Information

    West Indies left a legend bowler like J Archer

  • THE boogeyman487
    THE boogeyman487 Month ago +1

    Wow.....! JOE ROOT is effing awesome....the sound of his bat whenever he made shots...😍

  • Fam Studios
    Fam Studios Month ago


  • hakmuddin siddiki
    hakmuddin siddiki Month ago

    Russell fan here like

  • Prashanth Sai
    Prashanth Sai Month ago

    Kumar dharmasena is the worst empire of all time
    Do you agree?

  • Rudraksh Panwar
    Rudraksh Panwar Month ago +1

    Big Fan of #Rooot66

  • ringtones channel
    ringtones channel Month ago +2

    Media : how will you stop jos butter to score?????
    West Indies : don't worry we don't let him come.

  • Swamp Dog
    Swamp Dog Month ago

    West Indies are a total disappointment to all there fans, at the WC level you expect better from a world class squad.

  • Super Bang Gaming
    Super Bang Gaming Month ago

    Looks like ICC is desperate or favours england to win this world cup, first of all its such a foolish decision to grant england host the WC, so far rains have leaded the points table, such a stupid decision

  • jay deep
    jay deep Month ago

    I think this world cup will be totally dependent on the weather

  • Captain Cluster
    Captain Cluster Month ago

    Archer bowling at 95mph. Please play him in the Ashes and stick it up Warner!

    SINTUKUMAR SUMAN Month ago +1

    Best of luck eng

  • Muhammad Ashir
    Muhammad Ashir Month ago +1

    Why there is no rain in England matches?

  • sankar sankar
    sankar sankar Month ago +1

    Archer is ******

  • kishan chakraborty
    kishan chakraborty Month ago

    Ohh icc you can upload 5 mins of raining as a highlight of India nz match...........we Indians will still watch it😂😂😂

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar Month ago +1

    West Indies is super

  • Pak Home
    Pak Home Month ago

    west indies can only able to beat pakistan :(

  • sb studio99
    sb studio99 Month ago

    Very nice video well play. ..

  • Srikanth Subramanian

    How sad, they gave wickets to Joe Root😒

  • Armaan Sohail
    Armaan Sohail Month ago

    "Please handover the trophy to ENGLAND" - Kevin Peterson (After this match)
    I agree after India ♥, If there is any team which can win the wcup is England!!!

    SHADOW GAMER Month ago

    disliked bcuz wi loosed!😔😭